Kaliq Rain: Chapter 4


Beep, beep, beep. The alarm started again. Five more minutes, I begged. It was too damn early. “Isaac!” Ma screamed from the door. “Time to get up, Senior!” She laughed.

I rolled off the bed and onto the floor. I didn’t want to get out of bed; I wanted to sleep in till noon. “It’s too damn early.” I moaned.

Ma laughed at me, “That’s what you get for going to bed at 3am every night for three months. Now, get up and get ready for school.”

“Fine.” I stood and grabbed some of my clothes from the floor before storming to the bathroom.


The summer had been interesting to say the least. I finished my manuscript of Delta Nine and the Escape and emailed it off to Coke. I have been waiting five whole weeks for a reply, and nothing. The only thing I looked forward to today was seeing him.


I headed out at the butt crack of dawn and climbed the empty bus. School for the first half was long and tedious. Interesting enough was that my schedule was almost completely the same from the previous year. My math and science classes were switched, but my English class was still after lunch with Mr. Moss. In the first few classes, I ticked off the time on the clock and slowly waited to see the one man I wanted to see.


Lunch finally came and I couldn’t be more excited. I just needed to get through the forty minute lunch and I would be solid.

Casey and the rest of my gang sat at the same table. I smiled as Rose strolled by and I grabbed her for a kiss. “Hey you, I haven’t seen you all day.”

“I know. It’s weird, huh?”

“Definitely.” I kissed her again.


Rose and I hadn’t spent a single day apart since the summer started. In all fairness none of my friends and I haven’t spent much time apart since prom. The few of us were constantly getting into mischief and mayhem around Neverglade over the summer. Casey was on his last week of probation since he pranked a series of houses. I helped in the majority of those pranks, but never got caught.


Rose and I headed to the table where we normally sat. Casey stood and stopped us,“So, did you hear?”I just looked at him with confusion. “Tell me you heard!”

“Heard what?”

“Oh god, Rose, please tell me you told him?”

She bit her lip and shook her head. “Will someone explain to me what’s up?” I asked. Plenty of people around me heard me and quickly busied themselves. “What the hell is going on Case?”

“Promise you won’t go crazy?” He asked, taking a few steps away. I didn’t say a thing. I was so confused I just wanted a straight answer. When I didn’t say anything, Casey continued, “There’s been a slight problem with France.”

France? Why would I care – Oh My God, Riddle! “W-what do you mean, problem?”

“Riddle and Story were in an accident.” Rose whispered.


My knees buckled and I sank to the floor. Riddle. My heart dropped and my head spun as I thought of all the things that could have happened to my Riddler. “Is. . . Is she. . . okay?” I asked through sobs.

“She’s okay.” Casey said. “From what I gather, it’s Story. She’s in a coma.”

Wait, what? Story’s in a coma? What the hell happened? How did Story get into a coma? And where the hell are these tears coming from? I couldn’t be crying because of Story, could I? I hated her. . . didn’t I? No. Deep down I knew I loved her like a sister, a pain-in-the-ass sister, but a sister.

“So, where are they?” I asked.

“They’re still in France. I’m sorry bud.”

“How’d you find out?” I asked him.

“My mom. She’s subbing for Mr. Moss until he gets back. I really am sorry, bud. I know how much you’ve been wanting to talk to him about your novel.”


I nodded. Damn. I really wanted to get this thing out and now I would be waiting. I couldn’t do this without Cocaine. He had contacts and he knew how to get published. I ran to the library at the school and jumped onto the computers. I needed to email him. I needed to make sure Riddle was okay.

Email 2 Coke

It took almost two weeks before I got a reply.

Email 4 Coke

* * * *


It took nearly three months before the Moss family returned. I remember walking into school and seeing Riddle walking the halls. My chest warmed up at the sight of her. I didn’t really realize how much I missed her until this moment. “Riddle!” I called out and chased her down the hall.

She turned to face me before turning around and walking away.


“Riddle, wait!” I yelled, and grabbed her shoulder to turn her around. “Please, I just wanted to see how you were holding up? How’s Story?”

