Generation 3: Parker Rain

Parker Rain

“I was left alone.”

Traits: Adventurous | Brave | Loves the Outdoors | Flirt | Lucky

Likes: Pop music | Autumn Salad | Black

Lifetime Wish: International Super Spy

Objectives for Generation Three:

Visit all locations

Gain all vista levels

Master photography

Marry a local, have kid

Optional Objectives:

-Unlock all tombs.

Kiss 6 Sims

Be boyfriend/girlfriend to 2 Sims then break their hearts.

From Generation 10 Objectives (Discovered he did complete these by accident!)

– Join Law Enforcement Career

– Master Logic

– Become best friends with co-worker or boss or partner

– Have kid or two while Young Adult

– Marry when Young adult

– Fight burglar and win if burglar gets on lot

International Super Spy

– Reach level 5 or higher athletic skill(while only teen/young adult)

– Reach level ten of International super spy

And the consensus stands with a whopping 26 votes (22 votes here and 4 votes on Facebook) that Parker Rain DOES look like Daniel Craig!

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