Kaliq Rain: Chapter 5


“Mr. Britt!” My boss called from the his office.

I stood from my desk and walked to his office, loathing the man inside the room. “Yeah, boss?”

“I got a new assignment for you,” he tossed a Sim People magazine over to me. I had been familiar with the specific issue. It was currently under my pillow covered in . . . Well, you get the idea. It’s cover graced the photo of the very talented and amazing actress, Riddle Moss. “I need an expose on a local town celebrity. She’s coming to visit her folks in a few weeks and I have asked the family and her for a piece for the paper.”


I inwardly groaned. I didn’t want to do the piece. Last time I saw Riddle (a week after our graduation, to ask her out) she told me to get lost and she never wanted to see me again. What? You can’t blame a guy for trying one last time, can you? “isn’t this Rich’s field? He’s more into celeb gossip.” I suggested the worst reporter I knew, praying I’d get out of it.

Screenshot-35“Negative. The man is horn dog. I am not going to send a kid who sees any gorgeous celebrity as a place to put his dick. I need a real reporter. I need you. Plus, I thought you knew her folks?”

“I do.” I sighed. “I also know her.”

“That’s even better! Now she’ll be here by the end of the week. Have fun!”


I muttered under my breath the entire trip it took me to go from his office back to my desk. I know Mr. Anderson was correct, that I was more of a real reporter. I just didn’t want to do this one assignment. I wanted to just fly through this job while I worked on my other career as a professional writer.

In the last four years I have topped the New York Best Seller’s list three times with my Delta Nine Series. My latest, Delta Nine and the Mistress won me quite a few awards and I did a book tour around the country. At home I was the town celebrity. However, when it came to Monday nights, everyone (including me) were glued to their television sets to all watch the only other real celebrity that came out of Neverglade, Riddle Moss. She was on the number one primetime drama, Web of Lies. Ironic, isn’t it? Her main character was currently manipulating three men that loved her. Of course I pictured every one of those men to be me.


After work I headed towards the bar that I frequented every week and met with Casey and Rose. I bent down and gave a quick kiss to my sweet Rose. She and I still weren’t entirely being honest with ourselves, and kept the boyfriend/girlfriend charade up. However, we weren’t committed to each other. She and I often went out for drinks together just to talk about our latest failures (or conquests – depending on how you look at it) in the dating world.


I sat down at the booth and ordered my usual beer. “So, what’s up? You look beat.” Rose asked.

“Bad day today. I got a new assignment.”

“And that’s bad because?” Casey asked.

“Riddle is the assignment.” Both of their mouths dropped wide open. “Yea, I know. That’s what I basically did. How am I supposed to go in and just meet her for an interview, knowing very well what her fucking hot body does to my libido? I tried to get Horn-dog Rich on it, but Mr. Anderson wants a real reporter. As if! That girl is the love of my life and the only time I can clearly get a goods nights rest is jacking off to those damn magazines she’s on!”


“Dude, that’s just . . . sad.” Casey held in his laugh. “Just go in, put on your romantic charm, get her into bed, and fuck her brains out.”

“Casey!” Rose gasped. “That’s not what he should do.”

“Don’t sit there and be a jealous girlfriend. I’ve known you guys far too long to know you aren’t really dating. Let him have some fun, Rose. Besides, if he doesn’t get into Riddle’s pants at least once in his life, it’ll be the greatest sin since the invention of Miracle Whip.”

I laughed hard, so hard I had to wipe my eyes. Only Casey would come up with that kind of analogy. Casey was still the biggest clown I knew. He had the knack to make anyone laugh at a moments notice. However, he surprised everyone, especially his parents, when he joined the police force.


“I don’t think I can do this.” I moaned after my third beer. “She probably still hates me. Hell, what if she refuses to talk to me?”

“She won’t.” Rose reassured me for the fourth time. “Besides, she talked to you those few times during our senior year.”

“Yeah, but those talks were so fucking strained. She didn’t want to talk, but she knew it was the only way to get me off her fucking back.”

“It’s been four years, maybe she’ll be over it and you can both laugh at the past.” Rose chipped in.

I wish.


Casey drove me to ma’s house, seeing how he doesn’t drink. “Thanks man.” I said as I got out.

“No problem. Just doing my duty by keeping the streets safe from drunk drivers.”

“Pick me up around 8, and we can go for a workout at the gym and pick my car up from the bar before work.”

“Will do.”

He waved and I watched him drive off. Just before he got too far from view he stuck his hand out of the window and gave me the finger. I smiled, that was Casey.


As I walked up to the house I noticed the mail box. I looked inside and found that ma hadn’t gotten to it yet. Inside, I was surprised to find an enveloped with the returning address of Egypt mixed in with the normal junk and bills that flooded the box. Jon. He had made it to Egypt, back to the motherland, as he refers to it.

He had been talking about his return to Egypt for an Anthropological dig. (Or was it Archeology?) I could never keep those two straight. Didn’t help that Jon got his masters in both fields. Ma had been worried sick for the past couple weeks since he left; where I was just happy he was out living the life he always wanted.


“Ma, you got a letter from Jonny!” I cried out upon entering the house.

Ma came shooting out of Charlie’s room so fast, I could have sworn I saw sparks come from her feet. “What does he say? How is he? Did he make it? Is he hurt?”

