David Rain: Chapter 5


There’s something about eating home grown apples. My apples were amazing. They were perfectly sweet. As I bit into my apple, I felt the crisp water dribble down my chin. The taste was extraordinary.


My garden was flourishing. I had all kinds of vegetables and fruits growing now. The apples though were my favorite. They were just so sweet. I tended my garden every morning just as the sun started to creep up. There was only one problem I had with my garden besides the weeds, I couldn’t for the life of me keep my watermelon patch from wilting. Every morning I would come out and sigh, everything but my small watermelon patch was green. I just hoped that I could harvest something out of it.


Ella and I did go out once to celebrate our engagement. However neither of us drank anything. I wanted to buy us some champagne, but she insisted on us staying sober for the night. So we danced. I didn’t ask about her band, not yet. But that didn’t stop her from talking about them. “Mike thinks we have a good shot at getting some gigs.” I nodded and bit my tongue. “He says his uncle owns a recording studio and we might be able to get in sometime and play. We just have to get better.”

“That’s cool.” What else am I suppose to say? I mean she’s in a band with three different guys, Mike, Jimmy, and the new kid Robbie.

“You okay Rain, you’re not saying much?” She asked me.

“No, I’m fine. I’m perfectly happy.” I lied. I was so not fine with this, but this was her own dream. She was a musician after all. “I’m just thinking about us, and our life in the future.”

“Yea, so when is our big day dear?” She asked. I had no answer. I wanted to get married just as much as she did, well, maybe more.


I still wasn’t sure when we were getting married, but there was one thing I still needed to do. I needed to tell my dad. I finally got him on the phone after calling him for over a week. Apparently he was on a stakeout every time I called. “Yo!” He called out when he answered his phone.

“Hey pops. Its Dave.” I was just thrilled about the news.

“Oh hey David. How’s my farmer doing?” He joked. I could hear behind him someone screaming at the phone, “IS THAT DAVID!?!” It was Lonni. “Of course it’s David, didn’t you hear me just say his name?” He barked back at her. “Don’t give me no attitude Mr! I’ll have your head on a platter. . . Oooh cookies!” I immediately started to laugh as well as my father. “That’ll get her to stop hounding me for a while.” He said back on the phone.

“How far along is she?” I asked.

“Seven grueling slow emotional months.” My father said with a hiss. I think he was clenching his teeth. “And somehow I am doing this sober.” Now that was through clenched teeth.

“Yea, well I’m sober too.” I proudly told him. “As well as engaged.”

“You’re what? Say that again. I did not just here that my boy is going to get married.” He was laughing but all I could here was Lonni screaming. “WHAT! Give me the phone!” A few moments passed and Lonni’s voice was on the phone. “You’re engaged?”

“Yes ma’am. I proposed to Ella a few weeks ago.” I answered.

“So, when’s the big day? We want to come, we want to be there.” I could hear my dad laugh at her.

“I’m not sure, but don’t worry Lon, you and dad are both invited.” We then said our goodbyes and I hung up and just laughed. My father had a really pregnant woman on his hands and I hung up with her crying.


I was out in the evening that night adding more plants to my garden when Ella called. “Hey sweetheart.” I answered the phone.

“Hey yourself. I need a date. I’m at the store for my dress, but I need a date so that the gal can have my dress ready by the time we get married.” My head went into full circles. She was buying her dress?

“Uh, um, uh what?” I asked incomprehensible.

“Cat got your tongue Rain?” She joked. I could just picture her smiling in the store. She was amused. “Yes, I am buying my wedding dress and your tux will be delivered as soon as you give me a date.”

Wait, what? My head was spinning. She was picking out a dress, she had ordered me a tux, and I had only just proposed a couple of weeks ago. This was just going really fast for me.

“Rain, are you there?” She asked when I didn’t respond.


“Um, well lets see. When do you want to get married?” Okay, so my mind went blank. If I had my way, I would have gotten married at City Hall just as dad and Lonni did. But there was this pressing matter in that not only did Lonni want to be at the wedding, Ella wanted a small wedding outdoors.

“Well the dress can be done by Friday, and your tux can be delivered whenever. It’s a nice tux by the way. Its somewhat teal green. I think you’ll like it.”

