Favorites, Stories, and More!

Favorite Moments:


I have to say… when Travis and Claire died. But ONLY because it completely blindsided me. It’s a mark of a true story teller to shock someone that much, I think.” – Emy

“I love the honeymoon to China with David and Ella, its just the perfect example of their relationship to me.But my favorite Travis moment was actually his death. I know, morbid, but the only way a Rain man could go out was with a bang (literally. ahhh i crack myself up). As for Parker, when he was in the hospital with Hana was so cute and so awesome and asdfghjkl.” –soundtrackaudio

“Kaliq and Parker meet. Travis and Claire dying, for the same reason as others mentioned…didn’t see that one coming!! I loved the scrapbook beginning you did for Kaliq’s generation. I loved all the photos you had Hana take for that. I also liked the early rebellious days of David…that seems so long ago that I read that!!” – Kris10

“I would like to say that mine is when Parker came back and when Kaliq finally figured out that Parker was Delta 9 which is who he was writing about this whole time. I literally screamed out loud and jumped up and down cause honestly I didn’t think he’d ever come back. I figured when I saw Parker with Jon he’d just be there temporarily and then go off again to some other mission. Now that he’s back I’m like hkjdfsabuewiorgewsauui OMG get back with Hana now and live happily forever after. I think that is my favorite moment in the entire story cause I totally love Parker :D” – Bree from Facebook

(If you have a favorite moment that you would like to add, email me at orangeplumbob@gmail.com or post it on the Rain’s FB page.)


Oh Berry, what did Styx do to you, Tra-I mean Stormy? Find out how Travis becomes Stormy Rain in StyxLady’s A Berry Crazy ISBI.

That BITCH! Yup, you guessed it, Ella Rain made it into another blog and is even a bigger bitch in Piper’s Dream by Catcrunchies. Travis Rain is also name dropped later on in the series.

Paging Doctor Rain, Paging Doctor Travis Rain. Yes, Travis hung up his tie and grabbed his stethescope for this intense chapter in Emy’s Splintered Sun.

Shhh, don’t tell Hana, but Parker has a secret. . . He’s not completely straight. Find out how Nick turned this straight as an arrow Bond into a lover in Theusernamefound’s Formal Affair.

A Raliq Kain fan finds another, and meets Parker “Kain” on the internet after reading a story by some nut-job named after a COLOR! Parker and Prim Complex end up later doing the unthinkable in Dot’s Garden of Eden.

Kaliq Rain! Seriously, just go sleep with someone’s wife, SERIOUSLY! David Rain would be rolling in his grave seeing what you did in Different Thorne.

(If you have a Legacy or Story that featured any Rain’s please let me know so I can add them here!!!)

POLL Results

For the One Year Anniversary I’ve been running a poll. I wanted to know who was the most favorite and beloved Rain. Of course I probably didn’t even need the poll; it was no surprise that the winner was:


Parker Rain

Results as follows:

Parker – 27 votes

Kaliq – 8 votes

Travis – 2 votes

David – 1 vote

3 Responses to Favorites, Stories, and More!

  1. Emy says:

    Aww, poor David! XD I’m not surprised Parker won, though. 🙂

  2. dot823 says:

    I loved how you described Garden of Eden!!! Thank you for adding it 🙂

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