Jamie Rain: Act 2 Scene 2


In just over a year Carter adopted Kyle. Both our names were put on his birth certificate shortly after all the legal documents were taken care of. Carter was Dad, and I was Papa. I didn’t want to be Dad. Carter was everything as a father, and he was the best damn father on the planet. Kyle loved him and always asked for him when he went off to work.

I quit my job at the grocery store after he was born and was a full time stay at home Papa.


Screenshot-310I kept a close eye on Kyle, and we bought a playpen to keep him from wandering the house after he started to crawl. He was currently learning to walk, and had taken his first steps shortly after his first birthday. He loved being a big boy and walking in his little walker. He followed Daddy everywhere. He was terrified by my chair though, and stayed away from it.

My cell phone rang, bringing me out of my musing. I had been staring at the television, not really paying attention. Carter was playing with Kyle, and I could hear Kyle’s screams of joy coming from the kitchen. The phone went off again, and I dug it out of my pocket. “Hello?” I answered.


Screenshot-311“Hey Jamie,” Dad sniffled. My heart sank. I had known this day would come for a few weeks now, but I still hadn’t prepared myself. My eyes watered even before Dad said anything else. I’d been expecting the worse the last few days. “It happened last night.”

Tears fell, and my heart ached for my grandmother. She had been dealing with cancer for the last eight months. It was caught too late, and although she put up a fight, nothing helped. I cried out loud. Life wasn’t fair at times.

“I know, son,” I heard Dad say on the other line.

I lifted the phone up to my ear again and asked, “H-how?”

“She went peacefully last night. She woke up Grandpa, said goodbye, and then left us.”

My tears burned my cheeks. This wasn’t fair. “How’s Grandpa? You?”

“I’m holding on. The coroner gave something to Dad to sedate him. He’s asleep in Pear’s room.”

“I’m sorry, Dad.”

“It’s okay. We’re going to have a service here next Sunday.”

“I’ll be there.”

“Good. Uh, let me talk to Carter.”


“Casey is going to be here, and if you two are going to be here, I really don’t want trouble. Not when we’re dealing with all this.”

I placed the phone up to my chest and yelled, “Carter, Dad’s on the phone. He wants to talk to you.”


Carter entered the room with Kyle hanging on his leg. He answered the phone. “Hello?…Ah, yes, Sir. Uh, hold on.” He gave me a look, “Can you get him?”

I nodded and I reached to grab Kyle off his leg. “Hey Ky. Come see Papa.”

“Daddy,” he leaned over toward Carter who turned away and was listening to Dad lecture him. I was sure that was what Carter was getting, and I was positive that Uncle Casey would get the same lecture. It was probably the same speech they both got from Dad, Mom, and Grandpa over Christmas. It wasn’t as if adopting Kyle, and showing how amazing of a father he was helped Carter’s relationship with his own. Casey and Carter had issues that even I doubted would ever go away.


A few weeks ago, Carter had been commissioned as an officer. After the ceremony, Carter, Kyle, and I headed for Brooklyn to visit his parents and his sister. Aunt Rose loved being a grandmother, and instantly plucked Kyle out of the truck while Carter helped me out. Casey was lecturing my brother and sister when we entered the house.

“Uh-oh,” I whispered to Carter.

Carter smiled a little, “Ten bucks they were caught kissing.”

“I say it was more like they were holding hands.”

Carter and I giggled a little. Pear’s arm was draped over the sofa, and he gave the two of us the bird. Pear was smart, he kept his mouth shut while Casey continued to go on about boundaries. Aunt Rose eventually saved them when she handed Casey his grandson. “Leave the kids alone,” she said with a kiss to his cheek.

“Pop-Pop,” Kyle cooed. Kyle tried his best to win over Casey, and it worked to an extent. His bitterness toward Carter though was too much for him to really care for Kyle as a grandpa—needless to say, Carter taught Kyle to call Casey Pop-Pop whenever we visited.


“What are you two doing here?” Casey asked us, and finally acknowledged that we were in his house.

“I came to tell Mom something, and you—if you’re even remotely interested,” Carter explained. I always felt a stab of pain when I listened to how they talked to each other. “I was pinned as a commissioned officer today.”

Screenshot-412Aunt Rose screamed for joy and kissed him on the cheek. He hugged her and when she finally got her emotions in check, she said, “I am so proud of you.”

