Parker Rain: Chapter 14

A/N: Even though I have the Adult Content Warning, I still wanted to add a little note that this does contain some explicit sexual content. After all it is Parker’s and Hana’s honeymoon.


After the wedding Hana and I brought the kids home. Jahi was excited cause she was going to camp out with Grandma and Grandpa – they promised her after she had a meltdown about Hana and I leaving for a honeymoon and wouldn’t take her. I carried Oni to his room and placed him in his crib before grabbing a book off the dresser. He was not amused. He didn’t care that I had a book and was making Pirate sounds as I read, If I Were a Pirate. He understood that mommy and daddy were leaving him.


No matter how I tried to get him to listen, he refused, throwing a tantrum that pierced my ear drums. “Come on Oni, look.” I pointed to a one-eyed Pirate, “Who’s that Oni?” He didn’t care that the retched pirate looked just like me, he wanted out of the crib and in my arms. “Please Oni.”


Eventually he fell asleep. I sighed when he crashed in the crib. I watched him sleep for a bit. I smiled at him and it didn’t take me long before I started to cry. I had a family, and not just any family – the perfect family. I had the most beautiful wife and two wonderful children. I bent down and kissed my boy before walking out the room.


I walked into the hallway and looked for Hana. I heard Hana and Jahi talking in my parents room. Apparently the camp-out was in grandma and grandpa’s room. I took a peek and eavesdropped. “But why mommy?”

“Because Jahi, this is our time. You’ll understand when you grow older and get married. We will be back, I promise. We just want to be alone for a week.”

“Fine!” Jahi laid back on her pillow. “Can you finish the chapter now?”

“Of course.” Hana flipped the page “. . . Harry shouldered the Firebolt and he and Ron walked out of the shadowy stadium, discussing the Firebolt’s superbly smooth action. . .” I closed the door as Hana continued on the rest of the chapter of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.


Not too long after I went to say goodbye to mom and dad, I was grabbed by my collar, whipped around, and found two lips on my mouth and a tongue finding itself inside with my own. Hana was a very, very happy bride. I kissed her back with just as much passion that she was giving me. God, I love this woman. It wasn’t till we heard a little laugh from my dad, did I pull away from her.


“You ready to to go on your honeymoon Mrs. Rain?” Damn I really wish I could wink, but a sexual I-want-you-now kind of smile would have to do.

She giggled. “And prey tell, where is my handsome pirate taking me?”

“Well that my fair lady is a surprise.” We really need to stop reading our kids fairy tales. She kissed me again with enough force that it took all the will I had to not cave in. “Nope, not gonna tell.”

“Well what if I. . .” She lowered her hands down to my belt.

I growled. “Keep doing that and we’ll miss our flight. Grab your bag and lets go!” I had gone crimson from one head to the other, all the way up to my ears.


We made it to the small Bed and Breakfast out in France. I was totally surprised that Ellis hadn’t booked us a hotel room at the usual place. Hana screamed when she saw it. I was in awe I just held onto her as she jumped up and down. “Thank you.” She whispered into my ear.

“Thank Ellis, this was her gift.” I kissed her and grabbed her hand before walking towards the little B&B.


Hana went through the doors straight to the bathroom and locked it. I smiled. My girl wanted to surprise me. I tore off all but my boxers and jumped onto the bed. “Hana hurry up.” I wasn’t nervous – well, okay, maybe I was. I really was. Are my hands really sweating? I wiped my hands on my boxers, checked my breath – twice. Checked my boxers – I didn’t want to, um, disappoint my new bride.

“Hana!” I whined. I wanted her so badly!


Hana walked in and I was actually kind of disappointed that she didn’t have any sexy new lingerie. She wore the same clothes she wore to bed, night after night. I smiled though, just the thought of tearing it off her body had me hard in a second. I smiled an evil grin.

“What are you thinking?” She asked me. She, I could tell, was really nervous.

“Just you. . . nekkid.” She stopped for a bit and I watched as she took deep breaths. Shit. Was she. . . afraid? “Hana, you okay? I, uh, didn’t scare you, did I?”

She nodded, but to what question, I wasn’t sure.


Hana scooted on the bed and sat there. I was now completely nervous. This was Hana! I mean, was I about to. . . Holy Crap! I’ve dreamed of this day. Hell, I’ve jacked off to this moment since I was FOURTEEN! And now! My head was spinning. I was really going to make love to the woman of my dreams! I wiped the seat from my hands on my boxers again and looked at her with a small grin. “Nervous?” I asked, with a slight little nervous laugh.

She nodded and tried to smile. “Parker. . .” She took my hand and squeezed it. “I’ve never actually. . . I mean, I have, but. . .”


