Kaliq Rain: Prologue

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“God! I really hope he likes it Riddler. I can’t get another C in his class!” I complained to my girlfriend.

“Let me see, Isaac.” She grabbed the book out of my hand. She turned to the front page where my only “baby” picture was and grinned. “Awww, don’t you look so cute!” she squealed and teased.

“Dammit, Riddler! Give it back.” I yelled as I tried to take the notebook away.

“Chill, Isaac. You wanna good grade, right?” I nodded. “Then let me look through it. Besides, I know exactly how he grades these things.”

I gave in knowing she was right. If anyone knew how Mr. Moss graded the biggest report of the year, it would be his daughter. “Fine, but no teasing. I mean it Riddler!”

She laughed and turned the page where my life story began.


(Katie, Jenny, Jonny, and Isaac)

I don’t know what you would consider my family. Are we normal? Hardly. But is any family truly normal? I doubt it. My past doesn’t start as far back as most. I don’t know anything about my life beyond Neverglade. At the age of twenty-months my mom packed our stuff and moved my sisters, my brother, and I to this “paradise”.

Where’s dad? Well, that’s an answer I really don’t know.


My oldest sister, Katie and I don’t really have a relationship beyond the fact that I know she was the one that taught me how to walk. When we moved to Neverglade my sister was sixteen years older than me, and in her senior year at Neverglade High.

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She graduated and decided that she was going to move away. My ma told me that Katie needed to get away from Neverglade and away from us. When I asked why, she told me that Katie needed a fresh start in her life. After looking through my photos, and realizing that the only picture I have of Katie smiling, is the one from her graduation, I knew that ma was right.

Katie headed off to college and to this day, I am not sure exactly where she is. I do hope that where ever she may be, that her life holds more happiness than when she was here with us.

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My toddler years are the few years that I really can’t recall. My sister, Jenny, had started high school just shortly after Katie took off. As they years went on, my family did what any normal family did – we lived.

Ma told me I was one of those type of toddlers that obsessed over everything I could get my hands on. She had to tear me away at night from my stuffed bear, King Tut. The bear once belonged to my father, and is considered one of my most prized possessions.

If I wasn’t obsessing with my bear, I was obsessing with books. Ma told me that I would force her or anyone else in the room to read to me. That’s where the obsession for my favorite author started.

My favorite book: “Where’s the Magic Gnome” by Cocaine Chimeree. I actually destroyed the book I read it so many times.

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By the time I was six, my sister was getting ready to graduate high school with her high school sweetheart, Joey Martini. Joey’s the nicest guy in the world. I remember him always coming over and helping my sister babysit my brother, Jonny and I. He loved hanging out with us kids. In fact he even taught us how to break dance!


Joey proposed to my sister six months after he returned home from firefighting training. He was hired at the local fire station. My mom was so thrilled she started to plan the wedding immediately. My sister couldn’t be happier.

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The two were married within the year of their engagement. Jenny moved in with him downtown in a small little two bedroom rental.


With the wedding over, that left my brother and I. Jonny’s five years older than me and it shows. We aren’t close, not by a long shot. Jonny and I are totally different, which makes us want to kill each other on most days.


I remember how our rivalry started. Jonny dared me to climb the tallest tree. I didn’t get far when my ma yelled at me to get down. Jonny ran off and laughed at me. I hated getting into trouble, and when I sat down on the tree branch, I pouted. Ma yelled at me again to get down. I told her that I was just having fun. She didn’t care. “It’s too dangerous!” She shouted.

I spent the entire day in the house after that thanks to my brother.


When he wasn’t being a jerk, Jonny was pretty cool to play with. That is if you don’t tick him off. We both loved the small sand box out in our back yard. Jonny always showed me up when it came to building castles. I was young though and didn’t care. That was until I started to get a bit more creative. He hated that I was “better” and destroyed my castle. We fought that day, and were both restricted from playing in the sand box for a week.


