Parker Rain: Chapter 10


I could hear sounds all around me. What were those sounds? A sigh to my right got my attention. More and more sounds became acute as I woke from my nightmares. Another sigh. I had no clue as to where I was, no clue as to what had happened last. I just remembered seeing the end-side of a gun and all lights were out. Surely, I was dead. . . Wasn’t I?

Although, now that I think of it, if I was dead I wouldn’t be in this much pain. Oh my God, my head!

I made an audible painful noise. It hurt so much. My head was killing me. I tried to open my eyes but all I saw was blackness.


“Shhh, it’s okay.” A woman’s voice said to me. I felt her squeeze my arm and then my pain went away soon after. I felt the sensation as I was flying. “Rest Mr. Rain, everything is fine.”

“Where am I?” I asked. I felt so tired that I don’t actually know if I said the words or not.

“In a hospital.” She answered, so apparently she heard me. “Sleep Mr. Rain.”

“Wha-wha-what happened?”


“You were shot, Rain.” Ellis said from across the room. “It’s about time you woke up. I’ve been worried sick. Two minutes more and you would have bled out.”

I shot my head out of bed and soon fell back down into my pillow and screamed in pain. I wasn’t sure what was worse, the pain in my head, the pain on my left side, or the pain in my leg, all were fighting for my attention. I screamed again. “Mr. Rain, please don’t try to get up.”

“Listen to the nurse, Rain.”

I “looked,” as in shifted my head to where I thought the nurse was, and asked, “Could you help me up a bit so I can talk to my boss?”

The next thing I knew I was being lifted into a somewhat comfortable position.


“So, what happened? How’d I get here?” I asked.

“Simnovich.” Ellis answered.

Simnovich? How? When? I’m so confused. How did Simnovich find me, she didn’t even know I was in France. Or did she?

She’d been following you Rain. She saw you head to the Fournier Estate and waited. When you didn’t come out and she saw a helicopter leave, she went in and found the place emptied. She also found blood. She called SIA and the next thing I knew I was searching everywhere for you.

“It took us three days to find you in Cairo, the three longest days of my life. When we spotted that one of your tracking devices were still on, we started to head out. My heart nearly fell when it died. When I arrived to the small house you were in, I. . .” She paused and I could hear her stifle a cry. “Lets just say you are the luckiest man to be alive Rain.”

I shrugged, “Eh, this is my second life. !


I heard my nurse laugh beside me and I laughed a little as well.

“THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER!” Ellis yelled at the two of us. “You are a Delta, that gives you a license to kill – NOT GET KILLED. 2

“Sorry.” I mumbled and bit the bottom of my lip. I knew that this was serious, but a guy could only take so much. I needed a little laughter after all the shit I’ve been through. Finally, after gaining composure I asked the question I needed to know. “Did you get Fournier?”

“Nurse, could you give us some privacy?” Ellis asked as I felt her body weight on my bed.


As soon as the door closed, I heard Ellis sigh. “He’s gone. No one knows where he is. It’s like he just disappeared off the face of the planet. Our radars aren’t picking up anything on him.”

I tried to control my anger as I asked the next question, “And his wife?”


“Yes.” I answered, gritting my teeth. “Agent Wednesday – that bitch you partnered me up with. . . What about her?”

“I thought she was dead?” Ellis got off my bed again. “I’m sorry Rain, I really am. I didn’t know she was a double agent.”

I “looked” over towards her. “Never again, will I take a partner, Ellis. I work better alone.”

She squeezed my hand. “Understood.” Then I heard her footsteps as she walked out of the room.



I slept hard the next couple of days. The nurse came in every few hours to take my vitals and give me the pain medications I desperately needed at times. My head and my knee hurt more and more as I became more aware of my surroundings. Sleep took away that pain, but it was quickly being replaced with the pains of my dreams.

Nightmares. That’s what they were. All I saw were those few, last, remaining moments. I relived not just the emotional memories, but I swore I could feel Fournier take out my eye over and over again.


I screamed as I woke again from another painful nightmare. I was pulling at the bandages as I screamed. A hand over mine, stopped me from ripping my bandages off completely.

“Mr. Rain. You need to stop. The wound needs to heal.”

