Kaliq Rain: Chapter 9


My heart stung as I walked towards the elevator. Sure, I knew I was an idiot for even coming and seeing her one last time. I was probably stupid purchasing the expensive ring, knowing that I would never see it on her finger. Oh God! Why does it hurt so much?

As the doors open for the elevator I started to feel the tears. This was it, no more Riddle. No more anything. My life, this was it. This was what I wanted since I could remember. If only. . . Of course I shouldn’t dwell on the if only. I knew my mouth would get me into trouble, it always did where Riddle was concerned. Just one more chance, I prayed, I’ll do anything. I’ll keep my mouth shut. I just want one more chance.


A hand came between the elevator doors. “Wait!” I heard Riddle’s voice cry out. The doors opened and there Riddle stood, her eyes were watery like mine. “Just wait.”

I swallowed and felt my Adam’s apple go up and down. “I’m waiting.” It was barely a whisper. I didn’t want to fuck it up by saying anything like my smart-ass would. My prayer was being answered, and it would be just like me to go and flush it away before I even got the chance to fix it. No, this time I would hear her out, and keep my damn mouth shut.


“I lied to you. . . I. . . I don’t have anyone to help me.”

I looked puzzled. Sure, she had friends. Even people that had never seen a television had known about the popular Riddle Moss. There was no way her friends weren’t helping her and being there. “Sure you do. All those friends that’s been helping you with the gifts in there, they’ll help. Sorry, I wasted your time.”

A sob escaped her, “I bought all that stuff. No one knows.”


What? There’s no way no one knows about her condition. She can’t hide it. Just look at her! “Yea right. Riddle. Just look at you, anyone that sees you knows you’re pregnant.”

She shook her head, “And that’s why I’ve been hiding out at Ben’s for these past few months. I just got here two days ago. The only other person that has seen me besides you and Ben, and Story’s doctors, is the doorman and he’s paid to keep secrets about celebrities. No one knows.”

I didn’t know what to say. How did she plan on doing this without no one knowing? Eventually the news would break and she would be like all those celebrity mama’s gushing over how their baby is the cutest baby on Earth. “Why would you keep this a secret?”


A lone tear fell from her cheek, “Because I didn’t want to be called. . .” Another sob and she looked at me hard in the eye. Christ, I knew it was because of me too. I had called her a whore in so many words, that she feared other people would say the same thing to her.

“Riddle, I am so sorry I ever said that, but you have to know that you aren’t. You’re one of the most amazing, wonderful, beautiful, sexiest woman on the face of the planet. Look at you! How can anyone think that you are?”

“Because who the father is. . . .” She cried again.

“And can I finally ask?”


“Come back to the apartment, and I’ll tell you everything.” She grabbed my hand and practically dragged me all the way to her couch. She started crying hard. I held her in my arms and drew circles on her back. Whatever had happened, it wasn’t good. I felt like an ass for treating Riddle so cruelly the last time I saw her. This pregnancy wasn’t a happy one that I would have thought it would be. I just wanted to take her pain away. I just hope that I never meet the jerk-off that put her through this much pain – even if it meant me never looking in a mirror again.

“Riddle, tell me.” I whispered. “I promise I’ll listen and keep my mouth shut. Just. . . Please tell me. I hate seeing you like this.”


Riddle wiped her eyes and looked at me, “Do you know who Pan Hart is?” I nodded, most everyone knew who that asshole was. He was the son of Andrew Hart, and more of a player than his old man. “Well he’s the father.”

Her tears started to fall, so I kept my mouth shut. It was harder than one would imagine, I was literally biting my tongue to keep quiet about this bit of news. “Go on.” I finally said when I got my anger under control.

“About eight months ago I was visiting Andrew and his family in Bridgeport. While I was there the Hart’s threw one of their famous parties. We were having a ton of fun. Many celebrities came. I had a few drinks,” She looked at me with the sternest most honest eyes, “and I swear to you Kaliq, I didn’t drink more than three. But after that third drink, I felt a bit woozy and Pan, he said I could stay in his room and lie down.”


My stomach dropped. Riddle’s sobs made me hold her tighter as she continued. “I don’t know what happened after I went to his room. All I know is, I woke up with him in the middle of me and another woman who I’ve never met. I woke to her stroking him and she asked if I could wake him up. I freaked then.” Another sob. “Kaliq, I’ve never. . . “

I held her tighter and kissed her forehead, “I know, Riddler.” My voice was failing me as my own tears fell. My Riddler hadn’t wanted this.


“The worst part is, is that he’s Pan Hart. When I freaked he just laughed and said, ‘You weren’t complaining last night.’ and for all I know he’s right!”

“Stop. If you were drugged, it wasn’t consent, no matter what he says.”