I pulled her towards me and kissed her temple. “Shhh, relax. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

She nodded. “He. . .” She looked at me and showed a little smile before she frowned again. “Asmeed and I. . . Well, we had sex, but it wasn’t. . .” She sighed and started to cry. I wiped her tears and kissed her again, but said nothing. I knew she just needed me to hold her while she told me her fears, and I hoped she’d also tell me her desires. “When we did do it, I just laid there. I didn’t like it. Never wanted it. . . I guess I’m. . .”

“Shhh, I’m nervous too.” I kissed her again.


I pulled her closer to me and slid my hand to her hip. She looked at me with a half-heart smile. “Hana, I love you. I want to make love to you, but I want you to want it. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. I’ll go at your pace.” I lightly rubbed her hip.

She nodded and pushed my hand down her leg to the end of her gown. She slipped my hand under and smiled. “I want you, Parker. Just be. . . gentle.”


And I was gentle. I didn’t do anything she wasn’t ready. The first few hours I honored her body. I gave her attention. When she moaned and asked for more, I gave her more. When she pushed me away I sat up. When she asked to do things to me, my eye bout left my last socket, but I let her. When we finally consummated our relationship, I had never seen such pure bliss in ones eyes. Hana was in another world with me inside her, and so was I. Believe me, I saw stars the moment I entered her.


For the first day all we did was. . . Well, lets just say we never left the comfort of our bed. As she closed her eyes for the night I stared at her. She had a grin on her faced that envied mine. It was from ear to ear. I had never seen Hana as happy as she drifted off to sleep. Yeah, all thoughts of her previous husband left that day. I was actually thankful that the man was dead, because if he hadn’t been, he wouldn’t have much longer to live.


The next day Hana tried to sneak out of bed before I woke up. Little did she know that I was the lightest sleeper. I felt her the moment she woke up. Of course I pretended to be asleep. I only attacked when she started to stretch in front of the window, and yawn. I grabbed her, whipped her around and pinned her to the wall as I kissed her, rubbing my morning wood on her thigh. She laughed.


I backed off of her and looked down at her fine body. “Damn women, what you do to me.”

She laughed harder. “I need a shower.” I nodded. “I’m sticky and wet.”

I lifted my eyebrow, “Really?”

She smacked me. “Parker, I’m serious. I need a shower.” She grabbed her clothes from her bag and left the room. I was not far behind.


Screenshot-276I found her in the shower and just stared at her magnificent body. “Mmm, mmm, mmm!” I hummed as I took in my fill of her.

She jumped and turned to look at me while I started to remove my boxers. I slid behind her. “Care if I join?” I whispered into her ear, and wrapped my arms around her waist.

She arched into me. “Only if you’ll take care of me.”

“Honey, I will always take care of you.” I kissed the nape of her neck. And soon I had her back against the tile and hoisted up on my waist. God, I love this woman!


We spent the entire second day inside the house, neither of us wanting to even get dressed. As she napped I stroked her side. I was totally in love with Hana. I never wanted to let her go. As I sat there and watched her sleep, and listen to her soft moans, I thought about what brought us to France. I knew that I couldn’t keep myself locked up in a bedroom. I did have a job. I did have a purpose. Ellis didn’t just give me a honeymoon.

I sighed as I thought about how I was going to get the job done, without having Hana’s life be threatened. I planned on leaving this vacation with a wife at my side.  That was another thing, what was I going to tell Hana?


I got up early in the morning and started to dress. Hana followed suit. Shit. I actually hadn’t planned on telling her I was going out, but she looked as if she was planning to follow my every lead. “So, where we going?” She asked.

I took her by the hands and smiled. “No where.” She looked at me confused and I just looked back at her with a guilty expression. “We aren’t going anywhere. I am.”


“What do you mean we aren’t?” She asked. She looked upset, pissed, angry. Crap.

I sighed. “I uh. . .um. . . So here’s the deal. . .” I bit on my lower lip, which only made matters worse.

“Spit it out Parker!”

“Okay.” I sighed. “You know how I said Ellis gave us this honeymoon as a wedding gift?” She nodded. “Well. . .”

“It’s a mission isn’t it?” She huffed. “I knew this was all too good to be true.”

“I’m sorry. Look, I’ll make it up to you. The rest of the week, we’ll go out, have fun, and do whatever you want to do. Hell, I’ll even give you my credit card and you can go out shopping in Paris while I’m doing this thing I gotta do. I promise I won’t take long. I swear!”

She narrowed her eyes before she accept. “All right, but if you get hurt, there will be repercussions.”

Gulp. I’d really hate to know what she’d do if I got even a tiny scratch.


She followed me out the door. I kissed her and headed for the closest bus stop. She yelled as I ran off. “PARKER! You better bring back my James Bond!”

“Anything for you, MY MONEYPENNY!” I screamed back to her. She laughed and wandered back inside.


I got to the mansion that I swore I’d never see ever again. I jimmied the lock, and carefully walked inside. From the reports I got from Ellis, they said that Fournier was laying low in one of his hideouts, but no one was sure what that meant. No one knew where any of his hideouts were located. My job was simple – gather intel and find the guy. The only problem with the house in France was that it was HUGE!