I lowered my hand. “The wound? Don’t you mean the fucking hole in my head where my EYE use to be?”

She backed away and didn’t say anything.

“I’m sorry.” I mumbled. “I’m just really pissed off at myself. What’s your name?”

“Hana, Hana Badawi.”


That’s how I started to become friends with my nurse, Hana. She was my only caregiver in the hospital. The other nurses helped out, but it was mostly Hana. She’d take me out to the cafeteria where she’d eat with me. Often times she’d buy me only finger foods so that I didn’t have to guess as to where my fork was or where the food was on the plate.

While we ate, we talked. I learned a lot about Hana, and I told her about my life back in Bridgeport. When she asked how I got into the espionage business, I laughed and told her James Bond. Surprisingly, she didn’t know who he was.


“Seriously, you don’t know who Bond is?” I asked as she wheeled me one evening.

“Not a clue. I don’t watch television Mr. Rain, I read.”

“They have books. The movies are all based off of Ian Fleming’s character.”

“Well, I will have to search for it when I get the chance. But first, time for you to get back to bed.”


Hana, also loved to torture me. Every few hours she was doing something to me. Taking my vitals, drawing my blood. And if I was in a grouchy mood with her she would stick me to draw my blood.

“Owe.” I nagged when she pushed the needle in real hard. “Can’t you be a little more gentler? Wounded warrior here!”

“Well, maybe next time you’ll be a bit more respectful Parker.” I made Hana call me Parker since I often called her Hana. It seemed only fair since we were becoming fast friends over the last few months.


Hell, I even flirted with the woman. Though it went terribly wrong. “So, what’s a gorgeous girl like yourself doing tonight?”

She laughed at me and I realized where my head was pointing was nowhere near the direction she was at. “Your too funny sometimes Parker.”

“Well, are you busy?”

“Tonight? Yes. I have to get home and see my husband and kids.”


Hana did have a family. She’d talk about them most of all. Her son, Oni was almost three and her daughter, Jahi was almost eight. She had married a man twice her age. I couldn’t believe it. She said that she was promised to him by her father and in exchange for security and money. It killed me to learn that here was another woman, just like my Egyptian woman, had to go through that.

“That’s not right, you know. It’s. . . gross even.”

“It’s my culture Mr. Rain. And I’d appreciate if you’d at least respect it. Asmeed is a wonderful man and father.”

“But still. . . You should marry someone you love, and not someone your obligated to.”

“. . . I love Asmeed.” I heard the hesitant in her voice. I knew she was lying but I didn’t dare call her on it. She would torture me worse with the needles if I did.


After months in the hospital my headaches became worse and worse. I would scream and shout while pressing my morphine line hard. Hana would eventually get her ass in my room, but she’d take too damn long sometimes. “Dammit woman, my head hurts!” I moaned in agony.

“Be nice or I won’t get the doctor.” She snapped back.

I just screamed more in agony.

“Parker, there’s not much we can do until it fully heals. I’m sorry.” And with that I felt her tug on my hand and inject something in my IV. Soon, I was asleep.


I eventually woke and stirred. “Hana?”

“Over here. I’m just reading Ian Fleming.”

I smiled. The girl was actually reading a Bond novel. How awesome is that? “So, what do you think?”

“It’s okay.”

“The movies are better. Someday, when I get the chance to see I’m gonna find a tv and we are going to watch From Russia With Love. It’s by far my favorite movie! And I think you’d like Connery. He’s supposedly really handsome in it.”


Before Hana could answer my request about the movie I heard a knock at the door. “Knock, knock.” The doctor said walking in. My doctor had only seen me a handful of times over the last few months. “Am I interrupting something?” He asked.

“Yes, please, save me from this mad-woman!?!” I joked. I felt a slap on the arm from Hana.

“Oh, please your more crazy than I am Mr. Rain.”

I heard the doctor laugh. “I bring good fortune and good news.” He said. “First the news, you have visitors. Second the fortune, how would you like to get that bandage off?”

I sat up in a heartbeat. “I am so there doc.”


I heard the doctor take a seat in the chair that Hana had been in just before the doctor walked in. I heard two more sets of footsteps. “Hey Ellis, who’d you bring?”