For the longest time my brother and I shared a room. Since I was still so young (seven), I still had ma read me a bedtime story. The last time I slept in the same room with my brother ended in a huge fight. Ma was reading me a “Jack Hart” Mystery book by Cocaine Chimeree when my brother scoffed and teased me.

“I can’t believe you still have mom read you bedtime stories, Isaac.” He laughed. “What are you, a baby!”

I fought back by telling him to “shut the hell up!”

Ma silenced us both and the next day, I was given Jenny’s old room.


It wasn’t until I was eight years old that my life turned upside down. It was the year that my miserable existence changed for the better.

It was the year I met my best friend, Riddle Moss and her amazing family!


Although our first meeting wasn’t all that great. I was sitting on the playground, minding my own business when a girl walked up to me.

School for me has always been hard. I was an outcast from day one. So, for someone to just come up to me, I was a bit cautious. And I had a right to be. The girl pushed me to the ground. “Stop staring!” She yelled.

I wasn’t staring before, but now I was. I got up and shoved her back. That’s when I heard the squeak of the voice. “Knock it off Story, he’s not doing anything.”

Fine.” She said to her sister before glaring back at me. “Stay away from me Potterhead!”

Potterhead? I knew that was a reference to Harry Potter, but I really didn’t think I looked like the guy. I didn’t like being teased, not only was it cruel, but there wasn’t any purpose. So I fought back by calling the girl, “Swamp Thing.”

“Ya know, Isaac, you might want to cut that out.” She pointed to Story’s nickname I dubbed her when I was seven. “Dad is gonna kill you if he reads that.”

I shrugged. “She called me Potterhead.” I defended. “Plus it was years ago. It’s not like I still call her that.” I winked. I actually did, but only if she referred me as Harry Potter.

The other girl giggled and I wasn’t sure if she was laughing at me or at her friend. “And who are you?” I asked her.

“Riddle.” She said as she stuck her hand out.

“As in the Riddler?” I joked. “Ah, Riddle me this, riddle me that, you both are two big brats!” I yelled and ran off. It was cruel, but it was all I could do from not showing my true emotions.


Unlike her sister, Story, Riddle didn’t take offense to the joke. She and I became close friends at school after that day. She tried to apologize about her sister’s behavior, telling me that Story doesn’t like it when people stare at the two of them. She also doesn’t like it when someone gets too close to her sister, as I found out later.


For a while Riddle came to my house after school. It was great. . . Or it was for a while. One day, Riddle brought over these awesome pirate costumes to play in. We were chasing each other, taking turns playing the pirate and the Royal Guard. I remember tagging her and going, “Walk de plank ya scallywag!”


In one single instant I was pushed and turned around by my brother. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING!” he yelled.

“Playin’ arrrggg.” I joked.

“Take off that damn costume, and if I EVER see you in it again, I’ll kill you!”

“NO!” I fought back.


I still don’t know how or why it started, but our sibling rivalry went from bad to worse. We kicked, punched and beat each other down. I didn’t hear Riddle run into the house, and I certainly didn’t realize she went and got my ma. Ma was pissed though when she finally tore us apart. She sent Riddle home and the two of us into time out.

Screenshot-96   Screenshot-100

All I remember was crying while I stood there for a good hour. I tried asking why Jonny reacted the way he did, but he kept silent as he wallowed in his own anger.


It wasn’t until later that night, did I learn why my brother got angry with me. I waited till ma came in to read me. I stopped her mid-sentence and asked her the question that had been on my mind all day. “Ma, why was Jonny upset about my pirate costume?”

She gave me a smile, “Because, it’s what Jonny use to play with dad. It probably brought back those memories and he took out his anger on you.”

I only nodded. For the first time in my life, my ma mentioned my dad. I wanted to ask more, but ma started to read again and I couldn’t help but drift off to sleep.


Instead of hanging around my no-good evil brother, I decided to hang out at Riddle’s instead. Her place was the coolest place ever! The Mosses welcomed me into their home with open arms. Riddle and I did everything together there, including beating her dad at every multiplayer game they owned.

