Parker Rain: Chapter 9


“Uhhhhh.” My head. Oh God, my head.

I could see very little as I woke. In fact I kept my eyes closed while I just laid on the concrete floor. I knew it had to be concrete, the feeling of the cold, solid stone on my back. . . My back? Where the hell are my clothes? I rubbed my hand on my abdomen checking for clothes. Yup I was shirtless. As I lowered my hand I felt the hem of my boxer-briefs that I had worn under my tux.

Well that’s a good sign, right? I mean at least I wasn’t in my birthday suit. Now that would be embarrassing. I opened my eyes just a crack and looked at my body. Only the black boxers were there. No shoes, no clothes, nothing. All my bugs. . . gone. I was trapped and hopeless in a place I didn’t know.


I sat up and tried to stand. My body swayed as I tried to steady myself. Whatever drugs were in my system were very powerful. That, and the massive headache I had from getting hit from behind. How long was I really out? Without gaining my balance, I sat back down and tried as much as I could to not throw up.


Eyes closed, I just sat there. I held on my feet and sat, allowing the cool air in the cold place to calm my body down. For some reason I was sweating. It had to be the effects of the concussion I had received. My head hurt in the back and I did not want to touch it. There was probably a big-ass welt or something on the back of my head, and right now I didn’t need to know that. What I needed was to get up and figure out where I was.


After several attempts I finally stood. My head hurt so much, I could barely function. I kept my eyes closed as I breathed in and out, trying to steady my body in the process. When I took a giant whiff of the air around me through my nose, I smelt it. I didn’t know what it was but it sure as hell was nasty. God, what was that smell?


I squinted around the room to look for the source of that awful stench. For a while all I saw were bricks, and concrete. Then I saw a shadow in the corner of the room. A shadow that I quickly was afraid of. It wasn’t so much as something alive in the same room that I was afraid of, no it was the stillness of the shadow. It didn’t move, it didn’t make a tiny sound. Whatever it was, was dead.


I stumbled my way over to the body and found one of my many riddles answered. Tao Yan was dead, there was no denying that. Decomp had already set in and he looked as if he been there for quite a while. It didn’t take a medical professional to figure out what the leading cause of death was; there in between his eyes, a giant bullet hole. Damn.


It all hit me so suddenly. The smells, the drugs, the concussion, everything. I could feel the bile rise up and my stomach ready to heave. I tried to hold it in and swallow, but there was no stopping my stomach. I was going to be sick. I felt so overwhelmed as panic started to take place. I looked around and ran clear across the room.


That’s where I emptied out my stomach. It was pure bile, no chunks – nothing. I assumed just on that bit of information alone that it had been a few days since I was hit in the back of the head.

Another round of nausea hit. I couldn’t stop thinking, and my head started to hurt more and more which brought on another bout of sickness, dry heaves, and cold sweat. The more I thought, the more I had hope. I hoped that Wednesday had relayed my message to Ellis. I hoped she hadn’t faced a worse fate than me. I wanted her to be alive and. . . I wanted her to know I loved her.

Shit, here it comes. . . .


As I continued to puke I heard a door open and someone whistling. I closed my eyes and prayed that it wasn’t Fournier. I wasn’t ready to face the crazed man. I wasn’t ready to face anyone. Maybe if I had some clothes and some Tylenol, then – yea, then I would be able to face my captors.

The whistling drew closer as I puked for the last time. Shit. “Calm down Parker, get a hold of yourself.” I said to myself, first in my head and then once again out loud. I quickly found a way to get the nausea under control.


I heard laughter behind me. “Feeling any better?” Fournier asked. I didn’t even need to turn around to know who spoke to me.

I wiped my mouth and turned to face him. “Just fine?”

“I should have probably stopped my wife, but when she saw that gun and you, she only saw red. I’m sorry bout the head there.”

I really didn’t care for his excuses. If it hadn’t been for his stupid wife – which by the way, where the hell did she come from anyway? Well, if it hadn’t been for her I would have had Fournier killed and hopefully had survived the other four in that room.

“So, Mr. Rain would you now care to talk with me?”

I narrowed my eyes, “Go fuck yourself!”

He laughed and started to walk away.