I started with the downstairs first going through all the rooms. I didn’t realize someone needed two kitchens and three dining rooms! Stupid rich people. I still don’t understand why there’s so many sitting –


“Don’t move.”

Crap. Really, this is all my fault, I was too involved at thinking about the damn house that I wasn’t paying any attention.

“Gun?” He asked me.

“Jacket.” I opened the side of my jacket far enough for the gunman to take it. Afterwards, he spun me around and slammed me up against the bookshelves.


He started to laugh when he noticed it was me. Of course I recognized him, I could never forget the man that used my body as a punching bag. “I thought I killed you?” He asked.

“You wish. Your aim is worse than a blind man’s.”

He stuck the barrel of his gun against my neck. “How well do you think it is now?” He sneered. “I could shoot you now, kill you, leave you here to rot. Then I could go to that B&B and find me some nice tail. I bet that woman your with is –


Screenshot-319I didn’t let him finish his sentence. Rage and adrenaline hit with him just mentioning Hana. I knocked him on his feet and beat the living daylights out of him and his face. Both of our guns were thrown across the room. Even though all I could see was red, I kept him alive – at least for a minute. “Where’s Fournier!” I screamed at him.

He smiled a bloody smile. “Why should I tell you? We’re both dead men.” He laughed and rolled his face over across the room. “I set this place to blow in less than a minute.”

I turned my head and saw what he was looking at, a detonator was behind a small lamp. Shit. I punched the guy one last time for good measure and ran, and I mean I RAN!

Screenshot-307 Explosion

I didn’t look back as I heard the explosions. Small, big, all I know is that every explosion scared me to death. I could feel the heat on my shoes as I ran for my life. I jumped over the gorgeous fountain and rolled before high tailing out of the area. My knee hurt, but I fought the pain as I ran.


I walked after leaving Fournier’s blown up palace. I tried to get my breathing and heartbeat under control. My knee was screaming in pain, but I ignored it. I walked for miles before hailing a cab. I needed to get back to Hana and make sure she was safe. When the taxi stopped outside of the B&B, my heart nearly stopped. I was just praying that Hana was inside, safe. I also hope she doesn’t notice the burns on my ankles or hands.


When I got to our room, I was nearly knocked down. OH MY GOD! “Do you like?” She asked in her shy voice. She was so nervous.

“Hana! Y-y-y-your. . .” Did I say OH MY GOD! My heart was beating fast and I couldn’t form words, she was so gorgeous!

“Y-y-you d-d-don’t like?” She started to cry.


I rushed towards her, lifter her up and spun her before kissing her. I ran my fingers through her hair and smiled. “You are the most stunning creature I have ever laid my eye on, Hana Rain.”

“So you like it?”

“I LOVE it. I love your hair, your body, everything about you. But my question is babe, do you like it? Cause new or old Hana, I love you.”

“I like it.” She bit her lip. “I’m just not sure about the hair.”

“Leave it, it’s gorgeous.” I actually tried to wink, and she laughed which got me to laugh with her. “That really doesn’t work for me does it?”

“It’s cute, but no.”


We didn’t stay in the B&B the entire time we were in France. After my mission ended, I called Ellis. Though, she was disappointed, she was happy I was alive. She then told me to have fun in France. So, that’s what Hana and I did.

We played in the fountain in downtown Champs Le Sims. We splashed each other. When I caught her face she hit me and we laughed hard. “You’re so mean Park.” She teased.


We also shared kisses in town. No matter where we were we seemed to find each other kissing. She’s the greatest, I swear. If only at those times we weren’t in public. I could stay in bed all day with her, but she insisted that a honeymoon wasn’t all about the bedroom. If only!


I of course took her out to eat – a lot. I mean we did work up an appetite. We went to all the finest places and tried out all the local cuisines. I never imagined myself eating frog legs, nor did I ever think that they’d taste good. I did enjoy eating the fine foods, but I also found myself hungry for one thing. Hana, though always had other things in mind when it came to desert – like chocolate covered strawberries and ice cream – and not in the way I intended to eat it!


The best part of France was the spectacular views. Our last night we asked the taxi driver to take us to the best and most romantic view of the city. He drove a ways and stopped in the middle of nowhere, then pointed. We walked up the hill and both of us were blown away by the sheer beauty that was before us.


We sat there in the grass and held each other. We gazed at the stars and the Eiffel Tower. The sight was one that neither of us would ever forget. It was the most amazing place to be on the planet, and it was even better that I had Hana in my arms as we stared together. She and I didn’t say much, we just sat and took in the view. Though we did share a few kisses, and that made it better.


We watched and gazed at the gorgeous horizon, but I also couldn’t help but stare at the beauty next to me. “Hana, I love you.” I whispered.

“I love you too, Parker. Thank you for accepting the mission.” She said with a sly smile.