“But what if I did. . . . what if I was consensual?”

“It doesn’t matter, babe. If you can’t even remember, then you were most likely drugged. Did you go to the police?” I asked.

Riddle shook her head. “Look at me Kaliq! I am the most famous television star in the country! I couldn’t just walk in and report something, besides it would have been my word against his and that fucking bimbo! Like he said, ‘I wasn’t complaining.’ Hell, I don’t even remember that night!”

Riddle started to tremor. “And if the media ever found out, I’d just be labeled as one of the Hart’s bimbos, and be called a liar. Hell, you already said it in so many words! My reputation would be ruined. I can’t do this, Kaliq. I can’t! I had to quit my job while I was away, because I couldn’t let anyone find out. What am I supposed to do with this bastard’s child!?!”


Riddle was right, this was a nightmare when it came to the fucking media. She and I both knew that there was no hiding it when she gave birth. I kissed Riddle’s forehead again. “It’s okay, you don’t have to do this alone. I’ll be here now. For you. I’m so sorry I didn’t listen before, but I am here now.”

“You don’t have to. I know you hate me.”

I tipped her head up so she was looking in my eyes, “Listen to me good, Riddle. I. Love. You. I will do anything for you, and that includes putting my reputation on the line. No one needs to know that you ever slept with Pan Hart. And you don’t have to quit your job.”


“Wha-what are you saying? Of course I have to quit. Everyone will know!”

“Yes, people will know that your pregnant. What they will also know is that you and your best friend since the age of ten hooked up months ago and fell in love. That you were hiding out and having a romance with the man of your dreams. When the media asks who the father is, you just tell them Kain Raliq, the famous author.”

She just sat there, stunned at my idea.

“I love you, Riddle. I want to be here for you, and do whatever it takes to protect you. Will you please let me do that?”

“But what about you? Everyone will think this baby is yours.”

I smiled, “And if you let me, I will be the father to the baby. No one ever needs to know that I have no DNA in common. We’ll put my name on the birth certificate. This can all go away, Riddle, if you let me help you.”


Riddle kissed me, and it was the most amazing kiss I’ve ever had. I held her tight as our kiss deepen. If we could get past this, then we could get past anything that are futures threw out at us. As I kissed her my hands roamed and found her belly. I rubbed circles around it, and when I felt the baby kick I started to cry. Parker was right, DNA meant shit. This baby was mine, and would always be mine.


Over the next week we stayed in the house and made a plan of action. First we called our family and friends to tell them our plan. Her parents weren’t thrilled that she kept such a big secret about the baby. They knew she was pregnant, but it wasn’t till now that she told them what happened. Coke was ready to kill the asshole – I couldn’t blame him, I was ready myself.

My parents on the other hand had mix emotions. Ma wasn’t thrilled that I was taking responsibility that wasn’t mine to take. She was worried about me getting heart broken again in the future. I told her that it didn’t matter, that this was Riddle and I felt the need to protect her. Parker on the other hand was proud of me.


Casey and Rose both offered to help in anyway they could. As Casey and I talked I could just hear his smile on his face. Finally when I asked what was up with his sudden joy, he told me. Apparently him and Rose finally figured out their feelings for each other, and were together. I was happy for them. They both deserved happiness, and I could tell it was exactly what they had.

Now, I just had to work out the last kink of my own happiness. I wanted Riddle more than anything. We hadn’t slept with each other, seeing as how she wasn’t really in the mood with having a baby kicking her at every chance it got. We also wanted to take it slow. . . real slow. So slow that I had been asked to sleep on the couch! But we did kiss, and that always kept a smile on my face.


Her due date was only weeks away, and we were getting anxious. I had become Riddle’s slave in the weeks I’d been there. She had me move all the baby stuff into the nursery. I built the crib and set to work on decorating the room. Riddle never found out about the sex of the baby, so I kept it neutral, with yellows and greens.


Riddle did see the doctor here in Hollywood once before the due date arrived. We made an appointment for a C-section. Riddle didn’t like the thought of going the natural route. Then again, I was on her side after watching a birthing video on the discovery channel with Riddle. Ouch. I thanked my lucky balls I was a guy and didn’t have to do that.


Riddle and I also made a point to visit the production studio for Web of Lies. We met with the producers and the other cast members. Riddle and I told the producer she trusted about what really happened and why she at first quit, and why now she didn’t want to. The producer completely understood our predicament and helped us get story out the way we wanted it, without mentioning Pan Hart at all. He would never know that he had a baby.

After the meeting with producers and getting the story out to Entertainment Tonight, we headed home. Within minutes of arrival we were greeted by the paparazzi. Cameras and microphones were everywhere. “Who’s the father? How far along are you? Why come forward now? Do you have any names picked out? Are you coming back to Web of Lies?” Many more questions were asked. Finally, Riddle and I made through the doors to the apartments and we headed upstairs.


