David Rain: Chapter 9


“Hey now big guy, you have to be quiet.” Again with the screaming baby. Sometimes I can’t take it. Travis only wants attention, and what’s worse he’s decided to be choosy and only wants my attention. Ella keeps going to get him, but after ten or so minutes of non-stop crying she puts him down and wakes me up. I don’t mind, I love the little guy. I just wish I could get some sleep.


It was early in the morning when I started to feed Travis. He was still whining but the bottle was keeping it down. I was just getting ready to put him to bed when I head the bathroom door slam. The walls aren’t sound proof, especially in this old house, so I could hear Ella in the bathroom. She was at it again.


For three solid days she was sick. I felt horrible. I know Mike was sick just recently and I thought maybe she picked up his bug. When I asked, she of course thought about it, and said that she had gotten food poisoning from Hogan’s. They had a gig there and like Mike, she too ate the chicken. That place is a roast infested eatery. I may have ate from roach coaches in Bridgeport, but you would never find me at Hogan’s.


Hell, I never thought there was another reason she was sick. It never even occurred to me. Even as I look back now and remembered when she was really pissed off at the world, I should have known just from her mood. I was in the shower and I heard her come in. “Hey, you coming to join?” I asked from shower.

“Nope, just gotta pee.” She replied. So I went back and started to sing one of the band’s songs.  She started to laugh at me. “God, you make my songs sound horrible!”

I, of course, started to sing louder. I was singing my favorite song, “Poolside Dip.” It was obvious another private joke between Ella and I. It was also their latest hit. She just laughed at me.

“You know, if you don’t stop singing I may have to answer that question about or band’s name and our greatest hit.” I wasn’t sure if she was joking, but I stopped singing. “Thank you.” And with that she flushed and made me jump. She sure did have an attitude though.


“SHIT!” She screamed. And the next thing I know my shower went to nice and hot to super freezing. I couldn’t help it, but I screamed like a girl. “Why the hell does this keep happening!!!” Ella screamed again.

“What the hell happened?” I asked grabbing a towel and looking at the busted sink. She just pointed at the sink and narrowed her eyes. “Well, how’d it do that?”

“BECAUSE IT’S A STUPID PIECE OF CRAP!” She screamed. Something other than the sink was bothering her, but as long as she was taking it out on the sink, I was happy.


I pulled the towel around me and walked her away from the sink. “El? Is everything okay?” I asked her. I was worried that her yelling at the faucet was more than just pure frustration.

“No. It’s that damn sink! It’s the television! It’s all this cheep ass appliances in this cheep ass house!” She was crying.

“Look, I can only do so much with the money we have.” I told her. Her band may be huge in Riverview, but it wasn’t so huge we were banking from them. We were barely living off of what I made with the garden. “El, why don’t you let me deal with the sink, and you go relax.”

“Fine.” She then left, grouchy as ever.


I of course fixed the sink right away. Ella was right, the house was cheep and everything was braking. My shower sometimes held hot water, sometimes it didn’t. My stove, though I love to cook, made uneven meals and my best work tasted like shit. My television was just as reliable as the bathroom sink. Even when it worked we got horrible reception.


Just as I was finishing the sink, Ella ran back in and started to puke. I’ll tell you, it wasn’t the prettiest of sights. I stood back a bit and watched. “You okay?” I asked her.

“Peachy.” She answered with an eye-roll. “I really hate this food poisoning thing.” I nodded in agreement, I hated it too.


I couldn’t help myself. She was just so sick. One night, just a few days after the sink incident, we were watching a movie she got up and she was bent over. I thought she was going to throw up right there in our living room. “El, are you sure you’re alright?”

“No, my stomach just hurts.” She said holding her mouth. I waited to see if she needed to run to the bathroom, but she stood up and adjusted herself. She didn’t have to throw up. “False alarm.” she said.


I didn’t think it was a false alarm. “El, are you sure?” I asked. Something inside me bothered me. I was beginning to see a pattern here. The last time she experienced this type of pain was when she got pregnant with Travis. I had to ask, I wanted to make sure. We had already agreed we’d wait, and when I say we, I mean she agreed not to have children ever again and I said that we could wait till Travis is a bit older and decide again. She liked my idea.

“I’m sure. Everything will be just fine Rain.”

“Okay.” Then I did it, I had to ask the question. “Are you sure you’re not. . . . pregnant?” I hesitated. She narrowed her eyes.


“I will only tell you this once David Rain, I AM NOT PREGNANT! I WILL NEVER BE PREGNANT! YOU GOT THAT!?!” She screamed at me. I had no clue how touchy the subject was, but apparently I hit a nerve.

“Alright, calm down. I was just asking.” She narrowed her eyes and then stormed back into the bedroom. I wasn’t sure if I should follow, but my heart knew that she’d kill me if I went after her. So, I did the only thing I could think of to dissolve this fight, I slept on the sofa.


Another week had passed, and it was time. I woke up so excited. It was Travis’ first birthday. I picked him up from his crib and started to toss my little one year old and singing happy birthday. He laughed and giggled at me, then he pooped. I laughed at him and did what all father’s did best, I called Ella to change his diaper. She just gave me a look, and so I ended up doing the deed myself. Ewwww.


Ella and I decided to throw a birthday party with all of our friends. Mike, Jimmy and her played as the guests mingled and danced. I made a cake, and Shonda brought an extra one from the pub. I figured the more cake the better.


I did get a smile out of my wife though. She was still sick, and I had the suspicion that she was in fact pregnant, but I never mentioned it. While the band played, and Jimmy started to sing my favorite song, I started to dance and mouthed the words. Ella looked at me and we both shared a smile. I waved at her and she gave me a finger wave as she played.