“Thank you for not beating the shit out of me when I told you about it.” I added. We both laughed and I kissed her again. “Lets go back to the B&B, and enjoy a different kind of view.”


When we returned, our attention was on each other. Screaming and moaning. We held each other’s hands as both of us were getting to that point. We both wanted to scream, to have release. Hana’s screams of “fuck, fuck, fuck” had me smiling. I’ve never heard her scream like that. Then when she screamed my name even louder, that was my undoing. I arched my neck and pushed inside her as deep as I could, screaming her name.


I collapsed on Hana. We both struggled with our breathing. “Oh fuck, Hana.” I whispered. I was panting and we were both drenched with sweat.

She patted my ass. “I know.”

“Do we have to leave France?”

She laughed and I joined in. “I’m afraid so babe.”

We returned home the next day after a fourteen hour flight. I was tired and a bit on edge. Hana and I were split up on the first plane and I had to sit between two people that neither knew the meaning of a shower and hygiene, and didn’t know that the seats were made for a certain weight limit. Hana got a window seat right next to a kid that slept the entire way. It was so not fair!

The second flight wasn’t better. I made a scene because the overhead compartment kept opening and my carry-on kept falling out – then my, um, gun fell out of its case. Needless to say that I spent the last six hours in handcuffs sitting next to a very pissed off air marshal. I wasn’t even allowed to pee or sit next to my wife. No matter what I said, the air marshal wouldn’t believe me. Luckily once we landed, SIA was able to contact Homeland Security and an hour after landing I was released from custody, but not before being warned about carrying guns onto planes was and will always be a HUGE NO-NO!

Needless to say, I was very cranky and when I opened up the door to my parents apartment to pick up the kids and the first thing I hear is a movie that I didn’t want my kids to see, had me more than a bit pissed off. All I heard was “HEY YOU GUYS!” and I saw red. Hana laughed, but of course she thought the entire trip home was the funniest thing ever for me.


It didn’t help when Oni came running in screaming “Won-eye Willie!” Hana couldn’t contain herself, she lost it in the hallway. Great! He ran straight to me and continued his chant of One Eyed Willie. Why did my parents let my kids watch The Goonies? Wasn’t it bad enough that their favorite movies were the Pirates of the Caribbean series?

I picked up Oni and tossed him in the air. “What are you doin’ calling daddy, One-Eyed Willie?” I asked him.

He laughed and pointed at my eye-patch. “Willie!” he shouted.

“Try daddy.” I told him as I kissed his temple. “Daddy.”

“Daddy!” and he kissed me back. I knew I loved this kid.


I walked in to find my sister, dad, and Jahi all laughing and watching the movie. “Seriously dad, The Goonies?”

He shrugged at me. “What? It’s a classic.”

“One-Eye WILLIE!” Jahi yelled when she noticed me. I rolled my eye and the entire room started to laugh, including Hana. Did I not mention how pissed off I was from the days events?

“Thanks, Travis.” I seethed.

Dad laughed harder, “That name don’t affect me and you know it, Willie.” He winked which pissed me off even more.

“Jahi, lets go.”


“But it’s almost over!” She whined!

“Yeah, come on Park, it’s got like ten minutes left.” Dad chimed in.

Hana whispered in my ear, “Give her ten minutes.” I looked at the entire room and shook my head.

“Fine.” I growled and walked with Oni into another room until the movie was over. Hana stayed and watched the end with Jahi and the others. Mom was in her room reading a book so I visited her. She told me that Jahi and dad had been watching that movie over and over again the entire week, and she was getting sick of it. I didn’t blame her.


After the movie finally ended we headed home. In the elevator I took the back corner and just seethed at both Hana and Jahi as they talked. Jahi told Hana that grandpa gave her the DVD to take home, and Hana said that she couldn’t wait to watch it with her. I huffed. I really hated that movie. “But we’ll have to wait till daddy gets his head out of his butt.” The two laughed.

“You know I should just take that DVD and toss it out of the car.” I said to Hana.

“You will not!” She smacked me in the back of the head. “Be nice, Parker.” She whispered and hinted that I better straighten out my attitude if I wanted to sleep next to her. Needless to say, I kept my mouth shut for the rest of the ride home.


Hana and Jahi rushed into the door while I had to unbuckle little Oni out of his car seat. I walked in the house and was blown away by what my parents had done in under a week. They had the place set up for the four of us. Everything was moved in. My pictures were all up on the walls. I was really impressed and didn’t want to do anything, bust stare at my new house. That was until Oni started to cry because he was tired.


I found his room quickly enough. I undressed my boy and put on some night-time pamper diapers on him – just in case. He was still throwing a small tantrum, so I held him and hummed the only song I could think of, the theme from James Bond. As I did, Jahi peered in the door, “Daddy, will you read me a bedtime story?” She asked. I nodded without stopping my humming.

Oni stopped crying and said, “Daddy sleepy.”