That’s when I ran towards him like a wild bull. All the anger I felt rushed through me, and all I knew was that it ended here and now. He was dead, and no one was going to stop me from kill –



SONOFABITCH! “Ahhhhhh!” I screamed. I didn’t even see him pull out the gun. My leg,  MY LEG! He fucking shot off my leg! I screamed again and tried to pull my head together as I tossed in pain on the concrete floor. Sonofabitch it hurts!

I heard footsteps come closer and I tried to look up at Fournier who still held a gun. “Now we can do this the easy way Mr. Rain, or the hard way. You’re choice.”

“I’M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!” I screamed, more in pain than anything else, but still it got my message across perfectly.

“Fine.” He walked away. I heard the door open and then closed. I screamed in agony as I held my bleeding leg. I don’t know how long it was when I heard the door open again, I was too busy screaming my head off and crying like a baby.


“Over there.” I heard Fournier say. The next thing I know my arms were being pulled from my knee and my body started to move. I kept screaming in pain as someone dragged me. “Hey, come on, stop your bitching. It’s just a gunshot.” The guy whispered as he dragged me.

Easy for him to say, he wasn’t the one that had been fucking SHOT! “Help me.” I whispered. “Bandages, pills, anything, just fucking help me.”

“Sorry mate, the boss wants you to suffer a bit.” He grinned as he lifted me up into a chair.


As the goon behind me was tying my arms and legs up I heard the door open again. Fournier looked up and started to speak in rapid French with the. . . wait a minute. I knew that. . . What the fuck? As soon as she got in my line of sight I spotted her, Wednesday.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” I tried to freed my hands, but by that time they were tied and my legs were getting there. I tried to kick the guy, but he kept his grip on my ankle. “YOU FUCKING BITCH! I’M GONNA KILL YOU!”

“Rain! I’m only gonna say this once, you threaten her again and that leg will be the least of your worries.” Fournier said in the most calming voice I’d ever heard. “Now, Amber, sweetheart, bring me a stool to sit on.”

Fournier and I stared at each other until she brought him a chair to sit on. Neither of us spoke. My head was so wrapped up in the fact that Wednesday was a double crossing, two-timing, whore! And not only that, she wasn’t even named Wednesday! THAT FUCKING BITCH!


Fournier got comfortable on the stool and stared at me a good long while. “Now, that we are finally able to talk peacefully, lets get down to business.”

“You call this peacefully? Shooting me in the leg and tying me up?” I asked.

“Well, you are the one that’s tried to kill me rather than talk.” He shrugged while Wed – er, scratch that, what was her name again, oh right, AMBER, gasped and narrowed her eyes at me.

“Oh don’t play stupid, bitch, you knew my orders since you left SIA with me. Hell, I’m surprised you haven’t even been interrogated. Seems to me, Fournier, if you want answers why don’t you look to the whore your sleeping with. She could tell you all –”


I didn’t even see it coming, I just felt the pain in my cheek bone, then I felt another pain on my upper jaw. They kept raining down on me like it was old news. Hit after hit, I endured. The man behind the punch had more furry than I could have imagine, and it wasn’t even Fournier that was doing the punching.

“ENOUGH!” Fournier cried. I felt another two punches land in my gut and kidney. “Ed, that’s enough!”

Well at least I established the goon’s name. Eddie Frankford, the psycho terrorist who works for Fournier. As he backed away I clearly thought of everything that I read up on Frankford and Lyle.


“Now, if I were you Mr. Rain, I’d refrain from calling my Amber a whore. . . that is, if you want to live past today.” I heard him say after I recovered from the slaughter of blows Ed had given me.

“Well, you know, if the shoe fits. . .”

Fournier was about to stand when Wednesday, er, Amber – crap gotta remember that – when Amber put her hands over him and still her husband. “He’s just trying to get you riled up, babe.”

I laughed as I watched Amber kissed Fournier’s neck to sooth him. “I bet you like that, huh. Fournier. Yeah, she’s pretty damn good with her mouth. It’s even hotter when it’s surrounding my cock.”