“Why don’t you read it for yourself?” I asked and handed her the unopened envelope. Ma decided to read it out loud so I could hear.


Screenshot-193“Dear Mom, Scott, and Isaac. Everything is good here in Egypt. We – my team and I – arrived a few days ago and were greeted by our security crew. I got bunked with this tight-ass asshole, name James. He won’t let me out of his sight, even if I wanted to go use the head. Bastard. The guy reminds me a bit of dad too. He’s kinda scary, is missing an eye and most of his arm. Way too intense. I called him, a crazy-ass pirate when I first met him and he freaked out. Definitely reminds me of dad.

We’re keeping pretty busy here. Haven’t started to actually dig or anything, but I am looking forward to it. I have my maps and compass that you gave me. I can’t believe you kept some of Asmeed’s things, it means a lot carrying it around. James likes it. Professor Alec has me doing research around the pyramids, can’t wait to explore them. Don’t worry, Mr. Overprotective Bodyguard will be there. Anyways, I better get this sent to you before the sand storm comes in. Nothing else is new. I am looking forward to this dig. Internet will be up in about a month. Hope to hear from you then. Love, Jon.”


Ma finished with tears running down her cheeks. “Ma, you okay?”

“Yeah, I just miss your brother.”

“He’s been gone two weeks,” I pointed out.

“So, a mother can miss her child. Just like if you moved out I would miss you.”

“You don’t miss Jen.”

“Sure I do, and I especially miss my granddaughter. Just wait till you have kids, Isaac, then you will know what it’s like.”


I shrugged her off, trying to not show her how much it hurt to hear those words. I wanted a family more than anything. The only girls I ever found though were only interested in my money. Yeah, I was loaded with three best sellers under my belt. The girls I meet always want to know what the next book is called, when is Hollywood going to do a movie on Delta Nine, have I ever met a real spy. . . It was irritating. Rose and Casey really were my only friends in town. The others had moved on to bigger and better adventures.


I walked into my room and turned on the television across from the guest bed. It was Monday night and Web of Lies was ending for the season. Ma and Scott loved the show too and were probably going to watch it in the other room before they had to leave for work. However, I never joined them when I watched the show. “It’s starting!” Ma called from the living room.

“Comin’!” Scott called from their room. He knocked on my door and peeked in, “You joining us?”

“Nope, gonna lay here and enjoy it my own way.” I winked. Scott laughed and closed my door. He knew what I was going to do, it didn’t take a genius to figure out what I did every Monday night. I stripped my clothes off just as the last of the commercials aired. With a hand around my dick, I watched the show till I was dry and horny. Friday was going to be hell.


Friday came way too soon. I didn’t even know what the fuck I was going to wear. “MA!” I yelled. “Ma, get in here!”

Ma walked in and looked around at my room. I had clothes everywhere. “Someone’s nervous,” she teased.

“Tie or no tie?” I asked moving my favorite tie back and forth from my neck.

“Uh, no tie. You don’t want to look too professional. Where are you meeting her?”

“Coke’s place. He said he wanted to talk to me after the interview.”


Ma walked up and brushed the dandruff from my shoulders before kissing my cheek. “He’s probably anxiously awaiting to hear about the next book. Have you considered even a plot for Delta Nine?”

“No, not really. I mean I left him in a bind, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, but I kinda liked it.” she smiled. Having Delta Nine cheat on his long-time partner, Amber had been huge to write. Ma giggled the entire time she read the first copy of it.

“But who should he choose? Amber or Cora?”

“Cora.” Ma smiled. “She’s so much better for him.”

“You’re just saying that because I personified you as her.”

“And I love you for it. Now, go out there and get this article done. Just don’t mention your magazines under the bed.”


“MA!” I groaned, that was not something I wanted my ma to know about!

“Isaac, it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” she giggled, “You’re a grown man with needs. Hell, what do you think I was doing for most of your life while dad was gone.”

“EWE, EWE, EWE!” I screamed as I ran past her. She started to laugh, “Ma that’s totally disgusting!”

“It’s human nature Isaac! I’m sure your dad’s wanked off these last twenty-years!”


“STOP IT!” I yelled running as fast as I could out the door. Why do parents have to talk about sex like that? Seriously! I do not need to know what goes behind closed doors with her. I know ma does it just to piss me off, but still ewww, gross!


I arrived at the Mosses place and walked inside. Coke had made it apparent that I was welcomed day or night over to talk about books and life in general. He even gave me a key to the house so I could use one of the many empty rooms as an office. I choose Riddle’s and Story’s. “HELLO! Anyone home!”

“Back here!” Anya called from the kitchen.



I walked in and only found Anya there, “Where’s Coke?”

“His office, don’t go in there. He’s trying to make a comeback in the business by writing a new book. He’s working like crazy in there, never satisfied with what he produces.”

I laughed, “He’s only written 105 books, you’d think it’d be easy.”


“That’s what I thought, but nooooo. Oh, he is absolutely having a meltdown in there. Personally, I think it’s a freaking mid-life crisis.”

“Yeah because 300+ old people have those.” I joked and Anya smiled. “Maybe I should tell him to leave the writing to the professionals.”

Anya cracked into a fit of giggles after that and gave me a hug, “Please let me be there when you tell him that.”


