A Letter to the Author, by Parker Rain

A/N: Earlier today, I was at a writer’s group and we worked on a prompt. The focus was to write a letter from your character’s perspective to someone else. My friend told me that one of the suggestions she heard was for the character to write a letter to the author. My mind went to Parker. So, here is the letter I received from Parker Rain:

Dear the person that took my eye! What the hell were you thinking? And then my arm?Are you freaking crazy? God, oh and lets not even discuss how easy it was to kill my parents. MY PARENTS! And what about grandpa? I was fourteen, and in Egypt. You didn’t have to kill the people I love. God! My life, in a nutshell, a mess. A fucking mess. 

I could have been a great spy, worked the best of cases. Not be some kind of idiot. Hello, I watch enough Bond movies to know not to trust the woman.That should have made perfect sense to me that the bitch Wednesday wasn’t working with SIA, but for Fournier.Of course I’m the dumb one that decided to try and kill Fournier knowing that it was a trap. Duh me. But seriously, MY EYE! 

Fuck! My arm, my eye, then my parents. Lets not forget that when I found Hana she was fucking married to my brother. What kind of sick twisted plot is that? Really? And it wasn’t even a brother I knew. Oh and then there’s my so-called mother, who is NOT MY MOTHER no matter what anyone says. Rose lost that damn right and I’ll never love her, ever! She gave me a hug? Really? That’s just not Rose. 

Now, what’s this about a guy named Nick? Really? Okay, so maybe it wasn’t you that created that dumb-ass idea, but it sure wasn’t my idea. I love Hana and I would have never compromised myself like that for a job and fall in love with someone else. Amber and you are twisted individuals. 

What really happened to my arm? No really, cause I’d like to know exactly what happened to my arm? It’s been blown off, but how? I don’t remember everything about that dark night, but I need to know. So, could you possibly add that to your story?

On a positive note, thank you for giving me my Hana back, and my family. I love my grandchildren, and my son. I’d like to see more of my other two kids and their kids. As for Jamie, I hate that he’s so miserable, and upset. I know he should be upset. You took his dreams away! I’ll let him yell at you some more about that choice. But really, thank you for giving me a way to come back into my family’s life. Even if it took twenty years and my family all believed I was dead. I wasn’t dead. I was tracking down the SOB and killed him. At least I did that much. 

Now, for the family going forward, whatever you do – give them a childhood with loving parents. Give them a life without pain and suffering. Give them hope, dreams, and ambitions. Don’t go taking body parts off of them. Don’t go killing people off because you want to. Happily ever afters, that’s what I want to see with my one good eye, just like Riddle and Kaliq’s life. 

With much love and hate, 

Parker Rain

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7 Responses to A Letter to the Author, by Parker Rain

  1. Dreamy Underwood says:

    Parker is right NO MORE KILLING *cough* expect 7 *cough* ;D

    • Well Gen 7 is always an exception to the killing. I promised you and everyone else after Travis I won’t kill anyone until then. At least in the Rains…. LoL. I can’t promise that for the Tragedy’s (that is there name after all!) But just because I won’t KILL doesn’t mean people don’t die. Parker and Hana are OLD, they will go peacefully, promise.

  2. Martha says:

    Ha ha ha… Is this what you’ve been doing to your favorite character? I’m scared to even think about what you do to the characters you don’t like.

    • Hehehe, you don’t want to know what I do to the worst of my characters. I feel sorry for Generation Seven already. Poor Fisher won’t know what hit him.

      • Martha says:

        Lol! We’ll just have to wait to find out… 😛 Anyway, is there a way that I can get your posts sent to my e-mail? I check that everyday before I start work, and I wanna keep up with the Rains. 🙂

  3. Aw. Parker is still my favorite. And I agree, NO MORE KILLING! Just happiness. But then we wouldn’t have much story. Gah, I’m conflicted.

    Oh well. This was very cute and very sad. Great job, and I can’t wait for future chapters!

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