Generation 2: Travis Rain

Travis Rain

“I broke tradition.”

Traits: Grumpy | Slob | Hates the Outdoors | Ambitious | Charismatic

Likes: Roots | Pancakes | Blue

Lifetime Wish: CEO

Spouse: Claire Morris

Traits: Insane | Great Kisser | Charismatic | Schmoozer | Ambitious

Likes: Pop | Stu Surprise | Red

Lifetime Wish: Swimming in Cash

Objectives for Generation Two:

Get to level 10 in the Business Career.

– Get to level 10 in Charisma skill (9/10)

Get married, woohoo, and have kid(s)

Have at least one kid.

Optional Objectives:

Become enemies with your father and mother (why can’t you be like your brother or/and sister?) before entering your career.

Partner into a business (doesn’t matter which)

Make over 50,000 in family funds.

Marry a co-worker, or even your boss

3 Responses to Generation 2: Travis Rain

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  2. I never could get Charisma maxed on my Business person!

    • Its so hard, but I am so very close to maxing it. I can’t wait to get it maxed with him. I just keep him standing in front of a mirror whenever he has a free moment. He’ll eventually get it. . . I hope.

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