“Tell me what?” Coke said walking in the kitchen. Anya laughed even harder and I couldn’t help but join in. “Okay, what’s going on?”

“Nothing. . . Right Isaac?”

“Right.” We both laughed harder.

“You guys are strange. Anya, is there any juice left?”

“In the fridge,” she said through another fit of giggles.

“Riddle’s in your office, by the way. And just a caution, she’s not too happy about her room being turned into an office.” Coke said, grabbing a juice.

I waved goodbye and listened to Coke ask again “what was so damn funny?”


I knocked and walked into my office and almost gasped. Riddle looked even more beautiful than the pictures and television. She looked . . . like an angel. My hands began to sweat and I wiped them on my pant legs before extending my right one for a shake, “Ms. Moss.”

“Really? We’re going to go there?” She asked with a dead serious expression.


I dropped my hand and smiled, “Well, lets see, we can be civil and pretend we don’t have a past. I ask you a few questions and then head home, write the article, pretend you’re just a random celeb that is from Neverglade, and then we go back to our normal lives.”


“Or we could not pretend what happened five years ago, and you could return to being the stone cold harden bitch you were. Really, it doesn’t matter to me Ms. Moss, I am here to do my job and that’s to get this interview done and over with – my heart can get over it later.”


Screenshot-120“What if we pretend we were friends? Maybe, uh, um. . .” She looked down at the floor, “Maybe best friends?” I even watched a tear fall from her face to the floor. Acting, it’s all an act! I told myself.

“Friends? Really Riddle? You want to be friends? What ever happen to ‘I don’t ever want to see your fucking face ever again?’”

“I’ve changed.” Riddle whispered, but not even looking at me.

“Really? Have you not read the tabloids or the newspapers? Let’s not forget the magazines. You’re still a stone-cold bitch.”

“Fuck you, Isaac!” She spat. “I knew as soon as that dweeb, Anderson called, that the town would want a scoop. I even asked you to be the reporter thinking that maybe we could patch some things up.”

“Why would you want that?”

“Because. . . I missed you,” she sighed.


“What?” I surprised myself by asking what I was thinking. Did she just say she missed . . .me? Me. Of all the people, she missed me.

“I missed you. I thought that by returning here, I could actually see you again. We were friends once, remember? I thought maybe you’d like to hang out, and I knew this would probably be the only way to get you to after this shit I said to you after graduation.”

I didn’t know what to say. I mean, I missed her more than anything. Yet that hole deep in my heart still ached because of the shit she did to me. I finally sighed in frustration. “Look, can we just get with the interview?”

Screenshot-122  Screenshot-123

“I guess.” She moved to my favorite chair and sat down. Figures.

I sat in the chair that normally Coke sits with me when we talk (and sometimes argue) about my manuscripts. I took out a recorder from my pocket and placed it on the arm rest. “Is it okay if I record this?”

She shrugged.

And so the interview began. “Ms. Moss, You’ve been working on Web of Lies for almost three years, tell me what brought you to the role of Tanya?”


Riddle faked a smile. She couldn’t lie to me, I could see the hurt in her eyes. It hurt me knowing I put the pain there. “To tell you the truth, it was by pure luck. I was going to this art school in Hollywood, when a bunch of my friends and I dared each other to go on this walk-on audition for a new TV show. It was supposed to be for an extra spot, not one of the leading roles. I read some lines with the producers. Next day I get a call to come in and read some more. Three more interviews and line reads and I was offered the leading role.”

“When you read the first script, what were you expecting?”

“Truthfully, I didn’t even know what I was getting myself into. So, when I read the first script I was in awe by the writing. I’ve only read a few good novels.” She winked at me. “So, I was inspired by the writing first. I loved the character Tanya, and I wouldn’t have asked for a more perfect part.”


Screenshot-130“There’s mix reviews on the three studs this season, Avery, Peter, and Luke. If you were Tanya, who would you choose and why?”

“Now that’s a tough one. I love the characters, but I love the actors more. Avery Honor and I are really good friends behind the scenes, and so I would want to be with the character, Avery just to keep him as an actor around. However, if it was up to Tanya, Peter would be more suited for her. They both are heavily deceitful and they play each other as pawns. I’d like to see where that relationship could head.”

“And Luke?” I asked, thinking of poor Leonard Copper.

“Luke’s special, but I just don’t see the chemistry keeping with that relationship. Leonard is a great actor, don’t get me wrong, and he is one fine-hot man, but Luke’s not the one for Tanya. Plus, his character reminds me of a childhood friend, and sometimes its hard to push those memories back when working a scene.”


Luke reminded her of me, hell Luke was me! He was a reporter on the show. He loved Tanya more than anything, but he was also a lying son-of-a-birch that couldn’t keep his two lives separate no matter how hard he tried.

“Andrew Hart,” I started in on my next subject. It was more a personal thing I wanted to know about. She gave me a guilty smile. Crap. “Things between you two have been pretty steamy lately. Is there wedding bells in the future?”


“God no!” My heart swelled up with pride. Knowing that her Andrew Hart and her being together made my blood boil every time I saw a tabloid. “No, I know the papers claimed that the two of us are heading to Hidden Springs for a month long vacation to wed. In truth, we are, just not romantically. We are shooting a movie together there in a few weeks.”