“Is that supposed to impress me?”

“Casey,” Aunt Rose scolded. “Don’t. You and I both know how hard Carter has worked to get his degree in three years, and to become an officer. And I know how proud you are of him, even if you never show it. Can you two just stop this childish nonsense?”

“Mom, it’s okay,” Carter said.

“No, it’s not. I’m sick and tired of seeing my family torn apart because of one stupid fight you two had. Things were said on both sides, and I know neither of you meant what you said to each other. Now will both of you shake hands and make up? Do it for me, and Kyle, and Anna.”


Carter held his hand out and waited. Uncle Casey stared at it. He shook his head no and placed Kyle on the floor. As he turned away from us, Carter spoke up. “So, it’s like that, huh? You know, I only ever worked this hard for you. To try to earn back your respect.” Carter’s voice, broke, he took a deep breath and continued, “Do you know how it feels to know that your father hates you, truly hates you? I’m sick and done with trying to prove my worth to you. I finally did it. I’ve become a better man than you. Hell, I know I am a better father than you’ve ever been!”


Casey turned. No one saw the punch until Carter was falling onto the floor.

“Casey!” Rose yelled.

Carter stood up just as Casey left the room. He picked up Kyle, gave his mom a kiss and I was sure he whispered something to her. He motioned to me with his head that it was time to go. Carter has yet to speak to his Dad since, nor to his Mom. His lip healed, but his heart remained the same.


On Saturday, Carter, Kyle, and I were off to my parents house. We were ten minutes out when Carter’s cell phone went off. He answered his Bluetooth headset. “Hello.” After listening to the voice on the other line, his voice changed to sweet and seductive, “Hey baby, how you doing…” I rolled my eyes and turned to see Kyle in the back seat. He was laughing at the movie that was playing on Carter’s headrest. I had no clue what Carter put in the DVD player, and Kyle wore headphones, so all I knew it was funny in the eyes of a two year old boy.

Within twenty minutes, Carter hung up his cell phone. I snickered when I noticed the smile on his face. “Man, someone has it bad.”

“Do not!”

“Dude, you’re madly in love with her. Why don’t you just ask her out?” I knew who he had been talking to—Sara. The two of them have been flirting on and off since Carter graduated college. He was madly in love with her, and she was just a flirt trying to see how far she could push him. It was evil, but fun to watch at the same time.

“She’ll say no, like always.” Carter answered.

“So, you do ask her out?”

“Yeah, so?” He stole a glance at me before he went back to watch the road, “Why am I in love with the only girl who would rather jump off a cliff than to be with me?”


“If I knew how to answer that I would. I don’t think she hates you, but I think she sees you and sees what you were our sophomore year in high school. You do remember you shoved her into her locker and then poured Gatorade inside the little vents, right? Stained her favorite White Rose shirt.”

Carter turned red, “No, didn’t remember that. Hell, I don’t remember a lot of what I did in those days! I was an asshole back then, I know, but it’s not like I made a list of all the terrors I inflicted on people. Or worse, I don’t remember all the people I terrorized—just you, and that’s because you’re the reason I ended up in the academy.”

“You can thank me later,” I teased.

“Jerk.” He teased back, and we both had a laugh.

Traffic was hell on the bridge trying to get into the city. Kyle’s movie was over, and he was getting restless. After twenty minutes of Kyle’s screams to be let out, Carter turned on the radio and blasted the classic rock.  In the back I heard Kyle try singing an old ACDC song. I looked over to Carter, “Really? You’re teaching my son this crap?”

Carter shrugged, “It’s a classic. Ain’t that right, KyKy?”

“I on da eyeway to ell.” I laughed, he at least was getting the lyrics right. “On da eyeway to ell.” I joined in, and the three of us sang the songs we knew and loved blasting from the radio for the next three hours.


Carter pulled up my parents drive after two hours listening to Classic Rock and Kyle singing. Unlike most kids, Kyle never slept on car rides. He would only sleep if he was in his crib, and all the lights were off, and it was completely silent. One sound, one little light, and he was up wailing for “Daddy.”

Carter spotted the dreaded red jeep. “Shit,” he whispered.

“What did you expect?” I said. “He’s not only Dad’s best friend, but also Grandpa’s. Of course he’s going to be here for both of them.”

“I know. Still, after what happened…” He hid his face in the steering wheel.

