David Rain: Chapter 6


In the morning I woke up kissing the back of Ella’s neck and shoulder. She was simply irresistible in the bed. She started to moan as I caressed her favorite spot with my hand. “Rain, what are you doing?” She asked barely awake.

“Waking you up, my love.” I replied placing my hand exactly where it needed to be.


She turned to face me. At first she smiled and didn’t mind that I was still caressing her, then she started to slowly melt under the covers. “Where are you going?’ I asked her. I couldn’t reach the spot that I was playing with anymore, she was too far into the covers.

“You’ll see.” She said with a wink. I just laid there looking under the covers. I watched as she kissed down my body. She kissed the top of my breast bone, then my ribs, she worked her way down my six pack that I somehow still managed to keep after all these years from the service, then she kissed my navel and crept lower until. . . Oh wow! I was fully awake.


She stopped just short of a climatic ending and started to roll out of bed. I grabbed her ankle and pulled her back to me. “Oh no you don’t.” I was on top of her and she was just laughing.

“What?” She couldn’t stop laughing, she knew exactly what she was doing to me.

“What do you mean what? You can’t just tease a man like that and leave.” I smiled back at her.


Shortly after our love making I was the one that climbed out of bed. I gathered a shirt and boxers from the floor and headed out of the room. “And where do you think you are going?” She asked me, she was still breathing hard, my heart was already starting to calm and I was starving.

“I’m going to make my beautiful wife breakfast while she sits in bed.” I turned to her before walking out. “Now stay put.”


She of course didn’t stay. She was out of that room within minutes of me leaving her there naked. “Didn’t I tell you to stay put.”

“I’m hungry.” She responded to me.

I turned to face her and was a bit surprised that she was in my shirt and boxers. “Cute.” I told her.

“They were on the floor. I hope you don’t mind, I don’t have anything but that nighty and my wedding dress?”

“Not one bit.” She looked hot even in my clothes.


I started to show off in the kitchen and got a laugh. “You are such a show off Rain.” She said to me.

“I know.” I told her. I looked back to her, “How many do you want?”

“Three please.” I plated her three and made my five pancakes.


“Well?” I asked as I watched her take her first bite of my cooking. She chewed slowly and nodded. “Good right?” I asked.

“Very. Where’d you learn how to cook?” She asked. I honestly think she was surprised at my cooking, I know every time I took a bite out of something I made I was always surprised.

“I dunno. I’m just gifted, I guess.” I continued to look at her in my shirt and boxers. What I wouldn’t mind to be back in bed with her. Yet, we still had a long day ahead of us. We were going on our honeymoon, even though Ella had no clue. “Soooo, you have any clothes with you?”

“No. Dad said he’d drop by with all my boxes tonight. Why?”

“We need to pack.” I told her. She raised her brow in question. “Unless you don’t want a honeymoon.?“ She screamed like I thought she would.


Our honeymoon was in China. I wanted to take her to France, but that was too expensive. This however fitted our budget. As soon as we got to the hotel I kissed her, and started to make out with her. “Ella, I love you.” I told her for the millionth time since our plane ride.


For the most part of our honeymoon we fished. Neither of us wanted to explore the hidden tombs we heard about. Ella was too neat and cute to get dirty and I really didn’t care to see skeletons on my honeymoon. At first it looked like only Ella was ever going to catch anything. She was on a roll, catching koi fish after koi fish. I spent the entire time in envy, I had nothing biting. Yet the next day we were both catching fish like crazy, and I even found a little treasure chest. Of course fishing isn’t all we did, this was our honeymoon of course.


After enjoying our first dinner in China together, we decided to each have a crack at a fortune cookie. I’m not to into the fortune that comes with the cookie, I just like the cookie. They are always incomprehensible and I can never figure out their true meanings. However, Ella’s heart sank when she read hers. It wasn’t a good fortune, like most of them are, it said that “little pitter patters of feet tis not be the future.” She took that as saying she would never bare any children.


That night in bed, she was really heart broken about the whole thing. “Ella, it’s just superstition.” I told her.

“But what if it’s true. I want a family David.” There she goes again, she’s calling me David.

She was crying, and I  wiped a tear from her eye. I pulled her towards me on the bed and looked her dead in the eyes, “Ella we will have a family. Hell, we could start right now if you want babe.”

“I’d like that.” She was trying her hardest to stop crying even while she flirted. I kissed her and slowly made my way down to her collar bone. Soon, she forgot all about the cookie.


We both took a stab at Martial Arts. I got nowhere with it. The damn practice dummy kept smacking me in the head, and I almost broke my glasses. Ella on the other hand picked it up really fast. She earned her first belt and I was proud that she could kick some ass. I just hoped she wouldn’t ever have to kick my ass.


We also went swimming. Ella laughed when I decided to go buck naked. Hey, I didn’t pack a swimsuit with me like she did. We had a huge water fight. We both laughed and were very playful, that was till she pulled me down by the ankle. We then held an underwater breathing contest. I won, but to be fair the only reason I won was because of humiliation. Ella started to laugh underwater and when I looked at where she was pointed, I realized that the cold water didn’t sit well with my entire body. She had to go back to the surface she was laughing so hard.