“But you are together, right?”

“Nope. Just friends. We see each other a lot in town and the press have been claiming we are together, but really we aren’t.” I wanted to jump up and down on the chair like Tom Cruise that one time, but I held it all in and talked myself out of freaking out. Okay, stay calm, Kaliq. She and you can and will never happen. She’s an ice-cold bitch, remember that. Stop your pining and ask the next damn question. “So this movie, can you share a bit about it?”

“Well, it’s a romantic comedy about two long lost lovers finding each other on vacation – both married and with kids. But of course it’s not easy to stay away, or rekindle their old heated romance. Very cliché, I know, but the script is absolutely wonderfully written.”

“You talk about reading wonderful scripts with a sparkle in your eye. You have a passion for reading, is there any chance you might dab into writing your own script at some point?”

Riddle laughed a truly cheerful laugh, “Me, write? Are you kidding? No, I’ll leave that to the professionals.” She winked and we both started laughing hard. She must have heard me talking to her mom in the kitchen. I ended up having to pause my recording so I can get myself under control.


We were laughing so hard that Coke peeked in the door, “Is everything okay in here?”

Riddle and I laughed harder and Coke’s eyebrows narrowed together. “Okay, what the blazes is going on in this house? Everyone is laughing and. . . What aren’t you telling me?”

“You really should tell him, Isaac.”

“You think?”

“WAIT FOR ME!” Cried out Anya. Oh god, I couldn’t believe I was about to say this to Coke, but it was too damn funny.


“Well, uh, Coke, Anya and Riddle told me you were having a hard time writing.”

We waited and he arched a brow, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

We laughed more before I continued, “Well, from what we gathered is that the time has come for you to give up old man and leave the writing to the professionals.” I could see Anya stifling a giggle behind Coke, and I tried desperately to keep a straight face.

“Ha, ha, ha, very funny!” He said to all of us as we busted up in a fit of giggles. “When you get 105 books under your belt, then you can call yourself a professional, Isaac.”

“Or extremely old.”


He narrowed his eyes as we all continued to laugh. He marched out of the room and we laughed until we heard the door to his office slam. “Damn that was the best laugh I have ever had, Isaac.” Anya said.


“Now off to do damage control, otherwise Mr. Immortal will be grumpy, and since he has all the time in the world, his fits usually last longer than normal.”



“Don’t be, I needed that laugh. God, I just hope this isn’t like an every 100 year thing where he gets into a funk and has a mid-life crisis. Although, what do you call a mid-life crisis for a man that is immortal?”

Riddle and I both shrugged. Anya left and I turned my recorder back on, “Sorry bout that.”

“Don’t be, that was funny.”

“Casey must be rubbing off on me. Anyways, back to the interview. Tell me about the Save Riddle Foundation?”


“Oooh I am so glad you asked that, Isaac. No one ever thinks about asking it. Well, I started the foundation soon after getting my first giant paycheck from Web of Lies. As you know my sister and I were in a terrible accident during high school and she suffered a severe brain trauma which has left her with serious mental problems and memory problems. As her memories came back, they were really wrong and off. She refused to believe I was her sister, stating that Riddle died. I survived from the ordeal with only a broken arm. As time progressed she became even more unstable. Her stories were more vivid and eventually her husband Ben had to put her in a medical facility in Fort Sims, France just before she gave birth to her son, Beckett.”


“So why the name Save Riddle?”

“After hearing the story she continues to tell about her Riddle, I wanted to dedicate it to her. In Story’s mind, that was and will always be her sister. I thought it was more appropriate to name the Foundation after her rather than my sister. Story would want that. She would do anything for her Riddle to be alive.”

So the Foundation is really for?”

“Families and patients that suffer from the same type of injuries Story received. Some of the money also goes to research to better understand memory loss and mental problems caused by such damage to the brain.”

“And I see you’re sporting one of the many shirts to help out the Save Riddle Foundation, can you tell me something about them?”

“The shirts are our biggest money maker. We sell different types of Save Riddle shirts, this one being the most popular.”

“And where can you find these shirts?”

“On the web at, Saveriddle.com.”


I turned off the recorder and stood. “Thanks you, Ms. Moss. I’ll be getting out of your hair. Hope you have a wonderful vacation with your parents before you head to Hidden Springs.”

Riddle didn’t let go of my hand, “Isaac, thank you for doing this. I know this probably wasn’t what you wanted, but thanks. You’re the only reporter I trust these days.”


I tried to smile, but I couldn’t. I really just wanted to put the past between us, but how could I? Maybe she was right, maybe we could try and be friends. That would be a start, right? I sighed again, this was just too hard. I looked at her and gave somewhat of a smile, “Maybe we can go get a drink this week before you go. Casey, Rose and I meet at Merlotte’s for a beer once a week, maybe you could join us.”

She bit her lip, “Rose Jamison?”

“Yup, why?”

She looked at me like I was stupid, “Do you really have to ask that? I was a bitch to her in high school. I was a jealous heartbroken bitch and I really fucked with her.”

I smiled, “I knew it.”

“Shut up,” she said, playfully punching me. “I guess I’ll go. But if it’ll be a problem for you and Rose, I really don’t want to be a bother.”

“You’re not a bother, Riddle. Never a bother.” I kissed her cheek (and I still am trying to figure out why I did that.) “See you Monday, I’ll pick you up.”


