One Year Anniversary!


We’re here on the one year anniversary with the Rain men, David, Travis, Parker, and Kaliq to answer questions and comments from the readers.

David and Travis it’s good to see you alive.

David: It’s good to see you, too.

Travis: Fucking assassin. And I didn’t even get to. . . *Looks at Parker and Kaliq* uh, never mind.

Now as I get questions I’ll be asking you them. And if I get a question I’ll answer myself. Now the first questions are from Dot823, well they’re not really questions, but more like comments.

David, she wants you to know that the *whore* didn’t deserve such a good guy.

David: Ella, please. She may have been a bitch, but I did love her.

Travis: No, whore suits her just fine.

David: TRAVIS! She’s your mother.

Travis: AND?

Okay moving on to Dot’s comments. Parker, she wants to say that she’s proud of you for killing the douche that killed your dad, and that she loves you.

Parker: I haven’t killed the actual assassin, Dot. But I did kill the man responsible, so thank you. *Looks at Travis* I will get him, someday.

Travis: I know you will, son.

And Kaliq, don’t worry about Riddle, she reminds Dot of herself and it she were Riddle, she’d be with you in a second.

Kaliq: *Laughing* Well thanks. I’m sure I will eventually warm that heart of hers enough to be with her.

She also had some comments made for Scott, but we won’t concern ourselves with him.

Parker: I’d still like to hear them.

Kaliq: Why? That fucking tool isn’t worth it.

Parker: I just wanted to know what other people think of this whole damn mess.

Well, she just wanted to know if he was having fun, uh, screwing his brother’s true love lately?

Parker: *Turns red* Yeah lets just skip that one.

Okay the next questions are from Dreamy Underwood. The first question he asked is for everyone, “If you could would any of you go back in time and change something, or are you happy with the way your lives turned out?”

David: I would have changed a few things. Like Ella for one. I would have listened to my gut and my friends. I would have kicked her out when I first really suspected her cheating on me. I wouldn’t have let my love blind me to the truth that she was a two-timing bitch. I don’t regret punching the asshole, Mike, but I do regret the drinking. And, I would have liked to have NOT gotten bit by the most poisonous snake on the face of the planet.

Travis: Leaving my son. Even in death I regret it, so yes I would have changed that.

Parker: I’d like to say I would have loved to change not losing my eye, but then I wouldn’t have been with Hana for a year in the hospital. I would change the idiot in me and not have lost my arm to the same ass-wipe. That was just stupid. I do regret leaving my son and my family, but I wouldn’t change it. If I hadn’t gone, he could have found us and we would all have died.

Kaliq: I’d probably would change all of high school, where Riddle didn’t dump me and we would be married by now.

Wow, you guys. Okay Dreamy also had some other questions for you guys. David, he wanted to know if you would have liked to find another love and have a longer life after Ella left you?

David: To have a longer life, yes. To love, I thought about it. I tried dating a couple of times, but to me and I think it goes with all Rain’s, once our heart belongs to someone, it never changes. Even dad, he loved Lonni, but his heart always belonged to my mother.

Parker, Dreamy wants to know that if you had the chance to have Hana, Oni, Jahi, and Kaliq, would you have chosen a different career path?

Parker: HELL NO! I love my job, I love doing what I do. Yes, I may have lost a few things from being a spy, but it’s my passion. I would have never given up being a spy. I sure as hell regret some things, because of my passion, but I loved every minute of it.

Finally, Kaliq, Dreamy wants to know if you have ever really loved Rose at any point or has your heart (and cock) always been dedicated to Ms. Riddle Moss?

Kaliq: *Laughs* I love Rose, but more like a sister than a lover. I’ve never loved her that way, and she never loved me that way. We’ve been best friends since we started dating, but just that, friends. My heart belonged to Riddle the day I met her, and my cock – yes it will always belong to her. *Snickers*

David: *Turns bright red and shakes his head* Once a Rain, always a Rain.

Now, Dreamy also has questions he wanted to ask me. Am I going to kill anymore in my story like I did with David and Travis, excluding the evil generation. . .

*Looks at David and Travis apologetically* I thought about it once. I really did, but StyxLady talked me out of it. She said that it wasn’t needed, so next gen is safe.


Oh Kaliq, you have no idea what I have in store for your kids.

Oh and Dreamy also wants to know why my stories are so intense and filled with alcoholism, divorce, depression, running away from problems, going missing for years. . .