“Yes, you are.” And so am I. I placed him in his crib and gave him a kiss goodnight. He looked around for his Puzzle. “I’ll go find him.” I said before he started to cry. Once found, I placed Puzzle inside Oni’s crib with him and the two fell asleep.


I found Jahi in bed, ready for bedtime. She held a book in hand and waited for me to take it. “You know, I should just let you go to bed without a story.” I huffed.

“But you promised!” She almost yelled. “PLEASE DADDY!”

“Okay, but no more One-Eye Willy jokes, that really hurts me, okay?” She nodded. “Say it, promise me.”

“I promise.” Then she made a cross over her heart and I smiled. I caved in and finished off the last chapter of the Fourth Harry Potter book.


Once she was asleep I gave her a kiss goodnight. “Sweet dreams, my princess.” I whispered and was happy that my sister wasn’t there to bark out a nasty comment back. I couldn’t believe I was finally in my home, with my family.


I found Hana asleep in our room. I guess traveling did take it’s toll out on her. After getting undressed and ready for bed, I slipped under the covers with her. I took her hands and kissed them. I also ran my hand through her hair once and whispered “I’m sorry” to her and she mumbled something that I really couldn’t make out. I totally owed her for my behavior.


It really didn’t take long for Hana to forgive me. She understood about the stress from the day. Within a few weeks we were more and more in love. We practically lived in our room! Hana whipped out different lingerie every night. She was hot and always wanting.


Of course she wasn’t the only one that was always wanting. I couldn’t get enough of Hana. Whenever I walked in the room after putting down both kids, she would be in a skimpy teddy and I’d just would gawk at her. Her body was a thing of beauty, and it was all mine to worship!


Screenshot-382I did finally come to the conclusion that the master bathroom was my favorite room in the house! Seriously, instead of sharing a bathroom with four other people, our house had three bathrooms – one of which attached to our bedroom! Of course I love walking in when I hear the shower running, because I know who’s inside.


Of course we didn’t forget we had two kids in our house. Oni was easier to take care of. As long as Puzzle was in his arms, he was the happiest camper. He loved his room, too. I would hear him talk to Puzzle while he played with his airplanes and rockets. He was such an amazing little boy.


Jahi loved, and I mean loved the backyard during the summer. She was so happy that Hana and I were married the beginning of summer so she could have fun at home before heading back to school. She couldn’t believe there was a slip-n-slide. She loved it more than anything. She tried to get me to go on it a few times, but Hana was strict when it came to my knee. I was not allowed to go anywhere near it.


Just because I wasn’t allowed to play on the slip-n-slide, doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun over those precious summer months with Jahi. We loved the pool. Together we played all kinds of games, but our favorite was having water fights.


Hana joined us outside, but refused to put on a swim suit and joined the fun. The worst part about her coming to join us outside is if I was on the slip-n-slide. One afternoon I didn’t see Hana coming outside and Jahi was cheering me to go down. As I was flying in air, landing on my belly (knees up) I heard “PARKER RAIN!” When I got to the end, she shook her head and I was actually “grounded” from going outside. Don’t ask. . .


Jahi made fun of me the entire week I was “grounded.” Yet, she always joined me inside the house to play video games and watch Oni when Hana was at summer school. Jahi loved playing video games with me. She loved racing games and jack-knifing my car so I would go backwards, and lose while she wins. She’s such a cheater, but I don’t care. It’s just fun hearing Jahi laugh and cheer herself on.


But it wasn’t always smiles with Jahi. When we were outside while Hana cooked lunch, everything was fine. I just finished swimming my laps when I heard Hana scream, “Lunch is ready!” I got out and dried off. Hana opened the sliding glass door, “Park can you get Jahi, lunch is ready.”

I nodded. “No prob.” I walked over to the fort Jahi was playing in and called out.


Jah-ighegdhstrh.” I didn’t realize that Jahi had a trap for me. She dumped a bucket of ice water right on top of me and my towel.


“JAHI!” I screamed. I was completely soaked and the towel was drenched and useless.

Jahi started to laugh. “Sorry, dad.”

“No you aren’t. Get down, lunch is ready.” I ordered.

“Okay.” She slid down the pole behind the fort. She smiled and laughed at me, before bolting. I chased after her, and when I caught her at the door, I threw her over my cold shoulder. We both laughed all the way inside the house and to the dining room table.


Of course at that time I wished I had known what she did earlier in the day. . .


After lunch I hopped in to take a quick shower while Jahi headed back outside to play. I didn’t notice the dye, and frankly I wish I did. I walked out and just before I grabbed the towel off the rack, I noticed my reflection in the mirror. Blue – no wait TURQUOISE! My hair from head to . . . Well lets say turquoise isn’t my color. I didn’t mind the prank. . . much. However, I noticed that my hair wasn’t the only thing that turned blue. My favorite patch had dye on it.