“Saturday.” I said when she gave me the moment to speak. It just came out of my mouth. “Saturday, you and I will get married.”

“Great. I’ll tell the guys. They really want to meet you.”


WHAT! No no no no! Okay, I don’t care that Ella is in a band. However, this was my day as well and I really wanted it to be a small thing. My dad and Lonni, Shonda (cause she would kill me if I didn’t invite her) and my best mate from the corps, Steve Wryler. “El, I love you. . . but I was hoping. . .”

“Right, you don’t want them to come.” She finished my thought. Great, now she’s gonna get all pissed off at me. “I’ve seen you look at me when I start talking about them David, and just because you won’t say it, I know your jealous.” Crap she called me David.

“I’m not jealous!” I barked. “I just want a small wedding. I was just thinking of having a few people over.”

“Like?” Her tone was moving away from giggling and happiness to annoyed and spiteful.

“Dad, Lonni, Shonda, and my buddy from the corps, Wryler.” The other end went silent but I could hear her breathing. I’ve pissed her off, again. “El? Ella?”

“Fine.” Then she hung up the phone. Crap.


And wouldn’t you know it, Saturday came by super fast. My tux had been delivered and now was safely put away until I was ready to get dress. I woke up in the morning knowing very well it was my last day as a single guy. My parents would be here soon. They had a three hour car ride, and my dad had squandered up enough dough for them to rent a car. I felt bad that I couldn’t help them out with the rental but my dad said he wouldn’t accept any money from me.


I woke and immediately got ready for the day. I made my bed, just as I do every day. I cleaned the entire house, making it spotless. After all my step-mother was coming. Then I went into cooking for the guests. I wish I had a grill, but money was still tight and I still needed to replace my television and a dresser. I went out to my garden and picked the freshest of my produce and made a giant salad for everyone. It was the best I could do under my financial circumstances.


I went outside to do a bit of set up. Ella had some rental furniture come in late the night before along with my tux. I placed my small radio I had since I was in the service out back and turned it on to soul mix. I wanted to work on my yard, but I just knew if I did then I’d lose myself in it and I wouldn’t be ready for my own big day. Instead I proceeded inside and shaved and got ready for the wedding.


To say that I was nervous wasn’t the words I would use. I was petrified. But all my worries and butterflies went away when Ella walked to the back of the yard, greeting me with a smile. Her dress was stunning and her breasts were amazing. I really had wished right there that we could have forgone the formalities and just gone to the bedroom. She noticed my eyes drifting down her dress, and laughed. “Hey, now, stop staring. We don’t have time for your fantasies. Your guests will be arriving shortly my dear.” Damn!


The first of the guests did arrive and it was my old mate, Steve. “Hey Wryler!” I took his hand and shook it.

“Well, if it isn’t the little Rainman, and getting married? Since when did you date women?”

“Hey man, don’t ask, don’t tell.” I joked an old military joke we had. We both laughed and Ella just looked confused at me. “Wryler meet the woman of the hour, my luscious bride, Ella. El this here is Steve “Sick Dog” Wryler. He has a sick sense of humor and he’ll hump anything that moves.”

“It’s a . . . Pleasure.” She said smiling taking his hand.” He did a double take and laughed.

“God, when you said you were getting married Rain I didn’t think you’d be marrying a supermodel.” He joked to me before kissing her back hand. “Madam, it is a pleasure.” He flirted, which I expected so it didn’t rattle me. What rattled me was what he did next. “You know I would be so honored if I shared a dance while you were still available.”

She smiled and laughed.


I just looked away in envy. I didn’t need to see my best buddy hitting on Ella. I was use to his behavior. He was hitting on everything that moves while we were deployed. Ella laughed as she danced, and then she looked at me. I could tell she was just trying to be a good host to our only guest. Finally the song ended and she took my hand and squeezed it.


You know jealousy doesn’t suit you.” She joked. “You know when the rest of the guests arrive then you’ll have a dancing partner.”

I am so glad I amused her. And I am so thankful for Shonda’s screams behind me so that I didn’t get into any trouble for what I was about to say in response.


