Be Strong (Part 11)

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Be Strong (Part 10)

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Casting Call

Hey Simmers,

I am in need of a cast for a Broadway performance of… Rocky Horror Picture Show. Different Rain is doing “Time Warp.” So far I have Riff Raff, Dr. Everett V. Scott (Jamie’s role), and Rocky. Send me a quick reply here and email me at gmail (orangeplumbob AT gmail DOT com) with a pic of your Sim and the .sim file and what role you want him or her to be. If you choose the main role, Frank N. Furter, please make sure your Sim is in special Drag attire AND link me to the CC. (Actually any CC used, please send me a link.) And I don’t want the cast to look anything like the cast of the movie. Any Tim Curry look-alikes will not be accepted. I want original Sims or Sims from different blogs. Oh, and if the Sims are from a blog, tell me, as well as your WordPress/Sims community name.


Also, is anyone out there a Sims poser/animator? I need the dance animated.

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Be Strong (Part 9)

Christmas arrived, and we were greater with a two year old climbing—or at least trying to—in our bed. I reached with my good arm and pulled Kyle up by his diaper. He straddled me and bent down to give me a big wet kiss. “Paw-Paw, it’s Chissmas, time to wake up.”

“Oh?” I asked. It was early, and I wondered if Kyle snuck into our room or if he was told to come in our room. Either way it was a delight to see his excitement about this holiday. “Why do we have to wake up?”

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Be Strong (Part 8)

Kaliq shook his head, “She’s asleep. Come outside with the rest of us guys and Kyle.”

I followed Kaliq out to the front first, and he placed my bags Casey’s Jeep. “You think she’ll really send me over there?”

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Be Strong (Part 7)

By the end of the evening the rest of the family had made it to the house. Cait had picked up Oni and his partner, Dan. The house was stuffed with guests, and most of them were staying the weekend. Pear and Penny gave up their rooms to Carter and Jamie, and Cait and Aaron. I spent most of the evening chatting with Kaliq, Casey, Joe and Oni outside by the bar. We were interrupted when the sliding glass door opened, and Scott and Sean came out. Sean waved his hands to us and asked Kaliq, “You mind if I smoke out here?”  Continue reading

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Be Strong (Part 6)

Hana entered the office as I finished my last phone call to Casey’s new partner. I was making last minute arrangements for her to work at the house. Pear was still training when he wasn’t at school, but he wasn’t what Casey needed. Bull was exactly the type of person Casey needed.

Hana waited until I hung up. She sat on my lap and smiled. Kissed my lips while I was in mid-speech. I pulled her closer to me, and held her tight. “I’ll see you then after the weekend, Bull.”

“Thank you again, Mr. Rain. Merry Christmas.”  Continue reading

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