Monday rolled right around and the article printed that morning. My boss was thrilled with the piece and loved the playful banter I added in there about her and her folks. I learned very early on that spinning some fiction into the article makes a better read. I didn’t necessarily make up the banter, or the playful story I made up as to why we were laughing so hard, but I made it plausible and kept Cocaine Chimeree far away from the story. I just hoped Coke and Riddle enjoyed it.

I picked up Riddle right after work. It may have been out of the way, but I didn’t want her to come alone. During the car ride Riddle and I talked more about her show. I was addicted just like everyone else. “Doesn’t it bother you though that your character has to lie about who she really is?”

“No, because I look at dad, and I know it’s a plausible case. It’s the only way to protect herself.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I hate living the lie I live. I feel bad for Tanya and Luke.


We parked at Merlotte’s and I found Casey drinking a soda and Rose with a Martini already in her hand. She waved at us and I directed Riddle to our usual table.

Riddle slid in the seat next to Case, where I slid in next to Rose. At first it was awkward, the only reprieve Riddle and I had was when the waiter came and took our order, or when fans asked for her autograph.

For the longest time we milked our drinks, until Casey spoke up. “So, am I the only one, or is everyone else wondering what’s going to happen after last weeks cliffhanger?”

All four of us laughed. Leave it up to Casey to bring in that type of icebreaker.


“No seriously! That entire last scene with Tanya and Peter – holy crap! I was screaming at my TV for five minutes after it ended.”

Riddle laughed, “That was a pretty intense scene, wasn’t it? What did you think of it, Isaac?”

Okay, so here’s the truth . . . I don’t really pay attention to Web of Lies the first time it airs. I tend to SimFlix it and watch it before the new season starts. By the time the ending came for the finale, I was trying to catch my breath from having an intense orgasm. “It was good.”

Casey snorted and blew his soda out of his nose. He knew what I did when I watched Web of Lies. Casey and I were roommates, well technically. I had been living with him for two years until two months ago when I moved back home to babysit my brother Charlie at night while ma and Scotty worked the night shifts at the hospital and firehouse. I hoped to be out of there in a few more weeks, but it was looking doubtful. Neither ma or Scotty could get their shifts changed, no matter how hard they’ve tried. So, I was stuck babysitting my baby brother Charlie every night. Thank god, he was asleep by the time I got there. Ma’s shift didn’t start till Midnight, and Scotty’s didn’t start till 1am. I dropped him off at pre-school around eight and Scott or ma picked him up after.

“What’s so funny?” Riddle asked.


“You asking him if he liked last weeks episode. He doesn’t even . . Hey what did you do that for?” He screamed after I kicked him under the table.

“You don’t watch my show?” Riddle asked me.

“No, I do. I just, er, uh, don’t really pay attention.”

Casey laughed harder, “Oh he pays attention, just not to the plot.” I kicked him again. “STOP IT, damn that hurts!”


“What Casey is trying to say,” Rose interrupted, “Is that Isaac doesn’t just watch the TV like a normal person. He’s sexually frustrated.” Rose said in a staged whisper, and I about died. I wanted to crawl under the table and just DIE! Why were my friends doing this to me . . . No, don’t answer, I know. Casey and Rose planned this, I could tell, and dammit, this wasn’t what I envisioned.

Riddle though started to die with laughter at seeing my face. “NO WAY!”

“Woman, do you even know what you do to this man every time your face hits the cover of TV Guide, or Sim People? Hell, you should see the magazine collection he has of you – granted I wouldn’t want to touch any of them. If you know what I mean.”


“CASEY! God, did someone spike your drink?” I yelled. What the fuck, man. Why was he telling this shit to Riddle? (Besides the obvious.)

I asked Rose in a whisper, “What did you give him?”

She whispered back, “He was like this when I got here. I think someone pulled a prank on Casey and got him doped up. I just hope he doesn’t pop a drug test at the precinct.”

Screenshot-175Great. “I’m sorry, Riddle, but I’m thinking I’m gonna have to get Case home.” I swore if my cheeks were any redder at this point, I’d be glowing. Riddle wouldn’t stop looking at me. When I stood, her eyes immediately went to the bulge in my pants that grew by the second.

She stood and smiled, “It’s been fun. Maybe we could get together and talk later this week. Get him home, clearly someone gave him something.”

“Yeah, and that really worries me.” I told her, “I swear if this kid gets written up one more time they’ll fire him. He’s a damn fine cop too. The best in town.”

I started to walk Casey out when Riddle notice he was about to fall. She helped me get him out of Merlotte’s. “He’s seriously fucked up.” Riddle said as she helped me toss him in the my car.

I looked over to her. “Would you mine driving his car back to the apartment?”

“Okay,” she said, taking the keys out of my hand.


Riddle parked next to me at the apartments and helped me get Casey (who was laughing, hard for no reason) into the house. He kept telling Riddle about my daily ritual with my magazines that she’s in as I walked him to his room. As soon as Casey was curled into his bed, I went out to check on Riddle. She was looking at one of the magazines on the coffee table.


“Sorry if Case made you uncomfortable.” I mumbled to Riddle. “He’s typically not like this.”

