Kaliq Rain: Chapter 7


The first thing I did after finding out that we were no longer under protective custody was change my name back to Kaliq Isaac Rain. I still went by Isaac or Kaliq. Most of the people around me called me Isaac. My family called me Kaliq, except for Charlie who called me Isa. Ma also changed her name back to Hana, but kept her married name – Conner. Jen didn’t change her name and told Parker to call her Jen, as did Jon. So, my brother and sister were no longer Jahi and Oni – even if ma and I sometimes slip.


Screenshot-12Parker visited Jen a few days after returning. Poor Dani ran away after seeing him. Jen tried to coax her to him, but she refused by calling him a “monster.” Jen, upon seeing Parker, immediately took him in a hug and called him “daddy.” She recognized him off the bat.


While we were there visiting Jen and Joe (who Parker instantly loved) Leslie came home. That was where the fun started. Parker tried to hug her and was pushed instantly away. Leslie started to scream. “YOU BASTARD! YOU FUCKING BASTARD!”


Parker stayed silent and waited for the one thing that I knew would crush him.

“How dare you walk up to me after everything! You ruined my life! You selfish jerk! Did you even think about mom and dad before you ran away? Did you think that they could have been killed because of your sorry ass? NO!”

Screenshot-22“That’s not true!” Parker finally screamed. “Yea, SIA sucks at getting to people! Yea they got there about ten minutes too late! I’ve had to deal with the fucking guilt since I found out. Trust me, I did NOT ask for this! So, yell all you want Les – you’ve always been good at it! But know this, nothing you can say or do won’t make me feel any guiltier. I’ll live with that for the rest of my fucking life! At least I don’t have to live with the guilt they killed you too.”


Leslie and him stood there staring at each other for a while. Jen and I just sat there, not willing to take our eyes off them. This was better than Web of Lies on any given night.

“You’re an asshole.”

“Yeah, you’ve mentioned that.” Parker joked. “Look, Les, I love you. You’re my sister, but if you don’t want me in your life after twenty years I totally understand. I at least got my kids back.”

“And Hana?” Leslie asked.

Parker shrugged. “Not sure yet. I’ve been spending time over there, but for the most part it’s been bitter sweet. Sure, I get to see her – but I can’t hold her, kiss her, touch her. It’s hard. But, it’s all up to her if she’ll take me back or stay with that husband of hers.”


That was six weeks ago. In that time Parker’s been comparing it to Hell. Six weeks of Hell. At first ma was thrilled to have Parker back. Now, she just didn’t know what she wanted. Ma often would seek me out after she couldn’t take it anymore at the house. She’d crash at mine and Casey’s place.

“I just don’t know what to do Kal. He’s been in my heart all these years. He’s the love of my life, my soul mate.”

“It seems to me like you’ve made up your mind, Mrs. C.” Casey said, handing her a drink.

She shook her head, “It’s not enough though.” Ma started to cry and all I could do is sit and watch. I had nothing for her. This decision was going to be hard on her, on everybody. “I can’t just break Scott’s heart. And what about Charlie? I can’t have another kid without a father.”


“Who said he won’t have a father?” I asked, “Sure, if you do pick Parker there will be some strain between Scott and you, but I know he’ll be there for Charlie. Despite my personal hatred for the man, the guy is a great father to him. They go fishing, they play, he helps with school work. They won’t lose any of that if you two worked out a custody arrangement.”


“Mrs. C, do you love Mr. C?” Casey asked. Ma nodded, “And Parker, you love him?”

“More than I care to admit right now.”

“Who’d you be happier with though? The man that ran off twenty years ago or the man you’ve shared a bed with for the last six or so years?”

I kept my face calm and collective after what Casey asked. That was so ewe, but he was right. Damn him. “Ma, whatever you decide, make sure it’s your decision and if it will make you and you alone happy. The rest of us will pick up the pieces.”

Screenshot-49Ma cried in my arms the rest of the night. When Parker returned from the bar and saw ma lying in my arms, I could see his heart breaking just a bit. He grabbed a blanket from the closet and put it over ma and I. He didn’t touch her or try to wake her.

“Night,” he whispered to me, before heading to my room where he no doubt spent the night crying as well. It was all he said, and for me it was the most painful thing to hear. How could two broken hearts mend?


The next day I headed towards ma to check on her. I could hear Scott yelling outside at ma. I would have ran through the back fence, if ma hadn’t locked it after a burglar came through the back a few months ago. I headed through the front door, planning on going to the backyard and kicking Scott’s ass. I found Parker holding his head. He was sporting a black eye and a bloody nose.


“Holy fuck!” I spurted out.

“It looks far worse than it is. Granted I may be completely blind for a day or two if this fucking eye keeps swelling.”

“He did that to you?” Parker nodded. “Damn. Did you at least get a punch in?”

“A few,” he smiled. “That was until he pulled off my fucking arm.”

Screenshot-58 Screenshot-61

The door crashed open from the back and ma stormed in with tears threatening her vision. She looked at Parker, “You son-of-a-bitch.”

“He threw the first punch!” Parker defended.

“I don’t care.”

“You don’t care if that asshole tried to completely blind me?” Parker yelled, finally standing up.


“I would’ve if she hadn’t pulled me away.” Scott said from the door. “I want you gone. Plain and simple. Leave Hana and I in peace. You had your chance you little shit, it’s my turn.”