Hers and my phone started to go off soon after we got comfortable on the couch that we both shut them off. We watched the television as we cuddled on the sofa. The news was all over Riddle’s pregnancy. Pics of the two of us around town today were splashed across the television. My pen-name was dropped multiple times and my picture from Delta Nine and the Future Spywas posted on the television. They made they’re own assumptions, like we knew they would. No one, though, question that I wasn’t the father. The story spread like fire, and Riddle and I were happy we did it this way.

Riddle squeezed my hand and whispered, “Thank you,” as we watched the news.

“No, thank you.” I kissed the side of her head. “I love you, and I love this child of ours. Thank you for giving me the chance to do this.”

“No more secrets, okay.”

“Or lies.” I added. “Open and honest.”

“Deal.” And with that we sealed our fate with a kiss. I was sure that we weren’t going to have the perfect relationship. There would always be fights between us, but I think now – now we trusted each other with everything. We would be completely open with each other no matter what.

Screenshot-280 Screenshot-282 Screenshot-283

Everything was going to plan. Riddle and I stayed pretty much out of the spotlight. She did an interview here or there, but nothing major being in her condition. She promised more interviews after the baby was born. We kept an easy quiet life around the apartment for the last few days of her pregnancy. That was until Riddle sat up and started to scream one day. I felt something drop down on my leg and looked. Her water had broken, and Riddle was in. . . HOLY FUCK!


I shot up off the sofa and started to freak out. I was so not ready for this. We had two days till her C-section, this was nothappening! Riddle finally stopped screaming and looked at me. I was still panicking. “Get me to the hospital!” She yelled and slapped me. It was enough. I gathered the bag we packed the day before and took her back down the elevator.

The doorman helped us get her past the paparazzi, who were more concerned with the latest picture than helping a woman in labor. Fucking vultures. I climbed into the back of the limo and we were off to the hospital. I held her hand the entire time, getting her through the Lamaze I knew, because of what I’ve seen on TV. “Oooh Oooh, eeeh.” It seemed to work for her.


Within a few hours Riddle finally pushed out our daughter. It took us three days to come up with the name for her. Riddle and I had the first name pretty fast, but it was the last name that we both were disagreeing on. She wanted our daughter to keep the Moss name and I wanted Rain.

Finally we came up with a solution, we’d hyphenate the names; Moss-Rain. Once it was decided the nurses were able to help us fill out the birth certificate. Within a few hours of naming our daughter, both Riddle and little Caitlin Moss-Rain were discharged and ready to go home.


Three months of having our daughter everything seemed perfect. . . .

Well almost perfect. Riddle and I were not prepared for the middle of the night wake-up calls by our little girl. Her lungs were extraordinary at that time of day. During the day she was the happiest thing I’d ever seen, at night it’s like a switch went off and Riddle and I were trying our damnedest to take care of her.


Don’t get me wrong, I love being with Cait. She is daddy’s princess and I made sure that even at such a young age that she knew it. I love her being in my arms, but I also love sitting next to her in her little swing and watch her sleep. She was like sleeping beauty in those moments.

I know I am being such a “dad” and boasting all about my daughter. I can’t help it. She’s got me wrapped around her tiny, gorgeous, pink little finger. Riddle says I am too doting on her, but I think I am just acting like any new father. I love being a father to Cait, she makes the world spin for me.


Maybe that’s why today out of all days I am freaking out. I finally got a job with Entertainment Sims Magazine here in Hollywood. It took me forever to find a good journalist job that also paid well. Most of the places I went to were crap, and they were really into only one thing – pictures of Riddle and “the new baby.” Entertainment Sims Magazinewas different. They understood my reluctance to do any story on Riddle Moss. They were well aware about our relationship – hell, everyone in Hollywood was – and they understood that I wasn’t going to use Riddle.

Today, though, I was given an assignment. One that I was excited about and dreading at the same time. I really wanted to get back to writing articles, but I really didn’t want to leave my baby. Riddle would be home, so it wasn’t like I was leaving her with a sitter, it’s just I hadn’t spent more than an hour away from her and that was in the house! Now, I was leaving the apartment and away from Cait for a few hours.


With a small kiss on Cait’s forehead and one to Riddle, she finally pushed me out the door. Yes, Riddle had to push me out of the door to leave. I left and met the actor at a small diner. From what I heard, Mr. Jacob Right was a very private person and he never did interviews at his house.

I knew of the famous actor, but had really no interest in seeing his movies. He was an older actor who made it big way before I was born, and so his movies never really interested me. Yet, I was asked to do this interview, because I was the new reporter, and from what I gathered, Mr. Right wasn’t very friendly to reporters.