Shonda came running as soon as she saw Ella. “AHHHH YOUR GETTING’ MARRIED!” She bellowed right in my ear drum before hugging her and lifting her. The next thing I saw was my dad’s face. He had changed. He no longer had long shaggy hair or a five-o-clock shadow, nope he was clean shaven and trimmed.

“Long time no see.” He said to me as he walked up. I immediately gave him a hug.“Oh man I miss these.” He joked.

“Yea well sometimes a boy has to hug his father, and this seemed like a perfect time.” I then heard a small cough next to me. I looked and there was Lonni, pregnant as ever. “HOLY CRAP!” I said out loud. “You look like your gonna pop any second Lon.”

“And I feel like it too. The bugger won’t stop growing.” I went down and put my hands on her belly and took a feel. “Sorry I’m not all formal like Tom, but I couldn’t find anything to wear with this thing.” I looked at my dad when she said Tom and I saw him grit his teeth. I mouthed the word, Tom and he made two fists. She was getting on his nerves already. This was going to be fun.

“Lonni, you look amazing.” I finally said to her. I didn’t care what she wore, I was just happy she came in the condition she was in.


I gathered everyone around to make introductions. “Dad, Lonni, I’d like you to meet Ella. El, this is Thomas, my father and his wife Lonni.” She raised her hand towards dad’s and he like Steve took it and kissed the back of her hand.

“It’s a real pleasure.” He told her.

“The pleasure is all mine Mr. Rain., Mrs. Rain.” Lonni burst into tears and gave Ella a hug. We all laughed. I then proceeded to introduce the rest of my guests to my folks and to each other.

I turned to Ella after the introductions were made. I was ready, it was now or it was never going to happen. “Well shall we get this started my love?” She smiled and nodded. I took her arm and we walked over and under the trees.


We made our vows to each other right there under the tress that were in my back yard. Behind us we could hear both Shonda and Lonni cry. Shonda cried, I think, because she was happy to see her two favorite patrons finally tie the knot. As for Lonni, she was pregnant and I blame all her crying on her hormones. My dad stood there like a brick and showed no emotion to his son getting married. My buddy just smiled and I could just formulate what his sick and twisted mind was thinking. Finally we were pronounced husband and wife and I kissed my bride.


Ella and I shared our first dance together, it was the same song we danced to on our first date, “Time After Time.” I was married and I felt like the luckiest man in the world to have her in my arms. After our dance the party really started to jam and we all were dancing. Shonda and Steve danced the whole day, I was hoping they weren’t getting too fresh. My dad and Lonni danced until Lonni complained about her feet and back. I danced with Ella the whole day and although it was hard I really tried to keep my eyes away from her chest. I was a sucker when it came to her breasts. I wanted her out of that dress and into my room.


As the night drew on, the girls found solace in the house. They chatted away about girl stuff I suppose. I’m sure Lonni expressed her views on pregnancy and men, well at least Rain men anyway. She was tired and she was in a lot of pain.


As for us guys we hung out in the back and talked men to men. My dad immediately lit up as soon as Lonni was out of range. Wryler stole a smoke from him and together they smoked while the three of us chatted. My dad offered me one, thinking I picked up the habit in the Corps just as he did. When I denied he was pretty shocked. “What you don’t smoke, I thought you were a Marine through and through.”

Steve laughed. “This old cod? Ha! Let me tell you about this guy, sir, he is the cleanest Marine to ever set foot in our bunker. He doesn’t smoke, doesn’t get laid, hell I didn’t think he drank until I took him out to a bar and found out he could hold his own.”

“Still can.” I pointed out. “And I got laid. I just never brought her to the barracks. We did it in the back of her car mostly.” I lied. My dad was right there, I couldn’t disappoint.

“That’s my boy!” He barked. Steve just eyed me, knowing very well I was lying. “So, my boy tells me you are still in the service.”

“Yes sir. I can’t get enough of it. Soon I’ll be up for orders. I’m hoping for officer’s training. I just got my degree in engineering. We’ll see though.”


The next thing I knew we were all saying goodbye. First it was to Wryler who had to be back for duty. I wished him the best. The next it was my father and Lonni. I hugged my dad out in back while he finished his last smoke. “I wish you two didn’t have to leave so soon.” I told him.