What kind of storyteller would I be if I didn’t have conflict and some kind of drama? Stores require some kind of conflict to be resolved. Each of these men have had to overcome obstacles, because that’s what life really is. This isn’t a fairytale, where their lives are all perfect, no that’s more Desmera’s style. I write drama, because I love drama, I love conflict, and I love seeing characters overcome the great obstacles life throws at them.

Emy has a question for me now. She wants to know how different would Parker’s story have been if David hadn’t died.

I think his life would have been completely different, but I’m not sure how. I don’t think he would have been as much as a womanizer as he was. He certainly wouldn’t have ever talked and did some of the stuff he did and said to Travis and Claire. He wouldn’t have known a mother’s love, because Claire would have never adopted him. He’d probably wouldn’t have gotten as far as he did in the spy world living in Riverview either.

David’s death was what brought Parker’s story out. If he hadn’t died there would have been no story that I could have seen fitting. Parker’s love for Jahi and Oni go back to Claire. His love of adventure goes back to his grandfather, and when he left Kaliq, he felt more confident that he was doing the right thing, because in some twisted way he saw that his dad did the right thing – somewhat.

Parker: What she said. Except, dad was a douche leaving me. I did it to protect my family, he did it for his own self interests.

Kaliq: But you still left.

David: I shouldn’t have to point this out, but – like father, like son always have been, always will be.

David, you are absolutely right.

Now, moving on – Soundtrackradio wants to know from all of you, if you have any advice for the future generations? Any hopes?

David: Protect your heart at all cost. Don’t let anyone else raise your kids, their your kids, dammit! Also, stop the drinking! Please, don’t let that gene continue.

Travis: Don’t leave your kids. Be there for them every step of the way. My hope is that Parker and I are the only one that miss out on their children’s lives. Everyone deserves a father. Don’t leave those kids!

Parker: Live your dreams and follow your heart. It’s what I did, and I don’t regret doing it. No matter what happens.

Kaliq: Never lie and live your life as a lie. Don’t keep secrets from the people you love. it ruins you. Just be open and honest about yourself.

And for me, Soundtrackradio also wants to know if this is a patriarch or if I may have a female heir.

This IS a Patriarch. I decided that when I created David, and I intend to stick to it, plus have you ever heard of Raining Women? Hmmm? *Goes and starts singing, “Its Raining Men”*

Rogue would like to know if Alice is really David’s daughter?

David: YES! Dammit! I hate that, first Travis and now Ally? I have no doubt either of my kids ARE my kids.

To Rogue, you heard David. LoL. Yes, despite all the accusations both Travis and Alice are David’s kids. Aslo, if you really look at Alice closely she looks more like David than her own mother. (Same goes for Leslie with her own dad.) I really hope my girls in this family don’t all take after their fathers in looks.

Moving on. *Watches David calm himself down* Feel better, David?

David: *Through clench teeth* Yes.

Okay the next questions are from a very special person to me, StyxLady. The first questions (not surprisingly) is to Travis. FYI Travis, this woman hates you. Even though she used you for her ISBI.

Travis: Awww, thank you.

I don’t think it was a compliment dear. She just wanted to see if you really were a crappy father.

Travis: Oh. Okay.

Okay, Travis, StyxLady wants to know: Why did you leave your son for so long? You really could have worked things out to get him sooner, but you didn’t. Was your job just really that important to you, or were you just scared to man up and be a dad?

Travis: *Feels small* She really did hate me.

>< No comment.

Travis: Well, I guess I gotta answer. *Takes deep breath and looks at Parker* Well, at first I did relish in my freedom. I knew I had a responsibility in Riverview, but my young naive frame of mind was really thinking, “I’m free!” and to be honest I was afraid to be a dad. I was eighteen, what did I know about raising a son? My job didn’t become important to me until I became a higher up in the corporate ladder, and then I didn’t want to leave the bank to raise Parker in Riverview. Dad was doing his best with Parker, and I was comfortable seeing the boy when I could.

*Looks at Orange* She probably still hates me, huh?

Yea, probably. I’m kinda hating you right now as well, Travis. Lets move on before StyxLady decides to assassinate Travis for the second time. Okay this one is for Parker, and just to let you know it’s as bad as the question that your dad got.

Parker: *Rolls eye* Go figure.

Okay, Parker, StyxLady wants to know: Why didn’t you go into witness protection with your family instead of leaving them to chase after Fournier? You could have protected them if you were with them.

Parker: Oh that’s not that bad of a question. Styx, I had to go. Its one thing to go into hiding to protect my family, its another thing to go out looking for the man that not only threatened them, but did this to me. *Points to eye patch* I wanted him dead as much as he wanted me dead. I was selfish in my actions, but if it wasn’t for me my family still would be in hiding and we’d all be looking over our shoulders. I couldn’t take that chance for Fournier to find us. I had to find him and put a stop to him.