“Like you care?”

“I do care,” I said, and was surprised that it was true. “Please, I’m concerned. I just want to know how she is.”


“She’s awake and at home. She doesn’t remember anything. She can’t talk much and her motor skills are lacking. She’s a shell of her former self.”

“I’m sorry.” I said, wiping a tear from Riddle’s eye. “I really am sorry, Riddler.”

“Thanks, I have to get to class.” She turned and stalked away. I felt the pain come back and knew that no matter what had happened, nothing had changed in Riddle’s eyes. It wouldn’t change for the rest of the year either.


Coke had taken an early retirement after Story woke up. I managed to visit once at the Mosses, but was quickly turned away by him. He promised we’d talk though, and we eventually did.

Coke met me every Tuesday after school at the cafe where we talked about my manuscript. He would critique my work and make me fix what needed fixing. “Its a strong piece of work, Isaac. You just need to work on some stuff.”


“Like, where’s the love interest, or the damsel in distress? Every hero needs one, especially spies. Give him something to fight for, and ‘to save the world’ isn’t enough. He needs something worth fighting for, and love is a great solution.”


I went home with that contemplation. Love? I didn’t know the first thing about writing love. I searched my bookcase on any romantic novels. How was I supposed to give Delta Nine a love interest?

I was so confused. I sat down next to my ma and baby brother, Charlie. “What’s up, Isaac?” She asked.

“Coke thinks I need a love interest for Delta Nine. I have no clue how to write a love scene.” Ma looked as if she was going to pass out. “You, okay?”

“I’m fine. Why does Coke want you to write a love interest in?” Her cheeks flushed with color and I felt safe to tell her what he told me. “Well, that makes sense.”

“I don’t even know where to begin?”

“A name would be a start.”

“And what should I name her?”

“Sarah,” she joked.


“Ma, I am not going to name her after you. That’s just ewe. That’s like writing a love scene of my parents, and I so don’t want to go there! Ewe!” I gave an exaggerated shiver while ma laughed at me.


Before I could come up with a solution to my problem with Delta Nine, my phone rang. Jen. “Hey, sis. What’s up?”

“I need a babysitter!” She screamed over the screaming of her toddler. My sister and Joe ended up having a baby about fifteen months ago, I didn’t even know she was pregnant – ma did.

“Why do you need a babysitter?”Screenshot-149

“Dani is driving me INSANE!” I laughed. “It’s not funny, Isaac! Joe’s on a double shift, the house is in total disarray, Dani won’t stop screaming, and I am on my last fucking nerve! Please.”

“Okay, I’ll be right over.”

“Thank you.” She sighed in relief. “I promise, I won’t be gone long. I just want to go to the spa, and maybe the bookstore.”

“No problem, sis.”

“NO, CASEY!” She said just before hanging up. Last time Casey and I were there babysitting we lost my niece for two hours. Jen blamed Casey, when it was me who left the door open.

“Babysitting, Dani?” Ma asked after I put my phone in my pocket. “Don’t keep the door open.”

“I won’t.” I grumbled. Ma knew the real culprit to Dani’s missing act.


Dani was the coolest kid I have ever held. She doesn’t do much even at eighteen months. She poops, drools, and plays. She barely talks and calls me Eye-Eye. Jen thinks it’s funny and reminds her of dad. The more time goes on, the more ma and my sister open up about the man.

While my sister was away, I played with my niece and gave her extra kisses. I loved her more than I ever thought possible. Looking at Dani always makes me think of Riddle. I know I am barely 17 but I want a family. Rose and I talk about family a lot, but we both still agree that we’re no more than friends. Though, she has offered to be “friends with benefits,” and strongly declined.

Looking at Dani makes me wonder if I will ever fall in love with a woman and have one (or several) of my own. What would it be like to have a whole family, one where there’s a loving mother and a father? Two parents, thats what I want my children to have. Dani’s lucky to have both her parents, even if her mama needs a break from time to time.


A knock at the door brought me from my thoughts. I put little Dani down and answered the door. Outside stood. . . “Holy crap!” We both said at the same time. “Katie?”

