David Rain: Chapter 8


“Please Trav, go back to sleep.” I begged again to my crying son. He had woken me from the couch yet again tonight. This was the third time in two hours. The boy wouldn’t sleep for me. All he wanted was attention, I had already fed him and diapered him. “Travis, please daddy needs to sleep.”

It had been a rough few months. Travis was already seven months old. The last month, however, had been the hardest. Ella and I have been sleeping in separate rooms, and the fighting was getting worse. I had let myself go because of these fights, and went into a depression. The garden was suffering all because I made one stupid mistake.


Two months ago, I had fallen asleep late one night after drinking a six pack. Ella was out at a gig and I stayed home to take care of Travis. I had gone to the store earlier in the day to drop off my produce and for some reason I decided to pick up the six pack. I went home, hid the beer, and waited for Ella to leave. As soon as she left I cracked open the bottle, turned on the game, and at one point I passed out.


When Ella arrived home, she stirred me awake. “Hey, Rain I’m home.” She said over the sofa. Then she saw them, the beer bottles were all over the floor. “David?”

I woke and yawned. “I’m up.” I told her, forgetting all about the bottles. I stood to greet my wife, and since I was still completely plastered I walked up to her and gave her some of my charm. When I went for the kiss, I was pushed back.

That’s when the fight started.


I don’t remember what all was said, and quite frankly I don’t want to remember. All I remember was that she compared me to my father. Ouch! I never wanted to be compared to that man. After intense yelling from both of us she walked into our room, threw out my pillow and blanket and slammed the door shut, locking the door behind her. I haven’t even seen my room since. All my clothes are still out in the living room, where Ella keeps them piled neatly for me. Neither of us has said anything much to each other. I want things to work, but for some reason I can’t figure out how to fix this. All we ever do is fight now. That and ignore each other.


All because of some beer.

Thanks to a cranky little boy and a hard ass sofa I haven’t gotten much sleep in the last couple of months. I find myself constantly falling asleep while I cook myself some early breakfast. I still rise early everyday, just so I can get some work done out in the garden. This morning was no different. After I finally got little Travis to sleep, I headed out to the kitchen and made myself some breakfast.


I was surprised to see Ella walking out of the bedroom wide awake, and she looked more gorgeous than ever. “Morning.” She said with a smile. I grumbled something in reply, I believe I said “morning”. She looked down at my plate of pancakes and then to the counter. “What no pancakes for me?” She asked. I haven’t cooked for her in over a month, and now she wants some bloody pancakes.

“Here, have mine.” I told her and got up. I wasn’t very happy, I was starving and I just whipped up a batch of my famous apple pancakes.

“Aww, thanks Rain.” She said with the most beautiful smile. I just shrugged and gave her my chair and left. All I was happy about was that she called me Rain. She hadn’t called me Rain since the night of the fight.


I probably should have just whipped myself another batch of food, but Ella and I in the same room wasn’t a very nice thought. Somehow we always ended up arguing and fighting. I hated the fighting. I wanted Ella back, I wanted myself back.


Of course I couldn’t stay away from her no matter how hard I tried. As I was working, she came out and she was dressed in the most gorgeous outfit. “Hey Rain, could we talk?”

“I guess.” I grumbled. Yet I still had my eyes on her breasts. I loved looking at her chest. She noticed right away at my eyes.

“Will you stop!” She yelled at me.


I don’t know why, but I grabbed her by the waste and pulled her towards me. “I’m sorry I can’t help it. Your just so stunningly beautiful.” I told her. It was the first time I had complimented her for almost a month. She started to laugh. “Ella, why are we still fighting?” I finally asked.

“You know I don’t know.” She answered. “All I ever wanted was an apology, and maybe some reassurance that you won’t drink ever again. I can’t stand it when your drunk.”


I really didn’t know what overcame me. All I knew was I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to tell her I loved her. I wanted to be with her intimately again. I grabbed her and pulled her towards me and kissed her. I slipped her the tongue and she pulled me closer to her. It was like fireworks.


After we finally pulled away, I looked at her. She was smiling. “I’m sorry El. I love you and I never meant to hurt you.”

“So you won’t drink?” She asked me.

“Never. I promise. I don’t even know why I bought that six pack.”

“And you’ll shave this ridiculous beard, right?”

I just laughed and smiled. “Sure. And the hair? You want that gone as well I suppose?” I was actually quite fond of my hair and my new look. I had always planned on growing my hair out and in the last two months I did.

“No, actually I kinda like it. It’s kinda hot.” She flirted and smiled one of her amazing smiled.

“Oh yea?”  And just as I was going to whisk my wife into the house, Mike’s car pulled up and honked for her. They had a huge gig tonight, the place was going to be packed.

“You gonna come tonight?” She asked me. I never did. Music was her thing and the garden was my thing. “Please Rain. Come, I want you to be there.” She said to me with a kiss. Then I watched her run off to Mike’s car.


After a quick shower, I decided that I was going to go to the gig. I figured I could take little Travis along and show him off to his Aunty Shonda and his uncles, Mike and Jimmy. The three were practically Ella’s family, and I really didn’t mind calling them that. Both Ella and I were both an only child, well that was till my dad decided to have a baby with Lonni. I always forget that I have a brother.