I found the man sitting and drinking a coffee out on the patio at this little bistro I knew of. I held out my hand when I finally found him, “Mr. Right?”

“Depends, who are you?”

“Kaliq Rain from Enterta-”

I didn’t get to finish my thought. “I don’t care what Leslie told you, I am not giving you or her money.”

I looked at him with confusion. “I’m sorry? I don’t -”

“Don’t give me that bullshit. You’re a Rain. You’re what Alice’s kid? I know you ain’t Travis’.”

HOLY FUCK! I couldn’t believe it. Now, I knew I had a relative in Hollywood. I just never knew who he was. Whenever he was mentioned (by Aunt Leslie and Parker) it was always Uncle Jake.


I sat in the chair next to him with the biggest grin on my face. “Actually, I’m Parker’s kid; and Aunt Leslie didn’t send me. Entertainment Simsdid. I’m the reporter you’re meeting.”

The man looked at me for a moment. “As long as you’re not asking for money, I’ll talk.” He shook his head, “If only David and Travis could have seen Les, they’d be so ashamed. Especially Travis. That boy worked his ass off for his wealth. Leslie thinks that money should be just given freely.”

“What did Travis do?”

Jacob smiled, “He was a banker. Man, that boy was good with money. We use to party, him and me. A lot. You see he and I were closer in age than my brother and I. David was in his mid twenties when I was born. I actually felt more of a connection to my nephew than him.”

“You miss him, don’t you?”


He nodded, “Travis and I were the best of buds. The day before he died he took me to my third rehab place. Didn’t matter though, the moment I found out he was dead was the moment I quit cold turkey. So, if you’re Parker’s son, how’d you survive? I only survived on my celebrity status and my last name being Right.”

“Protective custody. I just changed my name back to Rain after Parker returned.” Jacob’s eyes grew in shock. “Yeah, I know. Shocking. He somehow survived and finally found us in Neverglade. He’s sorry, you know, about his folks. I can see the guilt in him every time Leslie comes over.”

“It’s sucks he has to carry that weight. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to know you’re the reason you’re parents were killed.”

“How’d you hear?”

Screenshot-309“SIA offered their services to protect me. I was a huge star back then. They relocated me here and I’ve had three bodyguards on me ever since.” He pointed to a few random guys. “They look like average Joe’s, but one wrong move and they’ll end an intruders life. Gotta hand it to them, they have pulled me out of some crazy situations.” He smiled at me and I could see the resemblance with my father in him. “Now, aren’t you supposed to be asking me some questions that don’t relate to top secret family stuff?”


I blushed. I had totally forgotten about the job I was doing. I went through the motions of the interview, asking him the same type of questions he’s heard a million times in his career. We talked about his sobriety, the movies he was currently making, his bachelor lifestyle, if he ever once considered settling down – he had married once, but it ended within two years. Afterwards he asked me about my family a bit. He wanted to hear more so I told him. I got to talking about Scott and dad and when I mentioned Rose’s name he sprayed me in the face with his water.


Screenshot-311“Rose Conner is still alive?” He asked and I nodded my answer. “Shit, I haven’t seen that woman in decades. I can’t believe you all found each other. I mean it’s great, you get to at least have one grandparent around.”

I laughed, “Yeah, try telling Parker that. He and her can hardly stand to be in the same room. She came over for Christmas dinner last year, because ma asked her, and Parker couldn’t eat fast enough.”

“I hear yea. Your grandpa and her were young. What they did to your father. . . “ he shook his head, “No excuses. They should have raised him, not David. At least your dad’s disappearance wasn’t because he was running from you. I respect him for what he’s done for this country.”

I gave him a sly smile. I knew if Parker could have done it all over again; he’d do the same. He protected us from bad people, I know that now. If he hadn’t gone and we lived our lives, he’d be looking over his shoulder the rest of his life.


After the interview I thanked Jake for his time and he asked me to keep in touch, and to give Parker his number. I left feeling happy that not only did I do good with my interview, that I was reconnecting with the family that I never knew existed. Uncle Jake, I hoped, would be in our lives more.


While I headed for the apartment, I called Parker. “Hey kid, how’s my grandbaby?” he answered.

“Fine. Hey, so guess who I just interviewed for the magazine?”

“Um, I dunno. Who? A cool celebrity? Oh my God, did you interview James Bond!”

I laughed so hard. “Parker, that’s funny. No, I didn’t interview Daniel Craig. But I did interview an older actor who starred in some old spy movies that were around your time.”

Screenshot-396While Parker thought and tried to guess, I could hear my brother screaming at something on the other line. Whatever he was doing, he was pissed. “Charlie, shh. I’m on the phone.” Parker said before coming back on the line, “Okay, I give up. Who’d you interview?”