“No fucking way! Kaliq?”

“It’s Isaac now.”

“Right, sorry.” She whispered. “And it’s Leslie. I told those SIA crap-bags to go screw themselves after I went to college. So how have you been kid?”

“Good, kinda, sorta. It’s a mess. What are you doing here?”

“Jahi said I could crash a bit. She’s not expecting me till next week, but I said fuck it, I needed a change of scenery. How’s your mom?”

Fine, just had a baby.”

Her eyes went wide, “No fucking way! And you’re. . .” She wanted to say dad, but I saw in her eyes the anger and bitterness. She couldn’t even say dad.

“No word. Ma remarried this guy, Scott Conner. Cool guy.” Okay that was a lie. Scott was not a cool guy. I still hated his guts and the two of us butt heads on a daily basis.


Leslie and I stood there in a very uncomfortable silence. I invited her inside. The two of us talked while Dani played. I learned that she was a drifter, moving from town to town. She told me she stayed with family in Riverview for the last two years. Her Aunt Alice was fighting cancer, and so she helped her and the family out till she passed. “I went to Hollywood after, to look for my uncle Jake. The asshole told me to get lost. I told him that I was Travis’ daughter, and he still told me to get the fuck out. I ended up having to flee their when he got the cops involved, saying I was stalking him.”

“Who’s Travis?” I asked.

“Fuck me, they didn’t say anything, did they? Stupid fucks. My dad, your grandpa.”

Before I could ask more, the door open and I heard a scream before seeing my sister and Leslie went for that crazy girly hug. The two hugged and started to talk, again. I decided to leave, I’d come back for answers now that I knew one person who was willing to give me answers.

* * * *


Graduation was now two weeks away. Ma was going apeshit that I was in the running for valedictorian. Only one person stood in my way, Riddle. God, how I hated her having one more A than me. Of course it was her fault that I had those.

Now, I had just two weeks to do the best to my ability. My friends helped me study at school and home. The three of us were always sitting at my table in the kitchen. Ma made sure there were plenty of snacks available to us. She kept the house quiet by taking Charlie out to Jen’s for a play-date.

Screenshot-105 Screenshot-94Screenshot-96

“Okay, we’ve gone over science, math, and history, now we just need -”

“English.” I finished Rose’s sentence with a groan. It wasn’t like I didn’t know English. Hell, it was my favorite subject. The only problem was, I just didn’t care to study for it.

“Finals are in three days, Isaac.”

“I know.”

“We’ve studied everything, but English. And I know you don’t care, but I need to study it! I hate Mrs. Styx class.” She looked at Casey, “Sorry.”

“No problem. She’s a pain in my ass, too.”

“That’s because you can’t go sneak off during break to do something stupid anymore,” River pointed out. “And why the hell you tried to sneak past her with three cherry bombs is beyond my comprehension.”

“That was pretty stupid, Case.” I pointed out.

“I needed to get the into the teachers bathroom somehow. Not my fault she happen to be there as I was walking into the mens room.” He pouted, “I miss Mr. Moss. He always turned a blind eye when I pulled pranks.”

“No he didn’t!” Rose and I shouted. “He’s the reason you were stuck in detention the majority of the time.” I continued.

“Oh right, maybe it was Mr. Conner.”


“That’d sound like my brother.” Scott said, picking up a snack from our table. “You guys still studying?” We nodded. “Great. Isaac, if your mom comes back home, tell her I went to visit my mom.”

I nodded, but kept quiet. Earlier that afternoon we had gotten in a major fight about him wanting to move his mom into the house. I love “Aunt” Rose (we both agreed that “Aunt” was a better term for her), but I really didn’t want to have to shack up with a two year old! In the end both ma and Scott decided to wait and see how Rose feels about it before doing anything drastic. I just hope that Rose says no.

Scotty left us alone and the five of us found ourselves quizzing each other on our notes from English class.

* * * *


Finals went fast enough, and soon it was graduation. Ma fussed over me all day while I put on my cap and gown. “I can’t believe my little boy is a man,” she cried.

