Parker Rain: Chapter 12


Dear Parker,

Well you just missed the day where your father bout nearly died. Your sister decided that she was going to get some piercings. I can’t believe her. She told Travis that is was her body and she could do what she wanted to with it. I swear I don’t understand that sister of yours. Hell, I think your dad and I are wishing that we only had to deal with the same shit you gave us at her age. Anyways, I love you – Mom.


Can you calmly explain to me why its okay for a teenager to get her face pierced? Sure, I don’t mind the occasional earring, but FIFTEEN PEIRCINGS! What’s worse is that she had her friends do it to her, she didn’t even go to the tattoo shop – though now that I think of it I’m glad she didn’t. God knows what she would have done at a tattoo parlor. Anyways, get better kid. Love you lots – Dad.



Why can’t mom and dad see that I’m only expressing my true self? Oh my GOD! After I got the piercings and cut my hair dad had the fucking balls to ask if I was a “dike?” What kind of fuck up question is that? I mean holy shit, I’m only fourteen, I don’t even know what I like. Sure guys are cute, but there are some pretty hot ass babes at school to. I dunno, I think I’m bi  – you repeat that to anyone and I’ll kill you. Of course I told dad I loved cock. I don’t think I have ever seen that vain in his forehead get that big. Holy shit it was funny as hell!  Love you and miss you, Les

My sister turned fourteen and with that, a fuck load of problems. While I was in rehab I received a ton of letters from all of them. I swear my sister is going to put dad into an early grave. I nearly laughed when they sent me a photo of Leslie with her piercings. And they said I was the bad one.


Dear Parker,

You are not going to believe what your sister has been up to. Its too funny I can’t even see straight as I write. . . Anyways, your sister has been begging your father to teach her how to drive. . . .

Drive? What the fuck? She’s only fourteen, she doesn’t need to be driving! What the hell are my parents thinking?

. . . The more shocking part is that your dad agreed after a week of non-stop begging. I don’t know who’s crazier, the guy that gave your sister the learner’s permit at the DMV or your dad. Love you lots, Mom.


Holy fuck Parker! I HAVE MY LEARNERS PERMIT! And the better news . . . DAD BOUGHT ME A CAR!

Excuse me what now? He did what? That son of a bitch!

It’s sooo cool bro! Dad’s been teaching me how to drive, though I wish he’d chillaxe a bit. He keeps stomping his foot on the floor and bracing himself for what he believes will be his death. Haha. I’m not that bad, really I’m not. Sure I keep stalling the car, but dad wouldn’t listen when I asked for an automatic. Nope he went “Leslie, everyone should know how to drive a stick.” Can you believe that shit? Anyways, gotta go. Charlie’s here to go hang out at the movies. She’s fucking awesome! – Leslie


“Parker, I think I may have lost all my marbles these past few weeks. . . .

No shit, dad.

. . . I don’t really know what happened. First she past that stupid test and then I was at the dealership buying her a car. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Seriously, I think I need to be put down or something. Mom bout died when she saw the car. Then when Leslie and I got in she laughed at me. Oh God, your sister can’t drive worth shit. I’d have to say that I’ve never been as terrified as I have when driving with your sister behind the wheel. Lots of love, hope your recovering. Stay safe, Dad.


Dear Parker,

Well your sister and dad are at it again. This time your room has become a victim in the mess. Apparently Leslie thinks she’s too old for her bedroom as it is. Sure it’s all dolled up and princess-y, but your father refuses to change the room. He keeps telling her that she’s his princess. Clearly she hates that. I tried talking some sense into dad, but you know how he gets. So, thanks to your father’s refusal, Leslie has commandeered your room for the time being. . . .



“Hello,” mom answered.

“What the hell is going on over there!?!” I screamed as loud as I could in the darken hallway. It was late and way after hours at the hospital. I wasn’t even aloud out of my room, but I had to take care of this issue. That’s my room and no one, I mean NO ONE, is aloud in it!

“Well hello to you too, Parker. How’s rehab?”

“Mom, what the hell is going on? Why’s Les in my room? I want her ass out of my bed.”

“Park, calm down.”

“NO! I will not calm down! That’s my room mom! If dad won’t get her new shit for her room than fuck, oh well. Let her suffer. I want her out of my room and out of me bed, and I mean it mom!” I was pissed beyond reason. I felt a tad bit guilty yelling at mom, but this shit had to stop.

“Park, calm down. She’s only doing it cause she misses her broth –“

“BULLSHIT! She doesn’t give a fuck about me. She’s the fucking spoiled rotten princess that get’s everything she wants. I want her out of my room!”

“Okay, Parker. I’ll take care of it. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Yeah okay. Love you mom.” And I hung up and quickly and quietly snuck back into my room. Shit I needed to drink. I really did. I slammed my hand in the pillow and screamed loud enough to wake my roommate up. Oooops.