When we got out of the pool I was put through a lot of mockery by her. “Hey shrinky-dink, you ready to go back to the hotel? Oh wait, your too small to ride this ride.” She smiled. She was very amused by my misfortune with the cold water.

“You better watch what you say El, I know where all your secret spots are. Just you wait, I will get warmed up and I will have my way with you.”


I took her back to the hotel and once I was warmed I tore her clothes off and then mine. I then proceeded to get back at her for calling me a shrinky-dink.

That was the last night in China. The next morning we were off to the airport. Our short three day vacation was done.




Back home Ella decided she wanted to help with the little garden I had. I know it’s not so little, but compared to her old farm, this was a very tiny piece of property. When she walked out I had to do a double take. It wasn’t that she was stunningly beautiful, that I already knew. She was wearing my old fatigues! “Ella, what the heck are you wearing?” I almost asked in a shouting voice. I was trying to stay calm, but I was too flabbergasted at what I was seeing.

“I don’t have my old clothes from the farm. I got rid of them after dad was bitten and he took over the entire farm at night. It’s okay right? You don’t mind?” She asked with her puppy eyes looking up at me.

“No.” I let out a frustrated sigh. I did mind. Those were my fatigues! I watched as she started to weed the plants. I didn’t want to argue with her, not after our amazing honeymoon.


Of course I really had to watch my cool now that the honeymoon was over. Shortly our lives were becoming routine and Ella’s nights were being spent more and more away from me and back at Mike’s place for practice. Mike and Jimmy were always calling her up for an impromptu practice, they wanted to get better so they could perform at the bars, and maybe make an album at the recording studio. I on the other hand just wanted her home.


I finally got enough of the late nights with the guys. I know its her band and they are trying their hardest to become a huge hit, but I needed my wife back at home. I tried not to be jealous, but it was hard when I had to share her with two other men. When I found out where Mike lived, (which I found out was with his mother so that made my day) I headed there and confronted her. “EL! It’s almost 2AM!” Both boys slid away from me.

“I’m sorry. Look, we’re done here. Right boys?” She asked as they started to pack up. Both mumbled yes in reply. I had ruined their night and I knew it. Yet they had been ruining a lot of my nights. “Let’s just go home, and we can discuss this tomorrow.”

She started to walk away, “Oh no we are discussing this in the car!” I shouted as I followed her down the stairs.


We got in the car and I was trying really hard to calm down. “I’m getting sick and tired of this Ella.” I told her as a matter of fact. “Why can’t you three practice during the day?”

“Both Mike and Jimmy work during the day.” She replied. “We’ve always practiced at night.”

“Yea, when you were living with your father. Your not anymore El, your living with me, your husband.” I hated to point out that fact. She just gave me the dirtiest look I have ever received from her. “Can’t you three just practice in the evening? Or even better, at our place.”

And yet as I said our place I was regretting it. I didn’t want those guys in my house. Hell I didn’t want Ella anywhere near them. But then I saw Ella smile, “If that’s what will stop you from hounding me about this David, then that’s what we’ll do. I’ll call the guys tomorrow and set up a schedule.” Crap she said David!


Three days later I was out in the afternoon doing my work when I heard the drums in the house sounding. Soon they were followed by another instrument. She had finally convinced one of the guys to come over and practice, worse she didn’t even tell me. So, here I was outside gardening with my wife inside with another man jamming to the rhythm and blues. It killed me when I started to tap my boot to the music. Damn, why did they have to be good?


I finally decided to go inside as the sun was going down for the day. I changed from my yard work clothes and checked in on the musicians. They were writing a new song. I walked in and Ella stop abruptly. “Hey Rain. This is Mike.” She introduced me finally to one of her band mates. “Mike this is my husband I was telling you about.”

“Sup. Thanks for letting us jam here man.” He said to me. “My folks were telling me I had to get a new place to practice, so this is awesome.”

“No problem Mike.” I said back to him. I hated this. I needed a drink. “So where’s the other one?” The were back to being just the three, their other band mate bailed on them and they were still looking for a replacement. I refused to look like an idiot in front of a crowd.

“Jimmy’s working, he said he’ll be by tomorrow. We have to get some solid practice in before our gig at Shonda’s.” Ella answered.  “You wanna come, its in a couple of weeks.”

“Can I get a drink?” I asked her knowing very well the answer. She just narrowed her eyes and I left the two to their jam session.


About an hour later I found myself in the shower and not alone. I had spent the entire day in the backyard with my garden. I heard the door open and heard a pair of pants unzip, the next thing I knew Ella was standing right there next to me. “Mind if I join you?”

I just shook my head in disbelief. “You make me go crazy, you know that?”

“Ah, but that’s why you love me.” I had to admit this was true. She walked in the shower behind me and wrapped her arms low on my waist, really low. “Thanks for the practice session.” She whispered into my ear before nibbling on it.