“That’s enough!” He screamed and got off his stool. “First, you insult me, then my wife, and now!!! I only ever wanted a peaceful solution with you Mr. Rain, but I see we aren’t even going to have that option! ”

“I’m just telling you the damn truth. That whore is the best damn fuck I’ve had –“


I don’t know how long this time I was behind the force of Fournier’s rage, but I felt it. Every blow to my head, my abdomen, my kidneys. Fournier used me as a punching bag for a good while. I kept my eyes closed and tried to think of anything and everything to keep from crying out in pain. He was sure going to kill me if he didn’t stop. I felt like I should be dead. I rather be dead then feel the pain I was in.

With one final blow I felt my entire face snap back and to the side. I was TKO as it were.


“Whoa, Boss.” I heard through the punches still being pounded in me. “Boss!” Ed called out again.

“WHAT!” Fournier scream and I tried to open my eyes. Why did Ed stop him?

“You may want to take a look at this.” Ed said and I watched in both horror and disbelief as Ed picked up a contact from the floor – my contact. Holy shit I forgot all about those! I can’t believe they didn’t know. Hell, I wanted to rejoice. Ellis could find me! All she needed was to know that they were still working! I could actually survive this thing after all.


That is if I can keep the last remaining GPS tracking device in me long enough. I quickly closed my eyes and spat on the floor. Blood was oozing down my nose and my lip was bleeding. I could taste the copper in my mouth as it bled. I felt a hand on my chin. “Open your eyes.” Fournier ordered.

Not ever gonna happen.

I could feel him breathing on me. His face was right up against mine. “Open your eyes Rain.”


“Fuck you!” I spat at him. Blood blew from my mouth and landed on his face. “You’re never gonna get it. They’ll soon figure it out, Fournier and then you’ll be screwed, that is. . . if they aren’t on their way already. How long has it been since I’ve been down here? A day, two, hell lets hope that you can get out quickly enough, cause I sure as hell would like you alive long enough for you to see the barrel-end of my gun.”

He grabbed my face. “OPEN THOSE EYES!” He shouted. “Now, you little fucker before you really start to piss me off.”

I spat on him once again with all the bloody saliva I could muster.


I was pushed down to the ground, springing my eyes open. “Ed, give me your knife.” He shouted before standing right over me. I closed my eyes again, quickly. He was not getting my contact. He was not going to destroy the only last hope I had of a rescue.

“Open those pretty eyes of yours Rain, or I swear I will cut them out of you.”

“GO TO HELL!” I shouted and struggled as I felt a hand reach down on my throat. “I rather die than give it up!”


That’s when I felt the pain, a pain like no other. Oh my God, the PAIN! I screamed and I squirmed to get free from his grasps as I felt the dagger pierce my eye. Oh God, he was taking my eye. MY EYE!!! I screamed in agony praying that it would end here and now. It was a pain that I wouldn’t even wish on Fournier himself. Yet, here he was handing me the worst kind of torture imaginable. Why didn’t he just kill me?

Finally after as much pain as I could take, Fournier backed up off of me. I looked up and watched as he pealed off the last of my contact lenses, squashing the last bit of hope I ever had of a rescue.

“You have a sharp eye, Mr. Rain.1” He joked and found it amusing as he tossed my eye off of his knife.

“Yeah well, go fuck yourself.” I spat.

And just as he was lifting his arm up for the final blow I heard Amber’s voice in the distance. “Jules, leave him be.”

Jules looked back and then turned to me. Finally with a sigh, he stood and walked towards Amber.


I looked over and watched as Fournier took Amber’s hand and headed up the stairs. I couldn’t make out what they said, but I was relieved. After all that I just went through, Amber saved me. Maybe she did care a bit for me after all. Though, one thing is for sure, if I ever find her or Fournier I won’t be showing them the same kind of mercy. Sooner or later, they will be eating lead.


That is if I don’t eat it first. Oh shit. . . . . . . . . . .

Bond References:

1. Connery, S. (Actor). (1965). Thunderbell. [DVD]

Author’s Note: I will be uploading the few poses I made once I figure out how to get it to use the updated mod so you don’t have to type up the name for each pose. Unless you don’t mind. Still I need to take pictures of the poses for everyone anyway. LoL. Hope you enjoyed this update as much as I enjoyed writing it. This chapter was the one I had been looking forward to since I started planning Parker’s story.