“Scott.” Ma sighed and I saw the tears forming in her eyes. She was tired, really tired of this argument.


I hated seeing ma hurting. She loved Scott, but like ma always said – Parker was her soul mate. I finally had it, seeing ma at the brink of tears, I was done with that asshole. “Stop it! Both of you! Stop hurting her!” I screamed and everyone turned to me. “You’re a fucking tool, you know that, Scott? Instead of working things out, you’re hurting her! Stop being a fucking eyesore and leave everyone alone. For fuck sake, it’s not like you’ll be missed.” I yelled at Scott.


“Why you little shit.” Scott took a few aggressive steps towards me.

Parker pushed me back a bit and stood in between me. “I suggest you do what the kid says, Scott.”

“Or what? You’ll shoot me? Kill me? You think that bad-boy look really works? You’re nothing but a deadbeat dad and husband.”

“Don’t tempt me. You may be half my blood – but not the good half. I have no qualms over killing you. Get out and leave Hana alone.”

“Scott, please,” ma whispered. “Just go.”

“Fine,” he grumbled and stormed out the door.

Screenshot-86 Screenshot-85

Parker faced ma, and smiled. She didn’t look to pleased. “You too.”

“What?” Parker asked. “Hana, you can’t be-”

Hana held her hands up, “I need a break from both of you. Its all too much for me to handle. I love you both. But, this – this is just too much.”

“Fine.” Parker said with a smile on his face. “But just so you know, I’m not giving up. I’ve spent twenty years waiting, I can wait a bit longer until you decide.”

I watched Parker leave and ma ran right into my arms crying. “I’m sorry ma, I really am.”

“It would be so simple if I didn’t love them both like I do,” ma cried.


“Ma,” I stepped away and held her chin up to look at me. “Who makes you happy? Who makes the world spin for you? Who would you die for? Think about that and figure it out. You have two men who love you, two men who would fight for you. Parker’s not going to just leave if you choose Scott. You can always have a friendship with him. Scott’s not going anywhere if you choose Parker, he’ll be there for Charlie. You just have to figure out who makes you the most happiest woman in the world. No regrets, ma.”


“How did you become so smart?”

I smiled, “My mother. She’s the smartest woman I know.” I kissed her forehead and held her close to me, “I love you, ma.”

“I love you too, Kal. Thank you.” She stepped away, “I promise you, I’ll figure this out.”

“Please do. I hate seeing you hurt.” I kissed her again and left.


Not a month later and ma still wasn’t close to deciding what she wanted to do with her love life. Scott was sleeping on the couch from what Charlie told me, and Parker was still living on my couch. It was Monday night when I got home from a late shift at the newspaper. My boss wanted an article done and when I wrote it he made me work on it again, saying it wasn’t how he wanted it. Fucker. It was exactly how he wanted it, he just didn’t want me to show him up with his own article.Screenshot-115

I slammed the door when I walked in. Parker didn’t even bat an eye. Casey grabbed a beer for me, before tossing another to Parker. “Late night, huh?” he asked as he headed back to his chair.

“Fucking Anderson! I hate that asshole,” I chugged half my beer, “He doesn’t know anything about fucking journalism or writing.”

“What did he want?” Parker asked.

“He wanted me to do an article on the police department’s involvement with that shooting over at the stadium.”


“Fucker.” Casey mumbled. “Can’t the media stay out of it?”

“That’s what I tried to tell him. He insisted on the article. So, I wrote one and called a few of the officers that were there. Got the five hundred word article done and fucking Anderson threw it in my fucking face! God, I hate that guy.”

“Who’d you call?” Casey asked.

“Donny West, Captain Creeper, that new kid, Johnny? I tried you’re number, but you didn’t answer.”

“Yeah, I had my phone off most of the day, sorry man. Besides, I would have given you a no comment.” Casey smiled. He hated reporters. Ever since he got caught up in that drug raid a while back, the reporters hound him like the plague. It didn’t help that his testimony put the biggest criminal in the city behind bars.


“So, Web of Lies is on in a few, you gonna watch it?” Casey asked me.

Web of Lies?” Parker asked, “What the hell is that?”

I laughed. Parker had been living with Casey and I for months, but he’s never home on Monday nights – he wasn’t home on any given night for that matter. He found himself at the bars most nights and Casey or myself would have to pick him up after last call.

“Dude where have you been for the last four years?” Casey asked. “Living under a rock? It’s like the greatest show on television!”

“I might point out to you Case, that I’ve been living in some of the most remote places for the last twenty years. I haven’t sat down and watched any television for many years.”

“Well, watch and learn my friend. This show is hot! And the actress is not bad looking herself.”


I threw a piece of wadded up paper at Casey, “Fuck you. She’s the hottest thing on television and you know it.”

“Yea, I know, but if I said that – you would be all over me, kicking my ass.” Casey leaned into Parker and stage whispered, “Isaac has more than just a crush on Riddle Moss. He’s in luuuuve with her.”

“Shut up.” I said, tossing another piece of paper. I really need to stop crumpling up my notes and tossing them all around the house.


The show started and Parker’s eyes were glued to the television. He started to immediately ask questions about the plot and Casey shh’d him repeatedly, giving him short and brief answers. Then it happen, a sex scene. Riddle’s breasts were on TV and my mouth dropped.

“Holy fucking. . . DAYUM!” Casey said, and I looked over quickly enough to see him drooling.