“It’s me, silly.” Camille Simnovich said to me.

I almost died. I couldn’t believe that Camille came to visit. She wasn’t the type of person to stick around – ever! She was the leave ‘em kinda girl. Made for some amazing nights, but crappy mornings. “Camille. How’s it going?”

“Better than you. How’s the head?”

“Dunno. Care to find out with me?” I joked and heard Ellis and the doctor laugh alongside Camille and myself.

“Nurse, could you please hand me the scissors.” I heard some rustling noises around me and then the doctor’s voice again. “Okay, lets take a look, shall we?”

I felt him cutting through the thick bandage on my head. I held my eye closed as he removed it. Ellis and Camille gasped. “Is it that bad?” I asked as I batted my good eye.

“It’s seen better days that’s for sure.” Camille joked and I flipped her off. I didn’t need jokes right now. I needed support dammit!

The doctor raised two fingers up, “How many do you see?” I told him my answer. “Good. Your right eye is still intact and working. It may be hazy for a few days as you adjust to the lights around the place. As for the other side, you boss bought you a gift. Nurse can you hand me the patch?”


And that’s when I saw her. Hana, my nurse wasn’t just any nurse. She was my Egyptian woman. She was the one I loved and my heart sank in the pit of my stomach. Oh, God! What the hell am I going to do? Already, I liked Hana as a person. She was funny, very supportive, and she knew how to put me in my place. She was already perfect as a friend and now to learn the woman I have always loved was her? It was unimaginable.

She handed the doctor the eye patch and I laughed. The soft fabric on the outside had a small 007 pattern that was barely visible, but I saw it. “Funny, Ellis.” I said to her.

“It should serve you as a warning Rain. This is life, not fiction. Best you remember that after today.”

“Trust me, I know.”


After being fitted, I looked up at Hana and tried really hard not to embarrass myself in front of everything by getting a hard-on. “So, what do you think?” I asked her.

“Looks nice. You need a haircut though.” She answered.

“Eventually. I’ll wait till I get out of here. Speaking of which. . .” I turned my attention to  my doctor, “when is that?”

The doctor gave me a half-ass attempt at a smile, “You’ll need extensive therapy before you head home. We have a great physical therapist stationed here that will get you started.”

I nodded. I knew I was gonna have to get up eventually and walk on my leg, but part of me was afraid to do so. The pain in my leg was manageable at best. My headaches kept me from dealing with the pain in my knee.


A few weeks after getting an eye patch, getting use to seeing out of one eye, and getting a set of clothes Ellis brought me, I was sent (with Hana) to the physical therapist. Hana wheeled me in and the therapist looked like I was crazy or something. “That’s gonna have to go.”

I laughed. “Sorry, but the patch stays, unless you want to see my brains.” Hana smacked me on the head.

“I’m not talking about your eye patch Mr. Rain, that wheelchair will have to go. You will no longer be riding it. I have a cane for you.”

A cane? Really, I had to walk with a fucking cane? But. . . Canes are for old people, not twenty-four year olds.

“Now stand up and walk to the treadmill and we’ll get started.” She said. I stared at her for a second and looked over at the treadmill. She had to be joking right?


She wasn’t and I eventually (with the help of Hana and my therapist) made it to the treadmill. I took off my shirt for Hana’s sake, although she left the room within minutes of my therapy session. Damn.

The first few steps were the most painful steps I have ever had to take. “Keep your hands on the rails. I don’t want you to fall.” The therapist said to me. I didn’t want to fall either, I could only imagine the pain that it would cause in my knee.


Okay, now I know the pain. FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCK! MY KNEE!!!! My therapist started to yell as I screamed in agony. “GET YOUR ASS UP! COME ON RAIN!”

Go to hell! I thought. I hung on to the console and felt the belt rub against my bad knee which made it worse. I looked up and turned off the machine. I waited for the belt to stop before I lowered myself to the floor and held onto my knee like it was my baby. It hurt so damn much!


The therapist moved me over to the bench press. She thought that if I lifted weights with my bad knee it would strengthen the entire leg. I have no idea what type of pain was worse. The falling off the treadmill or lifting weights. I screamed every time I had to lift the damn thing. Thankfully she only made me do about ten the first day, after that she pushed me for more and more.