Also, if anyone is a Tragedy: A Family’s Legacy reader, you may have actually recognized Wednesday before this update, but didn’t realize it till now. Yes, that is AMBER TRAGEDY – with a minor weight adjustment. And Ed is (LoL) Edmund Tragedy, though I did quite a few changes on him. He really looks like his brother, doesn’t he?

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When I'm not blogging, I'm often reading, writing, or playing video games. I am obsessed with Doctor Who, Supernatural, Fox's Lucifer, and ruining my Sims' lives.
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22 Responses to Parker Rain: Chapter 9

  1. Deeds says:

    Wow. I’m just… speechless after this update. I’ll leave a better comment after I get the chance to read it again. But wow. Just plain wow. *bursts into applause*

    • Hehehehe, thanks Deeds. I can’t believe I made you speechless. And I bow to your applause. Can’t wait to hear what you really have to say about this chapter.

      • Deeds says:

        Okay. First off. The body. HOLY CRAP. It freaked me out the first time I saw it. Excellent use of “decoration”. Now I’m thinking “zombies!” Which just goes to show that it was excellently executed.

        And then oh my gosh! Wednesday’s true identity really shocked me. That threw me for a loop. I totally didn’t expect that. It was like, whoa! I was expecting her to get killed or something but to ultimately be on Parker’s side y’know? And then for Fournier to be sort of… not nice to her but for her opinion to matter something to him. That made me feel like I was watching a movie or something. The woman always has another side to her so I’m hoping that my assumptions about her are spot on. I won’t say anything just in case.

        But the violence! That’s what really made this chapter. It was so utterly gruesome and yet totally necessary. I’m really concerned for Parker now. Gosh. But yeah. Speechless. Completely and utterly speechless. Excellent posing. *more applause*

  2. StyxLady says:

    Holy crow! Amber looks SO different skinny! lol. I never had a clue. I thought, with how Parker felt about her, that you were either going to kill her or that she’d be a traitor, so I was at least part right. OMG Parker’s eye! Is he going to have a patch from now on?? That part was gruesome. I couldn’t help but notice how much he looked like Travis in this update though. Really they’re identical except for coloring.

    Your poses totally made the scene! They were amazing! You are so talented with that stuff. ❤

    • Hehe, well I tried to hint you at Amber’s real identity.

      Yes there will be eyepatches!!! I wanted to give Parker an injury he would never forget, but still keep him doing his job. He’ll have difficulties, but at least he’ll still be a spy. He really does have to learn that this really is life and his life is really on the line – he’s still living in a fantasy, it’s about time he grows up.

      And Travis, really? See I think with the new hair and the facial hair he looks different than when he had his longer hair. I dunno I always thought clean shaven Parker looked more like Travis than anything. But in CAS is where they really are identical. It’s rather scary sometimes to see how close they look alike. I’m just glad Parker got the blonde hair, just so that I could differentiate between the two. LoL.

  3. Oh wow, I didn’t recognize Amber AT ALL, but as soon as it was revealed that it was, I looked back at her and face palmed. Of course it’s Amber! How didn’t I see it!? Then again, one of the best ways to change your appearance is to put on or lose weight, and apparently that’s true in the Sims as well, since I didn’t recognize her at all at first. I do see it now though! Didn’t recognize Edmund at all either, but in this case I still can’t really see it, lol. Very much changed!

    AND OH MY GOD THEY CUT OUT HIS FREAKING EYE! WHAT THE- I CAN’T EVEN! GAHHH! Poor Parker! Jesus! This was definitely one hell of a chapter! Mannnnn Ellis better send people in FAST…surely they got the reading before the contacts were disposed of?! Ahhhh!

    I suppose he will be wearing a patch now? Well, that’s kind of bad ass. Kind of. You know, since he no longer has an EYE! *shivers* lol anyway, can’t wait to see what happens next!!!!

    • You know what’s funny after writing this I put this post up and one of the many many many chapters of Amber up side by side and was like – yup, you can still tell. It’s all in the face really. Makes me wish I had made her lose weight in the Tragedy’s. Oh wells. And yeah Eddie went through a much bigger change – I needed him to look rougher looking and less hippy-like.

      And I love your reaction about his eye. Thanks for the little laugh. Hehe. Yes, eye patches are a MUST! Hehehe, I love my eye patch cc, it’s one of my favorites.