Dear Parker,

Well your sister has done it this time. Yesterday the school called stating that it had been flooded and your sister was on camera with her friends clogging up all the pipes. Next I get a call from this woman who said that Leslie was just caught throwing eggs onto their property. I don’t really know what’s with your sister these days. The woman that had called was a mother to one of Leslie’s friends, or I thought they were friends. I don’t know. – Mom.

Park –

Charlie dumped me! I can’t believe that bitch! What’s worse it was her idea to flood the school. I just went along with it. Now I’m suspended, dad took the car, and now my only friend hates me. I really thought I liked her. Anyways, how’s sobriety? I think I may need a drink. Though I think that would be crossing a line and dad would for sure kill me without a moment’s thought. Anyways, love you, Les.


Dear Mom and dad, (And Leslie)

All I have to say is. . . wow. And I thought I had it bad sitting by myself in a padded room. I should tell you about that, shouldn’t I? Okay, so I’ve been having nightmares, more now since I am sober. Anyways I went all manic on them and started to tear at my eye socket. Anyway, I was bleeding and scratching my face – screaming in pain – when the doctors and nurses called me. Now, I’ve been committed in a psych ward. Don’t know how long I’ll be here. Sorry I haven’t gotten to you sooner, I just received privileges to have a paper and a crayon. Don’t worry though, I’m getting better. Docs have me on some anti-depressants and a sleep aid.

First and foremost, I just needed to get this out of the way, dad – just a quick question, who’s your favorite now? Ha-ha-ha. Sorry, I had to go there.

Les, I know it’s hard, but it will get better. Trust me on this. I was in love for far too long. I almost drank myself to death because I couldn’t let go. Now, I have. Though I miss her, I finally found myself moving on and moving forward. Hell, I might just call this girl I met at the beach when I get out of here.

Anyways, I gotta hurry up and finish this letter before lights out. Mom, I love you. Sorry I yelled. I love you all. . . Parker


I returned home after almost six months in rehab and the psych ward. I couldn’t believe how much has changed. For me, I’m a different person than when I went in. I’m over Hana. I’m actually thinking about looking Melody up, the girl I met at the beach. Sure she’s not as beautiful as Hana, but I don’t care. I need to find someone who’s actually available and not dream about a married woman. That’s what part of my therapy helped me realize. The other part helped me get my pain, both physically and emotionally, under control.

When I arrived at the apartment complex after a day’s drive from Neverglade (I stayed in a hotel about three hours out of Bridgeport), I checked the mail. Normally I wouldn’t, but Ellis told me that she had a package waiting for me in the mail. Sure enough I found the papers. I was officially back in SIA! With a little extra swing in my step, I headed upstairs.


The doors were about to close when I heard the lobby door open and a little girl speak Arabic. I didn’t catch what she said, but the other voice that answered I recognized, especially when I heard her say my name. I looked out and there she was. “Hana?” I said. I couldn’t believe that she left Egypt. “Hana, is that really you?”

Hana gasped and smiled. “Parker!”


Hana put her son down on the ground and ran towards me. I caught her in a hug. She started to cry. “Oh my God, I didn’t think I’d ever find you!”

“I can’t believe you’re here.” I looked at her from head to toe. She was gorgeous as ever. “Wh-wh-what brings you here? Last time I checked you said you couldn’t come and take the kids away.”

She nodded and I saw a tear in her eye. “Asmeed’s dead.”


“I didn’t have anywhere else to go, so I grabbed what I could and left. Ellis helped me get the kids out of there before anything else could happened.”

I looked down to my feet and saw a young boy chewing on his hand while the young girl was crying. Hana turned and faced her daughter. She spoke in Arabic first and then Hana turned to me. “This is Jahi, my daughter.” She looked down to the boy and smiled, “And that there is my little man, Oni.”

I smiled at them both and told Jahi it was a pleasure to finally meet her. She looked at her mom who helped translate. I knew just by looking at Jahi, this was going to be a long process.


I invited them up to the apartment. I even told Hana in the elevator that she and her kids could stay as long as they needed. Though, secretly I hoped she would never want to part. Jahi was the first to notice some of the pictures. “Egypt.” She said.

Hana nodded. “Told you it’d feel like home.”

I was relieved when I saw Jahi stick her tongue out at Hana. She could understand English, but I’m guessing she preferred Arabic.

Jahi turned to me, “You take picture?”

“I did. On my travels with my grandfather, long, long ago. That’s where I met your mom.” Jahi didn’t reply but she did smile at me.


I decided to show the kids Leslie’s room first. I was hoping dad hadn’t backed down on changing the room. I was relieved to find the toys still scattered around the room. I laughed when Oni made a bee-line straight for my old teddy bear, King Tut. He held on to it tight and laughed. “Bear.” He told Hana.

“That’s right, it is a bear.” Hana replied.

I watched the ever-so-quiet Jahi walk to the toy chest and open it. She grabbed a few dolls and sat down to play. This was going to be a long, long day.