“This really cool actor by the name, Jacob Right? Know of him?”

Parker went silent, “Say that again?”

“Jacob. Right.” I said very slowly. “Pretty cool guy. He says hi, and wants me to give you your number.”

“Uncle Jacob. . . Is. . . alive.”

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yea, just a bit lightheaded. What’s his number?” I rattled off the number and let Parker off the phone. I smiled as the cab stopped right in front of the apartment. It felt nice to help Parker find some family. He needed to know who was all alive after he left. I just hope he can stop feeling guilty someday. He did what he had to do.


When I returned home I heard Riddle on the phone in our room and Cait in her swing making baby noises and spitting. I tip-toed over to her, but was caught. Her eyes locked onto mine and she squealed. This girl knew her daddy. I swooped her up in my arms and played with her while Riddle came in the room, hanging up the phone.

“So, how was it?” she asked about the interview.


“Great. Found out that the Uncle JakeLeslie always referred to is Jacob Right. It was odd meeting a distant family member. He’s my great-grandfather’s brother. Anyways, it went well and I got his phone number. He wants to hang out again sometime, and told me to give his number to Parker.”

“Wow! So, you gonna call your dad?” Riddle had been trying since Cait was born to get me to start calling Parker, “dad” or “father” or something. I just couldn’t do it. He was just Parker to me. If anything, I wanted to call Coke, dad, but I hadn’t the guts since we didn’t exactly part on good terms.

“Already did.”

“I can’t imagine what your dad feels about having lost so many people.”

I shrugged, “It is what it is.”

She agreed and for a bit the only sound that was heard in the room was Cait spitting and cooing. I tickled her for a bit. Finally Riddle spoke up again, “Hey, babe, I was wondering if you’d like to go out and celebrate? You finally got a new job, I got my role back on Web of Lies for the next two and last seasons. What do you think?”

“Sure. Where should the three of us go?”

Riddle walked up to me and put her hand on my arm, “I was hoping just the two of us. You haven’t taken me on a real date since we’ve been together.”


“But what about Cait?”

Riddle smiled at me, “We can call a babysitter. I know this amazing young girl down the hall that’s more than willing to babysit. She’s offered every time I’ve run into her with Cait.”

“I don’t know.” I really didn’t want to leave Cait alone. I barely survived Jake’s interview. If he hadn’t been a family member and interesting to talk to I would have been thinking about Cait the entire time, it was just luck that he was able to gain my full attention. “I don’t like leaving her, Riddler.”



Her puppy eyes won me over. Within about an hour there was a knock on the door. I was getting dressed and looking at little Cait the entire time. “What do you think? Should I ask her tonight?” Cait cooed. “Yeah? Well, I think you are absolutely right, Cait.” I pocketed the little velvet box that’s been sitting on the dresser since the day I moved in. Riddle never opened it, she wanted to wait till I officially asked her to see it. We both knew she’d say yes, so it was just the matter of when I asked her. Tonight, I figured was a good time. Our first official date.


Riddle and I ate in a very private restaurant that catered to the famous names in Hollywood. That evening we both enjoyed the quietness in the place. It was hard to find places in Hollywood where there wasn’t a reporter lurking and snapping photos of Riddle. We ate and made chit-chat which mostly contained stories about our Cait.

It was a good night, and I am fairly certain it was the best date I’ve ever been on. Of course it also helped that it was with the only woman that my heart ever belonged to. Finally just as the bill was arriving, I made my move. I grabbed her hands from across the table and looked at her.


“Riddle, thank you.”

“For what?”

“For everything. For taking me back, for forgiving me, for everything we’ve ever done together. You’re my best friend, and I love you.” I took out the box and placed it on the table, “I want to spend every moment with you, I want to finally be yours. We may have had our issues, and I know we probably will have many more, but all I know is that I want to have a life with you. Riddle Moss, will you marry me?”


“Yes,” she whispered slowly. I bent over the table and kissed her. We heard some clapping around the room. Figures the other Hollywood stiffs would hear, and see my proposal. Everything was fucking entertainment in this city. After breaking the kiss, I finally opened the box and showed her the ring.

“Oh my Lord, Kaliq it’s beautiful.”

I slid the ring on her finger. When I saw it there, I started to cry a little. My dreams were coming true, and just by seeing her finger with the ring, I knew that the images I saw when I picked it out were right. This was the most perfect ring I could have bought.

Screenshot-353We paid the check and headed home. In the limo, Riddle snuggled close to me and held me. She whispered words of affection in my ear and told me all the wicked things she wanted to do to me when we got home. And to be honest I wanted those things to happen.