I squeezed his shoulder. I could feel him crying silently. “Relax, it’ll be okay.”

“If only,” Carter said as he wiped his eyes before climbing out of the car.

Dad came out of the house just as Carter was getting my chair. Kyle spotted him in an instant. “GAMPA!” He held his hands out and was waiting for Dad. “GAMPA!”

Dad opened his side of the car, and helped Kyle out. “How’s my favorite grandson?”

“He’s your only grandson,” I reminded him.

“Not true, Cait just got the sonogram back.” Ah, my sister finally caved into Aaron’s request to find out what she was having. She was seven months pregnant, and…hormonal. Aaron once said I was lucky I didn’t have to go through that part of the pregnancy with Kyle’s mother. I only laughed. Truthfully, I couldn’t see Pons going all hormonal—I don’t think she would know what the hell was going on anyway.

“Is she inside?” I asked Dad.

“Of course. In the kitchen with both your guys’ mothers.”


I rolled into the house and was followed by Carter. Dad would probably play with Kyle outside and stay as far away as he could from the women in the kitchen. I found Mom, Cait, Penny, and Aunt Rose at the table talking about the service we were having for Grandma.

“Hey, I’m home,” I said.

Penny jumped from her seat and hugged me. Mom and Cait waited and took their turns hugging me. Mom even gave me a kiss. “And where is my grandson?”

“Dad,” I snickered.

“I swear he’s never going to give him up,” Mom laughed. “How was the drive?”

“Long,” Carter explained. “Car accident on the bridge. Took us two hours just to cross a mile of the bridge.” Carter hugged his Mom, “Hey, Mom. Where’s Anna?”

“She and Pear went bowling.”

“And Dad?”

“He’s out back with Parker and Aaron. Don’t—“

“I know, Mom,” Carter interrupted her. He didn’t need another lecture.

I eyed Cait, “How’s that little one treating you, Sis?”

“Oh you know, kicking and fighting with my bladder. Excuse me.” She ran off to the bathroom. I chuckled. My poor sister. At least Kyle will have a little nephew to play with soon.


Screenshot-330Dad joined us and handed off Kyle to his Grandma. My parents spoiled him. Carter and I didn’t like it, but he sure loved his grandparents because of it. And if they were bad at spoiling him, nothing prepared us for how much Aunt Rose spoiled him. I sat and listened to Dad and Carter talk about Carter being an officer. I watched Mom and Rose play with Kyle while they made dinner together. Penny left to go play her video games—or at least I assumed that’s what she was doing. I was bored.

Aaron entered the house and asked where Cait was. “She ran off to the restroom, but she might have gone upstairs after,” I  shrugged. “But who knows.”

“Thanks.” He left me to my own boredom. I wanted to go find Grandpa, but I still wasn’t sure what to say to him or how to comfort him. I missed Grandma, and I wasn’t sure I could be strong for Grandpa.


The back door opened, and Casey and Grandpa entered the room. I waved to Grandpa who waved back. His smile didn’t lift much, and I knew he was hurting. Grandpa sat on the sofa with Casey, and they whispered together. I wanted to go over to them, talk. To tell Grandpa I was there for him. Just as I was about to make my move, Kyle’s voice rang out across the kitchen. “Pop-Pop! Paw-Paw!” There were way too many Pa-Pa like names for Kyle, but he didn’t know how to say Parker, it always came out Paw-Paw, and Gampa Paw-Paw was just too much. Later, when he could speak, I’d make him say Grandpa Parker.

I watched as Kyle crawled across the room and he scooted up on Grandpa’s lap. He gave Grandpa a big wet kiss and a hug. My heart broke. My son knew just what my Grandpa needed. I didn’t hear what Grandpa said to him as they whispered, but everyone heard Grandpa’s laugh. It was loud, and it was almost a welcoming sound.

Kyle gave Casey a hug and then was off. He crawled down the hall, and I was sure he was hunting for the toys Mom and Dad kept at the house for him. I motioned my head at Carter to go watch him. He rolled his eyes, but followed Kyle with Dad and Grandpa tagging along.


Casey went through the back doors, and I quickly rolled myself after him. He grabbed a beer from the bar and held up another to me, “Want one?”

“No thanks.”

He put one back and cracked open his. He drank a few gulps before sliding it on the bar. He didn’t look at me, didn’t say anything. He stared at his bottle and sighed. “He’s a good father.”