“Yeah, only cause he let us.” Riddle laughed.

I shrugged. “But you have got to admit, it was fun doing so. Keep reading we don’t got much time during break and it’s due next class!”


As the years went by I found myself spending more time at the Mosses and less at my own place. In fact, I ate dinner with the Mosses almost every night. Ma wasn’t a bad cook at home. No, it was more like Mrs. Moss was the most AMAZING chef in the world! It also help that Mrs. Moss made my favorite food for me quite often.


I loved the Mosses – well almost all the Mosses. Riddle was my best and closest friend. She and I played everything together.

Story on the other hand, always tried to get in the way. She would sneak up on me and Riddle while we played, and waited for me. That’s when she would scare me half to death.


The older I got, the more distant I became with my family back home. By the time Jonny was sixteen I probably spent maybe an hour with him at most since our fight over the pirate costume.

It wasn’t that I didn’t love my family, it was more that I loved being away from them and living my own life. Besides Jonny had his own life and his own agenda.

Sim Blogs-4

When I was home, my brother and I continued to torture each other. We’d find ways to get on each other’s nerves. Although, I have to say, for a sixteen year old Jonny isn’t that bright when it comes to pranks. Me, on the other hand, am a mastermind.

I love computers and by the time I was twelve I learned how to hack onto the computer. I often would search for hideous pictures on the web and make a cool little virus so that when Jonny got on the computer the pictures would jump out at him and scare him. He’s such a wuss, that anything can scare him.



It was about that time that my brother and I also learned something about our mother.

It seems like I missed out on a lot being over at the Moss family, because one day ma had a huge announcement for the two of us.

That day she called up Mr. Moss and had him send me home so she could tell Jonny and I something that we never expected. “I’ve met a man, and I’ve been dating him for almost six months.” she told us. “It’s gotten pretty serious, and we are considering getting married someday.”


Jonny took the news pretty hard. He called her names and screamed till he was crying. He then stormed out of the house. Ma waited till he was gone and then asked me how I felt. I shrugged. I didn’t care if she was dating someone. All I asked was, “what’s his name?”

“Scott Conner, but he goes by Scotty.”

I nodded and went to my room. So, she was dating a guy named Scott Conner. And if she married him, that didn’t really change anything. You see, I only looked up to one man in my life, and I’d only ever consider him to be a father figure.


Mr. Moss. . .

Riddle started to laugh. “Hey brown noser!” She joked. “Are you serious?”

“Oh shut up.” I said as I turned red in the face. It was actually the truth. I looked up to Mr. Moss than any other person on the face of the planet. Sure, he’s now my English teacher, but he’s been more than that to me. “It’s the truth Riddler. Your dad’s really all I have in my life. Why wouldn’t I say that?”

She smiled and gave me a hug before continuing. (Even if she giggled as she read the next page).

Mr. Moss has always been the man I’ve looked up to. I’ve never known my real father. Ma’s never really talked about him and my brother won’t even mention him. So, for me I didn’t really understand what a father really was until I met Mr. Moss.

Not only can the guy make you laugh, but he’s the most interesting person I have ever met.

One of my favorite memories, is listening to Mr. Moss tell Riddle, Story, and I a ghost story from the past. The story was so unique that it was as if you were taken there as he talked. I even remember screaming and gasping at points in the story. It was at that moment I knew what I wanted to do in my life. . . I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to be just like Mr. Moss, and tell interesting tales and pull my audience into a world of the unknown.


I found myself so intrigued with storytelling that I was constantly heading to the library to research and read. Actually, I went there to research my favorite author. Who better to learn from than those that you read?

Mr. Moss walked in one day and saw me. I smiled and waved. He walked up and looked at the old book I was reading and lifted it enough so he could see the title. I was reading Cocaine Chimeree’s “My Journey Through A Legacy.”

He froze and looked at me. “Where’d you get that book?” He asked.