Now the next question is for Riddle, though she’s not here. But lets indulge the woman, since she did Create the Moss family and Riddle Moss is part of that family. *Cries*

David: *Puts hand on Orange’s leg* You okay?

I’m fine. It’s just a touchy subject. Now I’m gonna call, Ms. Moss and ask, if that’s okay with you Kaliq.

Kaliq: Sure.

*Calls Riddle and puts her on speaker*

Riddle: Hello?

Hey Riddle, this is Orangeplumbob. I have a question that a Miss StyxLady would like to know.

Riddle: Uh oh.

Everyone: *Laughs*

Riddle: I’ll answer any question, if she’ll answer one from me.

You can ask.

Riddle: Okay, then shoot.

Okay, Riddle, Styx would like to know: Why did you react so forcefully after, er, Isaac, ran and told your father everything you’d just told him? Uh, Isaac had been an intricate part of your life for so long, wouldn’t you at least hear him out and see if he was worth forgiving?

Kaliq: *Moves closer to the phone to hear.*

Eager much?

Kaliq: *Shrugs and whispers* I want to know too.

Riddle: Shit, she would ask me that! Okay, I don’t know why I was in a piss-off mood at the time. But all I know is, I got home and dad looked pissed. He asked me somewhat nicely into his office, and then I knew I was in trouble. When he asked me if I told Isaac about his real identity, I felt like I was betrayed. Isaac betrayed my trust, and I never felt so hurt. I wanted to hurt him. He promised me!

Kaliq: But why break up with me?

Riddle: UHG! Isaac! I just had to, okay. I know StyxLady is probably mad, but really I was only sixteen after all and I wasn’t thinking. I thought about hearing him out, but then I just didn’t want to. He broke part of my trust that day. Ben would have NEVER broken my trust like that in RSGNM. Now can I ask a question?

Sure, but she may not answer it.


StyxLady: Do you really want to know the answer.

I know I do. . . Riddle?

Riddle: UH Yea

Are you sure, cause you aren’t gonna like it.


StyxLady: It was a plot device in order to carry the plot forward and conform to the demands of the rules of the challenge, as well as to put things in place for the next generation.


Riddle: *Hangs up the phone*

StyxLady I don’t think she likes your answer. Just saying.

Okay I really need to lighten the mood. Thankfully JC has a fun question for me. How many cookies a day do you eat to get to be as awesome as you are?

LoL. JC, have I told you how much I love you? You make me smile. I love cookies, and my favorite are Oreos. When I do get my Oreos I tend to eat them when I have milk stocked in the fridge, and then I eat as many as I can when I can, cause cookies are very rare in this house for some bizarre reason. *Is wondering if JC, Katie, and Ross are sneaking here unnoticed*

ThePigSarah also has a question for me! I think I’m more popular than the boys. *Sticks out tongue to them* Sorry Rain me. ThePigSarah wants to know if it’s a trait that the Rain men have to yell a lot and be angry about everything? It just seems like they all had some anger-management issues. Perhaps you could create a meeker heir, (or one less muscly. I mean, seriously? Kaliq’s a WRITER. Last I knew, they didn’t hit the gym all that often) for realism’s sake.

Kaliq: HEY! I work out.

HAHAHAHA! That’s funny Kaliq. No, Casey works out; you think about it and move to the computer. Kaliq looks buff, but I am telling you it is all genetic. I have no idea where the guy gets his bulk other than his dad.

Parker: Open-mouthed smile

As for the anger-management. They are really tense aren’t they. But don’t worry, there will be Rain men who aren’t at each other’s throats eventually. Maybe. I hope so. Granted the next generation will have a right to be upset and angry. Poor guy.

Kaliq: >< What the hell do you have plan for my kids?

Not telling.

Rochelle has a question for Parker! How did it feel to blow Fournier’s brains out? I’d imagine that it would feel great, but I can’t be too sure. I’ve never killed anybody.

Parker: Like I won the lottery! I have no remorse what’s over for killing that fucking bastard. The man took my fucking eye for crying out loud. And to shoot him in the eye made it even better.

Okay for Travis, Rochelle wants to know, if you ever forgave Rose and/or yourself for leaving Parker?

Travis: No. I’ve forgiven Rose, but I will never forgive myself. Yes the woman is a cold-heartless bitch, but she did leave when she had to. If she had stayed, Parker’s life would have been in danger.

Parker: Yea because my life has never been in danger. . .