“Ma, you have Charlie.”

She nodded and sobbed.

“Ma, it’s okay. It’s not like I’m moving out. It’s just high school graduation.”

“I know. I just am so proud of you, Kaliq. Your dad would have been proud.”

“I know.” I swallowed hard as the lump in my throat grew. “Maybe he’ll find my book when it gets published.”

“I’m sure he will.” She mumbled, and I think she didn’t mean to say that out loud. “He loves to read books, especially spy thrillers.”


We headed out of the house quickly after I got dress and headed towards city hall. Inside We sat around and gathered. I sat with my fellow classmates, and watched as Casey was reprimanded again by the principal before taking his seat next to me. “What was that about?”

“The bitch confiscated my last cherry bomb.”

I laughed alongside Rose. Only Casey would bring a cherry bomb to graduation. The moment arrived when they called out the Class Valedictorian. “Mr. Isaac Britt,” the principal calmly stated in his speech and introduced me. He told them about my accomplishments in school. Prom King, Head Editor of the school paper, President of the yearbook, and he mentioned my manuscript that was gearing for a fall release. The parents and my fellow classmates applauded my work as I headed up to the platform to give my speech.


“Greetings. My fellow classmates – we did it. We made it through the hell that is Never-ever-glade High, and are now graduating. For some it’s a relief to make it this far – Casey.” I allowed my classmates to laugh. “For others this is just the beginning – Rose.” More laughter. “For me, it’s neither. High school wasn’t the greatest place on earth, but it wasn’t bad either. I have loved, been heartbroken, and have gained the greatest friends that will last me a lifetime. I have done everything I have ever wanted to achieve in school. Many of my friends will tell you I did much more than that. I have surpassed my dreams and am living the life I have always wanted for myself.

“A good man once said, ‘Be true to who you are inside, and not who you think others want you to be.’ I want you to go out there, and be who you truly are. High school, there’s too much pressure to be someone you’re not. Now, it’s the time for you, for all of us, to go out there and truly be who we are. No more lies, no more deceit, no more secrets. Live your life the way you want to live. You only get one shot, this is it. Go out and be you, for you. Thank you.”


The place erupted in applause and I took my seat between Rose and Casey. I looked back and saw Coke standing in the back row, he nodded and winked. He got the reference. I found that quote in one of his books and knew I had to use it. My whole life was made up of lies, and I hated it. Maybe, just maybe my speech would help someone crawl out their shell a bit and live a life that I could only dream about. Maybe someday, that person could be me.


Before getting our diploma’s Mr. Moss walked up and gave a small speech of his own before handing out awards, “Its amazing to see talented young, bright students to move forth. I have had the privilege to work with many of these students here. In the last few years I have had fond memories, and some not so fond memories of those that sit before me. Of course we can never forget the first time Mr. Styx flooded the school, or when Mr. Britt and Ms. Riddle Moss did even more mayhem by setting off the school sprinkler system.”

Everyone laughed.

“Or how bout the time when Mr. Corrado made the winning touchdown at our first ever state championship game?” A great cheer ensued and the football team all stood up and took a bow, which got a big laugh. “Let us not forget the times that have been shared and set aside the heartache we all know and watched happen. Let us remember the good and only the good. Now, for the Best in Show.


“We’ll start with Class clown,” Coke opened an envelope and chuckled, “How did I know? Casey Styx.” The school cheered and he mocked the football team’s bow, which got a few laughs. “Casey, just promise me no more mayhem?”

“Can’t promise you that Mr. M – Mayhem is my middle name.” More laughter. “But I will be going away for college, you’ll get a break from me in a few weeks.”

Mr. Moss gave the awards for “Most Likely to Become President” (the Class President, I didn’t know him), “Most likely to succeed” (I won), “Most likely to get arrested” (Casey won again). “Biggest Flirt” (Willow), and “Most Influential Person” went to Riddle.


Graduation ended after we all went ceremoniously to get our diplomas. Ma wanted pictures of all my friends and I afterwards so we stayed out in the courtyard while all the parents took pictures of all of us.


