Parker Rain: Chapter 6


Egypt. What can I say about this place? Easy – I fucking hate this place! As the plane flew across the Nile, I felt ill to my stomach. I ended up flipping the cover to the window down. God, why did I have to come to this hell hole? This isn’t where I ever wanted to come. This was hell, and I was living in my worst nightmare.


I didn’t bother looking for a hotel in Cairo. I took the quickest bus out of town to Al Simara. That’s where my contact said I could find Tao Yan. He said he was in hiding off in this little house in the middle of nowhere. My thought – WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! It’s the fucking desert for crying out loud! But still I took his “directions” to the little town and searched for a house in the “middle of nowhere.” Yeah, sounded easy, right? WRONG! There’s like tons of little village houses all over the “middle of nowhere!” Still, I managed to find the damn place.


I managed to break in to look for Yan – I was quiet, don’t worry. Plus I had my good ol’ friend, the SIG-Saurer P2261. Which was issued to me when I first was assigned to this “job.” Gotta love SIA. Anyways, where was I. . .

Oh, right! So I managed to break into Tao Yan’s new “digs.” And DAMMIT! He was GONE! No trace of him, whatsoever! DAMMIT! Where could this guy be? Seriously, where the hell does this guy keep disappearing to?


Okay, maybe I should calm down, but dammit I didn’t see that fucking shed! I found a trapped door and went downstairs and found this awesome cool basement/tunnel. Again with the tunnels, man. What is with this guy? Is he that paranoid he needs to travel below ground?


Traps? Okay, now I am beginning to think that this dude was really paranoid, as well as pissing me off. Don’t worry I disarmed it. I am quite good with blowing shit up, such as this lame booby trap.


Fzzzzzz, Rzzzzzz. MOTHER-FUCKER! HOLY SHIT! OWE! That’s so gonna leave a mark! I am seriously going to kill this guy when I get my fucking hands on him! Seriously, who the hell puts hidden traps in a hallway? Someone could get killed!


. . . Um, you didn’t see that right? Okay, so I may had to have gone back to the abandon house and um, change my underwear – shhh. don’t tell anyone. Anyways, as I was saying before I was so RUDELY interrupted by stupid traps, I like to blow shit up. Just not myself. Dumb stupid trap!


BAM – BAM – BAM! Holy fuck where the hell did he come from! Must hide!

Rain016I threw myself to cover, thank God for metal chairs and got my “friend” out. Can’t a guy catch a break? First the trap, and now some asshole is shooting at me. What the fuck?

“Come out, come out, where ever you are. . .” The shooter teased. “This will only take a minute.”

Yeah, like I’m ready to die right now. “Where’s Yan?” I asked as I checked the bullets in my gun. Sure enough I was only missing a few.

“He’s not important.” The shooter seethed. “What is, is this next bullet going in your head.”

Fat chance of that happening.


With my gun ready I came out from hiding and started to shoot towards the shooter. Bam – Bam – Bam. We started to both spread bullets across the room as we took cover from everything that we could find. My glock ran out, as did his. We went back to hiding to load our guns.


We weren’t silent about loading our guns either. Nope, we had a nice chat. “Who are you?” I asked.

“You really think I’m gonna tell you who I am?” He laughed.

“Do you work for Fournier or Lee?”

“Fournier.” He answered. “And you are a dead man Mr. Rain.”

Shit! He knew my name. “Were you sent to kill me?”

“Nope. Sent to kill Yan, you?”

“I’m looking for Yan. You kill him?”

“Not yet. . .” I heard him snap and ready his gun. This was it. The showdown of my life.



I was up in seconds firing bullet after bullet into the shooter’s chest. He didn’t even get the chance to fire his own gun as I laid into him. I watched him fly back as I continued to add to the carnage in his bullet filled chest. He was a dead man.


I walked up to his body and added one more into his head for good measure. I searched his body and took his gun. I didn’t get a name off of him, and without my kit to process his prints I had no idea who he was. I took a picture of his face, just incase Ellis knew his identity. I’d like to at least know who the hell I just killed.


I looked around the place and realized I was in some type of hidden secret computer place, kind of like where I use to work in SIA. They had all the imaging equipment and satellite hookups. I found myself walking towards a door and into an office. Yan’s perhaps? I thought to myself.

I logged onto the computer and ran a search for Tao Yan. Still, even with everything I have heard, all roads lead to China. Was Yan really still in China hiding in a hole like Houssein and Bin Laden did, or was he out there somewhere running from Fournier and Lee?