Ellis also had me in the shooting range within days of my physical therapy. Her theory was that if I could stand, I could shoot. I was horrible at shooting for the first few sessions. It was definitely hard readjusting my sight to aim with only one eye.


Eventually my therapy sessions started to show some improvement. Walking with a cane helped as did the treadmill. I still held on to the handlebars. I didn’t experience many slips, but it did happened if I wasn’t too careful. My leg did strengthen up eventually by walking and lifting those damn weights. I still hated that part of my therapy, but I guess it was helping.


My favorite time though in the hospital are my walks around the facility with Hana. I was getting use to walking around with a cane. Hana likes to tease me when she sees me with the cane. She calls me “Old Man” and giggles. I think its endearing and funny. I don’t mind the small little insult. I felt like an old man.

She and I talked which got my mind off the pain in my leg. As the months passed the two of us became even closer friends. I didn’t try to flirt with her, even though I really wanted to. I still didn’t know what to do about my forbidden love for her. I knew it was forbidden. She was married, and we lived worlds apart.


Hana wasn’t the only person I saw in the hospital. Camille, or Cam as I call her, visits weekly. Ever since she got her latest assignment in Egypt she’s been taking her time out of the day just to come see me. We work out together. She loves working out and my therapist thought it would be good for me to have someone working alongside me.

“Fffuuuck!” I screamed one day when we were working out. It was a bad day for my knee. I had been in constant pain all day and the vicodin I was given wasn’t doing the trick.

Cam started to laugh. “Come on, toughen up.”

I stopped and looked at her. “Excuse me? Toughen up? Do you realize how much pain I’m in Cam? It hurts just moving the damn thing, let alone bench pressing with it.”

“But look on the bright side at least you still have your leg.”

“Yeah, but it still fucking cost me my sight.” I pointed to my eye patch before turning to resume my workout. Cam didn’t say anything after that. She knew that I was depressed about the entire situation with my eye.


Cam started to help me out in the shooting range as well. We often fire off rounds for hours. She’d try and help me with my sight, but also knew that my eye problem was a sensitive subject.  “You need to concentrate to your left. Aim not at the center of the target, but at the left of it.”

BAM-BAM-BAM I fired, but didn’t bother fixing my problem. All three shots were off to the right. “Stop hounding me. I’ll figure it out on my own.”

“Park, you need to listen. Just aim to the side – like this. . .” I looked over and she closed her left eye shut and aimed where she had been telling me to aim. She was off, but not as much as I was.

I stuck my tongue out. “Yeah, but I bet you cheated a bit and opened that fucking left eye. Didn’t you!?!” I shouted. “Well I don’t have that fucking option!” BAM-BAM-BAM all my bullets went far to the right. I didn’t care. I was done. I didn’t want another argument with Cam.


It had been almost a year since I was shot. I was still in the hospital recovering. My shooting finally did get better. After months of not listening to Cam, I finally did. I let my bruised ego slide and finally I was now hitting the center of the target. Each time I fired my weapon I thought about Fournier and Wednesday and each time my bullet went through the targeted shot – mostly in the head.


I also was walking better on my leg, stretching it as much as possible. It was still hard to keep straight, but not impossible. I heard the door open as I was walking on the treadmill and spotted Hana.


“What’s up Hana?” I asked as she settled down against the half-wall.

“Seeing if your ready for your bath? How much longer do you have on that thing?”

“Five minutes and I’m all yours.” I winked at her and she just shook her head, but her smile grew even wider. That was a rare thing for her to do when I actually had the balls to flirt with her. I knew I was rubbing off on her. Slowly, she would get the idea that I was the real love of her life – or that’s what I kept dreaming.


Hana walked me to the bathroom and walked in. Now, normally that’s not a problem. I’m use to having her see me naked while she helped me into the tub. However, since I had been staring at her the entire time I was working out, I kinda had a problem now. My tight briefs under my sweats hid my problem as I walked, but now? Well, she would certainly see a new me. I stood with my back turn as she walked towards me. I stopped her. “Uh, I think I take it from here.”

“Parker, you can barely dress yourself. What makes you think you can undress?”