“Maybe you should call his boss and tell him what’s going on.” I nodded and pulled out my phone. His boss immediately asked me if Casey was acting funny and a bit strung out. He explained to me that Casey and several others were affected after raiding a RSGNM lab. I was told that Casey would be getting an extra week of paid leave till the crap left his system.


I drove Riddle home, after she reminded me she needed a ride back. “Sorry, again. For back there.” I nodded my head back to the apartment we were leaving.

“Don’t be. I should be apologizing to you or something.”

I shrugged, “It’s all true, embarrassing as hell, but true.” I could feel Riddle’s eyes moved down my body, stopping at the protruding bulge in my pants. I turned even redder. I hated that she had this affect on me, even if she always did.

I parked the car outside of her house and hung my head, “I’m really sorry, Riddle.” I said as she was about to climb out. I really was embarrassed that I couldn’t keep it down even for an evening around her.

“Don’t be embarrassed or sorry, Isaac. It’s perfectly normal. You should see some of the pages from my Delta Nine books, they kinda stick together.”

OH MY GOD! I cracked up, right there in the car. “Seriously? You do that while you read the book?”

It was now her turn to blush. “Well, I guess I’m off. Call me if you want to hang out sometime this week. I leave Saturday for Hidden Springs.”


“Will do.” I said and waited for her to close the door. I laughed the entire car ride home. By the time I walked into bed I was harder than I have been in my entire life. Images of Riddle and my book in her hand kept running through my mind. Damn, this was going to be one hell of a night.

Author’s Note: BIG THANK YOU goes out to my girl, Mads!!! YOU ARE AWESOME! Thanks for building me the Newspaper office. ❤ you, girl. Also Tristan Anderson and Leonard Copper are created by her. XD She made them for me. AND, Thank You Cait for sending me Avery. Avery Honor is from the Honor Through the Ages Collab Legacy and Let it Be by Toast!

Also, Mr. Anderson must be credited to my lovely husband’s simself XD Though I made him look like a nerd. Hahaha.

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When I'm not blogging, I'm often reading, writing, or playing video games. I am obsessed with Doctor Who, Supernatural, Fox's Lucifer, and ruining my Sims' lives.
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33 Responses to Kaliq Rain: Chapter 5

  1. hrootbeer says:

    I still don’t forgive Riddle…not yet…but I might…maybe.

    I really enjoyed reading about what all of them have been doing with their lives. I can’t believe that Jon doesn’t recognize Parker. I had to laugh that his bodyguard got annoyed when he was called a pirate.

    Kaliq is shaping up to be a fine young man. I still don’t think he should be pining after Riddle, but I guess you can’t help who you love. She doesn’t deserve him.

    Ok, so I really, really don’t forgive her. Sorry 😦

    • And it’s going to get worse to get better. She’s never gonna be good enough for him. He loves her though, and I think in the end they will be happy. I just hope you give her a chance in a few chapters.

  2. ruthmaybe says:

    “His boss immediately asked me if Casey was acting funny and a bit strung out. He explained to me that Casey and several others were affected after raiding a RSGNM lab. I was told that Casey would be getting an extra week of paid leave till the crap left his system.”
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! ROFL. There is no antidote! (but thanks for my er….c . o. k . e. 😉 )
    That was awesome. Have to go read it again!

    • No there really is no antidote. And how to break the addiction to RSGNM is really hard. I can’t do it! LoL. And you’re welcome for the Coke. He’s my secret love in the game, shhh.

  3. Rogue says:

    Wow. I have to say, when I saw the picture of Parker, I gasped like I was Hannah seeing him. It breaks my hear he cannot remember him enough to connect the dots. Hopefully he’ll bring him, and we can have a reunion.

    Also, Kaliq, give her a break! People change! It’s been five (four?) years! It’s like saying your the same person when you start fifth grade compared to when you start ninth grade! People change, and make mistakes. He’s being quite an asshole to someone who he’s so hung up on. Also, RSGNM lab.. laughed, then cried because it’s over. Le sigh. The ‘Save Riddle’ association was also great. Gives me an opportunity to add it in to a story. Also, LOVED the ‘Web of Lies’ gif.

    So, this comment started collected and became more and more random. Anyway, in summary: All in all, I hope Kaliq can let go of Riddle’s past and be with her,either as a friend or a lover. This chapter was well critter, and the staging was amazing.

    • He’s heart broken, so he’s trying to hurt Riddle just enough, to have her share some of the hurt he’s been feeling those years. He’ll forgive her, but it will be hard.

      Shhh, we don’t talk about RSGNM being over – I can’t cry again! Save Riddle is something I came up with after making the shirt. I can’t wait to see how other people use the foundation in their stories.

      That .gif was an achievement. My first one since college when I made a simple shark animations. So, I’m glad you liked it.


    er, sorry, just had to get that out. 🙂 I loved that Parker was Jon’s bodyguard! When I saw that, I slapped my hand right over my mouth to keep from shrieking! It was so awesome! Though I can’t believe he didn’t recognize him, but it has been a lot of years, I suppose.

    the part about Casey having been messed up by the RSGNM lab cracked me up. I was laughing hysterically in the back of the living room while the rest of the family looked at me like I was crazy. Actually, the whole time I was reading that bar scene where Casey and Rose were spilling the beans I was giggling like mad.