Travis: That was your own damn doing, you were a baby!

Lets move on before you two get into a fight. >< Rochelle’s last question is to me, since the question she had for David was already answered. She wants to know if there will be any peaceful old age deaths?

YES! Parker will have a happy ending, I am not killing him. He’s already been through too much.

Parker: Woo Hoo! I get to LIVE! *Jumps up and down on the couch.*

Oh Parker, you’re such a dork.

Desmera, my dear friend has a question and some comments directed to Parker.

Parker: Why do I get the feeling I’m not gonna like what I hear.

LoL. She still loves you! She just wants to know why you chose revenge over your family considering that every mission you went on seem to go bad for you. She doesn’t think you were a very good spy, Parker.

Parker: I had my problems, I won’t deny that my ego got in the way of my brain.

Travis: Don’t forget your cock, too.

Parker: *Groans* My dad did not just say cock to me! Yes, okay my sex life also influenced how I acted in the field and I almost got myself killed because of it. But I didn’t just choose revenge, when I left. Part of it was I wanted my revenge, the other part was I had the duty to protect my family at all cost and that meant risking my life to save them.

Now I know that I am the reason my folks are dead, but I still think that by killing Fournier, that I protected the rest. My family is no longer in danger because of him or me, and that’s why I returned.

Hrootbeer has a question for Rose and since I’m kind, I’ll answer for her. Does Rose ever regret what she did to Travis and to Parker? How does she feel now that she knows Parker is alive again. He hugged her…did she like it?

She regrets not getting to know him, but she doesn’t regret ever leaving. It’s Rose, it’s who she is. Now that Parker is back she’s thrilled that her son wasn’t killed, and was happy that even after all they’ve been through he still hugged her when he saw her. It took a lot of courage for Parker to hug Rose, and she knows that. Maybe, someday their relationship will get better.

Parker: Never gonna happen.

Oh hush you, you’re so mean to poor Rose.

Parker: ME! She’s the one that left me and had two other kids and raised them and. . .

Okay, I get the picture, you hate her guts. But you still hugged her.

Parker: It was a reflex.

Travis, Kaliq, and David: *Cough*Bullshit*Cough*

Okay, last person, Kris10. She has a question for all of us!!!

David, Krissy wants to know if you would still marry Ella, knowing what you know about how it turned out? How do you feel about the path Parker’s life took, even though you weren’t there to see it?

David: Yes, I would marry Ella. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have had my two wonderful and amazing children. Yes, she cheated on me and left me, but I still wouldn’t change my kids – and they are half her DNA.

Travis: Ewe, don’t go there! I don’t need to be reminded.

Parker: See, I’m not the only one with “mommy” issues.

LOL. I am not going there with you Park.

David: Can I answer the rest of my question without you two knuckleheads interrupting me?!? It’s a wonder how Kaliq is normal? Okay, Kris, about Parker – I am proud of Parker. Extremely proud! He always had the dream to live his life like Bond, and even though I wasn’t there physically with him, I was there in spirit; guiding him when I could.

Parker: Awww grandpa, why’d you make me blush?

David: It’s all true, kiddo.

Travis, Kris’ question was already answered, sorry. Parker, if Hana chooses Scott, what do you think you would do? How different do you think your life would be if Rose had raised you? If Travis had raised you? And if Rose & Travis had raised you together? than how it turned out?

Parker: I have no clue what I am going to do if Hana chooses that dumbass. Luckily I won’t have to wait long to find out, right Orange?

Yup. Soon, very soon.

Parker: And if I had Rose and Travis raise me or one or the other, I think my life would have been hell. Rose isn’t the kindest woman, and, unlike Claire, I’d have a feeling that if Rose had raised me alone or with dad I would never really know the love of a mother. Claire gave me that and she will always be my mother, because of that. Now, if dad had raised me right off the bat, I may have been more of a stable person and not admire a crazy spy growing up, which would have changed the course of my life. I’d hope that if in that alternate scenario he’d find Claire still. I am so happy him and Rose never married, because of me. That would have been a hell I wouldn’t have ever wanted to endure.

Kaliq, Krissy wants to know what its like to realize that your father is Delta Nine, the man you have sort of worshipped over the years? What’s it like to come face to face with your father after thinking he was long gone?

Kaliq: Its mind-blowing to know that the man I’ve worshipped is Parker. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. Out of all the scenarios I played out as a writer, I never imagined that I’d stumble upon and fictionalize my father’s life. Now that he’s back, I am somewhat thrilled. I am still apprehensive of calling him “dad” and I doubt I could ever. But I am glad that he’s back, and safe. I just hope that eventually we’ll be able to cross the bridge in our lives and become father-and-son like I’ve always wanted.