We sent Maddy, the babysitter, home as soon as we arrived. She informed us that Cait was asleep and I thanked the higher powers that Maddy got our little girl to sleep. As soon as Maddy was out the door and the door was locked, I was all over Riddle.


We slammed into the wall, as we made our way to the bedroom. My shirt was the first thing Riddle and I tore off of my body. “I want you, Riddle,” I breathed across her lips. “Want you bad.”

Riddle swallowed hard staring into my eyes just before she took to sucking my tongue deep her mouth. Clothes were disappearing. Riddle was struggling with my belt while I kissed every inch of her I could find. She finally pushed me off just enough to get the belt undone. The pants were gone within seconds. I quickly helped her out of the last few garments she wore and I was carrying her into our bed.


Since I have moved to Hollywood and into Riddle’s life, we have yet to actually do this one single act. Sure we’ve fondled and played, but that’s it. Whenever we’ve gotten about this far, it was our daughter that would stop us. Her timing was always perfect, it’s like she knew we were about to screw. Tonight though, tonight she was sleeping like a rock in the nursery.

The moment I took Riddle was the greatest moment of my sexual being. Nothing could compare to that night. Sure, the two of us had our fair share of partners over the years, but this – this was the moment I had been waiting for since I was sixteen years old.

I’m not sure how long we were at it, but I knew by the end of the night we were both sated and tired. Riddle slept in my arms and cuddle as close as she could. All I remember before drifting off myself was her whispering, “I love you, Kaliq.”


Of course it didn’t take long before we were up though. Cait’s screams would be the death of us. Sure we’ve slept, but this was getting ridiculous. I moaned and rubbed my face as Riddle climbed off of me and went to get Cait. She brought her in and tried to rock her. “Can’t you just shut her off!” I groaned. I wanted one night, just one night without Cait’s screams.

Riddle laughed, “She’s not a doll. She doesn’t have an off button, Kal.”

Screenshot-412 Screenshot-415Screenshot-421

Riddle fed her and tried to get her down. When that didn’t work, I tried. We were both so tired and by three in the morning, we were both reconsidering having children ever again. Even if one of us tried to sleep, Cait would still scream so loud that neither of us could doze off.

In the morning and by the time Riddle and I were on our fourth cup of coffee, Cait finally went to sleep. Riddle called Maddy and asked if she could babysit again. Both of us wanted some peace and quiet even if that meant getting some rest at our prospective jobs. Riddle had a trailer on the lot just for herself, and well, I had my desk at the magazine.


Screenshot-387Once Maddy showed we were off. I didn’t get to sleep though, I was required to work on the article about Jacob Rain. It was due in two days and I still hadn’t listened to my recorder. Although, for once I really didn’t need it. I remember the entire interview, still I used it to make sure I was getting each of my quotes right while I wrote the article.

It was a little after lunch and my food that my coworker brought me was still sitting on the desk untouched. I was into this article, and it was only my coworker yelling at me that my phone was ringing that I reluctantly pulled away from my computer.

“Yeah?” I answered, I probably sounded pissed, but I didn’t care. I was so close to finishing this article.

“Mr. Rain,” I heard Maddy sob.


My heart stopped for a second and sweat instantly started to drip from my forehead. I could feel my legs go week as I asked the next few questions. “What is Maddy, what happened? Is Cait all right?” I started to grab my keys. I could still hear Maddy on the other line crying. “Maddy talk to me.”Screenshot-391

“I was cleaning up the kitchen after feeding Cait, and I heard a knock at the door. I went to check, and some guy in a ski mask pushed me to the ground and tied me up. He took her, Mr. Rain. I tried, I really tried.”

“Stay right there!” I yelled as I hung up. My heart pounded as I ran out of the office. I could hear my boss call out for me, but I didn’t care. Someone had my daughter. I ran It took me less than five minutes to get home.


Upstairs I found Maddy with bruises and cuts all over her. She put a hell of a struggle up. She was crying on the floor, her hands cut from the glass vase she broke to free herself with, and she clutched the wireless she had to crawl to get. I checked if she was okay, when she gave me a nod to say she was, I was off to the nursery.

Screenshot-402 Screenshot-405

I ran calling out Cait’s name, and when I didn’t find her my gut clenched. Where Cait should have been a note was there instead.Ransom Note Rains


My knees went week and I crumbled to the floor. I took a moment to gather my strength that I knew I needed before Riddle showed. I crumbled the note in my hand. I wouldn’t be calling the cops. Cops were slow and useless in my opinion. No, there was only one person that I could trust to find my daughter. I grabbed my phone and dialed.


“Dad, I need your help.”

Author’s Note: First, I want to thank Deeds for giving me Pan Hart. Originally this wasn’t how I was going to play out the pregnancy, but since Deeds couldn’t get Andrew Hart to me, I found the perfect story!