It took me thirty minutes to wash out my hair from the dye. When twenty minutes passed scrubbing my patch, I was getting pissed. The color wasn’t coming out. I ended up screaming in frustration, looking at myself in the reflection at the sink. “HANA!” I screamed. “GET IN HERE!”

Hana came in and took an unconscious step back from the shock. I didn’t mind. I did the same thing at times when I saw my reflection. “Y-y-yea?”

“Can you get me another patch?” I asked. I showed her my favorite one. “Look at what our lovely daughter did.”

Hana gasped and took the turquoise stained patch. “Oh Park, I’m so sorry. I’ll try and get it out.”

I nodded. Hana went back into the bedroom and within seconds she came back and handed me another patch. I had multiple ones. They itched constantly and I switched them out when they needed to be washed. “Thanks.” I told her as I put it on.

“You need to talk to her.” Hana said.

“Believe me, I will.”


I walked out and saw Jahi running to the front of the slip-n-slide. “JAHI BADAWI RAIN!” I yelled.

She skidded to a halt and faced me. “Yea daddy?” She smiled.

“Get over here, now!” I ordered.


I showed her my favorite eye-patch. “Would you like to explain why there was a packet of dye hooked up to the shower?”

She shook her head, but bit her bottom lip. She knew she was in a lot of trouble.

“First, I want an apology. Second, you ever do that again, and you won’t be seeing this backyard for a long, long time.”

“How long?” She asked as she wiped her eyes of tears.

“Lets just say it will be too cold to swim or play on the slip-n-slide.” She gasped. “Now, before you go in your room and sit on that bed of yours for an hour, you are going to apologize. That was a mean and thoughtless thing you did. You ruined my favorite patch, and I don’t appreciate it.”

“I-I-I, um, I’m sorry.” She started to cry. “I really am sorry, daddy.”

“Thank you. Now go to your room.” She nodded and ran inside. I could hear her cry all the way inside the house.


Summer eventually ended and school started for both Hana and Jahi. I was in charge of taking care of Oni when I wasn’t working at SIA. Jahi loved and hated school. She loved being back with her friends. She hated the amount of homework she got since she started junior high. She was in sixth grade – I couldn’t even believe it. I know she was brought in my life late, but still, she was growing up too fast for me.

I loved when I could help her out with school work. She had trouble with geography and history. I knew geography, and helped her as much as I could. Science and math went to Hana, and the three of us worked together on the English homework.


After begging for months, and Hana and I arguing about cost, we finally caved in and signed Jahi up for ballet dancing. Jahi wanted to join because her friend, Deidre had joined. Jahi fell in love with dancing and often came home from practice with Hana in her pink little too-too. She also loved showing her dad what she learned that day. “Watch daddy, watch!” She’d scream as she was parading around in her dress. “WATCH!”

“Okay, Jahi, I’m watching.” I’d then give her all the attention she needed.


I know I talk a lot about Jahi, but I never forget quiet little Oni. Oni’s the quietest little toddler. He hardly ever wants to venture past his room. He loves his pirate treasure chest. “Aggg!” He’d cry out and try to scare me. I often find him in it, saying he’s playing with “tweasuaw!” (Treasure, in toddler speak).

“Are you protecting it?” I asked.

He nodded. “From piwates!”

“And where are the pirates?” He’d point to me and I’d feel a little sheepish, knowing I totally walked into that one. “ARG!!!” I’d scream and he’d squeal, pulling out a plastic little sword.


Oni may be quiet during the day, but he shows off his lungs at night. In a new house, in a new environment, he finds more and more things to be afraid of. I often myself rescuing him from a nightmare, and holding him as he cried himself back to sleep. “It’s okay, daddy’s here.” He held me closer when I soothed him.


The time finally came since we’ve returned from France, when Ellis called me. She gave me my latest mission. This time I was heading to Italy for a few months. Hana found me early that morning. I was in the kitchen grabbing a small breakfast before heading to the airport. “I’ll miss you.” She said over a yawn.

I held her in my arms, “I’ll miss you more.” I kissed her. “I’ll be back as soon as the mission is over.”

“You better, I need my James Bond.”

“And I need my Moneypenny.” I kissed her again before heading out the door.


Of course while I was gone, life continued on at home. Half-way through my mission I caught the date on my phone and about panicked. It was Oni’s birthday. I knew Hana wasn’t going to do anything huge. My parents were in Paris. My sister was in boarding school – and I was the most happiest about that. My uncle was in New York working on a movie. So, since no one was around, Hana just had the three of them celebrating it. It broke my heart that I had to miss it.


I felt so guilty knowing I was missing his big day. He was five years old and growing up fast. That evening when I had a break I called Hana and asked for my son. Oni was on the phone in the matter of seconds. “Daddy?”

“Hey, happy birthday! What are you twenty-thirty?”

“I’m five dad. Where are you?”

“Italy. I’m staring at this building that’s leaning and it looks as if its gonna fall, but it never does.”