“Please. . .” I sighed. “I uh have an issue, and I’d just like some privacy.”

“What kind of. . . Oh? Okay, Park.” Thankfully she registered the problem and I didn’t actually have to tell her I was hard as a rock.


I fought through the pain as I got into the tub. The hot water did wonders on my leg. I sat there and just relaxed and let my mind drifted. It kept drifting to Hana. I couldn’t believe that I let myself do that. I looked down at my hard-on. I shook my head. It was a first for me to do. I had been so good at keeping my body and my feelings in check around Hana. I just couldn’t stop picturing Hana naked while I was in the gym.

Now that was a sight I couldn’t keep my head from thinking. I closed my eyes and lowered my hand into the water. I figured one fantasy, one hand-job could keep me out of trouble. Plus I really needed to get rid of my problem. I moaned Hana’s name and hoped to hell she hadn’t heard it as I came. I quickly got out and dried off. I was proud to say that my problem was gone. Or at least the one I could fix.


As we walked down the hallway towards my room, I got the feeling that all was not right with Hana. First off, she didn’t say a word to me. “What, your not gonna talk to me?”

“Nope.” She answered, keeping her head forward.

“Are you offended that I didn’t let you help me back there?”

She didn’t say anything. Okay, so maybe I did somehow offend her. “Are you gonna tell me why it offended you? I mean, it wasn’t like I didn’t want you there. I just was . . . embarrassed.”

She kept her head straight.

“Were you offended that I had a massive hard-on?” And as I said that I couldn’t believe that I admitted what went down.

“Parker, you need to stop babying that leg.” She said with enough venom that I knew she didn’t even want to talk about it any further. In fact she walked off.




Hana laughed. “You better do what she says, Old Man.”


I fought the pain and quickly straightened my leg as much as I could. “There happy?” I yelled across the hallway. My therapist nodded and walked into another room. “Bitch.” I mumbled.

I watched Hana hold open my door. “You comin?”

“You gonna talk to me?” I asked. I wasn’t going to move without her at least talking about the elephant in the room.

“No. We don’t need to talk about it. In fact I don’t know why you are embarrassed by it.”


So, I didn’t actually want to talk about it in the hallway where other patients could hear me. As I got to my bed I finally spoke, “I’m embarrassed because I didn’t want you to see me in that state. I like you Hana. . . as a . . . friend.” Okay, so maybe I couldn’t really admit my true feelings, but how could I tell Hana that I love her knowing that she couldn’t do much about it?

“Parker, I’ve seen you in that state.”

Okay, that got my attention. “You have?” I turned a slight shade of red. Did she really see me with a hard-on? Oh, God, please tell me she’s lying. I didn’t want her to see me like that ever! I only ever got hard thinking about her nowadays.

“Yes. When you still wore the bandage over your eyes.” I looked at her in confusion, I was hard back then? ‘I didn’t tell you because I figured you’d be embarrassed.”

“Uh, yeah.” I sighed and sat down on the bed. “I’m sorry Hana. I had no clue.”

“It’s a natural reaction Parker. And it’s not like I’ve never seen the one-eye snake before. . .” She giggled a bit before walking out.


I sat on my bed and shook my head. I figured she had seen lots of “one-eye snakes” in her career. I had no doubt about that. The thing was, I wondered if she realized that the reason behind my embarrassment wasn’t because I couldn’t control my biological response around her, but the reason behind the response. I was in love with her. I wanted her. I wanted to take care of her. I wanted to be the father of her children, whether they were actually mine or not. I wanted to be with her forever and always. It hurt me knowing that it was never going to happen.


A knock at the door brought me out of my funk over Hana. “Can we come in?” the doctor asked.

I nodded and looked at the two walking in the room. Ellis was with him, which didn’t surprise me. She was always checking up on me and my progress. I stood and waited for the two. I always stood when I saw my doctor. I wanted him to see my progress.


My doctor shook my extended hand. “Eh, what’s up doc?” I asked with a little Bugs Bunny impersonation. He laughed.

“I just got your latest x-rays and your latest progress report from your therapist. I think that it’s time for you to return home.”

“It’s been a year Rain.” Ellis added. “We need you home.”