I showed Hana to my room just before I went to get her stuff from the lobby. When I came back in the room I found her there staring off into space and looking at my room. I didn’t know what to feel, I was proud of my room. Now, though, as I looked at it, it wasn’t a place you brought the love of your life home to. “Hana, you okay?” She nodded and wiped her face. Shit, she was crying.

“I know it’s not much, but we’ll figure it out.”

She shook her head and turned to me. “It’s perfect Park. It’s you and that’s all that matters.”

“Then why are you crying?”



She launched herself at me and I held her up. “Hey there. Everything is going to be okay. Just you wait, babe.”

She nodded in my shoulder. “I don’t even know why I’m crying.”

“Because even if it pains me to say it, you loved him.”


She shook her head no and backed off of me. “That’s where your wrong. I didn’t love him. Parker it pains me to admit it, but I’m glad he’s dead.”

“May I ask how it happened?”

“Some guy came in and shot him dead in the store. I was at work. Jahi saw it all. That’s why I’m in tears. I don’t know how we are going to handle this.”

Okay, first off, before you start thinking that I had something to do with Mr. Badawi’s death, I didn’t. I would never have killed a man in front of his own daughter. It pained me to even think of what kind of damage emotionally that it caused Jahi.

“I’m sorry Hana. I really am.”

“I was going to leave him Park. He wanted another kid, and. . . . Well, I didn’t want him to father anymore of my kids.”

I smiled, “Yeah, me either.”


Hana and I were laughing when we heard the screaming from the other room. Leslie had returned home from school.

“MOOOOOOOOOOM!” She yelled. Were my parents home?



Luckily they weren’t. After calming Leslie down, I visited the kids till I heard the door open. Before I could stop Les, she was telling mom about finding two kids in her room. I came out and narrowed my eyes at Leslie before turning my gaze to mom. “Look I can explain everything.”

“Parker, you’re back?” Mom asked. “I thought you weren’t due till next week.”

“Nah, docs gave me a clean bill of health. Anyways, I can explain Leslie’s freak out.”


Before I even had the chance Hana came out. She had overheard that conversation. “Parker, you were in a hospital?”

Shit. I hadn’t told her about that yet. We were still focusing on the fact she came here. I nodded but before I could explain to her my mom started to freak. “Parker, who the hell is this woman? And why is she in my house? I told you!”

“Mom, relax, I can explain everything. Look can we all have a seat while I explain.”

“No, I want answers. I told you if you brought home another bim –“

I stopped mom. “Not. Another. Word. Hana isn’t just some girl I picked up on the street. She’s an old friend of mine who needs our help. Now, will you please join me in the living room and let me explain everything?”


Dad interrupted us before mom had the chance to answer, or worse cream me for talking back to her. “Are we gonna have supper or what! I’m starv – Oh hello, who’s this?”

I didn’t look up at him, I kept my focus on mom. “Can you please let me explain. . . to all of you?”

“Fine.” Mom sighed. She turned and took dad’s arm. “Come on, your son wants to have a family meeting.”


I had mom and dad sit down. Leslie joined on the floor to listen. She was still pissed at finding two kids in her room playing with her old toys. Though, after talking her down, she allowed it until mom and dad came home. She was hoping, I think, that mom and dad would kick Hana out. Boy was she in for a huge shock.

“Mom, you remember me telling you about the nurse I was in love with in the hospital?” Mom nodded. “Well, this is Hana. She’s flown all the way from Egypt with her two kids. She has no where else to go. I’ve asked her to stay here till we figured it out.”

Mom smiled and turned to face Hana, “I’m sorry how I reacted earlier. Believe me, if I had known who you are, I wouldn’t have been such a prude.”

“It’s okay. I’d freak a bit too if Oni or Jahi brought in a complete stranger into my house.” I turned a bit red. I never asked mom or dad if I could have friends over, I just assumed I could.

“Well you can stay as long as you like.” Dad interjected. “If my boy says you need a place, then you have one. We’ll just have to cram a bit more tight around here for it to work but we can do it.”


“Ah man!” Leslie cried out.

All of our heads snapped to my rude-ass sister. “What’s your problem?” I asked.

“That means I’m gonna have to share my room to two snot-nose kids.”

“Leslie Anne!” Dad yelled. “That’s no way to talk about your brother’s guests. Hell, I’d figured you’d be more than please about this considering we’re going to have to re-decorate.”

Leslie shrugged. “Still sucks.”


After our meeting I went to go get Jahi and Oni for dinner. Mom thought it would be perfect to have a huge family dinner. I walked in only to find Jahi hugging her brother. She was soothing him in Arabic. She turned towards me and wiped her eyes. “He misses my father.”

I nodded and got on my knee. “I know. I’m sorry to hear about your dad, Jahi.”

“Did you know him?”

I shook my head. “I only know your mom because she was my nurse last year. She helped me when I needed it the most, and now I’m returning the favor to all of you.”