“That’s so COOL!” He shouted. “Did you get me anything?”

“Of course. Have you been in your room?” I asked. I heard him running and his feet on the hardwood floor.

Next thing I heard Oni scream, “OH MY GOD!” He got back on the phone, “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

“You like it then? Your mom thought you would want it, and I ordered it last week.”

“Thanks daddy. So, when you coming home?”

“As soon as I can.” I looked at my target I was tailing leave the building across the street, I had no time left. “Look bud, I love you, but work calls. Tell mom and Jahi I love them, okay.”

“Okay, love you too daddy.” We hung up and I ran down the street and hopped in an open cab. Thankfully a call on the phone can be the perfect cover.


The present that I got Oni was a small science kit for him. I didn’t realize how much he would love it, until I talked to Hana a few weeks later. She told me that she never sees him outside of that room thanks to the science kit. He loves doing “experiments.” Though the lab experiments are mostly water and food coloring. She did tell him that nothing was allowed to leave the table. (We didn’t want another bathroom incident.)


It was almost four months before I returned home. I was so happy to see Bridgeport. I was even more excited when I surprised Hana outside the house. The taxi had pulled up just as she was heading back in from getting the mail. “Hana!” I shouted. She turned and screamed my name back. I ran into her arms and kissed her. She couldn’t get me closer to her body, she tugged on me like I was a lifesaving device.


I finally broke contact just enough to take a good long look at her. God, she was sexier than I remembered. “You didn’t tell me you were coming home!” She smacked me.

“Didn’t know until I got to the airport.” I smiled. “So, where’s the kids?”

“Jahi is at Deidre’s for a sleepover and Oni’s at grandpa’s. Travis and him went to the movies and now are camping out.”

It didn’t take long for me to come to the conclusion that my wife and I were alone and would be all night long. “Sooo, what your saying is, we have the house to our selves?” I asked with a grin. She smiled back, but didn’t say anything. Instead she dragged me by my belt to the backyard.


I watched Hana shed her clothes and enter the spa first. I couldn’t just shed my clothes, I had to deal with my gun and holster. I smiled sheepishly and excused myself, before running inside and putting my gun in the safe we have. I ran back outside and hopped out of my clothes as I jumped into the spa. I wrapped my hands around Hana, “Now where was I? Oh yes. . .1

She giggled and we started to make out. “How long do we got before the kids are home?” I whispered between intense kisses.

“Tomorrow morning.” She whispered and nibbled on my ear.

“So. . . Plenty of time?” I lifted her up from the seat and hoisted her onto my lap. That was only round one. . . .


A few weeks passed, and life was pretty normal around the house. Hana started her training at the hospital. She was almost completely done with school. I worked odd jobs in town with SIA. Mostly they hired me to do PI stuff for the government. Nothing I couldn’t handle.

As for the kids, well, lets just say they were not what Hana and I expected. Not long after I returned home, they both vied for my attention. There was name calling and teasing. They had a battle going on with the fort. Neither of them wanted to share the place.


One afternoon while I was cleaning the pool, I watched as Oni marched to the fort. He had determination written on his face. He looked up the fort and started to scream, “JAHI! LET ME UP! NOW!”

I watched as Jahi stuck her head out, “NO BOYS ALLOWED!”

“That’s not fair!” Oni yelled back.

“Well tough, this is my fort! Go get your own!”


I really tried to not pay attention, and then it happened. . . again. “I’m telling dad!” Oni yelled. I didn’t want to get in the middle of this. I was just wanting to clean the pool and get the hell out of there before they declared World War Three in my backyard. Oni turned around and looked at me, “Dad!” He whined, “Jahi won’t let me up to fort!”

I looked up and saw Jahi waiting for my approval – which I couldn’t give. “Jahi, let him up there.” I said.

She gasped in shock, “But it’s my fort!”

“No, it’s BOTH of your guy’s fort. Now let Oni up and play nicely or come down and take a seat on your bed.”

She looked down and I watched her roll her eyes. “Fine, come up Oni.”


And if that wasn’t the worst of it, Hana decided to get sick. It wasn’t just a twenty-four hour stomach flu either. Hana was really sick. She had to call the hospital and take days off, which she really couldn’t afford. Every morning I heard her puking from bed and I hated it. I hated that she was suffering.

Finally one morning after two weeks of non-stop puking in the morning I suggested her to go to the doctors. I was standing at the door watching her. “Please, go and get checked out.”

She shook her head and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “I don’t think I’m sick.” She puked before she could finish her thought. I waited. She looked up to me and didn’t smile, but didn’t look upset either. “Parker, I think I might be . . .” She puked and I didn’t need her to finish the sentence.