I pointed to the back section. “They have all kinds of old books here, Mr. Moss. Did you know that this guy, Cocaine, wrote over one-hundred books? I didn’t know that! I’ve only ever read the Jack Hart books!”

Mr. Moss nodded. “No, I, uh, didn’t know that. Is that your, uh, favorite author?”

Riddle stopped reading and looked at me before looking at my book again. “What?” I asked.

“Um nothing.” She mumbled before continuing,

“Yup! I’ve been reading Jack Hart books since I can remember!” I told him.


When I wasn’t reading or going to school, I tried to spend as much time as I could with the only father figure I had. I actually refused to meet this Scott Conner. Mr. Moss took me under his wing, and he even took me on a father-son camping trip with him and Chance.

I don’t know Chance Moss very well. This trip not only let me get to known more about my mentor, I also got to know Chance. Chance and I joked around on our hikes all day. And at night we made gooey s’mores together as we both listened to Mr. Moss tell us his great campfire stories.


Of course, there were times where I wanted to be as far away as possible from Mr. Moss. Like when Story dared me to dump water on Chance, only instead of Chance being the person that walked up to the tree house – it was Mr. Moss. I don’t know if I was more embarrassed or scared. Mr. Moss was really mad.


When I tried to explain, he didn’t really care for it. I was banned from the house for two weeks! He lectured me first and told me that my ma would be expecting a phone call. I was in deep.


Of course if I had known that was getting off easy, I wouldn’t have been involved with Riddle’s plan of attack on her sister.

You see, she planned on getting revenge with her sister after Story teased me for a week straight at school. Riddle had me keep lookout while she set a trap up in the shower.

Little did we know that Mr. Moss was going to use the shower before Story.


I laughed. “It’s ‘bout time the truth got out Riddler. I can’t be held responsible for it my entire LIFE!”

“You are such an ass, Potter.”

“Yea well, Riddle me this, Riddle me that. . .” I froze trying to think of a rhyme. Nothing.

Riddle laughed. “Can’t think of anything can you?”

“Shut up and keep reading.”


After hearing Mr. Moss swear for what seemed like forever, he came out with Mrs. Moss and sat Riddle, Story, and I down. “Alright I want to know who did this!” He yelled.

Mrs. Moss tried hard to keep a straight face, but we all could see her stifling a laugh. We all were. Mr. Moss had bright blue hair.

“Well, someone better speak up!” He yelled again. “Isaac?”

I kept my mouth shut.


Riddle kept her mouth shut.


She shrugged and kept quiet.

“Someone better talk!?!”

I looked over to Riddle, and knew that I couldn’t let her take the fall. I finally squirmed in my seat  and confessed. “I did it sir.”

Mr. Moss gave me the dirtiest look, yelled at me, and sent me home. I was banned for a very long time.


By the time my brother graduated Neverglade High, I had no real relationship with him. We had our own lives.

Jonny graduated with honors in school and was accepted to the university in Cairo, Egypt. His life long dream was to be an archeologist. I didn’t understand why he wanted to go dig up graves, but it was his life. . . not mine.




My brother was still meaner than a cobra. A few weeks before my brother left for Cairo, I found him getting dressed in his room.

It didn’t take long for me to notice the ink on his shoulder. “Whoa! You got a tattoo!” I shouted. “Who the hell is Parker? Your boyfriend?”


In an instant my brother had me by the neck against the door. I knew I was being a smart ass, but I couldn’t believe Jonny’s reaction. I had never seen my brother get so pissed off. “Get the fuck out of my room!” He screamed as he threw me against the wall. “And if I ever hear you mention that name to me, I will come after you!”

I gulped and ran out the door. Who needs brothers? It was in that moment I really didn’t care if I ever saw Jonny again.


I spent my summer in my room while Jonny packed and prepared for his own departure. After the stunt that I confessed to doing at the Mosses, I wasn’t allowed over. Besides, they took a trip to Paris for like a month. Lucky!

