David Rain: Chapter 2


Oh my God, quick someone restart my heart! Just breath David! I told myself. I have never seen such beauty or such talent and we are talking the drums here people! She’s amazing and a beauty. I can feel every part of my body stiffen as I sit and every muscle flex, and I mean every muscle.


“Hey um Shonda, who’s that cutie over there on the drums?” I asked, trying not to turn red. Trying not to show that my heart had momentarily stopped.

Shonda looked over as she handed me my beer. “Oh her, that’s Ella, Ella Rose. She’s been playing at my bar every Tuesday night since she was fifteen when she stumbled in my doors.”

Ella Rose, could there not be a sweeter name! “So why the drums?”

Shonda shrugged. “Why don’t you go over and ask her yourself sweet stuff.” She playfully went for me cheek and I backed off and pounded my beer before leaving the stool. Shonda just laughed at me. I must have red ears, red cheeks, red everything. Lets just hope that these pants aren’t too tight, cause I don’t want Shonda to know all my secrets, or Ella for that matter.


“So, why the drums?” I asked coming up to her as she was leaving.

The beautiful woman just shrugged her arms. “I dunno. I just always loved the rhythm and the sounds they make.”

“Well, ma’am you are an incredible player.” Crap I said ma’am, again!

“Ma’am, wow aren’t you so proper. Name’s Ella, or El.” She stuck her hand out and I immediately took it. “David Rain, but everyone calls me Rain.”

“Last name huh? You in the service?”

“Was. Just got out ma’am.” Crap! I did it again. I must have turned red cause she started to giggle. “Could I buy you a drink Ella?”

“Sure. Make  it a beer.” Just my kind of woman.


I went up and ordered two more beers on tap. Shonda’s grin widen. Why do I amuse so many people when I know I must look like an idiot. I handed Ella her beer and she started to chug it. “Wow, thirsty?”

She just nodded and smiled. She wiped the foam off her lip with the back of her hand. “Dying.” she joked. “So, what branch did you serve in?”

“Marines. I just got out today.”

“That’s cool. My father was a Commander in the Army. He’s retired now. So, how long you serve?”

“Four years.” I answered. I was starting to sweat and the beer wasn’t helping. This was nerve racking. She was so damn beautiful. I know my eyes were wandering, but I couldn’t help it, she was busting out of her shirt and all I wanted to do was tear it off.

“That’s cool. Well, your gonna have to excuse me but I have to run.”

WHAT ALREADY! Okay stay calm David, she’s a busy girl. “No, no problem. It was nice talking to you.”

She grabbed my hand and smiled. “Here’s my number. Just incase you want to do some more chatting.” She winked and wrote her number in my palm. I watched her finish off her beer and then she was gone.


I stumbled out of the taxi later that night. I was hammered. Shonda was glad I didn’t have a car when I left. She’s the one that called the taxi for me. I barely made it up the stairs without falling. My heavy mind was only thinking of one thing, Ella Rose, the woman of my dreams.


The next morning I woke up really late, it was almost lunch time. My head throbbed from the hangover and my eyes were barely open. As soon as I rolled out of bed I did what I‘ve done every morning for four years, I made my bed. It’s not like I’m a neat freak, but when you’ve spent years trying not to get yelled out for a single thing that’s out of place, some things are just worth doing, like making the bed. I dug into my refrigerator and made myself a salad with some of the vegetables that I had bought at the store. I knew it was temporary until I grew my own, but food is food.

And yes I am quite aware that I have a tattoo, well more of a branding. I earned it over seas by my fallow corps buddies. It was a proud moment in my life. It was when I went from despising everything about the corps to being a true Marine. Now I have this reminder, just as my dad has his on his arm.


After losing almost a whole morning to sleep, I went out in an old pair of clothes that I had at the bottom of my duffle and went to work on my garden.  As time went on my garden started to sprout and weed. I hated weeds, and what’s worse is I can never get rid of them. I spent most of my solitude out in the back yard where I feel more relaxed than anywhere, that is unless I start thinking of Ella.


Ella and I spent a lot of time chatting over the phone. As soon as Ella left the bar that one night I immediately punched her number in my phone and saved it. I was not going to lose her number. I quickly discovered that she lived on a farm with her father and like me she loved to garden. We shared our passion over the phone and told secrets about the fertilizers we both used. It was great, I finally made a friend around this town that wasn’t a jarhead.