“And my therapy? I still can barely walk on my leg without the cane.”

“You’ll have to continue your workout at home, but you really don’t need to be in a hospital to work out. Your healthy, we got the headaches under control,  your chest is completely healed, and the pain in your leg is bearable. You’re ready Rain.”

No I wasn’t. I honestly didn’t want to leave Hana. I wanted to stay. I wanted to always be here.

“Your family misses you.” Ellis added.


“So, uh, when will I be leaving?” I asked. I was so confused. I did have my family at home worrying about me. Yeah I had called them a few times, telling them I was on a huge mission out in the middle of nowhere and not to expect me for a while. But, I didn’t tell them about my injuries – no sense in worrying them. But now I didn’t want to leave. My heart was torn.

“Tomorrow.” the doctor answered. “Anyways, I’ll let all this soak in. I still have a few patients to check on.” I nodded and watched the doctor leave. Ellis still stood there in front of me.

“I’m not ready.” I told her. She nodded her understanding. She’d seen my lust for Hana on more than one occasion.


“You could just tell her how you feel and get her to go with you.” Ellis pointed out.

“She’s married and has a life here. I’m not going to do that.”

Ellis nodded. We stood in silent for a while. I started to shift on both my legs as the pain in my knee kept building up. “Look, I don’t know how to say this, but. . . .” She looked everywhere but my eyes. “I’m having to take you off the Fournier case.”


“WHAT!” I screamed. “YOU CAN’T. . . THAT’S NOT. . .” I couldn’t even talk I was so pissed off. “That’s my fucking case!”

“You were shot, nearly killed, and you had your eye removed by that crazed man. For all we know he thinks you are dead. I’m taking you off the grid.”

“THE FUCK YOU ARE!” I yelled even louder. She was now burning me. I would no longer be SIA if she was removing me from the grid. “I can do this job!”

“I know that!” Ellis screamed. “You don’t think I know that. Look, I’m not taking you completely out of SIA. I’m just trying to keep you from Fournier for the time being. Just until we can locate him.”


“You better not be taking him from me!” I pointed. “HE’S MINE!”

“Don’t you think I know that!” Ellis shouted back. “As soon as we locate him and Agent Wednesday, you will immediately back on the case and off to finish the job you started.”

“I better be.” I mumbled.

“Don’t be motivated by revenge Rain.”

“I’m not. I’m motivated by my duty, Ellis.3” I lied through my teeth. I wanted Fournier, not just because it was my job. I wanted him to be looking at me as he breathed his last and final breath, but not before he sees me shoot his wife.

“Good. Now, go home and be with your family until we sort this out. And for God sakes, stay out of trouble!” Then she stormed out of the room. I was beyond pissed off. I hated the fact that I was pulled from the case I’d been working on for two years. I wanted Fournier.


The next day I held my discharge papers and was just waiting for Cam to come pick me up and take me to the airport. I hadn’t seen Hana at all, and I wanted to say one last and final goodbye to the love of my life. I walked out and looked around the halls. I finally spotted her coming out of a room down the hall with a bed pan. Poor girl, she really had a crappy job sometimes.


“HANA!” I shouted. She turned and looked at me with a smile. I was really trying hard to walk with a straight leg. I was determined to throw away the cane as soon as I arrived in Bridgeport.

“Parker. I’ve heard some good news about you. You’re going home?”

“I am. But I wanted to say goodbye before Cam picked me up.”


I stood in front of her and just stared. How was I suppose to say goodbye? I didn’t even want too. I wanted her with me forever. “Sooo. . . uh. . . will you miss me?” I asked with a nervous laugh. I had no idea what to say now that I was standing in front of her.

She shrugged. “Probably not.”

I leaned in and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Yeah, well, I’ll miss you.”

She held on to her cheek a bit after the peck. My heart skipped a beat. Was she embracing my small kiss? “Thanks Parker.”

I nodded and turned to leave. She grabbed my arm and that’s all that it took for my defenses to break down.


“Dammit Hana.” I turned. “I. . . can’t. . . I. . . DAMMIT!” I roared. “Hana I love you. I’ve always loved you. Ever since I met you at the young age of fourteen. Come with me Hana. Please. Come with me back to the states and live with me. I’ll always take care of you. I will always love you. Please Hana.”

