Generation 4: Kaliq Rain

Kaliq Rain

“The more I find, the more I type, and the more I learn of my father’s past.”

Traits: Neurotic| Artistic| Shy| Bookworm | Perfectionist

Likes: Indie Music | Cheesesteak | Aqua

Lifetime Wish: Illustrious Author

Spouse: Riddle Moss

Traits: Ambitious | Clumsy | Snob | Over-Emotional | Star Quality

Likes: Hamburger | Soul | Irish Green

Lifetime Wish: Super Star

Objectives for Generation Four:

-Master Writing skill

-Write at least 10 books

Master Painting skill

Paint over 20 paintings

Marry, woohoo, have kid(s)

Optional Objectives:

Be best friends with parent(s)

-Get 10,000 in royalties

paint your parent(s) pictures

Paint your children and wife

Join Journalism Field (2.5)

-Get to level 10 in journalism career (2.5)

-Write over 10 papers (2.5)

Side Objectives: Completed by Riddle

– Master Writing Skill (Completed by Kaliq)

– Master Charisma Skill (6/10)

Gain Five Star Celebrity Status

– Reach top of Film Career (8/10)

– Married

– Kid

Delta Nine Series:

Delta Nine and the Escape

Delta Nine and the Future Spy

Delta Nine and the Mistress

Delta Nine and the Smoking Gun

Delta Nine and the Peace Treaty

Delta Nine and the Silent Assassin

Delta Nine and the Rescue

Delta Nine and the Formal Affair

Delta Nine of Peace

Delta Nine, The Real Spy

3 Responses to Generation 4: Kaliq Rain

  1. spongeb0berz says:

    GOD! So freaking HAWT *drools*

    Ahem… sorry o.o

    • Um yeah I uh, agree. I did the same thing when I saw him. I was like, yummmm. However every generation I do that. It’s great that I made this dorky kid and with each generation the kids get hotter and hotter. I ❤ my sims!

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