A/N: This is an in-between chapter that takes place six months after Parker departs from Bridgeport in search for Fournier. It does not include pictures, because I didn’t see them as fitting for this post. I believe that this story must be told before I can move on to Kaliq’s perspective. Enjoy!

– Orangeplumbob

Moscow, Russia 1535 hours

The hard punch to the left side of his face hurt like hell, but Parker didn’t relent. He was going to stay silent. His eye socket hurt more than anything though. The Russian agent looked at him again and said something that he didn’t understand.

Parker spat the small amount of blood from his mouth onto the concrete floor. Being a one-eyed man tied to a chair; he hated that most of the officers in the place stood at his left side where he couldn’t see them or what they were doing.

Parker shook off the sting from his cheek as he listened to the unintelligible words being said amongst the officers. He was pissed that he was in this situation; knowing it was his own damn fault, but still, he couldn’t believe how stupid and naive he had been after all these years.

Parker had been on Fournier’s tail for six months and one stupid mishap landed him in a Russian jail. He had a forged passport, a gun, and a ticket for the next train when they arrested him.

At the station, Parker had been tailing the Fournier, weapon concealed, but in reach, when he spotted him talking to an officer. He watched as Fournier pointed at him; Fournier even had the guts to wink in his direction. Parker knew he was screwed. Within seconds ten police officers were surrounding and ordering him on the ground. At the station he was declared a terrorist, even though Parker tried to tell them he was just a tourist.

Now he was sitting in a small concrete cell getting the shit kicked out of him. They wanted to know who he was working for, why he was in Russia, and what he was targeting. No matter how hard Parker tried to tell them he was there on vacation, they didn’t believe him. Of course he was lying, but the truth really couldn’t be told; not unless he had a death wish. No, he had to keep his mouth shut and hoped SIA would save him.

Location Classified, 2240 hours

The agent barged into Ellis Graham’s office. She looked up and was ready to kill the agent if he didn’t come up with an excuse as to why he just barged in without knocking. She didn’t need to wait long; the agentinstantly spoke up, “He’s gone!”

With narrowed eyes, she asked the obvious question, “Who?”

“Nine. His tracking device was shut off. He’s off the grid, ma’am.”

“Shit,” she mumbled. “Fournier?”

“I don’t know, but intelligence just intercepted a new ‘Hit List’ from Fournier’s office. Parker’s family is on it.”

She stood up and rushed out the door, the man followed. “How much time do we have?”

“I don’t know ma’am.”

Ellis entered another room full of men at the ready. Teams had been assembled as soon as the list was out. “I want men at Travis and Claire Rain’s house, I want another team at Hana’s and someone go pick up Leslie Rain from her school.” She ordered.

The teams split up and took off towards the unmarked black SUVs.

Travis and Claire Rain’s Residence, Bridgeport 2258 hours

“Mmmmm.” Travis moaned as he kissed his wife. They had just entered the apartment and were making their way to the bedroom while they undressed each other and running into the walls. They finally made it to the bed. The two never let up on the heavy kissing. Travis maneuvered himself in between Claire’s legs. They hadn’t acted like this in months. This was their anniversary, and Travis was making sure that Claire would never forget their eighteenth year together. “God, you’re hot, babe.” Travis moaned as he kissed down her neck to her breast. He thrust inside her.

“Fuck!” Claire moaned as Travis continued to make love to her.. “Harder, babe.”

Neither of them saw the shadow from behind the door.

Travis and Claire Rain’s Residence, Bridgeport 2313 hours

The black-dressed agents stormed the apartment, calling out for Travis and Claire. The head agent, Agent Pierce motioned towards the bedroom. With enough men to secure the door, he kicked it in. The sight Pierce saw had his stomach turn. On the bed lied two bloodied bodies intertwined. “Damn.” Pierce said.

Another agent walked in, “Well, if you’re gonna go out –”

“Don’t even finish that sentence Grant.” Pierce ordered. “We are all dead if Delta Nine finds out we didn’t get to them on time.”

Agent Grant gulped. Everyone in the building knew that if Parker Rain was still alive and found out about the death of his parents, he would hunt down those that were not only responsible for killing them, but also those that failed to protect them.

Pierce took out his cell and dialed. “They’re dead,” he told Ellis on the other line.

“Shit!” came Ellis’ voice. “Clean it up.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Rain Residence, Bridgeport 2330 hours

Another team of men in black surrounded the small property with guns at the ready. Two men ran to the door. The team’s head agent, Reese looked at the other, “Pray they are alive or we are all dead.” The other agent, Morris nodded. Reese knocked on the door and waited. When no answer came he started to pound on the door. “SIA OPEN UP!”

They waited a bit and just as Reese was about to kick in the door, a tired looking woman opened it. “It is 11:30 at night, what do you want?”

“Mrs. Hana Rain?” Reese asked.

She nodded.

“You and your family need to come with us, now.”

She took a step back, her voice stuttering, “What do you mean?” Her eyes started to tear up, “Is. . . is. . . is he dead?”

“We aren’t sure ma’am. But there’s a hit out on you and your children. You need to come with us.”

“Let me just grab the kids and some stuff.”