The paparazzi did show their faces at the party, like I knew they would. I knew the whole town was talking about what Travis was going to look like. Even to this day, his parentage was still being question. I knew in my heart he was mine. Yet, that didn’t stop the paparazzi from crashing our party. The guy stayed in the background though, only jotting notes every once in a while.


Well, that was until the fire happened. We were just lighting the cake that Shonda brought and apparently someone had spilled a bit of wine on it. Shonda didn’t know, but when I lit the candle the thing went up in flames. I freaked out! I mean the thing just spread. It went from cake, to table, to the chair even.


What was more embarrassing was that Mike, Mike out of all people, grabbed a fire extinguisher from his truck and ran to the fire. He extinguished the flames. Crap! This was my house, my party, my son, and the guy that everyone thought was the father ends up being the hero. The tabloids were gonna eat this up. Jimmy and the rest of the crowd cheered, I stood there in envy.


We brought out my cake I made for my son, thank the heavens we had two cakes, and Ella brought out little Travis. Everyone gathered to sing Happy Birthday. I could hear Ella’s voice through the crowd and my heart melted away again.


I was so happy when the paper came the next day and they showed this picture. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind who my son belonged to. The paper’s headline, “Rocker Not Kid’s Father.” I laughed. It had only taken almost two years for the news and everyone else around to believe Ella, Mike, and I. He looked a lot like me, except for the chin and the eyes, those were his mother’s.


Ella was also taking pictures of me with my little boy. “I saw that flash.” I told her when she was trying to hide the camera.

“What? Can’t a mother take a picture of her son and husband?” She asked with a smile.

“You are just as bad as the paparazzi.” I joked. She didn’t care for that joke though, she quickly narrowed her eyes. “I meant in a good way. I love that your so interested in taking snapshots of our lives.”

Ella smiled, but I could tell she wasn’t at all happy with what I said.


As soon as the party was over Travis immediately started to help me with the garden. Since the party was in the morning, I was able to spend the afternoon with my son in the back. When he came to help, I tousled his hair and looked at him. “You gonna help daddy?” I asked him. He just laughed and giggled.

Together the two of us managed to tend the entire garden before the sun went down below the horizon.


That night, all hell broke out. Everything was fine. I had already laid Travis down to bed, and I was just falling asleep myself. My eyes were barely closed. I knew Emma was locked away in the bathroom, puking. She blamed it on the fire and the smoke, I bit my lip. Then the shouting started. “DAVID!!!” She screamed. “I’M GONNA KILL YOU!!!”

I looked at the door. She finally couldn’t deny it.


She came barging into the room. “YOU ARE SO DEAD!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!” She screamed.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down Ella. You aren’t making any sense.” She actually was, but I was gonna play as dumb as I could. “Now, babe, tell me what’s wrong.”

“YOU! THAT’S WHAT’S WRONG! You and your charm and your stupid little thing!”

She did not! I thought. “Excuse me?”

“YEA YOU HEARD ME!” She yelled again. Okay, so I felt slightly insulted, but hell she’s mad, and I am not going to fight over that. “You and your little guy knocked me up!”


My face just lit up like the fourth of July. I was so excited. My smile widen from ear to ear. “YOUR PREGNANT!” I shouted with joy. Ella wasn’t as amused by this as I was. “But, that’s great El.” Again, not amused at the slightest.


“YOU DON’T GET IT!” She screamed back. “I’M NOT READY! I DIDN’T WANT ANYMORE!!!”

“But I tho-“

“NO, YOU WANTED MORE, NOT ME!!!” She yelled, interrupting my thought. “You know what, just get out! GET OUT AND GO SLEEP IN YOUR ROOM!”

“My wha?”


Oh, My room! Great. Now I was being kicked out because Ella finally admitted she was pregnant. It’s not my fault. Okay, it’s not entirely my fault. There’s two of us.


So, I’m back, sleeping on the hardest couch in the world. Maybe Ella is right, this entire place is cheep and filled with crap. Hey I bought it with all the money I got from my mother. I was lucky to find this place when I did. Now, though, I wished I had a better sofa, at least one that isn’t hard to lay on. I just hoped that it wouldn’t be another two months before I was back in my own bed.

[AUTHOR’S NOTE] Ella was really, and I mean really this cranky the entire day she puked. She kept running to the bathroom every four hours almost. Her mood was horrible and whenever she looked at David she had a hateful face. She was not happy. And yet Ella is FAMILY ORIENTED! I took it as she just wasn’t ready to get pregnant, even though she had the wished locked in.

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6 Responses to David Rain: Chapter 9

  1. hrootbeer says:

    OMG I was laughing so hard at David’s excited face. Even though Ella’s screaming at him he just looks so damned happy.

    I think it’s too funny that she’s family oriented!

  2. StyxLady says:

    Wow, she’s family-oriented? She’s not like any other family-oriented sim I’ve had! lol. I hope she gets over it and realizes that it does take two to make a baby. Poor Rain.

  3. Hahaha, yup she’s family oriented. I dunno what her problem was. Maybe it was just Rain that was making her so upset, that or a dirty house. LoL. But still it made for interesting photos and a great story line 🙂

  4. Madcapp says:

    Geesh Ella is really grumpy… even more than any grumpy sim I’ve had. A bit annoyingly so. Slightest things seem to set her off even when she *wasn’t* pregnant. Poor David.

  5. sErindeppity says:

    Ella you …….. bimbo. x__________x

  6. Layla Sims says:

    And here I was confidently blaming her mood on that she may have the ‘doesn’t like children’ trait. So much for that theory! haha

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