That night Hana and I sat down and finally had a long discussion. She wanted to know why I had been hospitalized again. She kept asking questions about my leg, my eye, my chest, even my headaches were a concern. Each question melted my heart, even if she was acting like my nurse once again.

“Hana, stop. It’s not like that.” I told her after what could very well been her hundredth question. “I. . . uh. . . “ Where did I start? Well, first I had to come clean with Hana. I told her everything that had led up to my getting sent away. She was shocked. I didn’t leave anything hidden – well pretty much. I did keep the fact of why I really drank a secret.

I went on about rehab and how I winded up in the psych ward. She wasn’t all that shocked about my nightmares. I remember her tearing my hand off my eye a few times while I was in the hospital. The only thing I kept hidden to her was how the doctors helped me. I didn’t tell her that they had helped me get over her. I wasn’t about to ruin something that hasn’t even started. I wanted a chance with Hana. I still loved her and I hoped to someday hear her tell me the same thing.


Our first night was rough. I let Jahi use my bed while Hana, myself, and Oni camped out in the living room. Jahi had turned down my invite to join us. She didn’t like the idea of sleeping on hard wooden floors. When I woke in the morning, I didn’t blame her. My back killed me.


That weekend my parents, Hana, and I went out and bought new furniture for both rooms. We forced Leslie to babysit, of course it cost me a hundred bucks, but it was worth it. Dad and I picked out the bunk beds and matching desk for the girls. My sister wanted a computer, but dad refused. He told me in confidence that he was no longer bending to her needs. I laughed, despite what he said, Leslie was still his little princess.


Hana picked out a new bed for my room. I missed my 007 bedding, but I didn’t mind having a queen size bed in my room. That was until Hana kicked me out of it. She told me that until something real between us happened that I’d have to find myself another place to sleep. With Oni sleeping in the room, it was only fair to give her the bed.

I ended up bringing in one of the sleeping bags and sleeping on the floor. Hana laughed but said it was fine – as long as I didn’t snore. I laughed harder at her and proclaimed I don’t snore. A few hours later I had a pillow thrown at me. Hana shh’d me and claimed that I was a liar and I did actually snore.


It was pretty routine in the house for a while. We enrolled Jahi in school and Oni in preschool. The kids started to learn how to speak English more fluently as time passed. It was amazing. Hana and I started to become more and more romantically involved. I took her out on our first date. I was a complete gentleman and brought her flowers before taking her out to a candle-lit dinner.

What really surprised me was how my parents took to the kids. My parents doted on those two like you wouldn’t believe. Dad and Jahi were practically joined at the hip for a while. Oni, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of mom. He loved her and he loved her tickling game. I couldn’t help but smile after seeing them laugh their heads off.


Of course not every thing was peachy in the Rain household. My sister was a complete bitch about the whole situation. I found Jahi running from their room crying. When I stopped her, Jahi was so upset all she could do was cry and rant on in Arabic. I told her to go find her mom and I went in search for my sister.

“You bitch!” I screamed, but only after checking to make sure Jahi and Oni were nowhere around me. “Where the fuck is your heart!?!” I paused as I watched her narrow her eyes. “Oh yeah, that’s right, your dad’s princess. Heartless and selfish, just like him. God, why can’t you break the frozen barrier inside that flat chest of yours and show some compassion! She just lost her father for fuck sake!”

“Fuck you!” She yelled, not caring if there were kids around.She stormed off out of the house while I tried to take a few deep breaths. There I saw dad standing at his doorway. He heard everything.

“Sorry.” I mumbled. He didn’t say anything, he just closed his door. God, I was such an ass sometimes.


After calming down Jahi, I decided to take my new family to the movies. I didn’t think it would be an issue. I had Jahi pick the movie – that was my first mistake. She choose Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides. I have to admit I really did enjoy it. I laughed for the most part.

That was the first of many outings with my family. Though, not all my outings involved the kids. Hana and I started to go out more regularly while my parents watched Jahi and Oni. Hana actually took me to see Cowboys and Aliens. It was a surprise for my birthday. As soon as I noticed Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford my mouth dropped. That’s right, 007 and Indiana Jones in one movie. Yeah, I enjoyed that movie a bit too much.


Our dates became more romantic after that. I took Hana to the butterfly sanctuary. She loved it. We stroll around and look at all the butterflies. At night we stargazed. I was watching her when all of the sudden she propped up from the grass and pointed. “Shooting star! Make a wish Park.”

I didn’t even need to look at it. I kept my gaze on her and answered, “Don’t need to, it already came true.” When she blushed it melted my heart. She truly was the love of my life, and I hadn’t even kissed her yet.


I knew with Hana wrapped up around my arms, star gazing, that it felt more than right, it felt. . . Perfect. Hana was like an extension to myself. She was my rock. I held her closer to me as we followed a satellite with our eye-er- her eyes and my eye.


Hana and I loved to cuddle. We often found ourselves cuddling on the couch after a long day with kids, exhausted but yet not ready to retire. I’d flip on a movie and we’d snuggle up against each other. I finally got to show Hana my extensive James Bond collection. We started watching Dr. No together and are continuing on till we finish with Quantum of Solace.