That summer I started to write. The story I wrote was crap. I wrote about an alien attack invasion. It wasn’t any good, but it kept me busy. I only wished I knew more about the craft of writing. Actually I wish I knew a writer that could teach me how to better my art.


The only person I could think of that could help, is Mr. Moss. Though I knew the man probably hated me after the shower instance, I still took a chance. I went over there and asked him to look over my story. Although he said it wasn’t crap, like I thought he would say, he still said it needed a lot of work.

He even offer to give me lessons in writing. I was thrilled!


By the time my fourteenth birthday came around, I had been given tremendous amount of help by Mr. Moss.

Two days before my birthday, I got the biggest surprise in my life! Mr. Moss called me in his office – which frightened me, seeing as how NO ONE was allowed in there. He was standing next to one of his bookshelves when I walked in.

After seeing me he grabbed a box wrapped in birthday wrapping paper. “Happy birthday kiddo.”

“Wow, thanks Mr. Moss!” I exclaimed.

“Now I know it’s early, but I thought you should have it now. I really do hope you like it.”

I tore open the box and found a collector’s edition box with all of Cocaine Chimeree’s Jack Hart books. I opened the first one and gasped. NO WAY! Inside, the book was signed by the author himself. These had to be worth a fortune!

“How did you. . . Where’d you. . . Holy Hell!’

Mr. Moss laughed at my stuttering. “I knew you would like it. All of them are signed. . . I think.”

“But how! These were written a gazillion years ago!”

“More like a few hundred, give or take.” He smiled. “Have them. I don’t have use for them here. I’ve read them all.”

And in that instance my stuff teddy became a thing of the past. The books were now my most prized possession. I couldn’t believe that I had autographed copies of my favorite classics!


I celebrated my birthday in style. I invited all of my friends and family over. My mom even invited her firefighter boyfriend. I completely ignored him. As I got ready to blow out the cake, I was stuck on my wish. I didn’t really know what I wanted. I even asked Riddle, and she said to wish for a good time in high school. So that’s what I did.

Sim Blogs-5

A few weeks after my birthday my brother took off for Egypt. He and I talked a bit while he waited for his taxi. Ma couldn’t stop snapping photos of us. Jonny and I joked about her while she did so. We’ve never seen eye to eye, but as I watch him leave to head across the world, I knew I was going to miss him.


High School wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Riddle and I were in the same school, and in the same classes. The two of us were still the best of friends. I couldn’t ask for a better friend than her.


Within my first year of high school Mr. Moss got me enrolled into the school’s newspaper. By the time I was a sophomore I made editor. I loved the clubs I was in. I was in Computer club, A writers club, and the school paper. I also helped with the school’s year book. Both projects are run by Mr. Moss.


However it wasn’t until this year that I really got serious in my own writing. After digging deep on the internet, I found my muse. I discovered a secret tale of a man who escaped from a Russian prison ten years ago. No one knew his real name, but the articles I found all called him Delta Nine. That’s when I began my first novel: Delta Nine and the Escape.


. . “Well?” I asked after she finished reading my project. I was hoping that it sounded believable. Most of the information I put in my report was true, but a quarter of it was a lie. Of course my real name isn’t Isaac, and my brother and sister isn’t Jenny or Jonny And Katie, well she’s most definitely not my sister – but my aunt. However, this was the price you paid when you were living in protective custody. I didn’t know anything about my father, other than that he was missing. Yet, it was because of him, that I had to lie to the people I loved and thought of as my real friends and family.

“It’s good, very –“


Screenshot-305“HEY POTTHEAD!” Story screamed from down the hallway.

I looked over behind Riddle and yelled, “WHAT SWAMP THING!”

Riddle stifled a laugh. She hated the nickname I dubbed her sister, yet she couldn’t ever stop laughing. “Be nice, Isaac,” she whispered.

“I am nice, Riddler,” I winked at her and stole a quick kiss.

“Ewww get a room.” Story said as she walked up. “Hey Ritz, what do you see in this putz?”

