Be Strong (Part 8)

Kaliq shook his head, “She’s asleep. Come outside with the rest of us guys and Kyle.”

I followed Kaliq out to the front first, and he placed my bags Casey’s Jeep. “You think she’ll really send me over there?”

“Who knows.” 

I glanced up to my balcony and wished to see Hana there. I followed Kaliq through the house and out to the back patio. A stray white snowball landed right into Kaliq’s chest. It was then we noticed a huge snowball fight. “Kids” vs. “Adults” from the looks of it. Joe, Casey, Oni, Scott, and Sean against Aaron, Carter, Pear, Kyle and Charlie. Kaliq and I took one look at each other and joined in on the fight. I quickly took off my prosthetic arm and went into the snow. Pear sent a huge snowball and hit me smack into my eye-patch. It stung. I tossed one back to him, and with that we had the snowball war of the year going on. Eventually, Penny and Anna joined in on the fight. Jamie sat at the bar and filmed and photographed the entire fight.

By the time Riddle whistled for everyone to clean up, I was soaked to the bone and my eyepatch was irritating my skin. I grabbed my arm before heading upstairs. I needed a hot shower to soak my sore, freezing body. I also needed to check my socket. I headed to my apartment and quietly made my way to the bathroom. I wasn’t sure what Hana would think of me inside the apartment when she was rightfully upset at me. I wanted to kiss her sleeping form when I spotted her, but knew that it was best not to.

I made my way into the bathroom and started the shower. I took off my eyepatch and checked out the socket in the mirror. It was cut and bleeding, and there was some bruising. Pear had gotten me good a few times, and I knew it would swell soon. I entered the hot shower and hissed. Too hot.

Hana found me in the shower. Before she could yell at me, I stopped her. “Relax. Just washing up. I’ll get out of here as soon as I am done.”

She noticed the soaked clothes and my eyepatch. “What the hell were you doing?”

“Got into an all out war with the snow against the kids. Pear has remarkable aim.” I said and turned my head to show her my socket.

She winced, “Parker, It’s cut.”

“Yup. It’s also red, irritated, and swelling up.”

“Are you a complete moron today? You should know better than to let someone hit you in the eye.” I busted up laughing. She called my scar tissue an eye. It was a slip up. “What’s so funny?”

“You said eye.”She was not amused if her face was anything to go by. She was pissed off, and her glare could easily kill. “Relax Hana. I’m fine. You can laugh a little, smile a little. Hell, why don’t you join me and you can nurse my eye back to health.” I waggled my eyebrows, “Among other things.”

“Why don’t you just finish up and leave.”

Ouch. She was still pissed at me for the drinking. I rinsed off and finished my shower. Hana handed me a towel as I stepped out. She wasn’t happy. I ruined her Christmas. I hurriedly dried off and went in search of some clothes. Most of mine were gone. I grabbed an old pair of pants and a long gray turtleneck I hadn’t worn in a few years. “So, you really are going to kick me out?”


“Even if I tell you I dumped it all? Every bottle?” I turned to see her. She was sitting on the bed watching me dress with disinterest—which was never normal. She was quite attracted to my physique, and tended to stare. It hurt to see her rolling her eyes at me, telling me she didn’t believe me without actually saying the words. “Guess you don’t care.”

I finished zipping my pants up before taking the few steps toward her. I kneeled down in front her and grabbed her hand with my good one, my metal arm was still in the bathroom. She pulled away from me, and her hand out from under mine. I sighed, “I am so sorry, Hana. I didn’t know how bad it was getting. I overheard you and Kaliq talking, and I honestly didn’t know how bad of a drinker I’ve become. Please, Hana, I love you, and if you send me away just one day I don’t think I could stand it. I’m already losing you, don’t force me to lose you now. I’ll go, if you tell me to go. I’m begging you, though, to let me stay.” By the time I finished apologizing, I was in tears. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Continued to spill out of my mouth. I was not going to lose my Moneypenny, not like this.

“Are you done?”

I nodded.

“With drinking, I mean?”

I nodded, “I swear to you, I’ll never drink again, Hana. Not one. And I know I’ve said that in the past, but this time I truly mean it. I’ve made that decision earlier today, after listening to you and Kaliq talk, and something inside me clicked. I quit the moment I started collecting my stashes.”

“And you got them all? The secret stashes, and the secret-secret ones?”


“One more Parker, and I swear I will send you packing, no matter how sick I am. Even if it’s my last and final day, I will. You scared the hell out of me last night, and I am not going to live through that again.”

“Understood. I am truly sorry. I never, and I mean I never wanted to ever scare anyone like that. Especially you. The last time that happened, I vowed I’d never let myself get that far. Hell, I hit on Ellis that night.”

Hana laughed, and it was music to my ears. Her smile brightened the entire room. “You hit on Ellis?”

I joined her on the bed and laughed, “Oh yeah. Totally put the moves on her.”

“What did she do?”

“Threatened to kill me if I continued.” I pulled Hana closer to me and nuzzled her neck. “I am sorry. You know you are my life, right?”

“I know. Now tell me more about Ellis threats to kill you.”

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One Response to Be Strong (Part 8)

  1. All right, things have turned around! I love to see Hana layin’ down the law. And I’m super glad to see Parker letting go of his alcohol.

    xD Parker hit on Ellis! That is too funny.
    I loved this update.

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