Tonight though, we were going out, but as friends.


Or at least  that was the plan. Ella came running up to me as soon as she spotted me. “Oh my God. I am terribly and I mean terribly sorry, but I have to run.”

Seriously, I just freaking got here and she had to leave! “Why, is everything okay?” I asked.

“It’s my dad. He’s delusional in his old age and I just got a call from the fire station that he tried to talk to the flames that sprouting around him at the house. They got him out but now he’s refusing treatment for his burns at the hospital.”

“Oh wow, I’m sorry. No go, I completely understand.” When hell freezes over. Why can’t I have one night with her. Just one.

“Thanks Rain. Maybe we can try this tomorrow. I hear there’s a cool club not far from here.”



As soon as Ella left I headed into the nightclub and started hammering the drinks. At first all I drank was beer, but I moved onto harder liquor as the night went on. I even conversed with the really hot and revealing blonde behind the bar. I was completely trashed and all I could do was grumble about my botched date. I was pissed. I wanted one date, one evening with Ella and her stupid dad had to go all insane!


I was a stumbling, mumbling idiot when I got up from the bar. I was completely wasted, and what’s worse was that I had my phone in my hand. It was almost one in the morning and I had the bright idea of calling Ella and telling her what I though. “Hello?” She answered half asleep.

“HEY EL!” I yelled over the noise of the club. “How’s it going hot stuff!”

“Rain are you drunk?” I could hear her eyes roll. Maybe if I had been sober I would have been a bit wiser not to call.

“NAH! I’m fline! Hey I was wonderin’ why aren’t we dating? I mean seriosl- serous- seriosly, your hot, I’m-“ I looked down at myself, I had beer splashed down my shirt and was trying not to throw up, and I was desperately trying to not slur my words. “I’m okay, right?”

“Rain go home. Get some sleep and I’ll talk to you when you’re sober.”

“Ah come on babe-“ click. She hung up on me. What the hell! She hung up on me.


When I tried to hit on the bouncer, I knew I was toast. “Hey hot stuff, you wanna head to my place and I’ll show you a thing or two about bouncing?”

“Alright, I’m cutting you off. Time to move on home buddy.” She took me by the collar and kicked me to the curb. I threw up right there on the street before the taxi arrived. He looked down at the mess and rolled his eyes, it was not his lucky night.

“Where to?” He asked as he helped me into the taxi.

I shrugged my shoulders, “I dunno.” He then proceeded to take my wallet out of my pocket. “Hey man! That’s mine.”

“Yea but I need to know your address dumb ass, and I need money for services.” I watch him take out a twenty and he got into the driver’s seat.


I dunno how I got home, but I did. I don’t remember the taxi ride home at all. The night was a blur. All I knew was that I wanted a date with my toilet tonight and then in the morning I will assess the situation. God my head hurts!

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10 Responses to David Rain: Chapter 2

  1. StyxLady says:

    LOL, you’d think he would have learned what NOT to do by watching his dad. >< Hope Ella can forgive his drunk dialing.

  2. hrootbeer says:

    I’m going to echo Styx. He should have known better than to act like that! Stupid alcoholism gene. Messes most people up quite thoroughly.

    • Yea you think he would know better, but sadly those genes are all too familiar for a lot of people. David is young though, so he may have a chance at slowing down. It is, after all, his wild years.

  3. mmmtoast says:

    “As soon as Ella left I headed into the nightclub and started hammering the drinks. At first all I drank was beer, but I moved onto harder liquor as the night went on.”

    Oh no, David! ‘Beer before liquor, never been sicker!’

    Also, seriously LOL’d at: “Hey hot stuff, you wanna head to my place and I’ll show you a thing or two about bouncing?”

    Drunk dialing is so not classy, David! Tsk tsk, I hope he hasn’t ruined his chances with Ella!

  4. xtremesims says:

    Ha ha that was hilarious. I like Rain. Great start to his story

  5. Liza says:

    Lol, I have a friend named Elsa Rose, but she doesn’t play drums, she plays violin, XD

  6. sErindeppity says:

    Ohhh maaaaan, getting drunk and calling her. xD Poor guy.

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