I saw Riddle walk out, followed by Story who was being pushed by Ben in her wheelchair. I excused my friends and walked up to Story, who I hadn’t seen in a year. “Hey,” I waved.

“What do you want Potter-breath?” Story asked.

“I just came to see how my favorite Elinthas is,” I answered with an award winning smile. “How are you?”

Screenshot-120“Okay. Have you met my . . . Who are you again?” She asked Riddle and I looked confused.

“Just a friend, Story.” Riddle said without emotion, but I could see her eyes water.

“Oh right. I wish my sister had been here.” She whispered to me. “I miss her so much.”

I nodded, understanding that this was part of Story’s injuries. I knelt down and whispered to her, “I miss her too, Story. She was an amazing woman.”

Story smiled and nodded.


After, Riddle took me aside, “Thanks for that.”

“What happened? Why does she think you’re dead?”

“It’s what she remembers. We tried telling her, but she freaks out and calls us all liars. Ben’s moving her when he gets a station after boot camp. He’s hoping Fort Sims, they have a good medical center there that can help her. Mom and dad are letting them get married so he can get her the help she needs.”

“And you?”

“I’m going to go to school. I’m not sure what I’ll do, but I want to do something to help my sister. Her brain basically rewrote her memories after the accident. She’s not all there. When she talks to me, she really isn’t talking to me, but more like the Ghost of Riddle. That’s what dad calls her imaginary friend at least.” Riddle shrugged and I felt a little flush of color burning my cheeks. I once referred to Riddle like that.

“I’m sorry, Riddle. Is there anything -”

She shook her head, “Everything is fine. I don’t need your sympathies or your help. I’ll eventually move on from Story’s story, and I’ll make something of myself. It’s all I have going. Anyways, I gotta go. Keep up the writing, okay.”

“I will. I’ll see you around.” And like that Riddle left my life.

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  1. StyxLady says:

    “I’ll eventually move on from Story’s story, and I’ll make something of myself.” Awww I got shivers! I love the way you’re manipulating things so that Riddle’s still alive, but Story thinks she’s dead, and yet still talks to her. Creepy/cool.

    I loved the graduation ceremony–and the fact that even in the gown, Coke was wearing a rainbow shirt. XD Casey cracks me up. I hope he doesn’t ever actually give me that much hell, but I won’t be surprised if he does…lol.

    Can’t wait to see what comes next!

    • Well I had to bring in RSGNM story somehow, and since YOU KILLED RIDDLE! I needed another alternative with the story. I thought, well she does go crazy, and has mental issues ANYWAY I might as well blame it all on the collapse XD

      Well, Coke has to have rainbows on him, it’s only fitting XD – and Casey is by far my favorite secondary character outside the family. I know his traits are – Loves the Outdoors, Good Sense of Humor, Rebellious, Athletic, and I can’t remember the other one – sorry. And I would laugh if he winds up like the Casey in my story. LoL. He’s a cutie now though, so cherish the moments XD

      I have the next 3 chapters written, so you’ll see them soon.

  2. I love the interesting way you made Riddle live but still in par with Cait’s story.

    I love this update and I’d comment more but my stomach is in so much pain I feel like it is going to explode and I am going to die. 😥

    • Thanks. I wanted a way to keep to Cait’s story, but obviously I wanted RIDDLE TO LIVE!

      Why is everyone getting sick! How many in our group have gotten sick these last few weeks? Its like an internet epidemic or something, geesh. You, my dear, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! I love you, and I don’t want to see you get any sicker. Tell your sister to make you some soup XD

  3. Dreamy Underwood says:

    This has just made Doctor Who SO much better.

  4. Oh wow! That was completely awesome. Just like the others, I love the way you are working with the Moss story. I feel bad for him, having to wait on the story, but we know he will get published. 😀 😀

    But…is Riddle really gone? 😦 I thought they were going to have a happily ever after?

    I Love Kaliq!