Maddy is played by a teen version of the one and only catcrunchies. Thanks Mads for letting me use your simself!

Oh and if you can’t figure out who I named the baby after, well, you don’t read enough! LoL. I love you Cait!!! Hope this brightens your day!

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When I'm not blogging, I'm often reading, writing, or playing video games. I am obsessed with Doctor Who, Supernatural, Fox's Lucifer, and ruining my Sims' lives.
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32 Responses to Kaliq Rain: Chapter 9

  1. Dreamy Underwood says:

    OMG, Orange you are evil. Is it something to do with Parker or the Hart’s with Cait’s kidnapping. At first I saw Caitlin refered to as Cait I was like Aww, Orange.
    Who kidnapped Cait. Poor Maddy.

  2. Rainie92 says:

    Parker to the rescue!!!! It’s really sad they had just got there relationship back on track and then caitalin get kidnaped 😦 it’s all so sad

  3. Emy says:

    Me: Awwww, this is a cute – HOLY CRAP WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

    It was nice to see Jake again. I loved him in Parker’s generation. 😀 I’m glad him and Parker are reconnecting.

    Gaaah. D: Gaaaaaaaaaaah. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    Lol, Maddy. ❤ That made me smile. ^^


    • Hahahaha! I am having fun XD

      It was fun playing him. He’s so cute and handsome as an elder. Makes me wonder what the other two Rains would have looked like if I didn’t kill them off prematurely.

      And I knew you’d like Maddy XD

  4. catcrunchies says:

    You had me get beaten up by men in ski masks? HOW COULD YOU?! ;A; /jk

    Is it bad that I love that Parker gets to go all ninjaspy again? Those guys have NO idea what they’re in for. It makes me want to laugh like a manaic, just a little >_>

    • It was EASY! Hahahahahahaha. I knew this was gonna be your reaction when I wrote the story. I was like Mads is gonna kill me. Hahaha.

      No it’s not bad to want Parker to kick some ass XD I love Parker kicking ass. It’s his nature to be. . . well to be Big Bad Ass Spy Guy. And you’re right those guys have no clue who they are dealing with. Muwhahahaha!

      • catcrunchies says:

        I don’t mind that much, as long as it’s not some complex metaphor for you wanting me to suffer HORRIFIC PAIN irl. Then I might mind. Just a little bit 😛

  5. Rad says:

    Mads/Maddy = ❤ ❤ and loved the name of the baby. And yay for more Parker adventuring? Except is he going to 'do a Rain' and get himself killed? That'd be bad.

    • No. How could you think that Dr. Rad!!! Why would I ever consider killing off Parker!!! That’s like. . . NO! NEVER!!! (Goes to Cocaine and asks for the secret to longevity. LoL)

  6. Cuteness and then NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  7. Deeds says:

    I. NEED. MOAR.

  8. hrootbeer says:

    Love baby Cait! I am so upset that some asshat kidnapped her! Just when Riddle and Kaliq had all of their shit together. But…and I’m really happy about this part…I’m so glad that he has Parker in his life and that Parker gets a chance to actually save someone from his family.

    If Parker doesn’t save Cait, I think I might go to Cali and strangle you, though. We need Parker to save the day. More importantly, HE needs to save the day.

    And boo-hiss to Pan Hart. The jerk-faced rapist.

    • Parker to the rescue!!! I mean really who didn’t see this coming XD

      No need to come to California. . . Well, unless you really want to. That’d be fine by me XD

      Well you see, I couldn’t very well use another jerk-face rapist. I already killed that one off. LoL. So, Pan it is XD

  9. I always read these on my phone which hates trying to comment, but I thought I’d actually comment this time! 🙂

    ILOVEDTHISCHAPTER. I didn’t love the whole Pan Hart CRAP because he is SUCHAJERK but I loved everything else. Riddle and Kaliq talking it out, becoming a power couple, Caitlin being a Moss-Rain, Kaliq accepting Cait as his beautiful baby…though the ending made me angry. Parker HAS TO SAVE CAIT. A) Cait is a metaphor for your BFF who can’t be kidnapped for very long. B) Parker is amazing. I’m sure many fangirls will egg your house if something bad happens to either of these.
    I always buy the biggest eggs. 🙂

    • Pan Hart has always been a jerk, I just made him more so. Thank Deeds for his flawed character development. LoL. Riddle and Kaliq are so hot together to tell you the truth. I love these two together and I needed something powerful to get these two to finally become who I’ve always seen as a cute and amazing power-house couple.

      And we all know what Parker can do, so I have faith in his abilities to kick some ass.