“The best,” I said.

“I am proud of him.” He took another drink.


The door crashed open. Pear was running out, followed by Carter who was screaming, “I’m going to kill you, you little shit.”

Casey and I both watched in awe as Dad tackled Carter. “Stop, Carter.” Dad growled out.

“Fuck that. He is a dead man. She’s eighteen for fuck’s sake!”

“Shhh,” I heard Dad say, but it was too late. Casey was now staring at Pear. “Not another word.” Dad whispered.

“What did you do, Pear?” Casey yelled out.

Pear was backing up from the house. His eyes were huge.“N-n-nothin’.”

“He knocked up Anna,” Carter growled out.


My mouth dropped. I have never seen my brother run so fast, nor Casey. Dad let go of Carter and went to chase after the two of them. Carter followed pursuit. Holy crap. Pear was dead. Both Casey and Carter were very protective over Anna—worse than my Dad around Aaron. I rolled back inside and saw Aunt Rose and Mom were chatting away as if nothing was happening and I wondered if they even knew about Anna.

I headed for the elevator and up to the second floor. I found Penny hugging a teary Anna. Shit, it was true. I rolled over toward them and put my hand on Anna’s leg. She jumped until she noticed it was me. “You okay,” I asked.


She nodded and wiped her eyes, “I just told Pear while we were out. He and I were shouting outside when Uncle Kaliq came outside to investigate. Carter must have followed him, because he heard me tell Uncle Kaliq that I was pregnant. He went after Pear, and now Dad and Carter are going to kill him.”

“No, they won’t,” Penny reassured her.

“ANNA, GET YOUR ASS DOWNSTAIRS NOW!” Uncle Casey yelled. She stood, and both Penny and I followed her to the elevator. I held her hand and squeezed it. She was shaking, and I felt bad for her. She was going to have a baby at eighteen.

 Screenshot-342  Screenshot-343  Screenshot-344

We exited the elevator and made our way to the kitchen where Pear was holding a bag of green beans over his eye and had a split lip. I had no idea what happened to his glasses. If someone was able to get a couple of punches in on Pear, it had to be someone who knew how to fight.

I glanced over to Casey who was holding a cold beer over his knuckles.

Carter was on the sofa with Kyle and Grandpa.

Mom and Aunt Rose were standing in the kitchen. Aunt Rose and Mom both had pissed off looks that matched Uncle Casey’s and Dad’s. “Is it true?” Uncle Casey asked Anna.

She nodded and started to cry. I squeezed her hand to comfort her. It was all I could do in this awkward situation.


“Will one of you explain how the fuck this happened?” Casey yelled.

“Language,” Carter and I scolded at the same time. My son had already picked up ass and damn.

“Then take him up to Aaron and Cait, because trust me that isn’t the last word that will come out of my mouth!”

Carter stood and carried Kyle out of the room. I stayed. Anna wouldn’t let go of my hand, even if I wanted her to.

“Explain. One of you.” Casey pointed at both Pear and Anna.

“Well, you see when two people love each-” Pear started to say but Dad quickly cut him off with a slap to the forehead.

“Pear, now is not the time for smart-ass remarks,” Dad scolded.

“You two are barely eighteen years old,” Mom said.

“It’s not like we planned it, okay?” Pear shouted. “I used a condom! She’s on the pill! It just happened.”


I shook my head, and Dad had to quickly stop Casey from punching Pear again. “You’re lucky I don’t give you a matching shiner,” Casey said over Dad’s shoulder. He turned quickly enough to face Anna, “How far along are you?”

“Four months.”

“Prom?” Aunt Rose asked, and Anna nodded.

Screenshot-354  Screenshot-355

“Move out of the fucking way, Kaliq,” Casey ordered. Dad moved, and we all watched as Uncle Casey landed a punch right in my brother’s face. Pear crumbled to the ground.

Casey went to punch him again when Dad grabbed him, “That’s enough! I gave you one shot. He’s still my son, Case.” Dad helped Pear up who now had a fresh cut on his cheek. “You okay?” Dad asked and Pear shrugged it off.

“Fuck,” Casey yelled and kicked the cabinet.

“Case, man, that ain’t helping.”

“I know,” Uncle Casey growled back at Dad. “Dammit, Pear. You couldn’t keep it in your fucking pants.”