“I’m still not sure. Maybe it’s the whole dream of screwing a guy with a magical wand.”


A cough to the distance had my heart stop before I could even laugh. SHIT! “Riddle, Story, class.” Mr. Moss said. “Isaac. . .” He held the door open and I nodded as I walked past Story and Riddle.

Behind me I heard Story yell her goodbye, “See ya Potty Breath.”


“Bite me E.T.!” I screamed before I realize what came out of my mouth. A smack on the back of my head told me that Mr. Moss had heard that. “Sorry Mr. Moss,” I mumbled.

“Go sit down.” He growled.


“Alright class!” He shouted as he closed the door. When he got the entire room’s attention he continued, “Take out your project. . . “ And that’s the moment I remembered that Riddle still had my English assignment.



Author’s Note: I just want to thank my dear friend StyxLady for letting me resurrect Story and Riddle Moss and for the Rain’s new house. I also have to thank Mariah for her Chim-Chim-Cheree blog. Without it, we would not have Cocaine – who by the way is the most amazing sim EVER!

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  1. :3 Love it. Can’t wait to read more.

  2. StyxLady says:

    OMG, I don’t think I can say enough about this update! Your staging is so awesome! The school looks amazing, and I love love love the backpacks and the kids making out in the hallways. XD I find it incredibly cute that Kaliq doesn’t know that Mr. Moss IS Cocaine Chimeree, and the birthday gift was the sweetest give ever.
    “But how! These were written a gazillion years ago!”
    “More like a few hundred, give or take.” He smiled. “Have them. I don’t have use for them here. I’ve read them all.” LOL .>

    • StyxLady says:

      Bah, it cut off my comment! 😦
      The rest of it pretty much said the family portraits were awesome (from both families) and that I think you should blow off your vacation to stay home and write some more. 😛

    • Well Im glad you “like” the kids making out in the hallway. But I’m sure if you figure out WHO it is, you’d hate me for it, lol. Look at the girl closely. . . . . . Doesn’t she remind you of anyone? Let me just give you a couple of hints – she’s the guy in the orange shirts older sister and she came from a household you gave me 😉 Oh and her father has an issue with Mr. Moss. . .

      I actually want to keep Coke’s real identity a secret for a while. I figured that he wouldn’t just tell everyone he’s over 300! Just Anya and the rest of the Mosses 😉 OH AND I LOVE YOUR SIMS!

      And No not going to blow off the vacation I look forward to every two years. Sorry Cait. Your just gonna have to figure out what your gonna do on your phone for the next week. Don’t worry, I’ll miss you tooooo! Oh and just because I’m on vacation, doesn’t mean I won’t be writing 😉

      See ya next week girl!

  3. kris1079 says:

    Awesome chapter and great start to another generation!! You photos are amazing…I love all the details you include in each scene. I especially enjoyed the school scenes. I love that Kaliq/Isaac looks so much like a Rain…those genes are strong!! It’s like looking at David, Travis, and Parker, with a twist of Hana 🙂 So, it sounds like Delta 9 lives…this could be interesting!

    • Like I told Styx when she stole Travis for ABC – watch it those genes are really strong! When I go into CAS all of them are right next to each other in chooser, and it’s unbelievable how close they really are in looks. Each one took something of their mother, but for the most part they all look alike.

      As for Delta Nine. . . I’m keeping my mouth shut.

  4. Just wondering, how is his name pronounced? Kal-ick? Thats how I say it in my head, but I could be wrong…

  5. hrootbeer says:

    Gosh. I just find myself nearly speechless having read this. I think to date it is your best work. I love the fact that it is an English project, but most especially because Riddle keeps it and he can’t turn it in. I laughed out loud at that. I have to agree with Styx that your staging is spectacular. I hate staging. I can’t imagine how you do it. I like all of the references to Cocaine’s aging secret. I also liked how you resolved all of the issues with Leslie and the rest of the family. It took me a minute (because I’m dense) to realize that they were in witness protection and that’s why the names were different. But once I realized that, I just think it is so clever.