Parker had a grin on his face.

“CASE! Cover those eyes of yours!” I shouted. “Now!”

“Fuck that. God, I’ll never be able to look at her ever again without picturing -” Casey didn’t get to finish that sentence. Something inside me snapped and I was tacking him onto the floor.


Casey put up a hell of a fight. He had me pinned in seconds and Parker had us separated in another few seconds. It was all over in the matter of a minute. “Knock it off!” Parker yelled. “What the hell has gotten in to you, Kaliq?”

Screenshot-127“Don’t ever talk about her like that again!” I yelled at my best friend.

“Dude! It’s just television. It’s not like I’m gonna go fuck her brains out. Fuck man, you know I just like messin’ with you.”

“She’s mine!” I yelled, before storming into my bedroom. I slammed the door. I wasn’t sure if I was mad at Casey or Riddle more. Sure, Casey likes to talk shit, but seeing Riddle like that on television? I just wanted to block every single person’s view of her. What the hell was she thinking? Just as I was thinking of that, Riddle decided to call me.


“I am so sorry, Isaac. I didn’t know they were going to show that much in that scene.”

“You could have at least warn me!” I yelled, “I don’t mind seeing you shirtless, but at least make sure I know so I don’t try to kill my best friend for saying things.”

“I’m so sorry. I really am. I thought it was for next week’s episode. I totally forgot.”

“So, have you called your mom and dad?” I asked. Coke loved Web of Lies. He raved how his daughter was this huge success in Hollywood.

“Yes. He’s not too happy about it, but he understands that it’s cable and it happens. He was more concerned how you’d feel about it. I don’t understand why, it’s not like we’re a real couple or anything, but still. I know I should’ve warned you though cause I know you’re protective of me.”


“Do you want to be a couple?” I found myself asking.

“Aren’t you dating Rose?” She asked with skepticism in her voice.

“Not really. I mean we tell everyone we’re dating, but she and I really aren’t. She and I are just friends that tend to kiss and show affection out in public. Besides, I think she’s in love with Casey, but he’s blind as a bat.”

“Oh, okay. Well, um, maybe when I come to visit mom and dad this weekend we can talk about it.”

“Uh, yea.” I said, wishing I could take back asking her out. This wasn’t the answer I was hoping for. I loved Riddle and I wanted her more with each passing day.

“Great, then I’ll see you on Friday. You can pick me up at the airport, right?”


“Of course.” We said our good nights shortly after she gave me the flight info and hung up. I turned the television on in my room and switched on the DVR recording of Web of Lies and fast forwarded it to the naked body of Riddle Moss. After getting undressed I climbed into bed and had my way with my body while I watched the rest of the episode, of course I repeatedly went back to the naked sex scene to help me out.


In the middle of the night I woke with a start. Inspiration. God, I love moments like this where all I want to do is write. I wrote vigorously from 3am till almost noon. I had almost forty pages of my new novel written – it was the last few pages I needed. I’ve been struggling with the end of my new book, Delta Nine and the Smoking Gun. I hit the save button and sat back to look at my creation. I felt accomplished again, finishing my fourth and best novel yet.

I clicked the print button and headed out for the kitchen. I needed a drink or something. I found some orange juice in the fridge and sat down to drink. My body was soaked with sweat from the adrenaline I had when I was writing. I looked over at the couch and smiled at Parker bundled up in his sleeping bag.


Screenshot-138Casey walked out to the living room, “Hey,” he yawned, “What are you doing up?”

“Finished my novel. Delta Nine and the Smoking Gun, I think it will be my best one yet.”

“No way! That’s awesome, Isaac!” Casey hugged me quickly. “So, I take it you’re taking it to Coke’s today?”

Screenshot-139I looked over at the couch again, and smiled. In all the years I wrote Delta Nine I always wanted to know what the man I researched thought of his life being fictionalized. What did he think when he read them, if he read them? What would he tell me to change? All the questions that I wanted to know about Delta Nine could be answered by the man sleeping on my couch. “Nah, I think I’m gonna have someone else read it first.”

Casey looked behind him, “You know, that just might not be a bad idea. Well, I’m going to run before my shift. You wanna join?”


I shook my head. I was still working on a high from finishing my book, I didn’t want to run. I wanted to wake up Delta Nine from his slumber and celebrate the fourth installment being completed. After Casey walked out I headed to the couch. Did I dare wake a man that probably could kill in his sleep?

“Don’t even think about it,” I heard Parker mumble.

“Think about what?” I asked.

“Whatever it is you think you’re doing. I don’t care if the shaving cream will come off my patch, or that I can wash my pants from the piss. Let me sleep. I’ve had a bad night.”

“I actually was just going to ask if you wanted some breakfast. I can make pancakes or waffles or something.”

“No thanks. Let me sleep.”

“What if I tell you, you can have a sneak peak at the next installment of the Delta Nine series?”

“Lived it, seen it, done it,” he chuckled. “Nice try though, kiddo.”


“Come on, Parker!” I whined. I couldn’t believe I was whining. I don’t think I’ve ever whined like that. Yet, I really wanted this. I wasn’t sure why I wanted this so much. Some may say it’s because I just want the approval of my hero, and main character. Others may even argue that in some way I was hoping to get some kind of approval from my father, and make him proud. I never even thought about making my own father proud. Ma said he’d be proud of me no matter what. Now that he was on my couch I wondered even as I continued to whine like a ten year old.