  4. Oh my gosh, I had a feeling Wednesday was dodgy but poor old Parker, he’s getting proper beaten up now!
    Great storytelling 🙂

  5. hrootbeer says:

    I actually thought Amber/Wednesday was Kaylynn, but I knew that I recognized her. I totally didn’t recognize Ed.

    I was totally shocked when Jules cut Parker’s eye. That’s not like Bond at all. But I suppose it’s true he needs to know that life isn’t like a movie.

    • You’re the only one I figured who “might” figure out who she was. And yeah I changed Eddie beyond recognition. All I did was make him darker and dropped some weight off of him.

  6. spongeb0berz says:

    Shock. Complete shock. *mouth open wide* That was amazing… when he said wife, I knew instantly that Wed- err. Amber was his wife. (Ha ha I did it too xD) I LOVE all those poses you use, and the guns. Can I ask you where you got the cuts, and bloody stuff from? Plus the poses 🙂 Dead Yan is Dead. Lmao. Oh well.. I want to say I hope Parker is going to be alright, but I know he is because there is no kiddies yet 😉 Can’t WAIT to see those. I love how brave Parker is, but he can be a little stupid and go to far. But wow… now who is gonna be Park’s love? Hmmm… guess we wil have to find out! Ooo and I can’t wait to see how Parker escapes! Eeeee! *squeals* I love you ultra hot parker!! ❤

    Oh and I am offically caught up! WHOO! Took me long enough.. I think a week? Yep 🙂

    ❤ Loved it,

    • The cuts and scrapes I did a google search. I can’t remember all the sites I went to. I know some are on MTS but others are on a Korean sight. (I think…)

      As for the majority of the poses used….. I made them. I’ll be uploading them once I get some of the “bugs” out. There’s still some issues with them.

      Wife and kids are coming up.

    • I also forgot to mention the Black eye make-up is by me and can be found over at TSR (free). I’d link it but I’m on my phone. I will when I get home though.

      • spongeb0berz says:

        Wow your very talented! 🙂 I will download it as soon as you link me ^_^

        [Lol I wouldn’t matter if it was free or not. I have a sub. to TSR 🙂 ]

  7. Emy says:

    I actually went “Jesus f*cking Christ!” out loud when Jules cut out Parker’s eye. My girlfriend was just like “What? D:” XD Holy crap, wow. Wasn’t expecting that AT ALL. Neither was I expecting Wednesday to be Jules’s wife. (I’m still catching up on the Tragedys, but now you mention it… you can actually tell she’s Amber, haha. *face palm*

    Loved your poses!! They’re so awesome. 😀 😀

    Great chapter. As you can tell from my outburst (out loud) I loved it. ^^

    • Hahahaha! That’s AWESOME! To get you to do that is really a honor.

      And take your time with the Tragedy’s. It’s a LONG one. Sorry.

      • Emy says:

        It was a very good piece of writing! 😀

        I’m getting there. 😀 I’m on “Things Heating Up”. Then assignments took over and I have an inbox full of posts, then I’ll finish off the Tragedy’s. On the plus side, I have Generations and 3 stuff packs to install tomorrow so that’ll take some time and I can read lots then .^^

      • spongeb0berz says:

        I’m trying to catch up on the Tragedy’s too 🙂

  8. Emy says:

    Also, can’t wait for those poses. 😉 They look like they’ll be useful, especially mixed with a couple of morphead’s ones. 😀 😀

  9. Oh wow! I can’t believe they took his eye–omg!

    Haven’t read the Tragedy’s, will definitely have to. 🙂

  10. kris1079 says:

    Amazing!! I couldn’t believe it when I read the part about taking his eye! I really like that you don’t sugar coat things…it really adds to the realism.

    So I started reading this preparing myself for Wednesday to be dead by the end…so I was not expecting this at all!!! I actually kind of wished that Parker would shoot her at the end. Funny how you turned the tables!!! Fantastic writing, as usual!!

  11. OMG such a shocking chapter! I can’t believe Parker lost his eye! I was only thinking that Wednesday/Amber would be killed after your last comments, but I was totally surprised. Really nice job with making it Bond-y, yet like has been said, less movie-like at the same time. I love this generation!

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