    Loved this! Loved loved loved! ❤

    • I love how everyone reacts to Parker when I put him in little teasers. Parker is slowly returning.

      It’s only fitting to have Cait’s simSon get drugged up on RSGNM. I love Casey so much. I don’t ever want to give him up. He’s my favorite secondary character so far. I plan on keeping him for a while. Plus, I love how he and Kaliq mesh together as friends. He’s definitely going to be sticking around.

  5. Carebear728 says:

    Hmmm I’m still kind of mad at Riddle, I want Parker to come back!

  6. alternativeredhead says:

    When I saw that picture of Parker, I literally started flailing at my computer.

    This chapter. All of the awards, man, all of the awards.

  7. StyxLady says:

    “…the greatest sin since the invention of Miracle Whip.” OMG YES. I hate Miracle Whip! xD That’s my son, all right.

    “Casey and several others were affected after raiding a RSGNM lab.” Hahahahaha. ❤

    I loved the interview and what you did with the Save Riddle foundation and everything. Poor Story. Oh and the TV flashing different images from the show was really cool!

    And wow, Parker is a body guard for his son! I wonder if he recognized Oni. Crazy.

    Good stuff, girl!

    • I ate Miracle Whip too. And I love how you love this Casey. Makes me happy that I am making Mama Bear proud of him. And you knew I was eventually going to use that acronym for a drug XD (Cause it is and it’s hard being sober. XD)

      You wrote her crazy first. I just took it and went with it. Plus, I just HAD to use that shirt. I didn’t know how I was going to, but I needed to use it somehow. Glad you liked the TV. It was so fun to do.

      Oh and did you notice the pictures all over the kitchen? XD That was my little thing for you. I actually cried seeing Seeley’s baby pictures in there and Kurik’s and Anya’s.

  8. So rather than repeated my self a million times – I will enlighten everyone about Oni in this comment.

    Oni was seven when Parker left and it’s been 20 years or so since that day. Oni was traumatized by his dad’s leaving. He then was taken from the only home he really knew and was told his name is no longer Oni and most likely his dad was dead. He’s now stuck with “James” and his mind wants to connect the dots, but I think he rather not know after all this time. He rather believe that “James” just looks like the man he always looked up to rather than believing that his father is right there and still alive.

    Anyways, hope you all enjoyed that little teaser of what’s to come.

  9. Dreamy Underwood says:

    I hurt from laughing also my brain hurts from too many RSGNM references. I forgive Riddle, They deserves each other.

  10. Llana P. says:

    Parker is coming back! *is really excited*

    “…were affected after raiding a RSGNM lab.” Y’know, ’cause it’s crack. You just had to put in the reference. it’s funny.

    “Seriously? You do that while you read the book?” Riddle, Riddle. Such a dirty girl ;P I hope she and Kaliq get back together.

    Also, saying that Coke should leave writing to professionals really cracked me up.

    I loved the chapter. It was great.
    Llana P., over and out

  11. catcrunchies says:

    dammit, woman, you’re making me blush ❤ I owed you a building anyway, seeing as you let me pilfer Travis' office ^^

    I think I might be forgiving Riddle! She's being cute and nice again, instead of bratty and bitchy ^^ Andandand Kaliq is so hot. AND PARKER!!! OMG PARKER!!! WHY HE NOT TELLING ONI?! *hyperventilates*

    Even after all this time, he is still one fiiiiiiiine man ❤

    • Actually you sent me the newspaper building before I sent you Travis’ office. So, I repaid you. XD

      Calm down woman!!! LoL. And I totally agree Parker is just as fine as the day I first played him. *fans self*

  12. kris1079 says:

    I’m glad I’m not the Miracle Whip hater out there! I used to think that outside of my immediate family, everyone loved MW! Anyway, this chapter was funny in so many ways…loved Casey on RSGNM and then him and Rose outing Kaliq and his outlet for his sexual frustration. Classic…and completely believable! I loved the natural friendship dynamic between Rose, Casey, and Kaliq…I have my ideas about Rose and Casey…but maybe I’m wrong. Just saying, they might be a cute pair. I loved all of the RSGNM references…gone but never forgotten! I have an idea for mentioning Save Riddle in my story…I’ve been hoping for a reason to use that shirt and I think I may just have come up with one and still in Gen 3. As for Riddle and Kaliq…well, I’m still not a big Riddle fan but Kaliq really loves her and I think she’s going to make us love her again. She was really horrible to him but it does seem she’s making an effort now. Maybe she’s grown up a little bit. I hope so. Oh…and Parker!! One step closer to finding his way home!! Wonderful writing, as always.

    • I refuse to touch the stuff, so no you are not the only hater!

      Glad you enjoyed Casey. I love when friends embarrass others. It’s what friends are for XD Casey and Kaliq are best friends in game as well as in my story and I wouldn’t change them. Even in game they are always laughing and smile. And Rose is always by Casey’s side – and you may be right about your ideas. 😉

      I can’t wait to see how you use the foundation. I wanted to create something for the shirt, but also use it as a remembrance for the real Riddle.

  13. Ffyddie says:

    Hi, I’m a new reader, I don’t think I commented last chapter. I loved David and Jake, and the plot with Travis and Parker, and just Parker overall, and PARKER I WANT YOU BACK ❤ *cough* I'm totally normal, no worries… Isaac/Kaliq is awesome, and this chapter was so funny! I've read the Chimeree legacy and RSGNM, and some of the Honors collab, so I know most of the characters. I can't wait to see if Parker will make a comeback, I hope he does!