Being in constant contact with Hana has left me with one small problem. I can never seem to control myself in one particular department. Hana and I haven’t even kissed, and I doubt we’d even sleep in the same bed until we were at least married. From the looks of it that could be years. God, I hope not. I’ve often found myself jumping into the shower first thing in the morning before anyone else had the chance and fixing the issue at hand.

After my shower, Hana always had this smug look on her face like she knew exactly why I took the shower. She’d often laugh and comment, “Feel better?”

“For now.” I would reply.


Though I desperately wanted to be with Hana all the time, I often found myself taking care of Oni or Jahi, or even both, when Hana would go out shopping for groceries or filing out applications for a job. Oni and I have the greatest relationship. I can make him laugh like no other. I loved the way he said my name too, “Pawka.” It was too cute.

Jahi on the other hand still kept her distance. She was so unsure about me. I tried helping her with homework or read her a bedtime story. Yet, she refused to even look at me, let alone talk to me unless absolutely necessary.


It actually took a trip to the park to get Jahi to see me in a different light. After taking the kids to see Pirates again for the third time, I brought them to the park. Jahi ran straight for the hopscotch courts while I took Oni to the toddler bouncy things.

“Alright On, do you want to ride a horsey, a pirate ship, or a rocket ship?”

“Piwate!” He yelled. I laughed, of course he wanted to be on the pirate ship, he wanted to be like Captain Jack Sparrow . . . or so I thought.


I was playing with him and watching him. He was having a ball. Then he did something unexpected, he covered his one eye. I looked a bit confused at him, “On, you okay bud? Did you get something in your eye?”

He shook his head. “I piwate like you daddy.” I wasn’t sure if I should have been more touch by the sentiment of him wanting to be like me or that he called me daddy.

I laughed. “Is that why you want to be a pirate, so you can be like me, and not Captain Jack Sparrow?”

He nodded. “I piwate like you!”

I heard Jahi laughing behind me and I looked. “Captain Pirate!” She pointed at me and ran. That little. . . I saw Hana walking to the park and froze my thought.


We sat and cuddled as we watched the two play. I still was trying to wrap my head around the situation when Hana broke the silence. “How were the kids?”

“Good. You’re daughter found a new nickname for me.”


“Captain Pirate.” I laughed and felt Hana chuckling silently. “You think that’s funny, you should have seen On. I put him on the pirate ship toy and he covered his eye. Said he wanted to be like his daddy.”

Hana laughed more. “He’s taking a liking to you Park. It’s good. I’m glad he’s getting over the loss of Asmeed.”

“So you don’t care that he called me dad?”

“Not one bit.” She squeezed my thigh. “I love you Park.”

“I love you too, Hana.”


With Jahi’s new nickname for me, came a new stage in our relationship. She really did enjoy her Captain Pirate. The two of us were so into the pirate theme that I took the entire family to Smuggler’s Cove. We were surprised to find that someone had left a water toy there.


Jahi’s face lit up like the Fourth of July. “Can we Pirate, can we?”

“Ask your mother.” I told her.

Jahi looked to Hana. “Please mommy can we, please?”

“Yeah please!” I chimed in. Both of us gave her a puppy look. She spoke to Jahi in Arabic and Jahi started to laugh. “What?”

“She said I can do whatever I want, but you’re not aloud to go near that thing.”

“What, why?” I asked Hana. She looked at my knee. Oh, hadn’t thought of that. I shrugged. “I’ll be careful. Please can I Hana, please?” I whined again and Jahi chimed in her own begging.

Hana sighed. “Fine. But if you hurt that knee of yours, don’t be crying to me Parker.”

Both Jahi and I screamed in delight.


I placed Jahi onto the ground and we raced to the slide. Surprisingly I won even though I could still hardly run with my knee. “Okay, Jah, how should I go down this thing?”

“FACE FIRST!” She exclaimed.

Yeah, not gonna happen. I took a few steps back, ran and slid legs first down, keeping my knee up a bit. As I got up, I saw Hana shake her head at me, but didn’t say anything. I knew she was just being over protective.

Next Jahi took a long running start and slid face first. It was awesome! I wish I could do it the way she did, but Hana would certainly kill me if I slid on my knee.


After a while I started up the bar-b-que and cooked the hot dogs we brought with us. Jahi went from playing in the water to playing in the sand. As I grilled I looked around at my family and laughed, never in a million years did I see myself as a family man. I was a spy on hiatus, waiting for that one call – and here I was now, playing house with the woman I loved and her children I ‘m falling in love with.


I couldn’t help it, but I had to start snapping photos of everyone. I kept taking pictures of Hana and Oni when Oni finally noticed me. At that minute he didn’t want Hana to play with him, he wanted me. “Daddy, pway!” He shouted. “DAAAADDDY!”