Two days later and after a trip to the grocery store I was sitting on my bed waiting. Hana was in the bathroom peeing on a stick, and I sat there with my stomach in knots. Pregnant, that’s what we were both thinking. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Hana being pregnant. At first I was nervous, I mean what did I know about babies? Then there was Jahi and Oni, what would they think of me? Would they think that I’d love them less, because I have my own child? I knew I wouldn’t. I loved the two of them like they were my own flesh and blood. Yet, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted any more kids. Jahi and Oni were wonderful, and I felt like my family was complete. Yet, there was also that feeling of excitement.


I heard the door open and I looked up. Hana was smiling, but she also had a worried expression on her face. I couldn’t read her. “Well?” I asked as I tried hard to swallow the small lump that had formed in my throat.

“We’re pregnant.” She smiled.


I stood and rushed over to her. I picked her up and twirled her around. My heart was racing. I was going to be a father! “Are you sure?” I asked, trying to contain my excitement that I didn’t even know I had.

She nodded.

I assaulted her mouth with the most intense kiss. I poured all my excitement, my joy, and even my nervousness into that one kiss. I wanted her to know that I was happy for this bit of news. I wasn’t sure if she was, but the way she reciprocated the kiss, I knew she had to be just as excited.


After the intense kiss I stepped back. I was still in awe of this whole thing that my head started to spin. I looked down and saw Hana’s belly. It hadn’t changed, she still looked like Hana. Yet, I knew that right under her skin, a little baby – my little baby – was growing inside her. I rubbed Hana’s belly and smiled, still shocked with the news that we both had just received.


Then it hit me. . . I was going to be his or hers father. I was going to be responsible for someone so small, so precious. . . Hell, was I even ready for this type of responsibility?

Bond References:

1. Connery, S. (Actor). (1964). Goldfinger. [DVD].

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10 Responses to Parker Rain: Chapter 14

  1. hrootbeer says:

    Of course he’s ready. He’s wonderful with Hana’s children. But will he still want to go on risky missions if he has a child waiting at home? I know he goes while his wife waits, but to leave a kid is something else entirely.

    I loved the honeymoon. The explosion picture was awesome. I also like Hana’s hair down.

    • Questions that I cannot answer. Sorry H, but you are going to have to wait and find out, lol.

      I think deep down he knows he’s ready, but I think the shock of it is just hitting him. They weren’t planning this pregnancy – though I was hahahaha.

      That pic was on my Facebook and got a lot of good reviews too. As for Hana, I wanted her to change her look a bit. She knows Parker loves her hair, and since she no longer lives in Egypt, she decided to go with it.

  2. StyxLady says:

    Aww, that last picture of Parker’s face was SO sweet! I’m excited for them…can’t wait to meet their baby! 😉 Park’s already a great dad to Jahi and Oni…he’s got nothing to worry about.

    “I had gone crimson from one head to the other, all the way up to my ears.” Hahahah that totally cracked me up. XD

    This chapter was amazing! Loved the explosion picture and that picture of them sitting on the hill looking at the eiffel tower…so beautiful!

    • Its not like you haven’t SEEN him/her already Cait. LoL. I give you way too many spoilers you know that! And when he made that face, I knew I had to put that pic there, it really does look like he’s happy and nervous all at the same time. LoL. He’s an excellent father thats for sure – much better than Travis 😉

  3. Emy says:

    I loved this chapter – it was so awesome!! Some of the shots you got in France were absolutely amazing. Also, what is that guy? A cockroach? XD If he comes back again… definitely a cockroach.

    And Oni’s a cutie. ❤ I can't wait until Parker's dealing with a teenage Jahi, hehehe. I love how he acts with the kids.

    And what's he talking about?? He's going to be awesome with his own kid. (My descriptive powers seem to have died. XD)

    OMG PARKER BABY!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    • Don’t worry that guy won’t be coming back – he, um, kinda blew up 😉 Muwhahaha. He’s one of Fournier’s paid assassins/terrorist, so yeah a cockroach is a good term for him.

      I heart Oni. I think he’s gonna have mix genes between Asmeed and Hana. (Asmeed is Zaki Kendrick from Hrootbeer’s Kendrick Legacy if you want to go look him up and see.) And teenage Jahi is gonna be fun.

      He’s just nervous, but yeah he’ll be an amazing father. . . Okay now off to play so I can actually get this kid BORN!

  4. kris1079 says:

    So I saw your most recent update and realized that somehow I missed this one…not sure how I did that!! What a wonderful chapter!! Loved the honeymoon. I was worried for a minute that Parker wouldn’t make it home to Hana, but glad he wasn’t the one that got blown up. Loved the explosion pic!!! I’m so excited to see Hana and Parker’s baby…I’m sure he/she will be gorgeous!!

  5. Awww I’m so happy things are going so well for Parker and Hana! I can’t wait to see what their baby looks like!

  6. Great chapter! Hana is so beautiful, and Oni is still one of the cutest in-game kids I’ve ever seen. 🙂

  7. They are such a beautiful couple, he’s already a great Dad, no need to worry!

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