Jamie Rain: Act 2 Scene 3

Dear Jamie, 

Life hasn’t been fair to this family. You, your father, your grandfather, and I know how life can throw the worst of curveballs. My life here is short, and when you read this I’m betting I’m already dead. Or I will be soon. I have given each of these letters a lot of thought. What I want to say to each one of my lovely sons, daughter, grandsons, and granddaughters. You, I am finding more than difficult to write. You’re one of the most amazing people I know. I miss your smile around the house, and your sense of humor. Laughter still fills the halls, but there’s no one opening doors and singing or dancing. No one barging in my room to demand an audience for his latest performance. I miss the times you would come in our little apartment and talk to Grandpa and I. Since the accident I have missed all of that. 

I want you to do something for me, as my dying wish. I would like you to return to singing. You have a gift, Jamie. A gift so majestic and powerful that it would be a shame if you kept it to yourself and only sang to Kyle. I know it’s not dancing. You may never be able to dance again, but you can still be a performer on that stage. You once dreamed to be on the Broadway stage. I want you to dream again. That wheelchair of yours shouldn’t dictate who you are—you are a true performer, Jamie. Please, do this for me, and find your passion once again. 

One last thing, and I am telling this to each one of my loved ones, protect your grandpa. Parker may be strong, but he’s not. He’s had a tough and rough past, and I am afraid that my death will kill him. You know more than anyone how close he’s come to take his life before. You know those feelings. Talk to him. Check up on him. Make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid like using his gun on himself. He needs you, like you needed him. 

I love you so much, 

Grandma. Continue reading

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Borne This Way: A Sims 4 Legacy Blog

Gen 1 Header

Well, its here! My new blog. It saddens me to say that I have to give up on the Rains. I had so many plans for Kyle. I may pick it up again later, or even recreate the Rains in 4 when I get enough custom content. I do plan on uploading the rest of Jamie’s story. If I eventually get the Sims 3 running, I will come back and not only add the photos and headers needed I will continue on with Kyle. But until then, enjoy Borne This Way.

– OrangePlumbob

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The Sims 3 Dead Game


Its been a hell of a road for me. I am not sure what I am going to do. Last time I updated I mentioned how ill I was. I have recovered fully. In the last few months I have tried playing the Sims and no matter what I try to fix my game, it will not start. I don’t want to give up on the Rains, but I am not sure if reinstalling will do anything to fix it. The last update killed my game. I’ve tried pretty much everything to get it to start, except for uninstalling. I feel defeated. Last week the Sims 4 came out and I got it, and am enjoying it. I will start a new Sims Legacy blog, and put the Rains on hold until I decide if it is even worth reinstalling The Sims 3.

If you would like I could upload the story with no pictures to see how Jamie’s story ends. Leave comments below. I can always come back and add the pictures later. As for the music videos, I will find the song and link it from youtube.

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Hiatus For Now

Hello Fellow Readers

Last time I came on here I was talking about updating Tragedy’s to prepare a merge with the two stories. That was August…I believe. And I had planned on getting a few chapters out and working on another Rain’s. Then I got a headache in the middle of August. Headaches are nothing…right? Wrong. I’ve been suffering from this headache since August. I’ve been hospitalized twice. Last week I spent three days in the hospital. After talking to a bunch of neuro-specialists they still really aren’t sure what exactly is wrong with me. My spinal fluid pressure is high, but not dangerously high…yet. I can’t write on my computer–this is actually hurting me right now. I can’t play the Sims on my PC because I can’t hold my head up that long without support. My couch is my new friend. Not even my bed helps as much as my couch. Working and playing on the computer seems to hurt the most, and so until I can get the pain, dizziness, and pressure under control I am forced to put my entire life on hold. That includes not only my favorite blogs, but my writing. And if you knew me, you know how much that just kills me to say. I love writing. It’s my passion. So, until I am back to 100% and feeling well enough to play the Sims and write, I have to put my blogs on hiatus.

But be sure of one thing…. The Rains will be back. I’m not sure when, but they will. I’m not buying The Sims 4, so I am not abandoning my family. I will finish this Legacy someday.


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Need help with Tragedy Story:

Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m currently wanting to update the Tragedy’s. I have so far about six posts written. Now here’s the thing. I’m wanting to END the Tragedy’s. I have no interest in themnot really. I am in love with my Rains, and the Tragedy’s are just on hiatus. But I do want to merge the two families together, so I have to finish off the Tragedy’s story. I’m still writing the story out, but there are quite a few scenes that need to be posed in my school file. I’m fine with going into the school file and taking the picturesthe only problem is I haven’t loaded that file since last year, and it takes FOREVER to load up. Then I have a scene in the hospital–same thing. So, I’ve been debating these different scenarios:

Do I pose?
If so, I will copy the Tragedy’s into my bin (And the other sims I need) when I need them, and poseeverything together. All the chapters will be done together, and I will post them on a delay so they come out everyday. I will however write the entire story up first, so that way I can finish it all out and get it ready for the merge. It will end with Jason’s daughter (yes, daughter) going off to college. You’ll see her in the Rains when Kyle goes off to college where the merge takes place.

Do I just take pics of what I can, and take a pic of the place the scenes are at?
If I do this, most of my chapters are very text heavy with little to no pics but of a school. If you’re okay with this, I can manage it, and spend more time playing and getting out chapters faster than if I pose.

Screw the story, and just play and give the reader a new story.
I could do this. Just play, have fun like I use to and take a million pictures and pick out less than half for a story. It’s fun, and it’s how I use to play the Tragedy’s up until Stephenie and Simon’s story took off. However, the story I have is really really good, but I will do this if my readers prefer this than my original story.

Just give the readers text, we have good imaginations!
This is something that I would do. Means faster posting, and zero playing. Which is sad, yes. But then again, means I can just age all my sims up and find out what the girl who’s going to end up with Kyle looks like now. Honestly, this wouldn’t be fun, but then again I can just go play my Rains who I love to bits. Anyways the choice is yours.

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Jamie Rain: Act 2 Scene 2


In just over a year Carter adopted Kyle. Both our names were put on his birth certificate shortly after all the legal documents were taken care of. Carter was Dad, and I was Papa. I didn’t want to be Dad. Carter was everything as a father, and he was the best damn father on the planet. Kyle loved him and always asked for him when he went off to work.

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Parker’s Letter (Be Strong Epilogue)

I’ve been tortured and endured so much pain in my life, I never expected that it could get worse—ever. I was wrongSo wrong. Last night I felt the worst pain imaginable. My Hana died in my arms. The glue to my soul was taken from me in death. The pain I felt in that moment was the worst feeling I have ever endured, and it has yet to end. I want it to end.

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