I turned and faced her, wrapping my arms around her, and pushing her against the wall. “Yea well you owe me, big time.” I told her as I started to kiss her.


I don’t know when and I don’t know how but we managed to get out of the shower and onto our bed. Ella’s fingers were dug into my back when I finally dropped her onto the bed. We spent the rest of the night there. Neither of us dared to get up. We hadn’t had a moment like this for a few weeks now and it felt amazing. We never wanted it to end.


A couple of weeks went by and I woke with someone puking in the bathroom. Ella had been sick for two days straight. She was constantly running to the bathroom, puking her guts out. Sometimes she would barely make it to the toilet on time. I tried going in to help her, but she made me leave. She hated me seeing her when she looked the way she looked. When I woke, I knocked on the door, “Ella, you want me to get you anything?”

“No.” I heard her puke again. “I’m fine.” Liar. She wasn’t fine and I knew she wasn’t. She refused to go to the hospital, stating it was just the stomach bug and that everyone was getting it.


So, I did what I did every morning, I went out to my backyard and worked. I sighed when I walked to the watermelon patch. The thing wouldn’t stay green, it was always wilting away. I just wanted to grow one decent watermelon from this patch. This was killing me. I seem to have more and more problems in my life, and I can never catch a break.


By mid-morning I had two men standing next to me, Mike being one and I could only assume the other was Jimmy. “Hey Rain, is Ella in?” Mike asked me.

“Inside, sick.” I said straining as I tried to pick the highest apple I could see. It was the last from the tree. The other guy grabbed it and handed it to me. “Thanks.”

“No problem mate.” He said with a hint of an Australian accent. “Name’s Jimmy.” He stuck his hand out.

“Rain, Ella’s husband.” I introduced myself. I took one look at both the guys, they were my age, which I guess made me feel a bit better about myself. I was more successful than they were. I had my own house. I sighed, “She’s really sick boys. You might as well as go home.”

“Crap!” Mike shouted in frustration. “We have to get this number right. Is there anyway Rain that you can get her out here?”

I just shook my head no. “You two are more than welcome to try. She locked herself in the bathroom. I tried offering her some help, but you know Ella, she just refuses.”


I don’t know how they did it, but the two men were able to get Ella out of the house, washed up, and outside to practice. All I know is, I was trimming my onion plant and I heard the drums and then Ella’s voice. I just hoped she wasn’t pushing herself for this gig tomorrow. She had been sick for two days already.

Some kid then walked up from across the street and started to play with them. He wasn’t half bad, he picked up on the notes and they had a nice quartet going in my yard. I of course tried to stay focus with my garden, but I found myself tapping to the rhythm of the music once again.


Then I heard Mike scream, “RAIN!” I dropped my clippers and I took off running. I found Ella puking right there. All the guys had backed away from her and next to her drum set. She was heaving more than I had ever seen her.

“Ella, you okay?” I asked as I pulled back her hair. She couldn’t answer me on the account she was puking. “Why don’t you three go home. I’ll have her call you later about tomorrow.”

The three waved Ella off and walked off our property. Something was seriously wrong with Ella.


“Rain, baby, I don’t feel so hot.” She finally said to me when she was done puking on our yard.

“Yea I got that with all the puking. Why don’t you go lie down and I’ll make you some breakfast. You want some pancakes?” She nodded slowly. I took her by the shoulders and the two of us walked slowly inside the house.


Ella fell asleep on the sofa and I went to work on making some of my famous apple pancakes. I could hear her snore and I knew even after I had finished the batch of pancakes to not wake her. She had the worse night, and the day wasn’t getting any better. I ate my breakfast and went back out to my yard work. I was really worried, I won’t deny that. I love my Ella and I hated seeing her so sick.


Resilience must be a virtue, because even though Ella was sicker than ever, she made it to Shonda’s Bar. The band played, and the place went from being a slow average night for Shonda to being the busiest night she had ever had. The place was packed with people. Ella’s band was just amazing. When Ella introduced themselves, I about died. They had just finished a song that Jimmy had sang, it was an original that Ella had written, “Back from the Bayou” and it was a hit. “Thank you!” She screamed and the crowd went wild. “That was Jimmy Stanton and we are The Shivering Rain.” Then she winked at me and I went red. Nothing like keeping a private joke alive, or at least I hoped it was a private joke.

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3 Responses to David Rain: Chapter 6

  1. hrootbeer says:

    Oh my! What a name. Ella a little pregnant and not aware of it yet?

  2. StyxLady says:

    LOL, men can be so clueless. 😀

    This: “Hey shrinky-dink, you ready to go back to the hotel? Oh wait, your too small to ride this ride.” Made me LOL. Seriously.

    I hope Rain’s starting to get over his jealousy a little bit.

  3. sErindeppity says:

    Lol their honeymoon was so nice. xD poor Rain. Shrinky-dink. -giggles-
    Don’t like some of the bandmates though. -coughs louder than she did in the previous post-
    Wow, the sickness really hit her hard! o_o

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