Hana tried to calm him down. “Hey now, he’s busy. I’m playing with you.”

“It’s okay babe, I can put the cam –“ And in an instance, we went from happy loving family to Oni throwing one of his huge tantrums. Our day in the sun was over.


Jahi’s nickname never let up. In fact she told all her friends that she was living with a pirate. Her classmates thought that was cool. When Jahi didn’t return home after school one day I went searching for her. Sure enough, I found her in the park playing with a couple of girls in a tree house. “Jahi! Get down here!” I yelled.

I heard some laughing and giggling.


Someone yelled “GET HIM!” From inside the tree house.

“Get the pirate, protect the fort!” Jahi screamed. I felt the water hit before realizing that they just dumped a huge bucket of ice water onto me.

“Ahhhhh!” I screamed. “JAHI!”


Jahi came out laughing, “Hey Pirate. Did you get wet?” She laughed.

“Jahi, you know very well the answer to that. Now get down here.”

“But we’re playing.” She whined. “Please, can we stay a little longer? We’re playing against the boys at the other fort. They’re pirates and we’re princesses. We have to protect the fort from all pirates.”

“I don’t care.” I snarled. I was wet, cold, and pissed off. “Get down here, young lady. We are going home.”

“Fine.” She moaned and slid down from the pole.


I didn’t understand her obsession with capturing pirates or playing like pirates. Ever since she saw the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, she’s been obsessed. I opened the door to the bathroom to check up on her in the tub. She had a periscope. “Captain, Pirates. There are pirates aboard.”

“Aye.” I said in a guff voice. “And it’s time to get a pirate hunter off to bed.”

“But Parker!”

“Nope. Come on Jahi, lets get out and into bed.” I shifted back into my regular voice.


If Jahi wanted to be a pirate, I was all too willing to play her games. In fact we bought her some pirate costumes to use. Hana ignored my protests and ended up buying me a set too. We played “Capture the Pirate” in her room and had massive pillow fights that ended me begging for my life and “walking the plank.”


My favorite time with Jahi is at night, when I put her to bed.

I found her in bed after I got home late from a meeting with Ellis. She had waited for me, before going to bed. I grabbed the book from the shelf that we had been reading. Together we were working on Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

“Chapter 23, The Ebb-tide Runs.” I stated. “The coracle – as I had ample reason to know before I was done with her – was a very safe boat for a person of my height and weight, both buoyant and clever in a seaway; but she was the most cross-grained, lop-sided craft to manage. . . “ I continued on reading, giving character’s voices. Captain Silver got the most pirated voice I could muster. When I got the song in the middle of the chapter I sang in the best pirate impersonation I could to Jahi, “Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest – Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! Drink and the devil had done for the rest – Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!”

Jahi laughed the sweetest laughed. “You’re funny da – uh – er –Parker.”

I laughed at her. “Uh, huh, smooth fix there Jah.”

She turned red. “I didn’t mean too!”

“Uh-huh. It’s okay, when you’re ready to call me dad, I’ll be all the willing to hear it kiddo.” She turned even a brighter shade of red.

“Okay, daddy.” And that was that. She accepted me.


I continued to read to her until I realized that I was reading to a snoring little girl. I smiled as I watched her sleep for a second. I couldn’t believe what had transpired in just the little short chapter I read to her. She called me, daddy.


I stood and put the book back on the shelf before giving Jahi a kiss. “Good night sweet angel.” I whispered.

Only to hear a reply above me, “Night moron.”

I narrowed my eyes at my sister. “Bite me.” I whispered at her. She gave me the finger and I walked away. I was not going to get into it with Leslie while Jahi was sound asleep.


I found Hana in the kitchen cleaning up the plates. I kept telling her she didn’t need to do that, but she insisted. She told mom that it was the least she could do while everyone else worked. I tore Hana from the sink and held her close to me. She brushed my chest and sighed.

We were exhausted from a long-long day of work and school. She had finally signed up for some nursing classes, and I had gone in to talk to Ellis – begging for a job. I didn’t want to leave Hana or the kids at all, but a part of me wanted that rush of adventure. I was getting really stir-crazy staying at home. I missed the work.

Hana sighed again bringing me back to the present. I took in a deep breath and smelt Hana’s aroma. “You smell nice.”

“It’s the soap.” She explained. “So, how was bedtime with Jahi?”

I smiled. “She called me dad.”

“That’s good, Park. You’re no longer the Pirate.”

I chuckled, “I don’t think that’s ever gonna change with Jahi.”

“July 15th, and you’ll be Mad Eye Moody.”

“Moody’s dead.” I chuckled. “But I get what you’re saying, new movie, new one-eyed characters. Thank God she’s never seen Goonies, otherwise I’d forever be One-Eye Willie.” Hana and I both chuckled. She gave me a heart-felt hug and we parted for bed.


Within the week, Hana and I were on another one of our dates. This time it was a lunch date. Hana had class in a few hours. I took her back to the butterfly sanctuary and we sat and had an amazing picnic that I packed earlier.