“Please, Parker! I need to know what you think!”

“Okay. Go get it. I’ll read it.” He sat up. I headed into the room and grabbed the copy that was just finishing printing in the printer. I brought it out and found Parker in his underwear and the sleeping bag rolled up and tossed to the floor. I handed the stack of papers to Parker.


“Shit, this is gonna take fucking forever to read, Kaliq.”

I gave him what ma calls my puppy eyes, “Please?”

He laughed, “Wow, I bet that looked has won over a lot of women.”

“Just a few. Ma, mostly.”

“Okay, give me like the day to read it. I’ll call you when I am done. But I’m not gonna read it here with you staring at me.” I nodded in agreement. I’d probably go crazy if he did sit here all day in front of me reading the manuscript. “I’ll head to the library. Just give me a minute to shower and get dressed.”

I wanted to jump into his arms and hug him. What the fuck was wrong with me? Maybe I needed more sleep, I was acting way too much like Charlie. Damn. “Thanks, Parker. It means a lot to me to know what you think. I’ve always wanted to know what the real Delta Nine thought about these books.”


Parker looked up at me with a smile, “Well, lets see. Delta Nine and the Escape threw me for a loop. I remember being in Italy and saw the cover of this new book. I had to do a double take when I walked past the bookstore. I bought it immediately upon seeing it. It took me a little over a year to figure out the author’s name. Very creative by the way. Delta Nine and the Future Spy is the reason I found my way back home. Without that book I’d probably be still out there hunting down the bastard that did this to me,” he pointed to both his eye and arm. “Delta Nine and the Mistress, well lets just say that book not only brought a smile on my face the day I read it, but to this day I keep reading it over and over again. My copy is so rugged that some pages are missing from it.”

My eyes shined with my unshed tears, “Thanks, man. That really means a lot to me, to know that you’ve read them . . . Thanks.” I walked out, almost speechless. It felt so weird to know that one of my books helped him, and that he figured out my name. He knew it was me all this time.


I drove to ma’s next, excited to tell her about the latest book. I was even more excited now, because Parker was reading it, and I wanted to share the news with her. My nerves were going crazy with anticipation. As I pulled up, my heart sank a bit. I got out of my car, and noticed a truck with boxes. All the happiness from the morning instantly left, and I felt sick. What the hell was going on now?

I walked in to find ma crying. “Ma? You okay?”


She didn’t answer. “No, she’s not.” Scott said, carrying another box from the hallway. “Hana, I think that’s it.”

She turned, “I’m sorry, Scott.”

Screenshot-100Scott stopped and put the boxes down. He walked around to the couch and knelt down to her, kissing her. “Hana, baby, it’s not your fault. I’ve always known you’re heart has belong to him. When you talked about him when we first met – albeit you had to lie about his death – I knew you were still morning him even after all those years. I wanted to take that hurt away, and I know I did for a while. But he’s back and it kills me to see you fighting what’s right and what your heart wants. This is my decision. I know you won’t leave me, but I can’t be second in your heart and as long as Parker is here, he’ll always have your heart.”

“I’m sorry. I love you, don’t ever doubt that.”


Another kiss, I could see them both crying, “I love you too, Hana. It’s just, I know it’s not enough. Just because we aren’t together, doesn’t mean I won’t be around. We have Charlie, and no matter what, I will be in his life.”

Ma nodded and I had to turn around to wipe my own tears. Scott was leaving her. I figured I would have kicked his ass if he ever did this to her, but now – now I just felt bad for him. I want to hate him, but how can I when he’s leaving her, because he understands.

“Look, I’ll pick up Charlie this weekend, and take him fishing.”

I turned, “Do you mind if I join you two sometime?” I asked. Why did I ask that?


Scott smiled to me, “I’d like that.” He walked over to me and held out his hand, “Sorry, I couldn’t be the father figure to you like I always wanted to. You’re a good kid, Isa-er-Kaliq.”

I laugh, “Isaac’s fine. Ma and Parker are the only ones that call me by my first name.”

He let go and took one look at ma again, “See you around, Hana, Kaliq.” He picked up the last of his things and walked out the door.

I sat next to ma and held her against me while she cried. “I’m sorry ma, I really am sorry.” She continued to cry, not saying a word. I held her and rubbed her back. When she fell asleep, I lay her on the sofa and grabbed a blanket from her room. With a kiss on her forehead, I left.


I headed towards the library. Parker needed to know. I know ma should be the one to call, but I just couldn’t help myself. I parked and ran inside, finding Parker sitting on a couch with my manuscript and a red pen. “That bad, huh?” I joked.

“Didn’t I tell you, to leave me alone?” He answered without looking up from the book.

“I came by to tell you Scott left my ma. She’s on the sofa, sleeping with red puffy eyes.”


Parker stood so fast I was afraid he would tip over the couch. He ran as fast as he could, leaving my manuscript in the dust. Guess I won’t be seeing him for a while. I chuckled at the thought of ma finding Parker there with her in his arms. Either she would go off on him, or. . . No, not going there.


That night I was on the phone with Riddle when Parker came crashing in the door. He looked a little off. “Hold on, babe.” I held the phone, “What’s going on?”

“Need to get my things,” he answered with a huge giant smile.

“What’s up with the, uh well fucked grin, Park?” Casey asked with a bigger smile.