    • WELCOME! Glad to meet new readers!!! And if you’re normal with that outburst, hate to think how un-normal I am wanting the same thing. I ❤ Parker as much as my readers.

      Glad some people catch references from other blogs – especially the Chimeree's. God I love the Chimeree Legacy. (And RSGNM is my crack – er was DX)

  14. dot823 says:

    ❤ I love this so much. I love how Parker's in it, but Kaliq has no idea, and I loved Riddle…I'm so glad that she's less of a bitch!! I really can't wait to read more!!!!! I love how you fit in the 'save Riddle' T-shirt so perfectly. When I saw her wearing it, I was like, 'now how's she gonna explain that?' and you did it SO well!! AAAH!! I'm excited, if you can't tell. I can't wait for the next chapter 😀

  15. Emy says:

    What’s Miracle Whip? o_0 Everyone is commenting on their hate for it and I have no idea what it is.

    I loved this chapter so much!! I’m sad I didn’t get around to reading it at all, but I’ve been kind of blah. Sorry. D:

    Parker! James!! James Boooond? 😀 (Mads pointed it out, not me. So I won’t take credit.) It’s sad Oni doesn’t recognise him, but I guess it would be hard to after all this time. I mean, emotionally.

    I loved the bit about the RSGNM warehouse and the Save Riddle foundation. I also loved hour ‘naughty’ this chapter was. Ahaha. ❤

    Great job, OPB! ❤

    • Miracle Whip = NASTY. It’s supposedly what replaces mayo for health nuts. But no – GROSS!!! It’s like the nastiest thing ever. Stay away from it!!!

      And hahahaha at least someone caught the “James Bond” reference. Good job Mads!!!

  16. Mythfreak says:

    I just spent the last few hours of my life reading this whole legacy so far, and I love it!! I usually don’t get emotional about legacy stories, but dang, this one made me cry , especially when David found out that Ella was cheating and left him and when Travis and Claire died and when Parker was.. well, pretty much everything Parker-related. He’s got to be my favorite heir so far. I was so happy when we found out he was still alive, but then it just makes me sad that Hana got married to someone else and had his baby.
    And I love Kaliq, but I think he deserves better than Riddle. I don’t think she treated him fairly at all, and now she thinks she can just come and win him back by being a little nice? Please, he can find much better!
    Anyways, I love this story, and I can’t wait for the newest chapter!

    • A few hours??? Wow you read fast. Well thanks for reading it XD Glad you’re enjoying it so far. I’ve had a roller-coaster of a ride with this story myself, so I totally understand those tears. And Parker is Parker – so no explanation on those feelings LoL. Parker is my favorite too. shhh, don’t tell the other sims on my game XD

      But what if I love Riddle and Kaliq??? LoL.

  17. I actually started crying when I saw Parker’s face. (HIS NEW NAME IS JAMES xDDD ) I just love him so much and I want him back right now! Every single time I look at him, I see the little boy who loved to go on adventures with his grandpa, and now he’s on a run for his life because of that asshole Fournier. Also, WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS HAND?!?! I DON’T REMEMBER THAT BEING APART OF HIS INJURIES!

    And I’ve just worked it out in my head! Scotty is the son of Rose Connor, the chick that I don’t like at all, and Rose was the mother of Parker, who is the father of Kaliq. That makes Scotty Kaliq’s half-uncle or something like that, and he’s marrying Kaliq’s mom, Hana…I know it’s not by blood but… ew…

    At least I’ve caught up now!

    I’m completely ready to forgive Riddle, especially because it broke my heart when she died in RSGNM. I don’t care if she was a bitch, because I can relate to her. I used to be a vicious little brat when people pissed me off, but I’ve grown a brain and I can see that she has too!

    Miracle Whip sucks ass. Just thought I’d throw that in there.

    Way to go, dude. I’m addicted. >:D

    • Thanks! I saw your pingback and laughed when I read that you were upset at David. Then a few hours later I get this comment. You read fast. LoL. Parker has been my favorite by far out of everyone I’ve written. And what did happen to his hand??? Hmmm, you’re gonna have to wait and find out 😀

      Yeah the dynamics of this family is getting too close to the ewe factor. Sorry. But it makes for some excellent drama XD

      Woo hoo someone doesn’t hate Riddle!!! Yes she has grown up, and high school drama is – high school drama. Everyone grows out of that stage.

      XD Glad I am not the only hater there. And thanks for reading. Hope you continue to enjoy my story.

  18. Okay I’m just getting caught up on Kaliq – I read all of Parker’s story a few months ago and fell slightly in love with him. lol
    I’m loving how Kaliq’s character is developing and that you don’t shy away from any aspects of a very human character. Also some of the the things you do with pictures (like the TVshow) is amazing to me. And I was surprised and flattered to see Merlotte’s too. I’m glad it’s Kaliq and his friends hang out, it’s wonderful to see it used, especially as my graphics card is acting wonky and I can’t play at the moment. Anyway, on with the reading, I really love the way you write! The twists in the plot and the very real feeling of the characters is wonderful.

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