Parker: We will, I promise. It’s just going to take time and patience on both our parts.

Rad has a question to Hana, does she miss her home country?

Kaliq: Ma doesn’t talk about it often, but whenever she talks to Jon she has this far away look. I think she misses it.

Hopefully that answers Rad’s question for Hana. She also has a question for you, Kaliq. Do you feel more like Kaliq or Isaac?

Kaliq: Isaac. For twenty-odd years ma was the only one to call me Kaliq, and it was in private. Everyone knows me as Isaac, and I feel it’s more of who I am than my birth name.

Okay, Rad has one more question for all of you. What lessons have you learned about being a father and a son?

David: Being a parent makes me wish I could redo my childhood. After what I dealt with Travis, it made me understand what my father went through with me. As a parent, I learned to take every moment in.

Travis: As a father I learned dad’s lesson the hard way. I wish I had more time with Park. The lesson I’ve learned as a son is to be more respectful, and not forcing my own father to take care of my responsibilities.

Parker: I’m just beginning to understand what being a father really is about. As a son, I should have learned from my own father’s mistakes. I learn that being a father is hard, and you have to make tough decisions that effect not only you or your spouse, but your kids. My biggest decision still haunts me. I don’t know if I did the right thing by leaving my kids through their eyes, but in my heart I know that I did what I had to, to protect them.

Kaliq: I’m not a father, but I am a son. I’m just learning that there is a father in my life, and even if we are more like friends, that I should listen to what he says. He’s been there and done things that I could only dream of. I just hope that when I am a father I can learn from my father’s and grandfather’s mistakes and be there for my kids.

Now Kris has two last questions for me, first she wants to know if I have ever considered how this story would be different if it was a matriarchy instead of a patriarchy?

I don’t think it would have been as much fun. It would have been hard to write reasoning behind leaving a kid for the second generation. Parker’s gen has been my favorite so far, and I still can’t even imagine what it would be like for a female heir. I just never could see female heirs. I think it would be hard, because I love writing a male’s perspective over the female’s. Female’s have too much emotion that I would have to consider. I love my Rain men, and the song only goes one way – ITS RAINING MEN!

David, Travis, Parker, Kaliq: *Rolls eyes*

Last and final question from Krissy is: I know you mentioned once how you have all the names of the heirs planned out and what each of the DITFT generations will be. Are you the type of writer/simmer who will stick to that plan once made, or do you think gameplay will make you change some of the things you have planned?

Gameplay always has a chance to change my decisions, as does the writing in general. It has in some cases. Parker’s second half was rewritten to accommodate gameplay and Generations. I’m already thinking about Pets and how to incorporate them in Kaliq’s generation. Everything effects my story, it’s just up to me on how much will it effect it in the long run.

Okay, that was all the questions I received. Say goodbye boys!

David: BYE!

Travis: See ya!

Parker: Bye

Kaliq: Bye, see you all real soon.

Thank you all again for participating for the One Year Anniversary Q&A. I had a lot of fun answering. Thanks for making this day an amazing day for me!

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10 Responses to One Year Anniversary!

  1. StyxLady says:

    That was highly enjoyable! And Riddle, I still love you. You were one of my favorite characters ever, despite what had to happen…

  2. Rad says:

    Wonderful. I really loved these answers. You’re amazing. Happy anniversary Different Rain!

  3. Dreamy Underwood says:

    I loved it and I burst out in song around a couple times. Also, What do you mean sneaking in and stealing cookies? If I was flying across the pond I was steal something like your notes. *plans sprout*

  4. desmera says:

    Loved it! Happy anniversary to the Rains! You are an amazing writer and friend OPB, I can’t wait to see what’s next! 🙂

  5. jcnorn says:

    This was so much fun! 😀 *leaves a small pile of oreos, having eaten most of them while reading* ❤

  6. kris1079 says:

    Happy Anniversary, Rains! Thanks for taking the time to answer all of our questions! That was fun to read.

  7. hrootbeer says:

    I loved this OPB! It was fun to read the answers and “hear” all of their different personalities. I liked gaining insight into their decisions as well.

  8. dot823 says:

    aaaaah that was so awesome!!!! *love*

  9. Emy says:


    Happy anniversary to the Rains!! This was a lot of fun to read. I love your Rain men, OPB!! Though… I now fear for Kaliq’s kids… XD

  10. Happy Anniversary! This was so much fun, love the guys. Especially Kaliq… *sigh*

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