“Don’t answer that!” I yelled at Parker as his smile widen. “I don’t want to know! Dammit Casey, I’m gonna kill you for even asking!” I shouted. Images rolled in my head and I couldn’t stop the shivering. “Dammit.”

Both Parker and Casey started to laugh. “His images in his wild imagination wouldn’t do justice for the real thing.” Parker waggled his eyebrows.


“EWE, EWE, EWE!” I screamed, forgetting all about the phone. “OUT NOW! No talking about sex and ma, ever!” I yelled pointing out the door.

Parker laughed the entire time he packed his gear. “By kiddo!” He shouted as he ran out the door.

“Isaac? Isaac? Isaac. . . “ I kept hearing over my phone. Shit.

“Yeah, babe. Sorry. Parker walked in the door.”

“Who’s Parker?”


Fuckety, fuck, fuck! Okay, so I hadn’t told Riddle about the shit I’ve been going through. I didn’t tell her my father returned, or how ma was taking everything hard. How Charlie started to act out in school, because of it. How my work’s been slipping, because Parker keeps me up drinking half the night, every night.

I didn’t tell her, because . . . . Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t tell her. I think part of me was afraid that if I told her that for my entire life I’ve been lying to her about my identity she would flip out and what we had would end. I would lose my last chance with the woman I love. Casey also told me I should at least wait to tell her until after the two of us sleep together.

“Parker’s a friend of mine.” I half-lied. He was my friend, a good friend at that. Him being my biological father had nothing to do with what he meant to me as a person.

“So why was he talking about fucking your mom?”

“Ewe, stop Riddle.” I said with a shiver down my spine. “So, gross you know. No, he was just. . . uh. . . . he thinks ma is hot and a,” I swallowed the bit of throw-up as the next work came out, “MILF.”


Casey busted up laughing on the spot. “Shut up, Casey.”

“Oh he thinks that alright!” Casey laugh, “Shit, he’s gonna -” I took off after Casey out of the apartment before he tried to finish that sentence, dropping my phone. I’d talk to Riddle later, right now I needed to kill my friend.


Friday came all too fast. The last two nights I’ve been apologizing profusely to Riddle on the phone for hanging up on her on Tuesday. I hurried out of the house as soon as I woke. I couldn’t believe how long it had been since I’d seen Riddle. In fact I couldn’t even remember! Months, I know that much. God, I felt like a sixteen year old virgin picking up his date to prom, now.


I pulled up the airport and waited till she came outside of the terminal. I was out of the car the minute I spotted her. We both ran and crashed into each other, hugging and kissing each other. “I’ve missed you so much, Riddler.” I whispered against her lips.

“I’ve missed you too.”

“Lets go home. I want to give you a proper greeting.”

Riddle laughed a ridiculous laugh, “Is that all you ever think about?”

“With you? Every minute of every day, and it gets worse at around ten on Mondays.”

Another laugh. I opened the door for her and helped her into the car. I ran around to the front and got in. Just as I was pulling from the curb I saw Riddle unbuckle. “Riddle, I don’t know how they do things in Hollywood, but it’s against the law here if you aren’t wearing a seatbelt.”


She stayed silent. Instead she leaned over and grabbed the button to my shorts. “Riddle?” I asked in a whisper. Nothing. The zipper was next and I suddenly found the tightness in my pants and boxer disappear and were replaced with the hottest, warmest, smoothest tongue and mouth. “Oh hell, Riddler.” I said, taking my left hand from the steering wheel and placing it in her hair.

Screenshot-168She hummed. “Fuck, Riddler.” I gasped. I honestly think I forgot any coherent thought but what was going on south of the boarder as I drove. I drove a bit too fast and just a mile later the sirens came on. Fuck! I pulled over and tapped the steering wheel. I looked in my rearview mirror, and laughed. “Just fucking great.”

Riddle sat up and looked behind to see Casey. I heard a tap on the window and my fingers worked against my brain and lowered my window. My mind was still thinking about those lips. “Is there uh problem, officer?” I panted.


“License and. . . Well, well, well. What do we have here? Ms. Riddle Moss.” He winked. “You guys weren’t doing anything illegal now were you?” He looked down at me and it was then I noticed my pants were still wrapped around my knees. My cheeks blushed.

“Can’t, uh, help it.” I smiled, “Just trying to get home.”

Casey laughed, “So, you’re telling me I better stay at my folks place for the night?”

“That would be nice,” Riddle agreed.

“I should give you two a ticket.” My heart fell. No way would Casey give me a ticket, or would he? “But, I’m not going to. Just drive carefully, and Isaac and no more speeding.”

“You got it Case.” I winked, and was on my way.


Screenshot-176I drove the rest of the way home with Riddle sucking me off. We got out of the car after she finished, and we ran up to the apartment. Clothes came off once the door was closed. “Damn woman, you are sexier than I imagined.”

Riddle blushed. “You’re bigger than I imagined.” I kissed her hard and she wrapped herself around my hips. I manage to carry her to the bedroom, where we fell onto the bed. I grabbed the bag of supplies I bought earlier in the week off my nightstand and tore open the box of condoms. I tore one open and slid on a rubber.

Just before entering her I looked down at her face. This was the moment I had been dreaming of since the first kiss we shared when I was sixteen. “You sure you want this Riddle?”

“More than anything else in my life. I love you, Isaac. Always have.”