I looked in the mirror and pulled out my razor. I might as well shave off my beard. I wanted to look great for Ella.



I headed to the bar and found my wife rocking out with her mates. They all waved at me when I walked in. Ella gave me a huge smile. I know I made her day by coming to see them play. Shonda looked at me and squealed when she saw little Travis. She ran to me picked him up, gave him a kiss. I probably would have lost him to her if one of the patrons didn’t holler for the bartender. She handed me back my son, and when I looed at Ella again she was laughing.

The bar was packed, most came to see my wife play. I was the odd man in the bar. I had a baby, and I was sober. I looked over at the bar and only wished I could sit and have a drink like the others, but then there was Ella. I didn’t want to lose Ella.


I left as soon as Travis started to scream and cry. It was way past his bedtime, and I needed food. I started to cook dinner after I put my little boy to bed. I had wished I could have stayed and listen to more of Ella’s music, but I didn’t want Travis to make a scene in the bar. Drunks don’t do so well with crying babies.


I heard the door open as I was finishing the stew. I was making a homemade stew using the vegetables from the garden. “Something smells good.” Ella said as she sat at our table. “Whacha making Rain?”

“A stew. You hungry, or did Shonda feed you?”

“I’m starving. You missed a good last half. We played a new song, and I sang. The bar went crazy.” Damn! I missed her sing! Ella had the most beautiful voice when she was on stage. My heart always melts when I hear her sing, especially when she’s singing to Travis.


I filled two bowls and walked them over to the table. “Sorry that I missed it. Travis wasn’t a very happy camper.”

“Well, I’m just glad you came. Rain. . .” She paused and we both looked up from our bowls. She wanted to say something. “Rain, I’m sorry I’ve been treating you like crap these last few months.”

I took her hand. “El, I’m just happy your talking to me again. You shouldn’t be apologizing. Your right, I am an alcoholic. Hell, even tonight I had to fight the urge to sit at the bar.”

She only smiled. I think she was pretty impressed that I had the guts to admit I had a problem. She stood and took our bowls and I watched as she washed them in the sink. “I am sorry.” I told her.


I still didn’t understand what I was doing but as she turned to talk some more I rushed out of my chair, took her in my arms and kissed her. “Uh Rain.” She said. I was trying to unzip her top as I continued to kiss her neck and collar bone.

Then I heard it, we both did. Travis was up again. “DAMMIT!” I screamed. Ella only laughed.

“Well, I guess Travis saved me!” She said to me as she patted my butt. She walked in and went to care for our little one. I headed for the bedroom, and there was no stopping me.


When Ella walked in the room I was ready. She just smiled at me and laughed. I grabbed her and pulled her to bed. “Geesh Rain. You think you don’t get any.” She joked.

“I don’t.” I told her truthfully. I finished what I started in the kitchen and soon we were both under the covers. That night, I slept like a rock. I was in my own bed and I was finally happy with my marriage.


Of course since I was out like a light, Ella couldn’t wake me when Travis started to cry. Thankfully she loves to care for him. The only reason the last two months I had been getting him at night was because I was on the couch and could never sleep. Ella probably would have gone to him if I was in my own bed. At least she was able to wake for once and tend to him. I know that made her happy.


Life started to normalize again. Ella was even helping out in the garden. She still wore my old fatigues. I asked her once if she was going to ever throw them out. “Hell no!” was her answer. “There so comfortable and I love walking around in the garden in them.” I never thought they were comfortable, hell I hated wearing them.


I finally found my footing with my garden. I was making really good money with the harvest. The manager at the grocery store told me that people can’t get enough of my crops.  In one day I could make almost a grand on all of my plants, that is if I don’t save any for myself to cook with.


My wife and I tended to go out together a lot more. We were always at Jimmy’s or Mike’s. They were always throwing a party. Since those two didn’t have anything to tie them down, like a wife and child, they were the guys who partied. I made the most of it, seeing as I hated parties, especially when it was with Mike and Jimmy. Ella, though, she loved to socialize and talk to everyone. She was a rising star and everyone in town knew her, Mike, and Jimmy. No one knew me, I was hardly ever mentioned in the papers. Which I take as a good thing. I like my life the way it is, I don’t need to be popular.


At home, Ella and I made the most of our reconciliation. This was my life. I was a happy married father, who had a beautiful celebrity rock star as a wife. I didn’t need anything else. Life was just perfect.

Or so I thought. . . . . .

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5 Responses to David Rain: Chapter 8

  1. StyxLady says:

    Uh oh, that last line doesn’t sound good. I hope he doesn’t drink again. I can sympathize with the nighttime bouts of taking care of baby. My son is almost two and still does not sleep through the night. Lack of sleep can make ANYTHING into a difficult situation.

  2. kris1079 says:

    I don’t think David’s seen the end of his battle with the bottle…I hope he can overcome it or I fear it could be the end of his marriage.

  3. sErindeppity says:

    No David >_<
    But wow what a chapter!!! Very intense and real 😉
    I loled at him being in the bar with a baby though xD

  4. Layla Sims says:

    Am I the only one to notice that as David’s hair on his head filled in, he seemed to have lost his body hair? Had a wax job at the salon? lol

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