“No stuff ma’am. We need to go and we need to go now.”

She hurried down the hallway; the agents followed. The first door she opened was a small girl’s room. They stood and watched Hana wake the little sleeping girl. “Come on, we have to go.”

Reese walked in and picked the girl up when she didn’t respond fast enough. He looked over at Hana. “Any others?”

She nodded and raced down the hall with the him and the other agent closely following her. She barged into a pirate themed room fit for a young boy. Morris went in and picked the small boy up still asleep. “We don’t have time to wake them up.” He told Hana. “The assassin is coming.”

“Do you have any more children?” Reese asked.

“Kaliq. He’s in the nursery.” She answered.

He and Morris followed her one room down. She lifted her youngest son up from his crib and grabbed the teddy he was clenching in his fingers. “That’s all of us.”

“This way,” Reese ordered her as he and Morris backed from the doorway. As they walked towards the front door he called over the radio. “Package is on the way out. Keep all eyes open.”

He sat the young girl down in the back of the black SUV and had Morris put the young boy in next to her. Hana and the toddler were taken to the other SUV. With the entire family loaded, they took off.

Classified Location, 1250 hours

After riding in the back of the black SUV almost non-stop for thirteen hours, Hana was tired and cranky. She needed to use the restroom and feed all of her children. “Can we stop somewhere for food?” She asked the driver. “My kids are hungry. I couldn’t even grab any baby food for my youngest.”

“I’m sorry ma’am, but we have to get you as far away as possible. It’s for your own safety.”

“But my son is hungry.”

The agent in the passenger seat passed her a package of graham crackers. “This was in the glove box. Rick’s kids tend to get hungry and are always hiding snacks in this car.”

“Thank you,” Hana said as she took the graham crackers. She opened the package and handed a small cracker to Kaliq. “Do you know where we are going?”

“No clue ma’am,” the driver, Rick, answered. “We are just following the GPS system to an unknown random location. We won’t know until we get there.”

“What about Parker’s parents?” she asked. “Where are they being taken to?”

The men both looked at each other and Hana became nervous. Finally Rick spoke, “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but Travis and Claire Rain were killed last night. That’s why we got you out as fast as we could.”

Hana felt the tears welling up in her eyes. “Leslie?”

“We aren’t sure ma’am. A team was sent out to her, we won’t know until you all arrive at your locations.”

Hana wiped the unshed tears away. She continued to feed Kaliq. It was all she could do to keep from breaking down in the car. She didn’t know what the future held for her or her children, but she knew one thing, Parker Rain was still alive.

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When I'm not blogging, I'm often reading, writing, or playing video games. I am obsessed with Doctor Who, Supernatural, Fox's Lucifer, and ruining my Sims' lives.
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27 Responses to Protection

  1. Oooohno!! Poor Travis and Claire…I hope Leslie is at least okay!
    I’m glad they got Hana and the kids too, Parker is finally happy!

    Patiently (sort of) waiting for the next chapter. =]

    • As soon as I get out Heart of Insanity and Crazy Crazies out, I will be working on Rain’s again – that is unless a patch comes out and I can work on Tragedy’s for a bit. But eventually I will be back with Kaliq.

  2. StyxLady says:

    NOOOOOO TRAVIS AND CLAIRE!!!! Despite my sadness, I almost giggled at the agent saying, “well, if you gotta go out…” Especially since Claire and Trav went out the same way they met… >.>

    Ahem. So how did your writing group like it?

    • Tit for tat Cait. LoL. You killed off Riddle! And there was only one way for those two to go out… 😉

      My group enjoyed it. Gave me plenty of feedback, if you couldn’t tell. One had a comment almost every paragraph. But I don’t take it personal. I love criticism. They really enjoyed the story and where I was taking it.

      Thanks for the help BTW.

  3. Eleasha says:

    My heart dropped when I read that Travis and Claire were killed. God, that was deep. I haven’t ever felt the same about hearing of a sim being killed. I didn’t even realise I liked the two of them that much.

    • LoL. It was a heartfelt scene, I’ll give you that. I had planned their death for a while, knowing that I was going to get someone’s attention – looks one comment up. . . I loved Travis, sort of, but Parker is my ultimate favorite. . . so far.

  4. hrootbeer says:

    Oh. My. God.

    Travis and Claire. They didn’t even know what was going to happen to them. And poor Leslie. I hope the agents got her from school, but how will she be now that she’s alone?

    I hope Hana is strong enough to survive this. I feel like she is. She’s survived a lot. But everyone has their limits, right? Could I survive this? I’m not sure. But at least her children are safe. I suppose that has to be her focus now.

    • Yeah I feel bad killing off one of my favorite couples but like I told Cait there really was only one way for them to go…

      I think Hana can survive just by believing in Parker. She also needs to be strong for the kids. They’ll need her now more than ever. Her focus will be on her kids, but she will also go through some depression.

  5. Emy says:

    Omigooooooosh. D: I was reading this and expecting Parker to be killed, and you completely blindsided me with Travis and Claire. Just… ohmigosh. ;_;

    Poor Leslie.