I sighed. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t lie to her. Most of my friends and family call me Isaac, but they also know it’s my middle name now. Everyone, but the one person I love. It was time. I couldn’t abuse her trust, just because I wanted to fuck her. “It’s Kaliq.”



Screenshot-179I crawled off of Riddle and sat on the edge of the bed, Riddle followed me. “My name isn’t Isaac, it’s Kaliq. Before you ask, let me explain. You know how on Web of Lies, Luke has been living two lives, and he’s a lying sack of shit?” Riddle nodded, her eyes furrowed. “Well, almost twenty-two years ago to the day, my father took off. I know I told you that ma left him, because he wanted to kill us, but I was wrong.

“I just learned a lot of this, so please bare with me. I’m not totally sure about all the events that went down. My father took off, not because he wanted us dead. Someone else did. He went after this guy who threatened our entire lives. The night ma brought us to Neverglade, was the day my grandparents were killed by an assassin. The man came close to killing my father’s entire family. We’ve been living in hiding ever since.”

Riddle stayed silent for a while. She looked at me with sad eyes, “Parker?”

I nodded, “He’s my father. Ma thought he was dead. I thought he wanted to kill us. Jen thought he was alive and always had. Jon gave up on him until a few months ago when Parker showed up as his bodyguard, unintentionally might I add.”

“Wow.” she exasperated. “Just. . . wow.”

“I know.”

“You’ve had a tough few months, haven’t you?”


I nodded, “I’m sorry I never told you this before. I wasn’t allowed to when I was young. Then I embraced my fake name for so long that even today I still go by Isaac. My full name, however, is Kaliq Isaac Rain.”

“Kain Raliq,” she surmised. “Very clever, Kaliq.”

I smiled. I don’t think I have ever heard my name sound so sweet and roll off someone’s tongue like it did on Riddle’s. “You don’t have to call me that. I do go by Isaac.”

She shrugged, “I like Kaliq better. It fits you better.”


“So, you’re not mad?” I asked with hope in my eyes. “I know I should have told you on the phone, but -”

“You were scared?” Riddle laughed, “After everything we’ve been through, I understand that you were hesitant and wanted to tell me in person. Thanks for telling me now, before we did something.” She looked down at my wilting cock. “I also should tell you something, and I really am nervous about it. I haven’t told mom or dad. I haven’t told anyone.”

Tears formed in her eyes. I wiped them, “Riddle just tell me. It can’t be as bad as the shit I’ve been through.”


“I’m pregnant.”

Author’s Note: I know this is picture heavy, but I had way too much fun playing through these events.

I want to thank my friends Amber and Cait for helping me make this decision. Cait made me see that Hana wouldn’t have left Scott out of obligation (just like Asmeed). I really think this was the only way for Hana and Parker to truly be together. So, I took inspiration from Amber’s blog and talked to her about it.

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAIN’S! I hope you enjoyed today’s special update!




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When I'm not blogging, I'm often reading, writing, or playing video games. I am obsessed with Doctor Who, Supernatural, Fox's Lucifer, and ruining my Sims' lives.
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50 Responses to Kaliq Rain: Chapter 7

  1. This makes me so completely happy, and the way you did it was just completely perfect. Outstanding writing, my dear! Parker & Hana forever, yay! ❤

    And very sneaky little bombshell right there at the end….oh my. O.O

    • Aww thanks! I’m glad that you enjoyed it the way I wrote it. You know how long I struggled with this decision, so I am glad I wrote it perfectly and in a way that shows that it was a huge decision.

      I am sneaky aren’t I?

  2. -mouth drops-

    OMG Awesome. Shall give you a better commentering once I stop freaking out. O>O

  3. Liza says:


    And yess Team Parker rulez! Scott is like Asmeed in a way….

    And just to point this out, you write ‘ewe’ which is the name of a female sheep. When something is gross, you write ‘ew’

  4. Dreamy Underwood says:

    *mouth drops* UH!
    Ridlle is …..
    Kaliq is ……….
    I speachless.



  5. Rad says:

    Loved this! I hope Scott will stick around and be a good dad, it would be nice for one of Hana’s kids to have two dads and not none for a change! Parker and Hana are electric together (bit disappointed at the lack of her choosing both but hey :P)

    And what a cliffhanger…

    • Scott won’t leave Charlie, if anything he’ll be in his life more, because of the separation.

      Parker and Hana are the most hottest couple yet, I think XD – I don’t think that the guys would have survived sharing her, they would end up killing each other.

      XD My specialty!

  6. jcnorn says:

    OMGOSH! the wait! The torture of waiting and not revealing till like forever into the chapter! T-T But the jc loved it! =3

    And ohmygosh!? She’s wha!? O.O

    *shares cookies all around*

  7. YAYYY! I knew you were on Team Parker! ;]

    AND holy moley cliffhanger!!!!!
    But hey now, I LOVE cliffhangers!

  8. StyxLady says:

    I think that worked out the best way it possibly could have for everyone. Except Scott. But it was very selfless of him to make an executive decision and let Hana go. I’m glad Riddle understood why Kaliq had to keep his real name a secret from her. The part when Casey pulled them over had me LMAO!

    BUT WHAT?! Who got Riddle pregnant?? D: …And how recently, especially since she and Kaliq have kind of been a “thing” for months now….

