Need help with Tragedy Story:

Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m currently wanting to update the Tragedy’s. I have so far about six posts written. Now here’s the thing. I’m wanting to END the Tragedy’s. I have no interest in themnot really. I am in love with my Rains, and the Tragedy’s are just on hiatus. But I do want to merge the two families together, so I have to finish off the Tragedy’s story. I’m still writing the story out, but there are quite a few scenes that need to be posed in my school file. I’m fine with going into the school file and taking the picturesthe only problem is I haven’t loaded that file since last year, and it takes FOREVER to load up. Then I have a scene in the hospital–same thing. So, I’ve been debating these different scenarios:

Do I pose?
If so, I will copy the Tragedy’s into my bin (And the other sims I need) when I need them, and poseeverything together. All the chapters will be done together, and I will post them on a delay so they come out everyday. I will however write the entire story up first, so that way I can finish it all out and get it ready for the merge. It will end with Jason’s daughter (yes, daughter) going off to college. You’ll see her in the Rains when Kyle goes off to college where the merge takes place.

Do I just take pics of what I can, and take a pic of the place the scenes are at?
If I do this, most of my chapters are very text heavy with little to no pics but of a school. If you’re okay with this, I can manage it, and spend more time playing and getting out chapters faster than if I pose.

Screw the story, and just play and give the reader a new story.
I could do this. Just play, have fun like I use to and take a million pictures and pick out less than half for a story. It’s fun, and it’s how I use to play the Tragedy’s up until Stephenie and Simon’s story took off. However, the story I have is really really good, but I will do this if my readers prefer this than my original story.

Just give the readers text, we have good imaginations!
This is something that I would do. Means faster posting, and zero playing. Which is sad, yes. But then again, means I can just age all my sims up and find out what the girl who’s going to end up with Kyle looks like now. Honestly, this wouldn’t be fun, but then again I can just go play my Rains who I love to bits. Anyways the choice is yours.

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When I'm not blogging, I'm often reading, writing, or playing video games. I am obsessed with Doctor Who, Supernatural, Fox's Lucifer, and ruining my Sims' lives.
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