    I hope you have a great vacation. It must feel good to have this complete. Really. Well done.

    • I don’t know how many times I rewrote this because I didn’t like it. It took me forever to think of a way to tell Kaliq’s story. I had all these photos in game and regular screenshots, and I was just not sure what I wanted to do. Then it hit me. I’m still not sure if I’m completely satisfied with it, but I’m glad that it’s done.

      I figured you’d like the whole English project. I was actually thinking of that after I wrote it, going oh gosh H is gonna love this! I ended up writing the ending first and then going with the story.

      For staging I use the poser and the relativity mod to turn off time. It’s a long process when you have to go through a gazillion poses, but it’s worth it. I also try to use poses in an unconventional manner – like the tree pic. It’s hard though to keep poses out of my shots. I only use them when the story really needs it. But I found out that the poser and the photography skill really work well together in game. The pics I have now are just amazing! A lot of the pics in the post are actually from pictures that Hana took with the camera.

      Yes they are in Protective Custody/Witness Protection. Since they are still on the Hit List, SIA had their names changed. Kaliq knows that he can never tell the truth about himself, and this will play a big part in his life. This generation is really all about secrets. Not only is Kaliq lying about his real identity, Mr. Moss is too. I wanted to keep the history of Cocaine in my story, but I also didn’t want Kaliq to totally know the truth quiet yet.

      See you in a week, where I am going to play. . . . TRAGEDY!!! Hehehe, I started up my save today and it ACTUALLY ran smoothly! No hiccups like it did with the past EPs. I was smart waiting for the patch 😀 (I’m planning to write a lot of the story on vacation. I have some staging – it’s just like planning a real wedding buwhahaha!)

      • kris1079 says:

        I know this may be obvious…how do you use photos that a sim takes in a story? I haven’t fiddled around with the photography skill much (the last time I did was after the Generations patch and it broke in my game). I’m trying to figure out how you would then be able to use them as screenshots. The photos you have are awesome and I do want to fiddle around more with photography with my next generation since I’m hoping the new patch fixed some of the photography issues. Again, sorry if this is ridiculously obvious, but I’d appreciate any tips you have 🙂 Thanks!

      • Kris, I put the photos on the wall and then take a screenshot of them. I then crop them with Picasa.

  6. jcnorn says:

    I wish I could hit the like-button about a gazillion times 😦

    *offers cookies though* =3

  7. Alex says:

    I love “Isaac” and all the Mosses in this chapter!
    “Who the hell is Parker? Your boyfriend?”
    I’m sorry I found that hilarious 😀
    I think Kaliq is my favorite heir yet!

  8. Emy says:

    Isaac is such a great name. 😀 😀 I assume Riddle will learn the truth of his identity eventually.

    Ahaha. I loved Coke giving him those signed first editions. That was funny for anyone in the know!! And it’s so sweet he kind of adopted Coke as his adoptive dad in a way.

    Delta Nine! That’s awesome. I’m kind of sad Kaliq isn’t friends with Oni or Jahi though. But I guess the age difference was too much. I did wonder if Scotty was Parker, but I don’t know. Just a thought I had. Probably wrong. XD

    I like this gen already! 😀

    • When I first planned Parker’s story I knew he’d have a son but I was held up about his name. I went back and forth between Kaliq and Isaac. When I asked Cait se wanted me to name him Isaac. But then I was like nah. But when I came up with the witness protection story I just knew I could still use it.

      I love Cocaine! (Errr, I mean – Coke, errr there’s no great way to say that without looking suspicious XD) When I thought of bringing in the Mosses and knowing Coke’s vast history, I was like what better man for Kal to look up to than Cocaine Chimeree/Moss.

      Oni hated his brother the moment he was born in game! I swear he and Kal’s relationship was in the red even before Kal was a toddler. As for Jahi, she was just too much older than him to even have a relationship. They are almost friends in game though.

      As for Scott, no that’s not Parker. His story will unfold soon. . . .