  5. kris1079 says:

    Okay…I decided I couldn’t wait to read this until I got home. Loved it!! I really like how you kept part of Riddle and Story’s story true to RSGNM, yet from here on Riddle’s story is up to you…she really is ready to “move on from Story’s story.” I loved seeing some familiar faces…and it sounds like Leslie’s going to let the cat out of the bag! Can’t wait to see how that plays out. Also, what’s this about Rose moving in…that should be interesting! Fantastic, as always…by the way, do you play with your graphics settings on high? Also, do you do much editing in Photoshop? I always marvel at how crisp and clear your photos are. Any pointers? I do some tweaking in PS, but mine never look this clear.

    • LoL Kris, well I am glad you read it – even if it was at work. HA. Well, when I asked Cait if I could resurrect her, I knew I wanted to keep RSGNM history somehow intact. I also wanted to give Riddle a better life than what Cait did, cause Riddle was my favorite spare.

      Leslie won’t talk about Parker, because of her hatred toward her brother. She blames him for her parents death. She will talk about Travis and Claire as much as possible.

      I’m still debating on moving Rose in cause I really don’t want her to die before chapter 6.

      Graphics are set as High on almost everything. Distance building is at 2 though. I don’t edit in photoshop unless needed, I use Picasa by Google to sharpen all the images with “I Feel Lucky” and then I use the Tuning eye drop on any white I can find to fix the color and use Fill LIght and Highlights to brighten the really dark pictures. Also night pictures if they look horrid with “I Feel Lucky” I take it off those pics and use Fill Light and Highlights until I find the perfect amount of light to see the pic.

      • kris1079 says:

        Thanks for the tips on the pictures. I’ve never worked with Picasa, but it might be worth looking into! I may have to try high settings again…my computer seems to lag just as bad on lower settings as high anyway.

  6. dot823 says:

    Omg. That was really good. I really can’t believe what happened with story…It’s kinda weird. I mean…Oh my Gosh. It’s SO weird that she doesn’t even realize that Riddle is there…My gosh. It’s SO…my lord. I’m so sad for Story. I’m kinda speechless. I mean, wow…I really really loved that chapter. I love how Kaliq was nice to Story, and I love that Riddle is starting to break. And I really love that thing about Story’s story…and how Riddle’s gonna make her own story. Oh lord. This was great. Poor Ben, though…I mean, That must REALLY suck.

    Just…wow. I want more. Your ninja skills of explanation are absolutely amazing.

    • If you read RSGNM you shouldn’t be tooo shocked about what happen to her. I just put a spin on her version of events XD As for Ben he has a great future ahead of him. You just have to read RSGNM to find out all about it 😀

      Thanks, more to come soon. . . .

  7. catcrunchies says:


    I love how you flipped Story’s problem on it’s head like that! Poor Riddle though… I SUPPOSE I can forgive her for crushing my poor little Kal. With his sexy little beard.

    LESLIE! OMG, she’s hot now! (had to add that ^^; )

  8. Emy says:

    Like everyone else, I loved the changes you made to Cait’s story!! So clever!! :O

    So sad about Riddle… I wonder if she’ll be coming back at all. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I mean, at least she’s alive and well now, huh? 🙂

    Rose is so cute. I still wonder if one or the other of them will fall in love with the other (that sentence made no sense, but you know what I mean. XD)

    I love all the advice Coke is giving to him about his manuscript. It’s really adorable. Had to laugh when Hana suggested naming the love interest after herself, though!!

    And LESLIE!!! Mads is right, she’s looking good. 😉 I can’t wait to see how much she spills to Kaliq, if anything. Dani is ADORABLE too. Go Jahi!

    ALSO, congrats on 40 000 hits, OPB!!! ❤ ❤

    • THANKS! I feel clever. It took me a while to figure out how I was gonna pull it off, but I did.

      Riddle’s future is a *mystery* as is Rose’s.