With a resigning sigh, I headed to the local market to find a place to sleep. Sure enough as I gathered my gear to head to my room, my phone went off. “Ellis?” I answered, knowing very well who was calling.

“Rain, where you at?”

“Egypt. Yan’s in the wind.” I explained. “I think I’ve been compromised. I don’t know how though. I mean it could have been that French Intel woman, Simnovich, but I don’t think it was. She helped me out of a jam when I got cornered in that bar where Fournier was.”

“It wasn’t Simnovich. She relayed her notes to us. Seems you made an impression on that Veteran.” I smiled at that. I sure as hell hoped I made an impression on her, cause she sure as hell made one on me.

“So who then? How was I compromised Ellis? I’ve been quiet, almost too quiet in this job.” I lied. Yes, I know that’s bad, but I wasn’t about to tell her about the assassins, not now.

“I don’t know.” She sighed. “Look stay put and I’ll call you later. I’ll have some of my men figure it out.”

“Okay, I’m heading to China in the morning. So, if you need me I’ll be there.”

“Okay, and Rain. . . Take care of yourself.”

I hung up the phone and looked around.


Rain034That’s when I saw HER. Oh my. . . My heart skipped a beat, no wait two beats. It had to be her. I mean she was older – just as I am now. But that had to be HER.

She may have had two kids with her though, so I wasn’t too sure. Could this be the woman that I was infatuated the last time I was here in Egypt?

I remember grandpa telling me of certain customs, but I didn’t want to believe. . . Not then and not now! Was she really married? Did she really have two little ones. The girl looked six! That would have meant. . . NO, NO, NO! She did not have a child at sixteen with some fucking pervert!


I snapped a photo quickly. I mean, if this was going to be the only time I’d ever see her, I wanted to at least remember her. God, she was gorgeous, even with two kids hanging on her. I do feel bad, that little boy seemed like a handful, pulling at her, crying. Man, I wish I was that boy’s father. . . Wait? What the hell am I saying? I’m a spy – I need to stop thinking with other parts of my body, and start thinking with my brain and concentrate on the mission at hand.


I honestly don’t know what’s gotten into me. I mean there I was taking a photo of the woman that I flirted with a few days before grandpa died, and now – NOW I was following her. She didn’t know that I was though, or at least I don’t think she did. Did she even recognize me? Probably not. I was to chicken – yes, chicken, to just go up to her and say hello to her. I was really afraid that she wouldn’t recognize me. Man, did I have it bad.


When she stopped I ducked behind some bushes. From a distance,  I watched as the little girl ran to this much older man. The girl screamed in Arabic – which I only assumed was dad or father. He got on his knee as she tackled him into a big bear hug. At least that little one had two parents – what I would have given. . . Nope stop thinking about that! That man is OLD! Too damn old for the woman!


I watched as the man lifted the girl up on his back and played with her. The woman laughed and giggled. He even tickled the little boy and a part of me wanted to punch him. He wasn’t right for her. He looked too old to be their father – hell the man had greying hair!

Then as the two talked I watched as she kissed him softly. I fought the urge to put two bullets into his chest right then.


I felt sick after watching the two kiss. I collapsed and fought the will not to cry. She was the girl that I wanted to be with. She was the reason I could never tell Natalie those three words. I knew then as I still know now, that I loved that woman – and yet, I couldn’t have her. I couldn’t cherish her. I couldn’t give her all the love that I wanted to give to her. She was definitely the one that got away.


After that, I decided that staying in Egypt wasn’t an option. I sat at the airport all day and awaited my flight. All I could think of was how Egypt screwed my life up again.

Not only is it the place that stole my grandfather from me, it’s also where the woman that I would always cherish was taken. She was taken by an old man. A man that may not even love her – who probably purchased her or something. Eww, no stop thinking like that Parker. It will only upset you more.

Just as I was about to board the plane I took one last look at the desert hell that was called Egypt, and promised myself I would never, and I mean NEVER return! This place only brought out heart ache.


China was a mess when I returned. The hotel management started to refuse me a room. “No-no, you trashed place last time.” They said to me. I tried to explain and lie my way out. I told them I had no idea what they were talking about. I told them that when I left the place was in the same condition as I arrived.

“Dead body not there before!” They screamed and tried to push me out. “Leave before I call police.”

“What dead body?” I asked. Of course I knew, but I played dumb. “Are you sure whatever happened in there didn’t happened after I left?”

The manager looked at me and finally decided to give me the benefit of the doubt and handed me a room key. “No more messes!” He warned.