“Dad, he’s not the only—“ Anna’s voice broke into a sob.

“I know. But I raised you better than to just go fuck the first guy you see.”

“Casey!” Rose yelled.

“I love him, Dad,” Anna cried out. “He’s the only man I’ll ever love.”

“See what you’ve done, asshole,” Pear sneered.


“Pear, shut up,” Dad yelled. “You have a broken nose, you really want to push him?”

“Can we all just settle down, none of this is helping the situation,” Mom spoke out.

“Case, man, why don’t you come over here,” Grandpa asked, patting the sofa. “Before you kill my grandson.” Case glared at Pear before sitting next to Grandpa on the couch.


Carter entered the kitchen from behind us. He shook his head at Anna before walking past her. He pointed at both Pear and Anna, “Answer me this, how do either of you plan on raising this baby?”

“I have a job, you know.” Pear stated.

“The fuck you do!” Casey yelled, and standing up before Grandpa pulled him right back down. “You’re fired.”

“You can’t—“

“I just did.”

Pear just shrugged, “I’ll get another job. I still have that interview with SIA.”

“One that pays well enough?” Carter asked. “Parker, how much will he make there?”

“Not enough to support a family.”

“I’ll be a spy. You supported a family when you were one.”


Grandpa shook his head, “I didn’t support any family. Look around, Pear. I was gone for twenty years. I missed your father’s entire childhood. You really want to risk that? Besides the pay isn’t as nearly as much as I made when I started my own security business.”

“And I already asked you not to join SIA,” Anna said in a weak voice. “I can’t have you leave like that.”

“Fine. Mom and Dad will help us, like they help Cait and Jamie.”

Dad shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose, “We don’t. And that’s not what they’re getting at, Pear. It’s not only the money either, you need a place to live too.”

“Wait, we can’t live here? You’re just going to kick me out?”

“No, we’re not gonna kick you out,” Mom said before Dad answered. “We also aren’t raising that child, and I know that if you and Anna live here, that’s exactly what is going to happen. You two need to find a place for yourselves before the baby is born.”

“I’ll find something then. Plus, I thought I had that trust fund Grandpa put in all of our names?”

“You get that at twenty-five, Pear,” I explained. “I only got mine early because of this.” I smacked the arm rests of my wheelchair. “I needed it to live off of, and that was before Kyle came into my life. It’s not much to live off of, either.” Okay, so that was a lie, but I wasn’t about to get his hopes up.


Mom patted Pear’s shoulders, “Pear, you need to think this through.” She turned to Anna, “Both of you need to think this through. Casey, Rose, Kaliq, and I will only support you two by loving that child, and maybe occasionally helping out. We’ll definitely help babysit.”

“Pear,” Carter cleared his throat, “I am pissed off about this, but Aunt Riddle’s right. Look, if you two really want to do this, raise this child, and do right by him or her, then you two ought to think of your futures. Anna, I know you will want to go to college, right?”

Anna shrugged. “Maybe. I don’t know. I might look into getting some kind of job after the baby is born.”


Carter smirked at her, “Good.” He turned his attention to my brother, “Pear, if you really want to do something like Parker did, but have a better chance of coming home, why not join the military? At least you’ll have a stable income, and they’ll help care for your family. You can still shoot guns. Hell, go into Intel like I did, and use your knowledge that Parker and Dad have taught you. God knows we need more guys like you.”

“You just want me to join the Army so you can be the boss of me. Fuck that. I rather be a Marine.”

“Army, Marine, Navy, don’t matter, all I know is I’ll still be superior over you, maggot.” Carter smiled a wicked smile, and rubbed his hands together. “Oh that could be fun, too.”

“I’d raise hell if I was ever stationed near you. So, better watch out Carter.”

Dad patted Pear on the back, “It might be worth looking into, kid. Carter, if he went to a recruiter, you think you can help him get what he needs to get into?”

“Hell yeah. Come on, walk with me, Pear, and we can discuss it. Maybe after the service tomorrow, you and I can go to a recruiting station.”

“You’re not going to punch me, are you?”

“No,” Carter sighed. “The fight has left me. I’m pissed, but I rather see something productive done than pulverize you. Just walk with me.”