      When I first started to plan out Kaliq’s story I knew I wanted Cocaine to be his “goto guy” for help. Coke’s already been there, done that. Now, he’s found a little prodigy and Kaliq will soak in all his knowledge. And Hana would have to suggest herself, she still misses her Delta Nine – might as well read about her and him XD

      You and Mads can fight over Leslie, and the winner gets her and I’ll send such file to you HAHAHAHA. Dani was a COMPLETE SURPRISE! I didn’t even know Jahi had a kid.

      WOO HOO! And Holy CRAP that’s amazing! Thanks Emy!!!

  9. I have been waiting all day to get home from work to read this and it does not disappoint! I love the twist you gave to Riddle/Story to keep the heart of Cait’s plot alive.
    And daymn Kaliq is freaking HOT.

  10. desmera says:

    Loved it of course! I feel really bad for Riddle now. I hate what she did to Kal and she’s acted like such a bitch lately that I really was angry at her, but nobody deserves what she’s going through with her sister now. 😦
    I can’t wait to see what Kal will get up to now that he’s a YA! Can’t wait for more!

    • Thanks Desmera. And wow, you’ve never commented? That’s wild. LoL. I know you and Ringo read this together all the time, so it just surprised me.

      Riddle doesn’t deserve what she’s going through – but at least she survived the collapse XD (Though I would never ever have done that to Riddle for the second time.)

      Shouldn’t have to wait wrong. I’m just about ready for the next chapter.

  11. hrootbeer says:

    I have to say that I just loved seeing Leslie. She’s great. I like it that she said, “Fuck it” to all the secret service stuff. Same old Les. I do find it odd that Jake wouldn’t let her in…wonder what he’s hiding…could it be…?

    I’m glad that Riddle and Kaliq are speaking again, but I still don’t think she deserves him. I am sorry for her loss and what happened to Story, but she hasn’t redeemed herself to me. He needs someone who wouldn’t turn her back on him, which she totally did.

    • Leslie wouldn’t change, we all know that. She’s so much like her father it’s not even funny. . . HAHAHA. And I don’t know what your getting at, but Jake’s secret will be revealed in Chapter 8.

      Uhhhh, I cant comment without giving too much away.

  12. ruthmaybe says:

    “I do find it odd that Jake wouldn’t let her in…wonder what he’s hiding…could it be…?” oooh, I thought that was odd too (and I loved Leslie’s whole speach) and I didn’t even think of that…hmmmmm!????!!!
    I loved the graduation, once again showing us brilliantly what EA hides in a GD rabbithole.
    And Kaliq and Sara…”name the love interest Sarah”, I could hear her, maybe a tiny lump in her throat, full of rememberance, and her son too caught up in the “ewww” factor to notice.
    The ending really got me..not sure why. It seemed so final I guess, for Story’s story (love what you did there)…and Riddle. Can’t wait to see where the young author goes from here!

    • Jake’s secret will be revealed soon. (Once I figure out what it is) LoL.

      I love staging – sometimes. I hate making the sets, but I think that it needs to be shown. I’ve been doing it since Travis’ generation, and I will keep on doing it. So I am glad you are enjoying my “opening of the rabbit holes”

      Yeah, she misses him even if she’s married to Scott. She will always love Parker, and miss Parker.

  13. Rainie92 says:

    I loved it. It was sad and happy that is what heart writing is about 😀

  14. ntehsims says:

    This chapter is amazing! But i can’t be happy until David and Ella get a happy ending…

    • I IS CONFUSED?!? Do you mean Kaliq and Riddle? Cause David and Ella are dead. David died beginning of Generation 3. Parker’s prologue. And Ella’s a bitch anyway.

      • ntehsims says:

        SORRY!!! wow I’m so sorry, I get confused SO EASILY! Yes, I meant Kaliq and Riddle, and “bitch” is an understatement. Why are all the girls in your story so… well, ya know.

  15. Liza says:

    Wait…so Hana married her ex-husband’s halfbrother so Scotty is like Kaliq’s half-uncle? Weird.

  16. Tinger says:

    Can I comment on this chapter posted months ago? Of coarse! Riddle is pretty, she and Kaliq will make wonderful babies(or not). Alice is dead? 😦 Sadness. Did you kill her?

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