Parker Rain: The Rescue


Somewhere in downtown Los Angeles


“Is this it boss?” Agent Seeley whispered behind me. I had my two guys with me for this operation. It wasn’t like any operation I had ever before been on. This was personal. My granddaughter was kidnapped, and I was going in. Fuck the SIA if they hadn’t given me a green light on this mission – they did. They also sent the only two guys I trust in the field, Agent Seeley and my man Ranger, aka Delta Twelve. “Boss?”

I nodded. I used my hand signal to Ranger to take out the lone guard. Ranger nodded, took aim over the car hood, and fire. The man didn’t even see it coming.

“Lets roll.” I whispered and we ran towards the locked door. Seeley took out his high-class electronic device and we were in.



The elevator ride was slow – well at least for me it was. I have never felt this much adrenaline in all the time I was an agent, and that includes when I got my eye yanked out by the crazy fuck, Fournier. My men were ready, I was going crazy. The doors open and before the poor bastard on the look-out could turn we had him subdued. We didn’t even bother wasting a bullet.

I dragged him into the elevator and clicked on the top level.


Inside we found the place under heavy guard. Fuck. There was just so many of them. “Hey, Perry! Can I bum a smoke?” We heard down the hall.

“Sorry Mikey, all out. You know what the hell they’re doing with that fucking baby? God, so annoying man.”

“Cray tried to get me on diaper duty, I told him I rather go jump a cliff than wipe some snot-nose’s ass. I even tried to get him to just go drown the little fucker, but of course he said boss’ orders. Fucker.”

The other one laughed and my blood boiled. Seeley looked at me and I was ready to just go blazing in. I took two deep breaths, going in was crazy. I had to stay focus. I’ve made too many fucking mistakes on missions when I wasn’t 100% focus. This mission there would be no mistakes. This mission there was just too much at stake – like Caitlin. Damn, Kaliq would sure as fucking kill me if I didn’t get her back to him in one piece.

Seeley psss’d me. I looked over and he motioned there were only two guys from what he could see. I looked on the other side and noticed there wasn’t anyone coming – at least not yet. He motioned for the left and me the right.


They also didn’t see it coming. Two swift bullets in the head had the two fuckers on the ground. Seeley kicked the blonde one he shot for good measure, before laughing. I just rolled my eyes at Ranger. It’s not like this was Seeley’s first kill. “Come on, lets go.” I whispered, snapping Seeley out it.


We made our way down corridor after corridor, leaving a trail of dead bodies that were sure to alarm anyone that came around. Some we killed quickly and quietly without a bullet, often we just took pop-shots at the heads. We followed the maze that surely lead to Cait, or at least I hoped so.

“Stand back.” Ranger grabbed me from going out the doorway. I was so lost in thought thinking about Caitlin, I almost blew our cover. My heart raced even faster. What a fucking idiot I had almost been! We could hear the guard coming closer, whistling without a tune. We waited.


Just for the perfect time. I grabbed him and dragged him through the dark corridor my men and I were hiding out in. His screams muffled silently as he drooled onto my hand. I held my gun up against his back. “Shut the fuck up,” I whispered into his ear. When he complied I started to interrogate him. “A baby was brought here, have you seen or heard her?”

The guy’s eyes widen in terror.

“Yeah fuckwad, she’s my granddaughter. You’re gonna tell me where I’m gonna find her. You do more than that I’ll make sure your death is more painful than all the others, got it?”

He nodded.

“Now where’s the baby?” I moved my hand and he stayed silent. I aimed my gun at his knee cap. “Tell me now.”

“Last time I heard her,” he whispered with a slight sob, “she was with my boss. Its about two corridors away.”

I nodded and fired my gun at his temple.


We followed the instructions given to us and made our way to the two giant doors. I looked through the window with Seeley and Ranger at my side and saw the boss.


“You recognize him, Nine?” Ranger asked.

“Nah, this little punk is a wannabe. He’ probably thought getting Cait was a quick and easy way to get rich. He’s almost not even worth a bullet. . . Almost.” I grinned. Oh this guy was worth my bullet. The fucker had the balls to kidnap my grandbaby, he wasn’t going to be alive for much longer, that’s for damn sure.

