Prologue: Chapter 2


This was not suppose to happened! Why me! Everything was fine. Seriously, it wasn’t until loud mouth Lonni woke up and said something about a bus parked outside the place. My dad had me cornered and I had no where to run. So he dragged me down eighteen flights of stairs, stopped the bus with his glock and forcibly made me get on the bus! Then he bribed the driver to drag me into the school. Like I said, Why me!


At first everything was great between me and Lonni. She was helping me with the military forms I had to finish. “Why the hell do I have to do all this?” I asked her.

“Because if you don’t your dad will forcibly sit you down at the table and watch you until you are finished. And then he will drag you back to the recruiting station.”

“So your helping me do all this is so that I don’t have to deal with him?”


I liked her answer, and I liked staring down at her chest while she talked to me and told me what I had to fill out. I just made sure my father never caught me staring. I still wanted to live.

Now however, she was my nemesis. No one makes me get on the bus and lives to be my friend.


My dad and I still argue about the military issue. I knew it was already to late to back out now that I signed all the papers, but still I had to try. “Why can’t I just go to college?” I asked.

My father started to laugh. He fell off the sofa he was laughing so hard. “You? College? Have you seen your grades? Those admissions guys wouldn’t even take a look at you.”

“I could get my grades up. I just would have to do all my homework.”

“David, stop your killing me.” He laughed. I didn’t see any of this amusing. I could do it if I had the willpower to actually attend a class.


When I came back home from school I found Lonni in the apartment reading. “So I bet you thought that was funny, forcing me to go to school.” I told her as I walked in throwing my book bag across the house, and sitting down with my paperwork for the military.

“I didn’t force you into anything Dave. That was your father. I just happened to see the bus when I arrived.”

“And you couldn’t keep your mouth shut?” I asked. Of course I knew that there was a bus route here, I wasn’t completely stupid. I made sure to never walk out of the apartment until it left.

“Sorry. So how was school?” I glared at her, and she just smiled. “I thought you said you were willing to get your grades up?”

“That was an empty promise to get out of joining the Marines, and you know that. Hell, dad saw right through it. He fell off the sofa!” Lonni just smiled at me. Glad I could make people smile and laugh at my own expense.


Tonight was family night. It’s something my father and I started when I was ten. I hated that he was out drinking all night and I told him that if he didn’t give me one night I was going to social services. So he gave me one night. He walked in as I finished the last of my paper work and we all started to play darts. “Bet you he doesn’t even hit the board Lon.” He said.

“Hey, I can hear you.” I threw the dart, and bull’s-eye! “HA! That’s right sucka’s I got a bull’s-eye!”

“Beginner’s luck.” My father called out. We’ve been playing darts for six years, luck has nothing to do with it.


“Alright then lets see what you got, old man.” I smirked and handed him the darts.

“So how was school?” He asked me, throwing his first dart and hitting the bull’s-eye. Damn. I shrugged at him. “You did go?”

“Yea I went, no thanks to you and that bus driver.” My father hit the green around the bull’s-eye. This game was making me look like a noob.

“Glad my money went to good use. Maybe tomorrow I could get him to do it again.” I just glared at my father. He was NOT going to ever get me back on that bus. He threw the last of the darts and there went my score. He had 150 already.

“Okay, my turn!” Lonni cheered. She loved family night.


Lonni took the darts out of dad’s hand. “Here you go sweetums.” He cooed. I gagged.

“Okay so I have to hit the one in the center, right?” Now, I know she has blonde hair, so I will assume that’s rhetorical. Luckily for me I didn’t have to answer.

“Yes dear. The big red dot in the center.” My dad told her. I could have sworn I saw his mouth curve into a smile. Dumb blonde’s were my dad’s favorite type of women. That and big breasted.

She threw the dart and completely missed the board. It hit the door and I busted up laughing. “Ooops.” She said.

“It’s okay. It’s not like it was new.” My dad joked. This place was a dump, a small dart hole in the door added style.”This time why don’t you try throwing the dart with your eyes closed.”

Uh oh! I knew where this was going. My dad had prepped me all week.