Pear grabbed his cracked glasses. I winced. That had to suck. Pear went up to Anna before leaving. He wiped her tears from her cheek, “Don’t cry. I’m gonna take care of you, Baby-Doll.” he kissed her. I had to hand it to Pear, he had balls.

Everyone watched as Pear and Carter left the room and out of the house. By the end of the night, Pear had made the decision to join the Army. He announced it to everyone in the living room. After, he turned to Casey, “Uncle Case, you mind if I ask Anna an important question, and do right by you and your daughter?”

Uncle Casey gave him a curt nod.


Pear got onto one knee in front of Anna, and everyone in the room gasped. “Anna, I’ve been holding onto this ring for a while now. You and I’ve been together since birth. I love you more than life. That’s cliche, I know, but it is true. I want to spend my entire life with you. So, with your father’s permission,” he glanced back to Uncle Casey, who nodded, “will you, Anna Riley Styx, marry me?”

“Yes. Absolutely yes.”



My Grandma’s funeral was…sad. Beautiful, but sad.

Grandpa stood at the cemetery and spoke to Grandma. “My Hana…” He choked up. “My beautiful Moneypenny. Life isn’t fair. We’ve been pulled apart by many circumstances over the years. First, I was too young to understand what it meant for a sixteen year old to already be married. My grandfather had to explain it to me. I was fourteen, and I thought I met my soul mate. I did, but I wouldn’t know that for another ten more years.

“When you helped the doctor take the bandage off my face and I saw you, I knew it was you. I knew I found the girl from Egypt. You were always in my heart. We flirted, and I got to know you. I fell deeply in love with you. But, again we were pulled apart. I went home, you stayed with Asmeed. A man, who later I would come to respect, but at the time I hated. If Asmeed is with you, I hope he knows to keep his distance, because you’re mine, and always will be mine. Death isn’t an excuse.

“You came back to me. Asmeed’s death left you sad and afraid. I kept my love for you a secret until you made the move. It didn’t take me long to propose, because I didn’t need much time to know that you were the one and only for me. But forces caused us to go our separate ways again. I searched high and low, and finally found you after two decades. I will find you again Hana. When my time comes, I will be there and I will be looking for you. Death is only a separation, not the end for us. You’re my Moneypenny, and not even Death can take that away from me. I love you.”

The funeral ended after a few other people spoke up for her. We all left, giving our last farewell to Grandma. We returned to the house soon after. None of my Dad’s side of the family showed up. I was told that Grandma had asked them not to travel and put their life on hold for her funeral. She made the effort with Grandpa to say goodbye to them. Grandpa and Grandma flew to Egypt to visit my Uncle Jon. They drove to Neverglade to visit my Aunt Jen and Uncle Joe, and my Uncle Charlie and my Grandpa’s brothers. They even made their way to Bridgeport to visit my cousin, Dani about two weeks before she died. I had seen her only three days before she died, but I had hoped to see her more.


We went back to Mom’s to have a nice lunch. Kyle and Grandpa played together in the back yard while I sipped on a cocktail at the bar. I could hear Kyle’s screams of “higher,” to his great-grandpa. Pear and Carter were off to the recruiting station with Dad and Uncle Casey in tow. The girls were in the house gushing over Anna.

I was enjoying my second cocktail when Uncle Casey walked out and grabbed himself a beer.

“How’d it go,” I asked.

Casey shrugged, “He leaves for boot camp next week. Pear’s telling Anna now. It’s going to be hard until he gets back, but at least this is a start for both of them. Carter was a huge help. He walked with his uniform on, and it took my breath away when everyone stood and saluted him. He didn’t let any of the recruiters play Pear, or make empty promises to him.”

I noticed the way Uncle Casey was smiling at him. “You’re proud of him?”

“I’ve always been proud of him.”

“So, why are you still cold to him? He’s changed. Both of us have. He’s not the same kid that he was, and he’s made amends. Hell, I forgave him a long time. He even adopted my son.”

“I know.”

“Then why not just forgive him? You know he hasn’t even forgiven himself? He’s tried to prove to you that he’s a better man so that maybe, just maybe, he’ll feel the love he once felt. Seriously, forgive and forget.”


“Jamie’s right,” Grandpa said from behind us. He was holding Kyle in his arms who was falling asleep on his shoulder. “I’ve been telling you for years to let it go. I see you staring at his picture. I’ve seen you hesitate with the phone. Just tell him what you want to say. What you’ve been wanting to say to him for so long.”