    • Well thank you for calling me that day and talking to me. That whole conversation is what got me to finish this chapter how I wanted it. At the River I remember screaming after I wrote the scene where Scott leaves, I was so excited that I finally did it. And if I hadn’t talked to you and Amber, I think I would still be tearing my hair out even today.

      Only your son! LoL. Did I tell you how much I love simCasey? I LOVE HIM! He’s my favorite secondary character I have ever written. He’s awesome.

      You know I can’t answer that question. Its called a CLIFFHANGER for a reason! You left one just as huge about Riddle as this, so you get to suffer. So there 😛 I love you!!!

  9. hrootbeer says:

    Oh yay! I’m so happy, I’m swiveling in my office chair. I’m glad that Hana and Parker will be together. I hope he doesn’t F it up by drinking too much. I’m also glad that Scott left Hana. He did the right thing and that made me really respect and like him.

    As for RIDDLE! Well. I am still unhappy with her. Sorry Kristine, but she hasn’t won me over yet. I can’t believe she was about to do Parker without telling him THAT little bit of news. And she would have, too. I know it. If he hadn’t said something to her, she would have probably waited to tell him or not said anything.

    I hate being a Riddle-basher because I was prepared to like her and accept that she’s the one for Kaliq, but wow. How will he get over this?

    • I am on the floor. H! I love you. You make me laugh. I know you hate Riddle, poor girl. >< But what if. . . What if I pull a Kindra? (No, I'm not. . .) But what if I was? Would you like her then? LoL. My goal now till I finish this gen (and the beginning of next gen) is to get Heather to LIKE Riddle. I got StyxLady to "Like" Travis, I can do this! LoL. Now to plot.

  10. Carebear728 says:

    Yayyyy Parker and Hanna!!!

  11. dot823 says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best day ever, really amazing chapter!!! I want to see the little Moss/Rain baby!! It’d be kinda funny if he turned out green…O.O HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?!?!


    Amazing. Truly awesome and amazing and I love how you did it!!!!

    • I think someone is confused. . . . How do you know the baby is a Rain??? Kaliq and Riddle haven’t even done it in game yet, let alone in story. But OMG I really want a green baby. I was actually talking to Cait not too long ago asking her what the odds are if Riddle’s babies were Elinthas. That would be SOOOO COOL!

  12. Emy says:

    I actually had to stop reading this for a bit when Scott left, as I was in floods of tears. I think, after everything, it was the best decision for everyone. I’m really hurting for Scott, though. What he did was entirely selfless and you can tell he really loved Hana. (Oh gosh, I’m off again. >.> ) I really hope you give Scott a happy ending, OPB. He deserves it. Also, when Kaliq said he’d like to go fishing with Scott and Charlie sometime, that both broke my heart and filled me with warm fuzzies. I’m currently a bit of a wreck. XD

    On another note… Riddle is pregnant?! :O Well, we know the baby definitely isn’t Kaliq’s… How is he going to take that news?? Was it a willing night of passion that led to that, or did something else happen?

    One question answered, another one asked.

    Great job, OPB. I know this was a hard thing for you to work out. ❤

    • Oh Emy, I’m sorry I made you cry. I know you were one of the few that was Team Scott. I’ll give an ending to Scott. Or at least I will try. I’m more into Kaliq’s story and how the hell I am going to finish it in eight/nine chapters.

  13. Rogue says:

    Hooray for Parker! I wouldn’t have stopped reading if she had chosen Scott… but I would have been furious. And this is just thinking out loud, but when I knew Riddle was pregnant, my first though was ‘That crazy director! he probably made her co-star not use a condom and her not take birth control, just to make her character’s first time ‘more real’. And now, she’s pregnant!’ Of course, this would be the biggest joke of all if Riddle was faking it… then again, H might never like her again if she did that.

    Also, thanks for answering my question in the Anniversary! Made me feel like a celebrity to have a Rain react o my question, even if David was kind of furious!

    • No, she’s not faking it. You’ll see here soon all about Riddle and what happened. I can’t say much about Riddle’s “condition,” cause that would give away too many spoilers.

      LoL. I’m glad you liked mine (and David’s) answer to the question. It was fun answering all the questions. Thanks for participating.

  14. kris1079 says:

    LOVED IT!! There was so much in this chapter and it was definitely worth waiting for!! I loved how you handled the Parker/Hana/Scott triangle. I think that really is the only resolution that works for these characters. I had trouble believing Hana would leave Scott, but I did think that perhaps the “right” thing would be for Scott to step aside. I’m sure that was hard for him to do and I do feel bad for him and for Charlie too…but I don’t think it’s right for Hana to be with someone if her heart truly is with Parker.

    I loved the Riddle and Kaliq scenes…sometimes I wonder if they are more “in lust” with each other than “in love” but I suspect they really are in love because of their history together. I like Riddle, but I’m still not that enthusiastic about her and now this announcement…she better have a good explanation otherwise I kind of feel like she’s stringing Kaliq along or something. I’m sure it will make sense soon…I love a good cliffhanger!!!

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    • Cait’s the one that pointed out to me that Hana would never leave Scott, and I wasn’t sure how to write a happy ending for either her or Parker without hurting them both. It was when I talked to Amber about Disco from Colors that I realized that Scott wouldn’t want to be second best. He doesn’t deserve that and so that’s why he needed to step aside. Plus, who would want to be in that kind of relationship when you know that your wife/husband loves someone else more?

