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A/N: This is an in-between chapter that takes place six months after Parker departs from Bridgeport in search for Fournier. It does not include pictures, because I didn’t see them as fitting for this post. I believe that this story … Continue reading

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Parker Rain: Chapter 15

While Hana and I were waiting for the pregnancy result, outside the war for the tree house continued. Jahi had staked claim, while Oni was trying to take over. “Jahi! I wanna play!” He screamed as he walked towards the … Continue reading

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Parker Rain: Chapter 14

A/N: Even though I have the Adult Content Warning, I still wanted to add a little note that this does contain some explicit sexual content. After all it is Parker’s and Hana’s honeymoon. After the wedding Hana and I brought … Continue reading

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Parker Rain: Chapter 13

China. . . Again. This time though I wouldn’t be here for four months like the last time. No, this time I intended to get the job done and get home. I already missed Hana and the kids and I … Continue reading

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Parker Rain: Chapter 12

Dear Parker, Well you just missed the day where your father bout nearly died. Your sister decided that she was going to get some piercings. I can’t believe her. She told Travis that is was her body and she could … Continue reading

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Parker Rain: Chapter 11

I arrived in Bridgeport in the midst of the night. At the airport I couldn’t help but feel very alert. Everyone was staring and it was putting me on edge. Of course I knew everyone was staring at my eye … Continue reading

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Parker Rain: Chapter 10

I could hear sounds all around me. What were those sounds? A sigh to my right got my attention. More and more sounds became acute as I woke from my nightmares. Another sigh. I had no clue as to where … Continue reading

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