“How,” Casey asked with a sullen voice.


“You can start by listening to my apology,” Carter said from behind. Casey and I turned to see him standing at the end of the bar. He looked between Grandpa and I, “Guys, thanks for sticking up for me, but, uh, could you give my Dad and I some privacy to talk.”

“Of course.” Grandpa said. He handed me Kyle and helped me toward the back door to the house.

That night Uncle Casey and Carter left, saying they were going out to dinner together. Aunt Rose cried. I told her what happened and she hugged and kissed me, thanking me. I knew from that moment on that Carter and Uncle Casey were going to be okay. There still might be some tension, but it was definitely a start in the right direction.

A/N: This was suppose to go out Sunday as a Father’s Day post, but I’ve been suffering from Insomnia, and Sunday just wasn’t a good day. I’ve been working really hard to get this out though, so I do hope you enjoyed it. And click on the apology link if you want to read about Carter’s apology to Casey.

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  1. hrootbeer says:

    Ok, the video had me bawling. The bit with Pear made me chuckle..especially the picture of him asking Anna to marry him with Casey in the background with his arms crossed. This chapter wasn’t really about Jamie per se, but when he said he was bored, that sort of got to me. Everyone’s lives are moving forward either for good or bad and poor Jamie is sort of stuck. I’m glad you didn’t have him get into a relationship with Carter, but Jamie does need someone, doesn’t he?

    • Oh my, just picture this…in order to get Pear to propose, I had to have them make out in front of Casey like crazy. Oh god, I was laughing so hard. I’ve written a lot of side stuff with Pear and Anna. Where Casey just doesn’t like them remotely close to each other. Its great. So, that was kinda fun to play.

      It really wasn’t about Jamie, and I intended it that way. You hit my goal exactly. I wanted to show how everyone around him is living their life, and he’s just stuck. The next chapter he does move forward, but it was basically the whole, everything around me is happening and I’m not changing. I also used this chapter as a way to finish off my subplot with Casey and Carter.

      Jamie will eventually find happiness. And I never really intended to put Carter and Jamie in a relationship. I’d only have them hook up once, but that was as far as I would have ever gone, if I had gone that way. I like their friendship too much. I don’t see romance between them, never have.

  2. Angel says:

    I’m glad the family is on their way to healing. Hana’s gone, but Parker’s going to be alright it seems. At least for a little while. I hope that Jamie can get to moving on with his life like everyone else has.

    • Parker is dealing with it. He’s certainly not happy, but he’s dealing with it. The rest of the family will move on, I don’t imagine Parker every really moving on after this. He’ll be there for his family, but he will still have that desire to use his gun.

      He will. Eventually. There’s going to be some ups and downs for him here, but mostly ups.

  3. Oh, Pear. What have you gotten yourself into?
    I’m sure he’ll be a good Daddy, though.

    I am SO HAPPY now that Casey and Carter have made up. I’ve been waiting for it foreeeverrrr. 😀

    I’m actually really glad that you’re not planning for Jamie and Carter to be lovers, because I ADORE their friendship. It’s perfect just the way it is, in my opinion.
    I’m hoping they’ll get a break with their relationships. Jamie seems so lonely.

    Great chapter!

  4. Guest says:

    Please say you haven’t abandoned this challenge! Or at least finish the story! They are just beautiful stories, and I want to know what happens next! Who will Kyle grow up to be? Will Parker bump into a magical fairy creature and magically become both immortal and young forever (*sigh* one can dream…)? I crave ANSWERS… Unless of course you have abandoned this story and deleted the characters, in which case it’s already too late and I’ll just settle in a corner and cry my eyes out…

    • No. Not abandoned. I’ve been really sick. I have all of Jamie’s story written. I just need to play. I do plan on getting a chapter out within the next couple of weeks if my head will allow it. Oh, and I have half of Kyle’s story written as well.

  5. Wow–such a powerful chapter. All these huge events are happening in everyone’s lives, and right now, Jamie is left behind. I have no doubt that there will be big things to come for him though!

    I’m glad that Casey and Carter reconciled. Carter really has come so far as a person, and it was good to see that recognized. The video was perfect.

    Lastly, oh man, Anna and Pear! Well, all I can say is that I wish them the best. They do seem to be heading in the right direction, at least!

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