“He’s got  no clue who he messed with,” Seeley patted my back. “Lets get in there and show him what a real man is.”

I agreed. It was time to kick some ass. I motioned the boys to take out the other guy and if there was any guards that we couldn’t see, they were to take out them as well. “Just don’t kill the dumb fuck. He’s mine.”


We rushed into the room, and before the guy in the chair could take aim, Ranger had put a bullet through his head. Seeley subdued the two others by the door just as fast. I aimed my gun directly at the little shit’s head. “Give me one fucking good reason I shouldn’t kill you now?”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Chill man!” The man’s hands flew up and his eyes were wide as saucers. “Gah can we talk about this Nine?”

I took a step closer to him. No one has called me Nine on the other side of my gun since Fournier. The night I lost my arm, Delta Nine no longer existed – well outside of Kaliq’s books. My call sign was dead to the world and my enemies. SIA had reported it a dead number, and only referred to me as Rain or Double Dead, Now only Ranger ever called me Nine. He had been there with me that night, and if it weren’t for him I would have been dead. Now it seems that my number has come up, and that was not a good sign.

“You got ten seconds to tell me where you heard that name?”

He smirked, “My boss told me about a guy named Nine. That is you, isn’t it? He said that he had a message for you.”

“You’re boss has big balls coming after my family.” I growled.

The kid shrugged, “Wouldn’t know, never seen them. He told me to tell you though that he has your number and this is only the beginning. He’ll be back.”

Pure rage enveloped me and I shot the guy in the head. Fuck, fuck, fuck! I knew who he was talking about. There was only one person still tracking me, and going after my family was what he does best. “That fucker is dead!” I screamed. Ranger and Seeley didn’t even need to ask. They knew, all of SIA knew who I was talking about.


The three of us searched the office and found some keys and a keycard. I pocketed them and we went looking for Cait. All I wanted was to get my grandbaby and get the fuck out of here. If that asshole was close by, then I wanted to get her as far away as I could.

We followed a few more dead end corridors until we heard a faint cry. It wasn’t just any cry, it was that of a baby’s. I quieted Seeley and Ranger and took a peek. I couldn’t see what was beyond the corner, but I bet that it led to Cait. The only problem was that this section was more guarded than any other part of –



“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Seeley screamed and rolled. The guy down the other corridor started to run towards us. I shot him dead. Our cover was blown and we had to get the fuck out of dodge!

“Ranger, grab Seeley!” I screamed.


I took some cover shots as Ranger started to drag Seeley around the corner. I jumped over Seeley and around Ranger to start shooting behind them. Seeley started to shoot in front. We cleared the whole corridor, and could hear more men running towards us.


When we hit a dead end around a corner Ranger dragged Seeley and sat him against the wall. Seeley started to swear and scream in agony. Ranger, on the other hand went back to fighting. “Got a plan, boss?” Ranger asked as he took some shots at a few men running towards us.


I didn’t answer. I was too stunned to say anything. Cait. I had found my little angel. “BOSS!”

“Seeley, pass me that fucking key card.  NOW!” Seeley threw it at me and I glared at the bitch carrying my granddaughter. “Ranger, grab Seeley and get in here. We’ll use the room for cover!” I screamed as I unlocked the door. You’re mine, bitch.


I could hear guns blazing as I walked into my granddaughter’s cell. Ranger could be heard swearing as he shot asshole after asshole. “Seeley, grab hold!” I heard him yelling.


In the other room my thoughts were on one thing and one thing only. I didn’t care about Seeley or Ranger at that moment. The only thing I did care about was my little Caitlin in the arms of a pink haired bitch. “Give me the baby.” I said very calmly. I had no idea how it even came out so calm but it did.

“You want this thing? You sure. I could just as easily drop it.”

I took a few steps towards her, “I am not asking again.”

“Oooooh so scared,” she faked a shiver which pissed me off to no end.