  10. dot823 says:

    OHMYGODOHMYGOD WHODUNIT?!?! I’m gonna kill that kidnapper, if Parker doesn’t do it first!!! 😡 Pan Hart is an asshat. WHATANASSHAT. Grrr…I’m seriously so mad right now. I love that you named the baby after Cait. That’s awesomeness, right there! DAMN BABY STEALER!! I’LL KILL HIM! DEATH TO HIM!! DEATH!!

    And poor Mads!!! Poor poor Mads!!! Does Riddle know? She’s gonna freak…oh my gosh, this is terrifying. My heart is beating too quickly now. I’m gonna kill the ass!!


    • Relax Dot, Parker is on his way! Pan Hart is always an asshat. I love that word. I had to name the baby Cait, it only seemed right. The baby’s a Moss, she’s Riddle’s daughter, and well. . .THE MOSSES!!! *Goes and cries* Sorry. A little emotional about my crack. LoL.

      Mads will be fine. . . I think. Hahaha. J/K. Riddle doesn’t know yet, but she will.

  11. Dollparts says:

    Kaliq is the most adorable father ever! I love how he feels so uncomfortable leaving Cait, SO CUTE! But I guess he was right to be worried.

    I’m excited to find out what happens next!

    • He’s the most adorable sim ever to be honest. I love his facial expressions. No way would Travis or Parker look that adorable – David maybe? I love Kaliq, and him and Cait are BFF’s.

  12. StyxLady says:

    Parker’s gonna kick some ASS!

    :3 You…named the baby Caitlin? T.T ILU. I love that you used Pan…it seems to fit really well, and Kaliq makes the perfect cover story.

    I really enjoyed the interview with Jake…it definitely made me feel all nostalgic about David, and even Travis. So awesome that Kaliq got to connect with him!

    Now go, Parker, and get that baby back!

    • Damn straight!

      This is why it’s been so hard not to share some amazing spoilers! I didn’t want to give away the name. I love you so much you know! And it only seemed fitting to name the baby after the creator of the Moss family XD When I couldn’t get Andrew like I wanted, but Pan was available, I reread part of his story and it hit me. This was so meant to be. I just took his story from HIWHI and went with it. Kaliq is awesome that way XD

      I did the math and Jake is about 80 years old, so still alive and kicking it. I was so happy to bring him back, and I love how there’s four generations difference between the two.


    Still, I’m so happy that Riddle and Kaliq worked out!

    Aw, you named the baby after Cait!! 🙂

    Sweet jumping Jehosephat. How dare that bastard take little Cait away?! I must say, I’ve got mad respect for Maddy for trying to fight him off. That took balls of steel. (Metaphorical balls!)

    I sense some blackmail going on here? Something to do with ransoming, or possibly Cait’s baby batter donor? (Yes, I call it baby batter.)

    I’m less worried now that I know Parker will take care of it! He’s so boss, and omg is he ever sexy in his old stage. Even hotter than when he wad younger, I think. I’m rambling.

    I think I’m officially addicted to this legacy.

    • BEST COMMENT EVER!!! Just saying I bout died. Yes, this is where I want everyone, to be agonzizing in pain with my masterful skills in cliffhangers!

      OMG the comment about Maddy/Mads had me on the floor!!! Oh god the pain in my side. You have no idea why I am laughing (unless you know Mads). But that was brilliant and funny!!! She does have a nice pair *winks to Mads* LoL. Can’t stop!

      Blackmail, maybe??? Hmmm. . . You’ll just have to see.

      Parker is sexy the older he gets. OMG I looked at some pics before he lost his eye and now and I think he’s just way hotter. Maybe it has to do with the fact that he looks more intimidating and dangerous than he did starting out. I dunno.

      Woo hoo! Another addict. I love addicts. XD

  14. Llana says:

    OMG!!! You named her Cait. CAIT!!!!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*
    That is all.

  15. Baby Cait is so sweet! And Kaliq might be the cutest daddy ever. I was very proud of him early on in the chapter for keeping his mouth shut, while Riddle was telling him what happened. and then….OMFG!!! Someone stole baby Cait! D: that is awful! Though I have to admit, Parker is exactly who I would call, too. Go Parker! Get Baby Cait back now! (and by now I totally mean NOW, like new chapter tomorrow please?)

  16. Liza says:


    Parker, go kick their butts!

  17. kris1079 says:

    Well…I started reading this on Sunday…then the stomach flu got me so here I am FINALLY commenting! You really are going to kill us with these cliffhangers. I did have a feeling when they left her with the sitter the first time that something might happen…but then it didn’t so I wiped my brow and thought, for once, all was content with the Rains…………what was I thinking???? I am curious what is going on with this…but I have faith that Parker will make whoever has stolen baby Cait regret it. Can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  18. Oh heck, so exciting! time for Parker to get back in the action 🙂

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