    And Parker seems kind of screwed if the SIA don’t know where he is. D: Maybe not dead-screwed but life-in-Russian-prison-screwed. I don’t know.

    I feel so sorry for Hana and the kids. Their life’s been turned upside down.

    CURSE YOU, FOURNIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think this was a lot more powerful without pictures. It would have been hard to pose great shots to match the great writing. ❤

    • Then I did my job if I blindsided you. . . hahaha.

      Yup, Parker is pretty screwed. I’m not sure how, or if, he will ever get out of Russia.

      I debated posting pics and came to the same conclusion Emy. I knew there just was no way to get those shots and make it as powerful as it was.

  6. OMG NOT TRAVIS AND CLAIRE! That’s so terrible!

    I hope Leslie is safe and that Parker can get back to Hana and the kids… 😦

  7. tatdatcm says:

    Let me echo Emy and say this was even better without the pictures. Pictures would have broken up the sense of urgency in getting the family members out.

    Travis and Claire! Wow, didn’t see that coming at all. Nicely done. I’ve been worried about Parker taking the final mission, but never thought there would be repercussions for his parents. Of course, reading the DITFT rule set everything you’ve done here makes complete and perfect sense.

    I’m sad about Travis and Claire and about Hana and the kids, but I really enjoyed how you wrote and posted this.

    • Yes this was set up this way for the next generation. Parker’s departure will weigh heavily on Kaliq and he will be a bit messed up because of it. He will also have this sense of curiosity about his father that will play a huge role in his writing.

  8. mackenziie says:

    There are no words. Just amazing, and you were right, no pictures were needed.

  9. kris1079 says:

    I couldn’t believe it reading about Travis and Claire…I hope that Leslie, Parker and all of the kids & Hana will be safe…I have to say you made me nervous putting Hana and Kaliq in a separate car from Jahi and Oni…but so far they are safe, it seems. The sense of urgency in this chapter got my heart pounding!! Thanks for not leaving us totally hanging 😉

    • You’ll find out soon exactly what happened to everyone.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. I didn’t want Parker’s story to be left hanging. He needed something, and this was a perfect way. I still want to keep everyone guessing about Parker since that’s how he’s always been – a mysterious character from start to finish 😉

  10. OMG!!! This was absolutely amazing. I am speechless!

  11. Deeds says:

    I’m going to echo a few of my fellow writers here and say that you completely blindsided me. When I first saw this post, I thought that something had happened to Parker. And then for Travis and Claire to be the ones that got killed… gosh I was so upset! I don’t know if it would have been better (for me) if Parker had been the one that died while his parents remained safe but then again, this puts a horribly wonderful twist on things. I also agree that without pictures, the urgency was conveyed very strongly. Absolutely amazing. Excellent job!

    • Aww I’m sorry Deeds. And yes their death puts a horribly wonderful twist to the story that I am really using to my advantage here. Plus it would have been kind of a cop-out if I just went and killed Parker after all this. I owed Parker with this story. I think his ending needed to be as troubled as his beginning. Plus I also needed to add the bit of mystery surrounding him.

  12. swimswam16 says:

    Wow!!!!!I am finally completely caught up and this last chapter completely surprised me! I had no idea what was happening next and i was on the edge of my seat the entire time!

    I hope that parker is able to come home for his family, but something tells me he isn’t.

  13. Jenna says:

    i just wanted to say that i just cought up to ur legacy, and im hooked! I love ur writing nad i LOVE parker, i hope he is ok!

  14. spongeb0berz says:

    Okay I may or may not have scimmed to see if Parker died .-. I did try reading it! I really did! But my tears kept pouring cause I don’t want him to die ;___; ( I did go back and re-read it though ;P)

    When I saw it was Travis and Les, I was so heartbroken! And now I’m sad and worried… Why did Kal’s birth have to turn me into a total wreck?! When he wasn’t there, I knew Parker was safe… now he’s here I have no clue! o;

    But I still love little Kal<3<3


    (Stupid TEARS! D: … lol)

    • LoL. I don’t blame you wanting to make sure Parker didn’t die with this one. I’m glad you went back to actually read it.

      It’s not Kaliq’s fault. Everything just sort of happened to Parker all at once. Kaliq is an interesting character as you will see soon.I’m about halfway done with getting through playing his prologue.

      AND WOO HOO 500 comments! Thanks all!

  15. Oh my god, poor Travis and Claire 😦
    I for one am interested in what Parker will do now!

  16. catcrunchies says:

    Travis ;_; Claire ;_;
    I so didn’t see that coming… I loved Travis ;_;

    Incredibly well written as always =3

  17. I burst into tears when we found out that Travis and Claire were killed, but it was pretty funny when that agent started saying “Well if you gotta go out…”

    Please please please please please let Parker LIIIIIVE! He’s too much of a good guy to diiiie! I’m just now getting over David’s death, and now you throw this one at me? WHYYYY?!
    I’m going to shut up now and read the next chapter. 😥

  18. LadyGrayson says:

    Why does it seem that none of the Rain men so far have had a chance to die of old age? (save David’s dad)…..they all suffer…it’s like you are punishing Travis for abandoning Parker and….idk…..Sadness!

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