Be Strong (Part 10)


Hana and I relived our Honeymoon a month after the holidays. After we planned on heading to Egypt, before returning to the states and visiting Jahi and Joe. The weather in France was terrible this time of year, but we didn’t care. We visited the museums, went wine tasting in the country, and visited Paris where we saw the Eiffel Tower.

Not all was great, Hana did have bad days. Those days we spent time in the hotel watching movies and…well, we made the best out of the situation. It wasn’t until we visited Champs Le Sims that things for me went bad. We were visiting the same winery I first met Fournier at. Memories hit me bad then. Everywhere I turned I swore I saw him and Wednesday. I was supposed to be there for Hana, but in Champs, she was there for me.  .

The winery was the worse. When we went wine tasting at the other wineries through France and Europe, it was Hana who tasted while I drank water. I was sober for her, but she wanted to live a little. But in Champs, there was nothing stopping me from drinking a bottle of wine.

I’m not proud how easy one bottle put me down.

In the morning Hana woke me up not too softly. Yelling in my ears with a hangover wasn’t the nicest thing she’s ever done. I rolled over as she yelled again, “PARKER PARKER, WAKEY WAKEY!”

“You’re not being nice,” I growled. I held my forehead with my one hand, had no idea where my prosthetic was. “My head hurts.”

“No shit.”

I looked over to her, she was smiling—laughing at me. At least she wasn’t pissed off at me. “I hate this town,” I mumbled.

“I know. You okay? We can leave.”

“No, I promise you a nice night where we first saw the Eiffel Tower, and I’m going to keep that promise. Just…hand me some aspirin.”

“He wasn’t there,” She said as she ran her fingers through my hair. “Fournier’s dead. You killed him.”

“I know,” I huffed. “I just couldn’t shake it out of my head that he was there, smoking his cigar and eyeing me.”

“Why don’t we spend today in bed? Hmm?” She asked as she straddled me. “We don’t need to do anything today, but one thing?”

“Oh yeah?” I asked. “And what’s that?”

She untied my sweats, and grinned at me. Oh yeah, we didn’t have to do anything today. “Oh Moneypenny…”

“I love you, Parker.” She leaned down and gave me a kiss. I grabbed the back of her head with my one arm and flipped her over.  My Hana. The last few months disappeared way too fast, and here I was enjoying a second honeymoon with the woman I love, and we knew how to do it right.

After our session of love making we showered and headed out to site see some more. I didn’t want to waste a day if Hana was feeling as well as she was. She wanted to go everywhere and do everything, and I was willing to oblige.

“Where to, Moneypenny?”

“The Museum?”

“Lead the way.” I followed her out to the street where we walked. We went through a small shopping district where I bought Hana a flower. She called me cheesy for doing that. I didn’t care. The museum was my favorite spot in Champs. I pointed to one of the high windows on the north end of the museum. “That’s where I took the shot,” I whispered to Hana. He was about 900 yards that way,” I pointed out toward the shopping center we just came from. “At the little book store.”

“You shot him at the museum?”

“Only place that had a good clear view. Come on, let’s see what’s changed in the last thirty years.” I guided her to the entrance. Nothing changed except some of the paintings from local artists were being exhibited. I snapped a few photos of Hana in front of the Egyptian Exhibit. She and I made our way up to the window, and she snapped a photo of me. Our memories would last in the photos, and I was determined to fill my photo album at home with pictures of her and I together.

Our last night in France we visited the same spot we visited on our Honeymoon. Despite what Hana wanted, we didn’t make love there. Instead I held her in my arms, and we watched the stars. I held her close to me and cried. I didn’t want to lose Hana. I wanted to stay here forever in her arms. She was my Moneypenny. We still had Egypt, but this would be our last trip—just the two of us.

She turned in my arms as the sun started to rise, “I don’t want it to end.”

“Me either,” I whispered on her lips. “I don’t want time to continue. I just want you here in my arms forever.”

“I love you, Parker.”

“I.” I kissed her forehead, “love,” her nose, “you.” I took her mouth in a blistering kiss. This couldn’t end. I didn’t want it to end. Oh God. I need more time with her. Just a little longer. A year, all I ask for is a year.

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