After getting the key I ran up to the room and logged onto my laptop. I searched out everything I could find on myself. The one thing that bothered me was that I killed three assassins. Though, I still haven’t even begun to process that I actually killed someone, but it could be that I was too focus on even bigger problems; like the fact that someone wanted me dead. The only person that had knowledge of me was Simnovich, and Ellis assured me that she hadn’t given away my position. Which means, Fournier knew. And if Fournier knew, then. . . What? Why kill me? I was sent to just get information.

I sat and thought about it, and the longer I thought the more confused I became. I needed to get out and clear my head. Maybe searching for Yan would wield some more answers for me?


So that’s what I did. I headed back out to China and went to talk to the locals. Even though I didn’t speak Chinese, I found many who spoke English, even if it was broken English. I didn’t get much out of the locals though. Either people didn’t know a Yan, or they heard rumors that he was in Egypt. And I suspected he was nowhere near Egypt after my search there.


With all the stress I had over Yan, the girl from Egypt, and Fournier, I decided that it was time to take a little break. I found this amazing training center for Karate. I trained hard there. I seriously could, if I wanted to, kick some ass. I was beginning to think I was untouchable. Not only was I deadly with a gun, I was deadly now with my fists. Hahaha.


So on that note, I decided to try once again to break that two-by-four. I steadied myself, and concentrated harder. It’s not about the power behind the swing that counts. I learned that last time after I made a fool out of myself in front of a ton of Chinese people.

I concentrated hard and thought about what I had to do.


With one swing, I did it! Holy crap, I DID IT! I broke that board with my own hand. I AM AWESOME!


Now really, I was more powerful then ever. I dare anyone to come for me. Okay, so I know that breaking a stupid board boosted my ego, but I sooo need it right now. I need to know that I can take care of myself. I need to remind myself that I can do this, and I will do this. I am ready!


I headed back out and chatted with my contact. My contact, a Mr. Ho Sung Kim, warned me against finding Yan. He explicitly said that there were more dangerous problems that Yan had to deal with and eventually he would be “taken care of.”

Well, I think I could have told him that. I mean I took care of one assassin that was out to hunt Yan. Still, though the guy didn’t given me diddly squat as to where I might find Yan. Yes, I know, that finding Yan could lead me into more trouble, but I wanted to find him. I wanted to get some answers.


So, I headed back to the market to search out more people that might know Yan. I started to talk to one of these women that was there, and though she didn’t know Yan, I couldn’t pull myself away from her. She wasn’t that attractive, but my body felt different. Okay, my pants got tighter and I started to think with a different brain.


I started to flirt with her, and she would laugh and giggle. Both of us flirted and talk more suggestively. She was pretty funny. The more we talked the more I wanted to do something else with her. If I couldn’t have the girl from Egypt, then maybe I could find someone even if I didn’t actually love them, couldn’t I?


Then she and I started to kiss. I don’t really understand how we went from a bit of suggestive flirting to hot and heavy kissing – in public no less. And man, can this woman kiss! She pulled from me finally after a kiss that brought on a new meaning of Hot.

She started to play with my hair and I started to play with hers. “You know,” she whispered, “In my small village, men come first, and women come second.” She winked.

I almost started to laugh at the suggestion. “I think I might just retire here.2” I said. She and I both laughed. “So, what say we get out of here and get more comfortable in my hotel room?”

I didn’t need to say anything else, she took my hand and started to run with me to the street where we hailed a cab-like vehicle.


She and I wasted no time getting in bed. We both ripped our clothes off as soon as I closed the door and then she jumped on me. I barely got the rubber on me! We emitted great passion as we fucked. And that to me was as much as I needed. Maybe a physical relationship is all I will need? No, I wanted to love someone – even if wasn’t the woman that I was in love with.

Just as I was about to hit my climax my phone went off. DAMMIT! I knew the ringtone as soon as it went off. It wasn’t mom, it wasn’t dad, it wasn’t anyone friendly, nope it was fucking Ellis! “Crap, I gotta get that.” I told the Chinese girl.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, it’s my boss. She’ll flip a lid if I don’t answer. She’ll probably kill me if she found out that I didn’t answer cause I was fucking around.” The girl nodded and got off of me, as much as I hated it I knew it was necessary.


I grabbed my phone and answered. “What!” – YES! I know that’s not how anyone should answer their phone, especially when it’s their boss, but come on! MY BALLS WERE HURTING!

“RAIN!” Ellis yelled. “GET YOUR ASS HOME NOW!”