After eating I pulled Hana into my lap. “God I love you, Hana.” I whispered. I couldn’t get enough of the woman in my arms. I really wanted her, but I knew that there was no way she’d sleep with me until I put a ring on her finger. It scared me to think of proposing, though I knew it was time. I needed to show this woman that I’m here to stay.

“Parker.” Hana spoke and I lost my train of thought. “Are you ever going to kiss me?”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “I didn’t think I should.”


She replied in the way I least expected it. She pulled herself up closer to my body and kissed me with passion that exceeded beyond my expectations. She and I kissed heavily, lavishing our tongues together. I felt her grind against my pelvis and my eye rolled back into my head. I moaned as I took her by the hips and pulled her closer to me to get a deeper kiss and even more sensation in my pants.


I moaned loud before pulling away. “Hana, stop before you make a mess of my pants.”

She laughed, “Maybe that’s what I was trying to do, Parker.”

“You, my dear, are a troublemaker.” And just as we started to kiss again, my phone went off. I moaned, but this time not in a good way. “Dammit!”

Hana chuckled. “You better get that, that’s James Bond’s theme.” She was right, the ringtone I had set for Ellis’ numbers and work was the theme to James Bond.


I stood and walked a few steps away from Hana, fixing my pants as I did. “What!” I hissed into my phone. I dared anyone to shout back after interrupting me.

“Am I interrupting something, Rain?” Ellis asked.

“Actually you are, Ellis.” Behind me I heard Hana giggle her sexy giggle. “What do you want?”

“We need you, Rain.”

Damn! “Alright. I’m all yours Ellis. When and where?”

“China. We need you to head there. I’ll debrief you when you get on the plane.”

“I’m on my way.” I hung up and for the first time I felt like shit. I didn’t want to leave when things were just finally escalating with Hana. “Damn.” I hissed as I slid my phone back in my pants pocket.

“New assignment?” Hana asked. I nodded and turned to face her.


She stood and kissed me a deeper kiss than the one before. I pulled her out of it. “You really are going to get me into trouble if you keep doing that. I have to get going babe.”

“Where?” She asked so softly I barely heard her.

“China.” I kissed her a soft kiss. “I’ll be back in a few days. It shouldn’t take long.”

“You better Parker, I need my James Bond.” She smiled.

I chuckled, “Yeah, well, I need my Moneypenny.” I kissed her again, this one softer and longer. “Is there anything I can bring you back?”

“A diamond, in a ring.1” She teased.

“Would you care for a relic?” Hana smacked me on the arm, but smiled. “I promise you, I’ll be back.”


I kissed her on the lips very softly before whispering into her ear. “I will always be back for you, remember that.” I kissed her again. “I love you, Hana Badawi.”

“I love you, too, Parker Rain.”

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21 Responses to Parker Rain: Chapter 12

  1. Aww! They’re so PERFECT!

    ps: I ❤ Mad Eye…just sayin'!

    • LOL – So do I, so do I. Actually my favorite part in the fourth movie is when they discover Moody isn’t Moody but it’s DR WHO! LoL. That makes me laugh every time. Sorry, just had to go there.

      They are perfect. I love Hana with Parker. I nearly cried when I got them to kiss finally.

  2. Most of the time I’m happy to lurk, but not today! I loved this chapter so much, I can not even express it. I had given up on Hana and Parker, but seeing them together made my heart flutter. The romantacism of it all made we want tot to throw my simmies plot out the window and just have them get married! Oh, now I’m addicted to the Rains as well! I need my fix!

    • LoL. Well I’m glad you are addicted and that you commented, yeeeaaah! LoL.

      It took a lot of restraint to not have these two go and get hitched somewhere. I wanted Parker suffer just enough that when he finally does get the girl, it’s at a time where he won’t take it for granted.

  3. Alex says:

    Awww! I’m glad things are finally working out for parker though I have a feeling it won’t last long. And Les is such a troublemaker!

  4. Deeds says:


    That is all.

    Lol ok I’m kidding. I do love this chapter. Hana’s sudden appearance surprised the heck out of me, especially because Parker was gearing up to move on with his life and get over her. At first I anticipated some sort of problem but I’m really glad things worked out. You moved up to it at a slow and natural pace which made the situation completely believable. Jahi and Oni are so CUTE and when they first call Parker “daddy”… gosh that was just too cute for words! Now I really want for Parker’s mission to be over quickly so that he can get home, marry Hana, and have his own baby :3

    • I actually cried when I wrote those scenes with Oni and Jahi calling him “Daddy.” Those kids are the cutest little things in my game, especially Oni. He makes me laugh. I don’t know what it is about him, but he just looks so mischievous and innocent at the same time. Bahaha.

      It was super hard to keep the pace slow with Parker and Hana. I just wanted them to kiss as soon as Hana walked into the apartment. But I knew she needed time to grieve and that she had the kids to think about. So I restrained myself for as long as I could. Their first kiss had me in tears because I knew how long it took for those two to get to that point in their lives.