      She’s not stringing Kaliq along. She has an explanation, but if it’s good or not, only the readers can decide. They are in love with each other, they just don’t know how to cross that bridge into a committed relationship. They have a lot of bad history and as much as good history. So, they’ll have to figure out how to be together, before they kill each other.

  15. Eleasha says:

    Yay Happy Anniversary! 🙂

    I admire Scott a lot for what he did. He understood that now, there was really only one ending. Much respect. HANA + PARKER 4EVA!!

    Thank god Riddle didn’t go nuts when Kaliq told her about him. In the end, it wasn’t really his choice to hide his identity.


    • Thank you! Scott is a very brave soul for stepping down and letting Parker take his rightful place. They are so meant to be ❤

      I think it also helps that Riddle's dad has to hide his true identity, so she sees that. And plus she's on a show that deals with hidden identities.

    😀 ❤ Happy anniversary ❤

  17. jcolby says:


    I’ll start by saying I’m very happy that Scott chose Parker for Hana, cause he would have to die before she’d leave him…..We’ve all seen it happen we know it’s true……So yay happy happy for Parker and Hana together forever……..Unless Parker goes back to being an alcoholic again.

    The Riddle bomb. Leave it to Riddle to out do Kaliq, Kaliq “My life’s been somewhat of a lie, except the me being in love with you part”. Riddle “I’m pregnant….” Que dramatic music. I love it. I was waiting for the next Rain/Moss falling out and here it comes! I wonder if her litle trip to Hidden Springs for a movie has anything to do with the bun in the oven…… I wonder how Coke will take it. I mean sure he’s more than old enough to be a grandparent. I also wonder if she’s telling Kaliq this because she wants him to claim to be the father…… I like Riddle and all, but I think that she’s got a dark side to her. I say this because she wasn’t in a hurry to tell Kaliq she was pregnant, but she was in a hurry to do him. Sure he was going to use a condom but those break, so she could’ve came back later and said “Kaliq I’m pregnant, you’re the father”. But she didn’t because he told her who he really was and she felt guilty………Now I’m just rambaling. Sorry……Anyways loved the update, I know it’s only going to get better because the Rains find all kinds of fun and sometimes outragous drama. Can’t wait for the next post.

    • Yes, Scott would have to die for Hana to be with Parker. She wouldn’t leave him, just like she wouldn’t leave Asmeed. This was the only way. And I doubt that now they’re together he will be allowed to drink. Poor bastard should have never told her about his problem when they first got together.

      Yes, only Riddle. I can’t talk much about Riddles predicament, but let me just say she wouldn’t have done that to Kaliq. She’s darker than RSGNM, but I don’t see her every messing with Kaliq in that way. She was only in a hurry to be with him cause those two have been having phone sex forever and have been waiting for that moment.

  18. Rochelle says:


    But…then you made me feel sorry for Scott! STOP TOYING WITH MY EMOTIONS! ❤

    Omg. Riddle. That's a major cockblock…

    Just kidding xD HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!

  19. Ffyddie says:

    Oh my God, a Moss baby… 😮 excellent chapter! I loved the parts where Kaliq and Casey were fighting, and the line where Kaliq compares himself to the character that’s a “lying sack of shit”. XD

  20. leokatca says:

    I FINALLY caught up to the latest chapter! I’ve been allotting myself little bits at a time cause I wanted to make it last (& I have a buttload of homework every other day…) so I’m a little sad but also really looking forward to the next update!!! You write so well with believable, interesting plotlines and I am hooked like a little fish lol Can’t wait till you post again; cliffhangers SUCK when you’re all caught up =p

    • Thank you sooo much for your kind words. That means a lot to me, especially right now when I’ve been having RL issues about my writing. So thank you sooooo much. And yes cliffhangers do suck when you get caught up.

  21. Jadea Teel says:

    My computers been messed up for awhile *september cough cough* & im just now catching up and OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! When Parker first made his comeback as the body guard i had a sim moment & jumped around clapping my hands. I knew Hana would choose Parker, tey were destined to be together. Also, I just started liking Riddle again & BOOM.! shes pregnant. now im anxious as ever -___-“

    • Yeah it was the only thing to do. Parker and Hana are the most amazing sim couple I have ever had and I wanted at least one of my sims to get his HEA! And he did. I am happy about that.

      As for Riddle. . . You will have to see.

  22. Liza says:

    Hey OPB? Where do you get your default replacement skins for men? They look really nice!

  23. zbornie says:

    I’m all caught up and all I can say is OMG I’m so hooked!! I LOVE it, OPB! ❤ I'm pretty sure my new motto is "I EFFING LOVE PARKER!!" I love him so much! LOVE that he's back with Hana. Absolutely cannot wait to read more!

  24. Yay for Parker and Hana…but Riddle pregnant…did not see that one coming…need to adjust my psychic sim powers…lol

  25. Angel says:

    Something I have to ask. Why’d you change Kaliq’s middle name? Just curious. Because when he was born it was Kaliq David Rain. I’m re-reading the story, but I don’t think you ever mention why you changed it. XD

    Oh, and I love this DITFT. ❤

  26. Thanks, and Kaliq changed his name to Kaliq Isaac rather than going back to Kaliq David in the beginning of this chapter. He really didn’t know his middle name, and since he went by Isaac for most of his life he figured he could just use it as his middle name.

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