“Yea well work calls, plus Lon has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. We’ll see each other again soon.” We both headed inside and he looked at all the ladies, then he stared at Lonni. “You ready?” She nodded.

“Well this was fun.” She said to Shonda and Ella. The girls all hugged and then Lonni hugged me. “You take care of Ella. You do right by her.”

“I promise.”

Shonda first hugged Ella and then with her hands on hips came over to me. “You hurt her Rain and I swear I will come over and suffocate you.” I gulped.

“Yes ma’aaaah, Shonda.” She narrowed her eyes and then we both started to laugh.


I walked everyone out and waved goodbye. I stood there and just smiled. I was happily married, I got to see my father, and Shonda didn’t get me totally shit faced. Life was really good. I looked back at the door, and felt a bit of a rush. I was walking into something that I had been wanting for a while, but now I was scared.


I walked in and I was surprised to see Ella missing. What the hell? I looked around the living area making sure she wasn’t there. I could have sworn I left her on the couch smiling back at me and waving everyone off. She didn’t want to go out, she had said she wanted to get comfortable. “Ella?” I shouted out.


“Hey honey.” She said walking out of the bathroom. My mouth dropped and my eyes did the whole Wiley-Coyote thing, and other parts of me grew very hard.

“Um, hi.” Was all I could say. She was hot, she was everything a man wanted in a woman, and more importantly she was my woman.


She came up and kissed me. I moved my hands down her back. I could feel the cords on her corset and I wanted to just untie the damn thing and rip it off. She put her leg up and her knee was just at my elbow. She started to wrap one leg around mine and I started to run my hand down her thigh.


That was it. I had to get her into my room. I picked her up and started to walk her to my bedroom. “Oh dear, have I been bad?” She playfully joked when I picked her up.

“Not yet.” I told her and we both laughed. “You soon will be.”


I placed her down on the bed and we started to kiss again. I helped her undress me and then I undressed her. She and I were finally in bed together, and she was more beautiful in the flesh than I could ever dream. “You ready?” She asked. I looked down at her body and we both spotted my own body, I was ready. I nodded and kissed her. “Are you completely and positively sure you want to ruin your virginity?” She asked again.

“Screw virginity. I want you.” I told her and right there we made passionate love, not just once, but three times that night.


I watched as she fell asleep, happy that I had her in my bed. I wanted more, but she told me that she needed to rest. I wasn’t at all tired, but eventually I found myself falling asleep with her in my arms.

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9 Responses to David Rain: Chapter 5

  1. StyxLady says:

    I’m so glad his parents could come to the wedding, and aaaw, Lonni’s pregnant! It looks like she’s doing his father a world of good, like I hoped she would.

    I can feel the tension building about the band mates though…that’s going to come to a head soon. >< I'd be mad too, as a bride, of the groom insisted on only inviting HIS friends and family.

    • The reason the band mates couldn’t come to the wedding was because David didn’t actually know them in game and I couldn’t invite them, otherwise I might have had them “crash” the wedding.

  2. kay says:

    im loving this story! not like any other one i’ve read. good work !

    • Aww Thanks. If you like this one be sure to check out my original Legacy in the links, Tragedy: A Family’s Legacy there you can see how I have flourished as a writer and a simmer.

  3. Morbid_Mew says:

    Hooray! Pretty babies now, yes? 😀

  4. swimswam16 says:

    Yes!they finally married! Now for some babies haha

  5. sErindeppity says:

    Hopefully it lets my comment on this chapter since it wasn’t showing my comment for the last one.
    ANYWAY, wow that was a quick wedding!! I feel a bit bad for him there. xD
    Loved seeing everyone at the wedding! And glad he enjoyed his wedding night 😉

  6. sErindeppity says:

    Wow that was, ah, quick. xD she sure wanted to get married soon. -coughs- I loved the wedding though, it was cool seeing everyone.
    But I am glad he enjoyed his wedding night ❤

  7. Layla Sims says:

    That was so nice that his family & best friend could attend the wedding. It’s a shame nobody from her side could attend, though understandable. And yeah! No more virgin. After 3 times the first night, there better be a baby soon. lol

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