“GIVE ME HER, NOW!” I growled and pushed her to the wall. I didn’t even need a gun. I put my hand around her neck and held it there. “Now, or you’re dead.”

I felt her push Cait into my arms. “Please.” the woman sobbed. I could tell it was fake. The girl didn’t have the emotional capacity to be genuine. Before I had the chance to kill her, I heard the door slam shut and Seeley scream. Instead of taking the woman’s last breath away, I slammed her head against the wall. “Stay down or I will kill you.”


Cait started to scream and cry. My heart melted and everything went away in that moment. I had Cait in my arms, and she was alive. “Shhh, now, now. Grandpa’s got you angel.” I soothed her. “Grandpa’s here. No one’s going to hurt you, baby girl.”

As Cait’s screams died down I looked over at Seeley and Ranger. “You okay?”


“No,” Seeley scoffed. “They fucking shot me!”

“It’s just a flesh wound.” Ranger told him.

“Screw you! It is NOT just a flesh wound. This,” he held up his bloodied hand, “is NOT flesh!”

“Okay, so you’re gonna need a couple of stiches. No big deal.”

“No big deal? WHAT THE FUCK! I’ve been SHOT! It IS a big deal!”

I had to laugh. I couldn’t contain it. It was funny to see Seeley and Ranger banter over a simple gunshot wound. Seeley was acting as it was the end of the world, and Ranger and I both knew it wasn’t. “Relax, Seeley. Let Rangeman take a look and help you out so we can get the hell out of here.”


While Ranger helped Seeley get his bleeding under control I bent down and looked at the only person I had allowed to live in this hell hole. I slapped her till she woke, “Good. Now that I got your undivided attention. I want you to give you a message to your boss. Can you do that for me?” She nodded and I could see a tear form. “None of that. You don’t get to cry after taking my sweet angel.”

She wiped her face but didn’t say a word.

“Now, you’re boss took my angel from my son, knowing I’d be coming after her. Now, you tell him that if he ever so much as comes within a foot of my family again, that his death won’t be as swift as my father’s. You tell him that.”

“How will he know who I’m talking about?” She whispered.

“Trust me, he will know.”



Smoker: Audio Science Creeper from The Creeper Legacy

Elevator Guy: Luke from Garden of Eden

Seeley and Perry: Seeley Moss and Perrin Moss from A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Mikey: Mike from Crossing Bridges

Corridor Guy: Tyler Tragedy from Tragedy: A Family’s Legacy

Boss, and two shooters: Cranberry, Blackberry, and Grape Sorbet from A Berry Crazy ISBI

Girl: Shilo Armour from Colors of Armour

9 Responses to Parker Rain: The Rescue

  1. Parker looks absolutely terrifying in some of these shots! Great job!

    • I actually saved some of these shots with my bigger pictures – the full screen size ones – and placed them in the folder I have saved just for my windows background images. The one where he’s looking to kill Shilo is my FAVORITE shot of the entire post. I took that and went – HOLY HELL!!! He’s really scary. I love it! XD Parker’s hot when he’s pissed off to no end. LoL.

  2. Emy says:

    Ooooo, great job! 😀 ❤ I love Parker

  3. Theresa says:

    Great job babe! You are getting better as you write! See you @ 4:30pm. Movie movie movie!! XO

    • O.O OH MY SIMS AND PLUMBOB’S THERESA COMMENTED!!! LoL. I love you! Told you I was excited about Ranger. LoL. Can’t wait to see the movie!!! And thanks for all the compliments about my writing. You know what it means to me, so thank you soooo much. I love you T!

  4. dot823 says:

    Holy crap! Luke looked like a badass!! I love it! And now you’ve opened up ANOTHER mystery for us…I can’t wait for more! (although now I’m going to go back and read the rest of Kaliq’s Chapter 10…)

    • YOU told me to make him badass!!!! LoL. But he does look good (for a dead guy) doesn’t he? Poor Luke didn’t even see it coming XD

      Ah yes another mystery. . . It’s Parker, what did you expect? LoL.

  5. Love seeing Parker in action again, just really hope he doesn’t get another injury…lol

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