      And China will be quick. I think he’s at like 77% completed from lvl 2 to 3. So its a quick trip with him and then no more vacations finally! My game hates vacations.

  5. Emy says:

    Aiyeeeee!! Best. Chapter. Ever!!!

    First of all, I loved the letters at the beginning. That was amazing. 🙂 Ahahaha, Leslie… I thought she was going to be trouble, but WOW.

    And then Hana appeared!! And they’re so adorable together! And Park’s so great with the kids. ❤ I love it. I teared up when Jahi called Parker 'daddy'. Wow.

    I was sad about what Parker said about Travis, though. I know he was angry at Leslie, but wow. And then we didn't hear any more about Travis in the chapter. I hope they work things out, but maybe Parker hurt him just a bit too much this time?

    Loved it so much! ❤

    • I want to agree with you, this was the best chapter I’ve written in a long time – though maybe not my favorite. (Chapter 9 will always remain my favorite – hehehehe).

      I’m glad you enjoyed the letters. I was debating on doing another hospital scene or something like this. In the end I didn’t want to take the time to build another set for Parker. Plus staging pictures take much longer time to do than just physically playing the game. That, and I really wanted to do some crazy stuff with the teenage years.

      I teared up too! It was so fun to write those scenes with the kids, especially all the pirate scenes. When I was working on the park to make it Generations ready, I saw the pirate ship and immediately I had a plan in place. Then finding out in one of the trees you can play pirates, it just made sense to go down that route with Parker and the kids.

      Yeah I didn’t have much interaction with Travis – he was in his room trying to earn that last charisma point. But you just gave me an AWESOME idea!!! Thanks Emy!

  6. hrootbeer says:

    I love that you are using Generations. I know you had most of this written before you got the expansion, so what I want to know is if you changed much of your plan to use the new things.

    I love Leslie, she’s such a shit! but I like her. I love Hana and the children. I never expected Parker to go for this sort of domesticity. When are they going to have a new addition? How are you capable of restraining yourself?!

    • Actually from chapter 5 on the majority of my story has been rewritten to accommodate certain events. I’ve actually started using my pre-written stories as an outline of what needs to happen and then just re-write it. This chapter I wanted to use Generations to my advantage. Since I wrote this one before Generations was even announce I hadn’t expected these types of changes in game. I love Generations and everything kids can do.

      Leslie is AWESOME! She has the new rebellious trait and I really am loving it. As for a new family member, you are just gonna have to wait H. And I have no idea how I am keeping from hitting that special button on all things “woo-hoo” able, It’s hard, really, really hard. I have to remind myself that this for Parker’s own benefit. LoL.

  7. As if I didn’t enjoy this enough, you had to go make a Harry Potter reference.

    I’m so glad Parker has his Egyptian woman now! So awesome. The kids are so gorgeous, as well.

    • Well you know, I just HAD to go there with the “One-Eye” jokes for poor Parker. Harry Potter = AWESOME lol.

      Yeah, I couldn’t wait to get those together. FYI all that was planned from the beginning incase anyone had any doubts. And she originally was from Egypt, but with my stupid save being completely destroyed I went in and put her in my bin with the kids. Thats why Asmeed is dead – I had plans with him too, oh well.

  8. StyxLady says:

    This update was SO adorable! Those letters had me LOL. YAY for Hana! The kids are too adorable. LOVE the pirate stuff. Just too cute. Can’t wait till Parker proposes and we can get a Parker baby! ❤

    • Hehehe I love the pirate stuff too. I so had to go there. . . I mean he is wearing an eye-patch after all. So, now that you see this update, can you tell your guess as to who was fighting Parker in his pirate outfit was SO off? LoL. I wanted to show you so many pics yesterday it wasn’t even funny. I heart those kids! LoL. . . As for a “Parker” baby – well technically you’ve seen him already Styx. LoL.

  9. Such a sweet chapter! I loved it. I’m glad Parker and Hana are finally getting together, and the moment when Jahi called him daddy–that was wonderful! Plus, I think Oni is one of the cutest game toddlers I have ever seen!

  10. Tipix says:

    So thrilled to see the two of them together, I didn’t think it would happen! They truly are a perfect match, and the children it so well into their relationship.

  11. kris1079 says:

    Loved this chapter!! You really caught me by surprise with Hana showing up. I was pretty sure she would make another appearance, but I was starting to wonder if maybe Parker would just pass on his genes through some “bimbo.” I’m so glad Hana and the kids are in Bridgeport…the scenes with Parker and the kids were adorable. Little Oni is so cute!!

    Leslie just gets more and more unlikeable…she is really lacking in compassion, it seems. I was so upset when she made fun of Parker’s special moment with Jahi…and also when she was mean to Jahi. She is definitely a rebellious one!!

    Great chapter!!

  12. Fabulous! Parker is finally growing into a man 🙂

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