Even this morning before the whole bus thing, we were discussing this plan of action. I didn’t approve. “Dad, come on. What about mom?”

“Look, I love your mother, but she’s not ever coming home.” That’s because she’s dead. I thought. “I love Lon. She’s a great woman.” Yea, in bed.

“So how are we going to do this?”

“Tonight during darts. You know how she is? I’ll just start messing with her, and I’ll make her close her eyes.”

Then the door opened, and Lonni came in telling dad about the bus.


“You sure about this? What if I hit the wall?” Lonni asked. She was the only one that cared about this dump.

“Don’t worry about it.” My dad told her as he prepared himself in front of her. He had the ring out and ready. She fired the shot and it clearly missed the board.


But that’s not why she screamed. When she opened her eyes, she saw my father on his one knee with a ring that I had helped picked out. “Lonni Right, will you marry me?” He asked. She screamed again.

“YES!” I saw tears coming from her eyes. Now the most eligible hot shot detective was off the market, good riddance for that.


“So, um, yea. Congrats.” I told them and looked away. My father stood and took Lonni into his arms. I felt a bit awkward. I mean, yea, okay I was happy for my dad. He was finally moving on from mom. I just hoped he would stop wasting his money on his search. “Um, so we gonna keep playing?” I asked.

Neither of them replied. Go figure. There goes my family night.

Screenshot-49I Screenshot-32Screenshot-131

I took my leave from the happy couple and headed back into my room, where I read up on agriculture and the different types of soil and fertilizer. My dream was set, I wanted to have the perfect garden, maybe even the perfect farm. I know it’s a far fetched dream, but it was my dream. I know I have to wait till after my four years of being in the Marines, but eventually I would be buying my own plot of land and making a living with the dream I had set for myself.

Of course all I wanted right now is a CD player or an iPod, something that could drown out the sounds from the other room. Holy crap, what was he doing to her to make her scream like that. At least they were happy, and at least it was Lonni in that room. I just hoped that my father could keep his hands off of the other women around here, especially the hookers down the hall. I’m a man of principle, I may be a teenage boy, but still I believe in marriage before sex.

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9 Responses to Prologue: Chapter 2

  1. StyxLady says:

    For some reason David reminds me a little of Corey Feldman. 😀

    Still loving your “real” writing style, and I’m with David, I hope his dad can keep his hands off other women now. I like Lonni.

    • Hahaha. Corey! Wow. I love the Goonies and Lost Boys. Thanks for the laugh. This is a new style for me. I am typically a third person writer, but I thought I try this style. My Tragedy blog has only one post in first person, but other than that its in third. My novel is also in third person, but I plan on eventually writing first. I’ve been reading a lot of first person novels and it has really helped my writing I think.

  2. zoxell says:

    Great to see you writing again! I’d lost track of the Tragedy family after sims3legacy went belly-up. I’ll have to try and catch up with them! It was definitely one of my favorites from the site.

    • I never stopped writing. I just moved from thesim3legacies to my own site when I started to notice the lack of development. You should really catch up on them. The Tragedy’s have been getting into all sorts of problems. I’ve missed your comments Zoxell and I’m so happy you found my new blog. I just started it this week.

  3. FortA says:

    Hooray for more! Can’t believe his dad’s getting married — he didn’t seem like the marrying type — and that David is at least a LITTLE happy for him.

    Nice job intertwining an objective from the challenge into that last paragraph!!

    Great job!


  4. mmmtoast says:

    I really like the addition at the end with David saying that “I’m a man of principle, I may be a teenage boy, but still I believe in marriage before sex.” It was a great way to add in there part of the challenge requirements. David seems sweet, though cynical and jaded still.

    I also liked the cigarette in his Dad’s mouth in the final shot. It made me laugh. Kinda creepy having to hear you father like that…I mean, *shudder*. Haha, really great so far!


  5. sErindeppity says:

    I feel sorry for David here, it must be hard to deal with a life like that, but at least he is happy for his dad. Though… O_O at him being able to hear so much. Poor kid. xD

  6. krazykoala says:

    I adore David’s humor in this chapter :^D Also I like the relationship between the father and son.

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