Hana slumped down but didn’t turn away. She brushed her hand across my chest to push me away. “I. . . can’t.” She sighed. “Parker, I’m married and I have two kids. I can’t just run off like a heartsick fool. I have responsibilities to my family.”

“Bring them!” I shouted. “I don’t care. I’ll love them. I’ll take care of them.”

“I. . . . can’t. I’m sorry Parker, but I can’t do that to Asmeed.” She brushed my hands off of her.

“Please Hana, I’m begging you!” I tried to get on my knee but couldn’t. “PLEASE!”

She shook her head and started to walk away. I could see the tears in her eyes and I knew that she felt the same about me. I knew she felt obligated by her culture and her husband, but I had wished that she would just listen to her heart for once.


I watched as she walked down the hallway and out of my life for the final time. I wouldn’t be coming back to Egypt looking for her. I would make sure Ellis knew that I would never take an assignment in Egypt. She’d understand – or at least I hoped she would. I sighed and wiped my tears away as I silently shut Hana out of my heart for good.

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      I didn’t make any poses this update. . . . Just used other peoples AND some “old school” Sims 3 tricks. The cane “poses” I actually made Parker elder had him walk and switched him back to YA. And when Hana is holding the wheelchair I used the fooseball table and Debug Enabler to make it disappear.

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    Ah, I was hoping a few lines down that the nurse was his love, and it was! Poor Parker, I was secretly hoping she’d give up evrything and go with him, unrealistic i know but the secret romantic in me was screaming, “Hanna go with him!!”

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    Good chapter! Hanna’s rather pretty.

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    I wonder if Leslie will have anything to say about Parker and his eyepatch. XD

    I think it’s really sweet that Ellis cares so much about him. Bless her. ❤ ❤

    *gives Parker a hug because he kind of needs one*

    • I debated about showing Hana’s face at first, but after talking to Styx and my husband, I decided this would be better. I’m actually really glad I did it this way, though it was a pain to keep her face out of all the shots.

      Oh Leslie will have things to say. . . and do. . . Hehehe.

      I love Ellis. (I actually am using my Judi Dench sim 😉 ) I didn’t want her to be as much as a hardass as M is, so I made her a little bit more compassionate, however she’s still a hardass when she needs to be. . . Just like M.

  6. StyxLady says:

    LOVED this chapter, O! The hospital and shooting range sets were perfect, and I loved Parker walking with a cane–so creative!

    Poor Parker, though. It’s almost like he’s being tortured in a different way, with Hana as his nurse knowing he loves her but is unable to be with her. Sad! Easier just to leave and never come back and try to put her out of his mind. I wonder, though, if he’d ever be able to love anyone else. Especially after the other woman he got close to betrayed him so completely.

    • Yeah, getting him to actually USE the cane took some patience. Gotta love MC and CAS! Did you still want my sets? I know you said you are in need of a hospital set, so if you need em still I’ll package them up for you.

      Well, you know me, I LOVE to torture my sims. . . Buwhahahaha. LoL. It’s more fun that way 😉

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    I love a good star-crossed lover story especially when the lovers aren’t whiny teen-aged idiots. I think this is my favorite part of Parker’s story. I hope the universe puts them together eventually.

    • I loved writing this love story. I’ve never been one for a romantic story, but this really seemed fitting to write for Parker. I’m glad its working. This has been one of my favorite aspects to write (that and torturing him lol. . . but you know that’s old news for me.)

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    • Thanks! I think that without the cultural differences the story wouldn’t work. If she didn’t have these obligations she would have no choice but to go with Parker – what’s to stop her? So, I’m really glad that it’s working the way I intended it and making it seem not only realistic, but very plausible. Though its still heart breaking.

  9. Deeds says:

    I loved this chapter. It was so realistic and so utterly sad. It went at a very nice pace; it didn’t feel rushed at all. The cultural differences, aside from being torturous to Parker, made it easier for me to relate with him given that we all have to come to the understanding that cultures vary greatly from our own. Great job 😀

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    Can’t help but feel his feelings for her were the result of cabin fever however.
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