      • Emy says:

        Ahhh, clever. 😀 Isaac’s the name of the founder of my first legacy, so I think it’s awesome. 😀 Definitely one of my favourite names, aside from Gabriel. I did think Kaliq hadn’t a clue about the whole witness protection thing to start with, and was kind of relieved when I realised he -did- know. That might have come as a shock otherwise!!

        Ahaha. His name is awesome though, even if it makes you seem suspicious. 😛 I think it’s awesome you’re using him. It brings a whole other dimension to Kal’s story.

        Aw, maybe Oni was just jealous. XD I wonder how different it would have been if Parker hadn’t left. But I suppose we shall never know.

        And aaah. It was worth a shot. 😉

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    • Well since Riddle was given a totally cra-er-sad ending (*glares at Cait*) I had to give my favorite Moss since Seeley a BETTER story. 😉 LOVE YOU CAIT! LoL.

      And I love Story too, kinda. Still she left three boys without a mother! (No, I’m not a hypocrite – Travis left one!) LoL. Sorry. RSGNM is my crack and playing them was like a drug overdose hahahahahahaha.

      *Cough* ANYWAYS. . . I love that this is the writers gen, because Coke really fits it. I wanted him to be Kal’s mentor and confidant. The man he wishes IS his father.

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    • I’m home and I’m gonna go work on it. . . Thanks for the kind words Deeds. You made me laugh when I finally got my emails and all you wanted was me home to work on my story. Makes me smile. Not a lot of support in RL, so just by your little comments here and FB, makes me happy. Thanks Deeds.

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    • Coke is originally from the Chim-Chim-Chimeree Blog by Mariah and then Styx stole him. LoL. I loved the story behind him that Styx created that I just had to have him.

      All questions about Parker will be answered eventually.

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    I love Delta Nine *winkwink*
    When is Delta Nine coming baaaaaaack? Even though that could be disasterous…what with the love of his life moving on…scary!

    I love Riddle and Story being here! But will their fates coincide with this story? I’m hoping not, since I don’t remember Isaac in their story! Yayyy!

    • No, I will NOT do that to poor Riddle TWICE! I was mad the first time at Styx. I think Riddle deserves a BETTER story. Not that her story wasn’t amazing, cause it was. Hell. Ive never been so shocked in my life reading. (Er actually that’s not true, Dumbledore’s death had me). Story and Riddle will have a much better fate, I promise.

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    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Parker’s going to show up again D: It’s adorable that Oni got a tattoo with his name on it. I might have squee’d a little bit. 😛

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    Anyways, I LOVED Parker’s gen, you portrayed it so well! And Delta Nine escaping from a russian prison…Does this mean what I think it means???
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    And Awwwwww for Kal and Riddle ❤
    STUPID Hana for giving up on Parker! She better dump him!!!!

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    Each chapter has me on the edge of my seat, and I was extremely disappointed with how Parker’s generation ended. Much happier now that I know he escaped prison. I wonder how long it will take for him to re-enter the life of his family.

    My heart bleeds for Oni. I can only imagine the pain he feels and I knew exactly what he was going to do when I saw Kal in a pirate costume. I knew that would be too much for poor Oni. Although, the part with his tattoo almost had me in tears.

    Hana can’t marry Scotty. They are related. (Not sure if you’ve gotten to that part yet or not) I’m sure I would have forgotten that if I hadn’t spent nearly two days reading your story (seriously I haven’t been this obsessed since Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).

    Your story is amazing, and your writing continues to inspire and awe. I cannot wait to finish catching up and seeing what else you have planned for future generations.

  20. Rogue says:

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  21. Strawberry says:

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    • Okay, basically Kaliq aka Isaac is kind of in protective custody/witness protection where him, Hana, Jahi, and Oni had to change their names and their entire lives so that Parker’s enemies won’t come after them. This chapter is written 14 years after Parker took off, and he still is missing. So, its like Kaliq’s story read from a book. He, after all, is the writer gen heir.

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