“Cause you killed someone, that’s why!” She yelled even louder. Man, she was blowing out my ear drum. “I want you home and in my office pronto, do you understand Mr. Rain!?!”

“Yes, ma’am.” I grumbled and hung up.


The girl got up and put her hand on my shoulder, “Everything alright?” She asked.

“Nah, I gotta leave China. My boss wants me home.”

“How soon you leave?”



She kissed me, and that kiss held more fire than anything I have ever had. My erection quickly returned as she continued her onslaught on my mouth. Okay, maybe I don’t actually have to leave right now.


I backed up and smiled. With a waggle to my brow I said, “Well, almost immediately.3

I lifted her off her feet and laid her on the bed. . . .


Bond References:

1. Craig, D. (Actor). (2006). Casino Royale. [DVD].

2. Connery, S. (Actor). (1967). You Only Live Twice. [DVD]

3. Connery, S. (Actor). (1962). Dr. No. [DVD]

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10 Responses to Parker Rain: Chapter 6

  1. StyxLady says:

    Hahaha, omg I loved the Bond references you used this time!
    Also, “. . . Um, you didn’t see that right? Okay, so I may had to have gone back to the abandon house and um, change my underwear – shhh. don’t tell anyone.” LMAO. Oh, Parker. XD

    The Egyptian woman is very intriguing. I wonder if he’s so obsessed with her because she’s the last good thing he remembers before David died?

    • Thanks Styx! For the last reference, after I saw that scene in Dr. No I about died and I knew I HAD to put that in here. It was just too funny and too suave of Bond. Gotta love Sean Connery!

      Parker keeps walking into traps and after he looks around to see if anyone sees him. It’s quite funny. I am actually loving the adventures with him in the tombs. Its so fun to watch him sometimes. He looks all tough and macho and then BAM something stupid happens and he’s all cute and unsure of himself.

      As for the Egyptian woman – I can’t really talk much about her without giving out too much information, so you will just have to wait Cait. . . or just text me. Hahaha.

  2. I absolutely love how Parker can be a bad ass one moment and whimpering the next because he got hurt, lol. It really brings his character to life and makes him feel more realistic because he’s not just a cocky bastard…he only likes to act like that, but inside still has his own insecurities and a softness to him that I’ve always loved.

    I feel bad saying I want to break up a potentially happy family, but I kind of want Parker to be able to get the woman of his dreams! The one he actually loves! That’s another example of the softness I love. One minute he’s your typical Casanova, and the next he’s thinking about having a family with his true love, hehe. So sweet =)

    But uh oh…looks like there will finally be consequences for his er, acts of self-defense? Haha, better watch out Parker…Ellis does not sound happy =P

  3. Emy says:

    Awww, Parker. XD He was so cute in the trap. XD I love how he tries to come across all macho and fails. XD

    And I felt so sorry for him when he was looking at that Egyptian woman with her husband/kids. He did look like a nice guy, though, so I’m not sure what I want to happen with them. XD I’ll leave it to you – you always have the best solutions to sticky problems. 😉

    Looks like he’s in deep trouble, though. We shall see what Ellis makes of the fact he’s killed MORE than one guy. XD

    Great chapter!! ❤ ❤ 😀

    Oh, quick question! Which pose pack did you use for the piggy back picture? 🙂

    • Yeah, Parker is one of those guys who acts tough and bad-ass, when he really isn’t that bad-ass. LoL. I can’t help put his failings in this story. It’s bringing out more character than I originally plan, so I’m happy everyone is enjoying it.

      As for the pose set I used for the kid on the back, its called Family Comes First and for the gun poses I used this one just incase anyone was interested.

      • Emy says:

        Thank you! ❤ 😀 😀 Oo, I downloaded the gun set the other day. Just in case I needed it. Hehe. 🙂

      • Yeah I’m sure you will with your new story. 😉 And might I add, I loved it way too much and already anticipating the next chapter. Gabe is so awesome looking!

    • Emy says:

      Thanks. 😉 Writing as we speak. 😉

  4. Aw, I am just loving Parker so much! It’s nice to see all his different aspects from killing someone, being in love and having to change his underwear, haha! All the Bond references and the storyline make this such a fun generation to read!

    I’m really anxious to see how things work out in regards to the Egyptian girl and what his boss will have to say when he gets home!

  5. kris1079 says:

    I’m intrigued by the Egyptian woman…kind of hoping that he gets to be with his true love…even if it means breaking up a family. Love all the different poses!!

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